Wenger knows we can win the Champions League this year!

October 18, 2010

Cesc was fit for the Brum game, yet not even on the bench.

Theo was definitely fit, but rested for Tuesday night’s massive Champions League match against the very, very decent Shaktar Donestk.

I don’t think Chavski are untouchable, but there is a growing problem in the Premiership right now, United have faced it, and we faced it for a few seasons…. smaller teams terrified of giving 100% against the seemingly unbeatable champions.

Chavski don’t face the battles we face week in week out.

It’s going to be almost impossible to win the league this season.. I said almost, nothing is ever assured, Chavski aside, I can really only see us and maybe City challenge.

United are 100% finished for a few years.

Trust me, it’s all over up there.

The near 20 year Golden Era for the mancs has died. RIP.

Tuesday may see Cesc, Theo, Jack, AA23 and Nasri all take the field… our Moroccan hitman should bag another goal or two, how good his he?

I love his attitude, dives aside, the fella is impressing on a grand scale, as you can never knock a man who runs his heart out for the team, and you especially cannot knock a man who scores, creates and wins penalties as often as he does.

Key man for against Shaktar, as Nik B is clearly miles away from match fitness, at least 2 weeks, and RvP… well, you know!

So he is the only striker we have.

He is more than that, when he plays and leads our line.. we suddenly have 5 strikers on the pitch as he opens up the path for the onslaught from our attacking minded midfielders to have a go at goal.

I would like to see Diaby play the holding role with Jack and Cesc in front of him, Chamakh lead the line flanked by Rosciky and Nasri with the option of Theo or Arshavin off the bench for penetration if required.

Love big games against top quality opposition, and this lot are class.

2-1 is my prediction with Cesc and Chamakh on the scoresheet.

7 Responses to “Wenger knows we can win the Champions League this year!”

  1. gooner0609 said

    Agree 100% Hawke.

    Me I believe we will hammer them 4 or 5 to 0.

    Just another example of what passes for defensive talent in Europe and why we struggle to find that “world class defender”.

    Shaktar will have the beans but will not be able to stop us. Edge in front and it is all over.

    We have already discussed how to stop Chavski. Put a lock on the medicine cabinet. Wish someone would stand up and have a go with that one.


  2. sig said

    I hope Eduardo remembers the rules…

    come back, get a massive, well deserved reception
    then play anonymously but well
    swop shirts at final whistle
    & leave to a standing ovation
    but ON NO ACCOUNTS score

  3. messi said


  4. Godwin Ediga said

    Good work on paper. But the practical test is tomorrow. We are watching.

  5. Tommo said

    Diaby CM? He is not bloody Patrick bloody Vieira!!! Get this out of you head now!!!!!

    He is a great dribble, a passer a good interceptor even. But he is not a defensive midfielder.

  6. DeiseGooner said

    I reckon we will see 10 of the starting 11 tonight as we saw on Saturday, the change being AA23 on the bench with Rosicky starting. Chamakh will get his customary and expected home goal, then have a rest for the final 30 mins or so. Im backing Jack to open his account tonight in a 2 nil win, then he can have a rest for 3 games (what a shame, but might actually work to his benefit). Then if all goes to plan we can hopefully rest Diaby (Denilson on in his place) and Nasri (Cesc to get 20 mins) for the game at Citae.
    Hopefully Fabianski can have little to do but done well sort of game too, because i reckon if he doesn’t fuck it up hes our No1 til at least January.

  7. afrogoon said

    they say great minds think alike…..i have always thought other teams took their games against the mancs and chavs much less seriously than ours because they are resigned to their fate….this could be the reason why we maybe suffer more injuries ‘regularly’ than our competitors…..i think once we get back to our winning ways, a lot of teams would fear as more…tis a vicious cycle that is difficult to break…..

    As for the mancs, i think we can wait a bit before proclaiming to the world abt their demise…fergie still has a lot of underlings in the league.i expected their demise last season and yet they still finished above us.only fungus could have achieved a fate like that with what i termed as a medicore squad…granted i did nt factor in rooney banging in that much since there was no evidence he could score that much in previous seasons…

    keep up the good work man….love your blog

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