Mourinho says Chavski will slaughter Arsenal on Sunday

October 1, 2010

The self-styled Special One has been mouthing off on Spanish TV, ahead of Sunday’s all important London Derby between the Chavs of Pikesville and the Regal Reds of London N5.

He just cannot help himself can he?

Bitterness is a hard pill to swallow, so they say, and ever since Maureeno was booted out of London by the KGB back in September 2007, he has had it in for Wenger.

He loved the Premiership, London, and all the other trappings of managing over here, but unfortunately he fucked it up, and the Russian gangster exiled him.

I reckon he was given 7 days to pack his stuff and flee the country before all hell was unleashed on him and his family.

Now then gooners, how much sweeter would a victory or even a hard fought draw go down on Sunday afternoon?

More news, previews, and forthright opinions to come ahead of this crucial weekend.

We cannot, and must not lost this game…. I don’t care if it’s a bore draw, the title is a straight out duel between us this season, and that makes this game a six pointer!

26 Responses to “Mourinho says Chavski will slaughter Arsenal on Sunday”

  1. DieHardGooner said

    Mourihno can f*ck off!

  2. Blue ISD said


    mourinho mugging you mugs off again

    never wrong is he?

  3. gunner cian said

    me thinks jose wishes he was gunners manager..he has a lot to say bout us……………………………

  4. Goonerist said

    To be fair to him if you go by the last few seasons results then you have to agree with him. We were spanked by Chelsea last season and have lost heavily to them at home on a few occasions now. The wins we have had over them have generally been by one goal (don’t have the results to hand right now)and/or when Drogba hasn’t been playing.
    Maybe we will pull a result off but considering the spine of our team – RVP,Fabregas,Vermalean, are all out and we have a lump of shit in goal I don’t have a lot of confidence. We have some great players but where is the authority on the pitch of Fabregas or Vermalean is out?

  5. Greg F said

    He may be a massive chuff, but he’s right isn’t he? Chelsea will toy with us on Sunday before putting us out of our misery.

  6. GREEN GUNNER said


  7. jimoh mutiu said

    It’s Arsenal 3 – 0 chelsea. up gooneeeeeeeeeeeer

  8. Blimey, some real depressing shit being posted.

    FFS, i thought we were joint 2nd in the league?

    not mid table!!!

  9. lee said

    Could be about the full backs. Will Clichy leave the defence exposed constantly? Will Cashley dominate Sagna? Can Arshavin destroy Ivanovic? I wish Gibbs was playing.

    Rule one would be to tell Song to play his role properly. It was exasperating watching him constantly as the furthest man forward in midweek. What is going on with him? From best DM last season – to an inadequate attacking midfielder this season. He suddenly thinks he’s Frank Lampard!

    But if the game needs a flash of genius to win it, there’s only one guy out of the 22 who can do it – 18 years old, the swagger of chippy in his pomp, and boots of pure gold. Go on Jacky-Boy!

  10. Greg F said

    “FFS, i thought we were joint 2nd in the league?”

    It’s got nothing to do with league position (it’s far too early for that anyway… West Brom are 6th), but there is an obvious gulf in the quality of the 2 squads.

    Even at full strength we’d struggle to get a result, but we are missing our most important players. We have to catch them on a bad day, basically.

    Let’s hope they have a bad day 🙂

  11. lewis said

    @ Greg,

    you seriously think we would struggle to get a result against them with our full strength side?

    It aint April 1st yet.

    The last 3 visits to Stamford Bridge we have still dominated possesion and been caught on the counter without our strongest team, yet you think we would struggle when everyone is playing :S.

    Aside from that, we cope better with the injuries than most(prob due to experience) but a Chelsea team without Terry (TV), Lampard (CF), Malouda (TW) and Drogba RvP) would seriously struggle against a lot of teams yet I dont see the same with arsenal.
    On Sunday we have a team that will keep the ball more often and better thank Chelsea, plus I think we can be more dynamic in front of goal than previosu years. If we go 1 up we wont lose, 1 down and a draw would be agreat result.
    Mourinho is becoming a bit of a Voyeur… anyone agree lol

  12. Booker said

    with jack, mc, and aa23 anything is possible.

    really could have done with theo’s pace on the counter though

    they will press us hard and having that outlet is huge.

