Can Manchester City beat us?

October 24, 2010

This is how I feel on this crisp, sunny, yet cold Sunday morning in London Town.

Not.. Can Arsenal beat City.

Our midfield today will be comprised of a Steely Cameroonian hitman, accompanied by the elegant rangey skills and power of a Parisian box-to-box man and the trio are completed with a touch of Spanish genius to bring it all together.

In Song, Diaby and Cesc, we have a perfectly balanced midfield trio.

City won’t be deploying a midfield that is anywhere near as balanced, of that I am very sure.

Yaya Toure, De Bully, and Barry are certainly not balanced, mentally…anyway!

We won’t miss Jack in this one, I love him more than you do… but this game away to City is not the game for Cesc and Jack to play that midfield.

Diaby and Song HAVE to be both on form today, no lapses in concentration, 100% determined, intelligent work rate at a clinical level is required to beat City.

Cesc can be at 60% and will still roam around as the best player on the park.

The Holy Trinity for Arsenal today is the aforementioned midfield duo along with Chamakh, his role in bringing Cesc and the wide men into the box for pops at the City goalie, Hart, will be the key to winning this game.

We are going up to that war zone for 3 points, not 1.

Will a draw do you ask?

I will tell you at 7pm

You see, one cannot say “we would have taken a draw this morning”…. that is crap, we don’t know this morning how the game will play out.

If we get butchered for 90 minutes and escape with a 0-0… yup i’ll take it.. with glee… however, if we do what we usually do, and are more than capable of doing, and butcher them for 90 mins, then a draw will not do.

They are serious contenders for sure, and will certainly provide us with the toughest games in Manchester this season and for a few seasons to come… don’t listen to the nonsense coming from the Red end of mancland… they are skintus maximus!

My prediction?

A proper rumble in the manc jungle, this game will be high, high intensity, fought by 22 men for 90 hardcore minutes.

Buckle up, and settle in for a barnstormer that we may just nick 3-2.

31 Responses to “Can Manchester City beat us?”

  1. Arsenal Oldie said

    SH, yet another thought provoking, enthusiastic, and optimistic write up.

    Don’t ever stop this blog mate.

    You remain one of only a handful of gooners with the correct mental fortitude.

    I will go for a 2-1 away win.

    Come on you reds.

  2. Cool Eddy said

    going to be a hard game

    1-1 with cesc getting our goal with a penalty

    they are bound to kick us around all over the place

  3. Frimpong said

    De Bully 😆

  4. Frimpong said

    arshavin will be fully rested and ready to let loosed today

    wenger talked him up in the press conference

    he will be the man today

  5. adrian said

    If Citeh play a 4-5-1 formation with tevez as lone striker they can make it hard for the gunners. Arsenal have to compete physically with citeh and defend very well. If they do both there is no reason why a draw should not be possible.

  6. Firsty Nanquita S said

    I hope so
    Oh crap! Come on! In Cesc I trust for tonight’s match!
    GO GUNNERS!!!!!

  7. arsenal fan said

    Reading this, you’ve given me even more confidence today!
    By the way did you do english and get a good grade, because I’m sure you did.

  8. V for Victory said

    More smart writing sh.

    When are you going to start doing this daily mate?

  9. Tevez is God said

    Arsenal are a good side and will give us a tough game today but we are almost unbeatable at home these days.

    You will have to overperform to get even a point today.

    I am very confident of a win, we are playing so well at Eastlands.

    Lets hope for a good game.

    Nice work legendaire, liked the bit about “mancland”

  10. Tevez32 said

    Got to admire your optimism lad, but I don’t think you fully understand just what your side will be facing today. Mancini is a masterful tactician and will have us set up to combat (emphasis on the word ‘combat’) Arsenal’s threats. Should be a cracking game, however, and I expect Tevez and Silva to be a different class to anyone else on the pitch.

  11. Arsenal Oldie said

    Nice to see some sensible posts from the City boys.

    I agree lets hope for a cracking game.

    2 very good teams.

  12. Mr Noz said

    Looking forward to this one. Arsenal are a delight to watch and play the best football in the Premiereship, no doubt. I do believe that they are still in need of a younger Vierra to make themselves world class. They are my favourite team after City of course! However, City now play with a determination rarely seen in previous teams of ours. Lets face it, not many teams out muscle Chelsea. I am going for a 2-1 win, with Tevez, the mighty mouse scoring the winner. However, it will be a close one. Lets hope for a win for football whatever the result.

