You won’t call him flappy again

October 23, 2010

Confidence is crucial to all types of sportsmen and women, it’s a vital ingredient in making the magic step towards World Class ability as opposed to World Class talent.

I have done nothing but back Fabianski since the day I saw him play for us in the Carling Cup a few years back against Wigan.

I was sitting in the Clock End Upper at the time and directly behind our goal with the Pole in it when he made the greatest reflex save I have witnessed live at a match.

Here it is.

Now, believe me, a youtube clip in real time or super slow motion, could never do that save proper justice, it was almost superhuman the way he got back up after saving the first to clip the rebound onto the crossbar and save the goal.

The boy has it, whatever it is, just trust me, he has that superstar quality… it just has not been enveloped in that magical confidence dust in the past…. but it appears that penalty save in Belgrade a few weeks back has led to a sprinkle or two of the magic stuff over the Pole.

I openly, and proudly, encourage all the abuse you wish to chuck my way on this one, as I’m quite sure plenty will be directed at me, but you will be proven wrong.

Oh yes you will!

Almunia, barring injury to Fab1, won’t be playing for us again anytime soon, with Mannone off to Hull on loan, it’s between Fab1 and Chesney for the Number 1 slot in the team.

I like that concept very much.

Forget talk of new goalkeepers, it’s over… I was partial to the idea of Schwarzer in the Summer, we very nearly had him, Wenger certainly wanted him as a stop gap whilst the two Poles developed a little more, but it was not meant to be.

The confidence shattering Chavski Semi-Final, Wigan away, Porto away….. those examples of games in which Fab1 was given a sporadic chance to step in and deliver were blows to the boy, deep blows, look at the way he celebrated that Belgrade penalty save, he knew that was the moment it was about to all change for him.

Wenger knows, the staff at the Club all know just how good this fella can be between the sticks… Wenger has persisted with him, and the last few games has paid dividends.

I think it’s going to take some hellraising strikes to beat him from now on in.

That is my prediction, it will take some amazingly, clinical finshes to beat him now as his confidence is high and growing game by game.

As the title suggests, you won’t be calling him Flappy again!

31 Responses to “You won’t call him flappy again”

  1. kevlinefm said

    The game in the youtube clip was against Wigan.

  2. You are indeed correct… amended!!

  3. dan the man said

    Hawke, you are a decent man and the most optomistic gooner i know

    but he is not world class mate.

    szcensy is.

  4. K-TR7 said

    I remember that reflex save.even his former club’s goalkeeping coach,who is a gk legend,said fabianski had the most impressive reflexes he’d ever seen.confidence can do wonders and i hope that he proves his critics wrong.

  5. Frimpong said

    Sorry SH but i agree entirely with dan the man 😦

  6. Mean Lean said

    All the guy has ever needed was confidence and a run of games. When your own fans are slating you left right and center then it cannot do you any good.

    I hope he continues to prove people wrong and develops into the keeper that Arsene has always hoped he would.

    Well done Fabby!

  7. Arsenal Oldie said

    I am firmly with SH and Mean Lean.

    All about confidence.

    Just look at Gareth Bale, did you know he was nearly off to Notts Forest last jan window on loan?

    and now is the most wanted winger around!

  8. Arsenal Oldie said

    Remember the spuds never won a game with him in the side, lol, seems a long time ago.. was only last season 😉

  9. dan the man said

    Oldie i get that bit but fabiski is just not that great, he is ok at best.

  10. Cartman said

    This is a joke, right?

  11. polski said

    plese he the best golkeeper in the arsenal


  12. McBob said

    Here is a prediction for you. He will be at fault for us losing to Man City tomorrow.

  13. aj said

    not so sure stringy, i just keep waiting for the next big fuck up to be honest

    we all know that is around the corner

    although i admire your positive outlook

    suicial gooners always need a peep over here pal lol

  14. aj said

    Mcbob i feel the same.

    shame on us.

  15. GunnerX said

    Not until the next big gaff, at least!

  16. gooner71 said

    I was also at that game, and he was awesome all night.

    I am seeing that fabiniski again in recent weeks.

    Have faith people, as Hawkey suggests, he is an incredible reflex shot stopper very much like shay given.

  17. Cool Eddy said

    Sczesny is the one to watch out for people.

    Fabby is not so bad, but not so great either.

    Good number 2 i think.

  18. Zulu Gooner said

    well said. he will be very very good

  19. Goonerant said

    SH, I’d really like to believe you. He’s getting better with every game and his penalty save celebration was like a huge release of frustration. This morning I believe you’re right. I hope I feel the same on monday morning.

  20. Law said

    Flappyanski, i think a lot of gooners believe you’re, well, flappy. So, prove us wrong.

  21. Am said

    Yoou say the number one spot this season is between Fabianski and the other polish boy (whos name I cant spell).

    But before that you said that Almunia will only play again if Fabianski gets injured. So in your own words that makes Almunia our number 2 keeper.

  22. gooner0609 said

    A 2-0 away win with one going through the City keepers hands would be just the right amount of irony for me.

    I expect Fabianski to only be as good as the people in front of him. Nothing more nothing less. He has the skills and he needs our support.

  23. jacob said

    I have to say that Fabianski has surprised me… I acknowledge that he has great reflexes but for me the problem has always been that he didn’t seem to have the concentration and mental strength that all good sportsmen need. He appeared to just make mistake after mistake after mistake. I guess that We will only really find out how good he is if he has a dip in form or if he makes another unfortunate error. I admire your positive outlook but you may be jumping the gun a bit on this one… Fabianski is at best still very much unproven but I hope that in the long run you are right for Arsenal’s sake.

  24. Pat said

    He is definitely having his best run ever in an Arsenal shirt, and you can’t knock the lad for his confidence (and coming back after having the stuffing knocked out of him).
    I reckon he is due a long run in the team and see how many errors he makes in 20 games before judging him too harshly…

  25. dilshan said

    i am with you on this one, I know every club fans says this about their players, but I think in our case we can say with a lot of confident we do not have any rank poor players in our team infect all can become good PL players its just the matter of luck and confidence and sadly Fab has not had either of it in the past and it looks like its changing and I will not be asking for a new GK in the near future..hope he carries on getting strong and we back him..every GK makes mistakes and he will make mistakes again but if we back him it will be one offs on rare occasions and from which he will recover quick

  26. High-tech said

    I agree with dilshan and understand everyone’s point of view.he needs the highest support from us so lets not deny him of it.FAB1 is world class and i can sense it

  27. lordgunner said

    with idiot like mc bob who need the opposite fan to slag your own player when some of own fan can do that very well

    “Here is a prediction for you. He will be at fault for us losing to Man City tomorrow.” Mc Bob biggest troll arsenal fan of the year.well done collect you trophy up Rooney arse 🙂

    Fabianski is doing what eboue done before.Getting fan on his side and performing very well.Valdes show you dont need a WC keeper to win title.A good one is enough

  28. McBob said

    Face it he is shit

    Boooooooooo, boooooooooo

  29. McBob said

    Tell you who else is shit. Vela. Had enough of him. Shit. Aliadière wannabe

  30. McBob said

    Almunia too. Not good enough. We should boo them all. Boooooooooo

  31. McBob said

    15 days after the article and after Fabianski’s latest mistake the world is again calling him Flappy.

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