Take the 12/1 for Arsenal to win the Champions League

October 25, 2010

Seriously, just do it, Ladbrokes are offering a mighty 12/1 for Arsenal to finally break their Champions League duck this season and I can see it happening with so much clarity in my mind.

Wembley will forever hold much history for Arsenal come next May.

We reached the final in Paris 2006, however, the best team we have had in recent years was the 2008 model that contained Cesc, Flamini, Rosicky, Hleb and Adebayor.

There was such a good mix of players that interacted in tight spaces together to undo defences across the continent, and this year we have finally got a decent hardcore of players to recreate that team.

Cesc is even better in 2010, far more experienced and a World and European Champion with Spain now.

Song/Denilson can do the Flamster dog work in the middle.

Nasri has far more class and quality than Hleb ever did, and he can finish, which Hleb never could.

Then we have Chamakh leading our line to perfection, he is our Number One striker in my book, sorry Robin, but you need to sort out your body, rest it up and see how we get on.

With Arshavin, Theo, Rosicky, Rvp, and Mighty Jack and Super Aaron in the wings aswell…. tell me this is not shaping up to be the greatest squad in the history of the club?

Similar to 2006, we have no pressure on us, the 2 Spanish giants along with Chavski and Manure head the bookies faves to win the title this season.

Good, let them get all the plaudits and rave reviews, while we steadily and quietly navigate our way to Wembley.

Take the 12/1 folks!


8 Responses to “Take the 12/1 for Arsenal to win the Champions League”

  1. bennybigschlong said

    i would love us to win it at wembley. it does worry me that platini will give us a dodgy draw later in the competition. im sure i remember a few years ago that it came up on the internet that we had drawn liverpool an hour before the cl live draw. look at the carling cup 2 premier teams away from home, owen coyle going straight back to burnley ect coincidence or something more sinister. sorry to be so cynical but being an arsenal fan its quite easy to feel hard done by, by the powers that be. still as your right about alot of things on this blog i will place a bet. it would be great having the OAPs at chelsea having to watch us win it knowing there to old.

  2. dilshan said

    it might hinge on how we do in CC, if we can win it we will be more relaxed and deadly dangerous at the later stages of the CL.. Wednesday is a big game for us

  3. I’m so sure that the way we play will be untouchable by the rest of europe, would love to take barca on again.

  4. Miranda said

    If injuries and a rigged draw – Chelsea? yes, I too am a cynic on the draw – don’t screw us again. Winning the Carling would be a big plus, not just for the confidence but because, having a trophy, we could then skip the FA Cup. No coincidence that the year we got to the final was the only year we’ve gone out in the first round and avoided all the wearying, injury-generating replays against Bolton or Stoke. Just one black spot on the horizon: Stoke away is a few days before the final, and knowing spiteful Pulis he’ll do his best to cripple Cesc, Nasri and Chemakh. But Pulis apart, why not? It just might be our year. Real for me are the ones to fear. Figures crossed for a good result against Newcastle and for Stoketo draw United in the next round.

  5. dilshan said

    hawke new blog on aa23 is ready, ive changed my blog and gone for my own one


    let me know wot u think

  6. rsrfsdfs said

    u forgot we hav a shit defence you mongral

  7. edwin said

    we never for a second going to let them beat us coz we have what it takes to beat any one

  8. guest said

    Until better and dependable back four is in place,you could never relax and get carried away,although it is still a good punt each way at 10/1.

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