  13. dilshan said

    you nicked my prediction,….lol….I am with you even if Jack was available id still play Dibay to add that much more strength to the midfield..this is a game we can and should win if we play near our best but also the way things seem to go in big games off late we seem to find ways of loosing them, however, think Cesc will make the difference

  14. Great to see you Man city fans coming on.

    Whatever the result, please come back on tonight after the game and tell us your views.

    Win, lose or draw i am confident you guys will say we are the best team you have played this season, and also, Mr Noz… keep a very close eye on Diaby today 😉

    Concur with all on the comments today, football should be the winner today.

  15. Dilshan, great minds etc 😉

  16. gooners… yes, i would love to write daily, but sometimes i cannot be bothered to write for the sake of writing like other blogs, and drop it for a week or so until i have something to say/share.

    plenty of internation break over the past 6 odd weeks, as the season proper kicks in now with games a regular, you will find more posts/views/diatribe lol

  17. also, recvd plenty of emails from some wonderful people all over the planet, i read them all, i reply to as many as possible.

    i am asked often if i could introduce a guest writer part of the Legendaire blog…. i am still considering this, i would like to give others the platform of newsnow et al to share their views… but just not quite sure how to structure it.

  18. Stan said

    Nice blog.

    You don’t have the option to play Jack and Cesc. Jack is banned.

  19. Lukeyboy said

    I do agree with the post but I’m not sure if we will get the three goals. Defensively we have to be stronger than ever, keep an eye on tevez. I’m going with 2-1 fab and chamakh on the score sheet.
    Song and diaby will have to play out the skins and song will play that defensive midfielder and stick to it. Last 2 games he has done that. Disby a little quicker with the passing and keep the flow of our game going.

  20. okerro said

    i totally agree wit u that d gunners mid field is stronger n also d score will end 3-2 in favor of d gunners

  21. lordgunner said

    now all the idiot from the fabianski post before ….eat that muppet

  22. Drrew said

    hard fought battle by 21 men….

  23. Tevez32 said

    Well done lads, always going to be difficult 10 vs 12. Clattenburg doing his usual ‘it’s all about me’ routine, and must be under instructions to preserve the ‘big 4’ hegemony.

    Us losing Yaya was crucial, he gives us a lot of energy in midfield, and second half Arsenal bossed the game. One thing I will say: Arsenal get a lot of (deserved) plaudits for their skillful passing game, but you never hear much about their cynical fouling when the opposition breaks away. Why is that, I wonder?

  24. Bitter pill to swallow, losing 3-0 at home… hey Tevez32?

  25. Aloy said

    Nasri, Söng and Fab made d game different. Flappbianski was so superb. Gunnars till death.

  26. gooner0609 said

    Very solid win. Despite some scares at the back we had a world class goalkeeping performance from the first minute today and that was the foundation for the victory.

    There was no “bad luck” and we stood up to a physically intimidating but skillfull side.

    Man City still need a creative midfield player to challenge. They will always win the ball. Too bad they were reduced to 9 when Adebaywhore came on. But they could have played all night and not have beaten our keeper today.

    Move On Up…..

  27. gooner0609 said

    Tevez 23 – the reason you never hear anything about our fouling on the break is that we have only just learned to do it this year.

    Once we learn to save up our yellow cards for just such an occassion it will be the reason why we will win the league this year.

    PS Hats of to Man City for the proper send off for Big Mal. Done with class, well played.

  28. gooner0609 said

    PPS No one should miss Fab4’s “Fuck You” interview on Sky. He will lead us to the promised land.

  29. CDD said

    you called it. brilliant performance by fabianski today

  30. Arsenal Oldie said

    what a result

    hawke you were on the money again with fabinski

  31. donovan said

    Top stuff from Fabianski.
    Mancs on here complaining about the ref??? Guess the half a billion you’ve spent doesn’t influence refs!
    Outclassed at home by a team that cost less than Milner & Silva.

    Still don’t think Cesc is bustung a gut though. Some seriously lazy passes today. Pull your finger out Fab! We can do this!

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