Manchester City nut cracks on Live Radio!

October 25, 2010

This is something special, something you get to hear/see once in a “Blue Moon”

Click the link for last night’s 606 Phone-in after the City game, and forward to the 25min 10 secs mark…. and prepare yourself!!

This is why we call them “Northern Monkeys” 😆

Radio 5 Live – 606 24th October (City Fan Live breakdown)


16 Responses to “Manchester City nut cracks on Live Radio!”

  1. dilshan said

    lollll hes had a few to drink

  2. DieHardGooner said

    what a twat!

  3. Arsenal Oldie said

    Johny Vegas surely?

  4. el tel said

    Fantastic. I now know that we are in with a chance of winning things. These Northern tossers want to be able to kick us and call us southern softies or as Lawrenson put it Jessies.

    Well fucking hard luck you arse holes.

    They want to be able to bully our boys but now are running scared as they are going to get out played and out bullied too.

    If that loud mouthed wanker thought we were fouling them then that tells me what I already know and that is the Mancs the Chavs and ALL the other teams stand off each other but when they play us they get in our faces.

    So we are cynical are we. Hee Hee.

    I heard one arsehole on the radio yesterday say we had no English players playing in our team. Like that makes a difference. Well when OUR English players do start to play in the team they will not be also rans like they have they will be the very best English players. Also very soon they too will have no English players as the Management will find better replacements from other countries.

    We beat them fair and square and they cry like little girls. Didn’t hear them crying last week when they cheated Blackpool.

    Come on you Gunners.

  5. Goonerpower said

    We are not all like that!!, although I am Yorkshire-man not lanc they are the northen monkeys.

  6. Arsenal Oldie said

    great stuff el tel

  7. Laughing Goat said

    Northerners are funny. Who taught him to use a phone? clever monkey.

  8. BennyGooner said

    … ahem … apparently we are the most synical, dirtiest team, off the ball, you will come across … lmao … what a bell end !!!

  9. Bryan Bee said


    i stopped laughing, picked myself up off the floor

    and will now start all over again


  10. dan the man said

    lol good linkage hawke

  11. Davey J said

    sad fuckwits those city fans, heard them on talkshite aswell

    total arses

  12. munawwar said

    hahahahahhaa!!! OMG! cecs is that kind of a player… i am sure! hahaha

  13. lordgunner said


  14. TonyG said

    Yeah – I heard this donkey bursting a blood-vessel with this crap. WHAT A TOSSER!!! This is the same team that has DeJong kicking people up in the air every week. I think the term WANKER is beautifully suited for this individual. Get a life you Northern Twat!

  15. johno said

    I’m a city fan and I’m dying of embarassment listening to that drunken prick!

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