The positives from the Chavski match

October 5, 2010

Yup, you read it correctly, I am bored of reading all the monotonous crap knocking us, so I am going to focus on the glowing positives from the 90 minutes played out at ramshackle of a ground.

Jack is ready, more than ready, to give world-class performances on a weekly basis, he is no longer a work in progress, the boy is a man nowadays.

There is no better player of his age, in his position anywhere in the Premier League… maybe Europe.

Pair him with Cesc in the middle of the park and we have ourselves the best of the best at what they do…. I’d have them in my team over Xavi and Iniesta all day long.

Chavski did NOT bully us, we stood our ground, and with Vermalen fit, we would have been even stronger at the back.

Clichy has been exposed, and when Gibbs is back fully fit, we have ourselves a new and vastly better left-back.

Diaby once again proved what a total beast he is when sharp, fit and hungry for it…. let him off the West Brom game as he was just not right, mentally or physically that afternoon.

Bottom line, we did not take our bloody clear chances, tough titty… that’s life, we move on, we fight on… we continue to support.

We have a team ladies and gentlemen… trust me we do, but just don’t expect them to win every game they play.

Especially away to the champions and one of the strongest team in world football right now.

We can and will only improve as the season progresses, but to go away and smash them off the park without our spine in TV5, Cesc, and RvP, tells me we have a pretty decent squad this term.

Just wait till we have our first eleven on the pitch.

23 Responses to “The positives from the Chavski match”

  1. Booker said

    man i love the stuff you write legendaire

    you are the legend

  2. David said

    3 Words.




  3. Arsenal Oldie said

    Totally with you SH


  4. NYArsenal said

    Top shit Hawke.

  5. Cool Eddy said

    hawke you will take some shit for this post but total respect brother

  6. Davey J said

    Hope you got a strong tin hat on.

  7. damien said

    Cheers from Maldives.

  8. Simon sterner said

    Very true!

  9. Pato said

    Well, I wouldnt say Gibbs is better than Clichy but the other things are right.Gibbs cant defend just like Clichy but he is better attacking-wise.Clichy doesnt have a clue how to attack.Ashley Cole was 28 years old( and usually most of the defenders do around this age) when he became a complete defender.His positional sense was struggling but around that age he got it right so we may wait for clichy another 3 years and for Gibbs another 7 years to see them being good enough defenders or we can buy fabio coentrao(20 years old) and just enjoy his brilliance.There are always exceptions.

  10. Knightvision said

    I agree with you Hawke, we did not get kicked up and down the park, we just lost fair and square. Shame we lacked any threat what-so-ever up front to at least score one. I know MC needs time, but it would’ve been sweet to earn something from all the effort. We’ve definitely turned a corner though IMO, no more boys playin men, it’s time to bite back, C’mon Man C let’s see if your up to it.

  11. marcus said

    Oh please. The day we get all our best players back healthy enuf to play v. Chelsea or Utd is the day RVP is healthy enuf to last a full season. That has never happened nor will it ever happen.


  12. dilshan said

    always helps to read your work SH, I have to say even I was down but my frustration is we are better and the gap is much small and it is our own un-doings that cost us points in the last 3 games, we just need to learn to take our chances and all our issues will disappear

  13. Pato said

    You cant learn to be clinical in front of goal.It is all about skill. I dont get this comment about “learning to be clinical“.

  14. tom said

    im not one of those angrey fans im proud of the way arsenal played and i think that when you play such a good team like the chavs you need that unpredictable touch that great players have and we were missing ours.
    chamach is a good and usfull player but he is not a great striker and all the best teams have that one striker that surprises every one and goes for it like henry and berkamp did and like drogba torres villa rooney messi do. if we get that we will be great. and i dont think van persy as much as it hurts to say will ever be fit

  15. gunner cian said

    think u have made some great points,we look like we have toughened up over the summer,jesus wept what the story with rvp???always injured the new sicknote?????still think we short a brute at midfield,als short at full back….keep it goonerish……

  16. rockylives said

    Agree with you about the Chelsea game String.The gap is closing and I think the boys did well and created more chances than the Chavs. Just a shame we couldn’t convert one.
    What concerns me much more is the abject performance against WBA a week earlier – we really can’t afford to go out in any more games with that attitude and approach. Bad day at the office? I sincerely hope so.

  17. Johnny said

    Yeah, I make you right about sundays game. I`ve never heard so much bollocks as whats been said in the last few days. If you were to believe some people, they`ll have you believe Chelsea deliberately let us miss those chances so that they could suck us in and hit us on the break. Of course they forget that if Kozzer doesn`t miss an open goal it would have been them chasing the game and us hitting them on the counter. These morons know fuck all about football. The truth is, we were magnificent, we won most of the 50-50`s and were first to most of the second balls. There is a reason Chelsea are better than us at the moment, it is because they are ruthlessly efficient in the final 3rd. That is an area we can improve upon and I am sure we will, but anyone who thinks we aint closed the gap on them is kidding themselves. I know it is galling to lose to that lot, but sometimes you just have to step back, forget the result and analyze the performance.

  18. Goonerpower said

    Your right as ever Stringfellow, things ain’t as bad as some blogs make out. Still 31 games to go…… my book that’s still best part of the season.

    Time to pick ourselves up and support the team we love GOONERS

  19. dennis said

    Jonny,I think RVP and Cesc are our “ruthless in front of goal”guys,and they will be back soon enough

  20. sam said

    Johnny – spot on.

  21. gunnerbill said

    here here and mourinhos a cunt!!!!!

  22. Andy said

    I luv RvP but I’ve gotten used to him playing only 50% games. He’s prob on a terrific wage and never plays. What to do? Well simply put he’s not getting any younger, we should seriously be grooming the ‘next big thing’ – and I don’t mean Vela!

  23. Jammy said

    Stamford bridge is a shithole.

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