Cesc slates Fat Sam

October 6, 2010

In today’s exclusive interview with the Times of London, Cesc has savaged the football played by teams managed by the likes of fat hippo from oop norf.

“You never play the long ball in Spain – You’d be booed off”

“No Spanish team would play like Bolton or Blackburn.  Here in England it’s all about passion, the fans loves it when there are hard tackles and counter attack.

“If you play like that in Spain they boo you even if you win!”

When Cesc does leave for Barcelona next summer, he must go as a Captain of Arsenal who lifted a trophy.

I think the players at the club are more than aware of his departure at the end of the season, and will hopefully lift their games for one of the truly genius players to have ever adorned the famous Arsenal Red and White.

I would be gutted if he leaves without leaving behind memories in the shape of footage showing him roaring as he lifts a cup in our colours, as Paddy did a couple of times.

Those pictures of him scoring the winning penalty at Cardiff in 2005, with his last ever kick of the ball for us, then lifting the FA Cup, will remain etched on gooner minds forever more.

Come on Cesc, leave us with a similar etching… you deserve it, we deserve it!


19 Responses to “Cesc slates Fat Sam”

  1. Davey J said

    he could feasibily lift the carling cup for real i think

  2. Pato said

    Well, I dont think Barca can afford Cesc in the next 10 years so a transfer wont be possible.He will stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career unless he doesnt renew his contract in 5 years.

  3. Cassius said

    Lift a cup? Is your memory of WBA erased? That was a shameful performance that is not worthy of any trophy. Slate me if you will but you know that is the truth.

  4. V for Victory said

    pato barca spent 38m on villa this summer

    they will get the 50m for cesc nxt summer

    i thought this was obvious enough?

  5. Bryan Bee said

    only a very naive person would believe he does not sign for barcelona next year.

  6. dilshan said

    bryan bee, am naive enough to believe there are many factors that will influence cesc’s decision come end of this season, if barca end up getting the Argentine from palermo it is unlikely that they will move for cesc, that is just one of many factors

  7. Bryan Bee said

    35m for that argentine?

  8. Bryan Bee said

    pastore is it?

  9. annon said

    jesus h christ fab will be a barca player next summer

    are we even arguing this point now?

    with wilshere and nasri we are covered.

  10. dan the man said

    yes he will im afraid

    but i agree with hawke

    we must see him win

    a trophy before he goes

    8 years top service

    let him go with our blessing

    and let him help jack along

    this season.

  11. dennis said

    I too think that Barca can not afford him,their finances are getting worse by the minute

  12. wondrinfree said

    Why do so many posters think that they know for certain what Cesc will or won’t do? As Cesc hasn’t made his own mind up yet no-one can know what he’ll do for sure so it is either very churlish or very arrogant to think you know better than the man himself.

  13. meghan said

    I am shocked Barca haven’t already grabbed Torres from Liverpool… what a miserable season they are having. I’m sure Nando would leave so fast! I know I would…

  14. michael said

    Anyone who thinks Barca cant afford Cesc is delirious, they still have money left from buying Mascherano, plus their kitty is always topped off every season, if not they will get another bank loan, but as well its a pride thing, Barca don’t believe they should spend big on Cesc as he came through their youth system, hence the summer media pressure and trying to get Cesc to hand in a transferee request which all failed miserably.

    Pastore is obviously cheaper option but having said that their chairman said he would not sell him for £60miill and have already turned down £22mill from Madrid..

  15. Arsenal said

    Facts was no player in Arsenal team can replace Cesc Fabregas…..period.

    Wenger can only trust his judgement and hopefully Aaron Ramsey come back stronger pior to his horrendous injury.

    I hope Wenger can dip into the market to get a near potential buy if Fabregas leave

  16. Jammy said

    I love how the comments always go completely off topic. 8D

  17. king gooner said

    er michael?what “bank loan”will the cuntalonians begetting tellme-when their economy & finances are going down the pan quicker than you can blink.not to ..mention tho £350 million debt they ALREADY HAVE-it’s not a bottomless pit-no matter what anyone thinks-quite simply unless they do some serious offloading they don’t have a chance….

  18. spanner said

    nice etchings

  19. […] Cesc slates Fat Sam In today’s exclusive interview with the Times of London, Cesc has savaged the football played by teams managed by […] […]

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