  13. gunner said

    Sorry to seem unenthusiastic but sundays game will be as it was last year 20 mins off arsenal pressure soaked up by chelsea then drogba gets a hat rick due to bad defending which is more likely that the players just arent up to it or mistakes from are two error prone goalies. i fully agree with mourihno’s comments chelsea are just a stronger better team, it pains me so much to say it however.we recorded record profits recently time to buy class quality instaed off rough diamonds

  14. Peter said

    No one is mentioning Rosicky here.I think he shld play d cesc role.

  15. highberries said

    should be interesting match..we’ll probably outplay them as usual…just hoping the diffence is gonna be a bit of cutting edge up front..and i suspect our defence should cope a bit better with drogba than silvestre, Senderos and stroppy Gallas.

  16. goontilidie said

    Is this what is has come to Arsenal scared of going to Chelsea, Arsenal means fire-power, so what ever they throw at us come Sunday night we would have readdressed the balance of power..

  17. munawwar said

    damn right… we just loosee this game… i have been saying this all week! give me a draw day… but we just can’t loose…

    and please for god’s sake no more injuries! every game we play we loose one player!

    clichy has been messing up a lot lately… he is bound to have a good game!

  18. donovan said

    Simple really – we play at our best we’ll wipe the floor with them! Those codgers will be chasing shadows for 90mins.


  19. Jeremy said

    If Arsenal play against Chelsea like they did the last few seasons ,the so could be right.But if football becomes too predictable,the fans and Arsenal may as well not turn up.
    Chelsea have not drawn a match since they drew with Blackburn.
    By the law of averages Chelsea are due a draw after so many
    undrawn matches.But it be could they or the gunners could triumph.Wenger must make sure 150 not 100% sure all his players are committed.
    Btw the defence must not go awol and leave acres of space for Chelsea. You see ,even my 98 yeare old grandpa suffering from dementia and a life long soccer addict, knows the gunners cannot afford to give Drogba time and space.Now with the two new centre backs,perhaps it’s time for the gunners to turn the tables with 150% concentration and effort.

  20. Arsene said

    You bunch of miserable cunts. Let’s hope the team don’t have the same negative attitude or we WILL get fucked ! Fuck Chelski and fuck that portugese twat. End of chat !

  21. SuperiorChelsea said

    All we need to do is stick Drogba up front on Sunday and we’ve won the game. We will teach you a footballing lesson this weekend and put your inferior club in it’s place – out of the title race in October.


    Didier Drogba 4 Arsenal 0

  22. Hartwick89 said

    My thoughts is the top 4 including Chavski are baiting us by letting us play pretty for 70 minutes and Then they strike like vipers for 20 minutes or so in a game. If we are going to win either we have to adjust to the baiting or we will have to be more efficient with our possession game. Remember Barca vs. ManIOU CL… Barca had 60% possession but lost at home to ManIOU? My opinion is we can’t afford the same tactics of possession in this game at Stamford Bridge… We have to have a tactical boring change. We have to be rough and tough and play a territorial game for most of the match and then we have to strike. I am with you SH: in these games a win is more necessary than the principle! Nothing wrong with 1-0 bore than a 3-0 we outplayed Chavs but we lose. This team has to mature at this point by beating Chavs at their own game! Arsenal are a much better team than Chavs collectively with our style but what we lack are trophies so let’s beat them at their game by being patient and efficient.. When we strike let’s strike hard!

  23. […] Mourinho says Chavski will slaughter Arsenal on Sunday The self-styled Special One has been mouthing off on Spanish TV, ahead of Sunday’s all important London Derby […] […]

  24. Zulu Gooner said

    Portuguese low lifer. blue isd needs to take some medication for raising the IQ to 50

  25. afrogoon said

    christ…if the boys read some of the comments gooners were making it would be better they did not show up…when did supporting your team become one of ‘realism’….if that were the case 90% of football clubs should not have supporters….football is a game of 90mins…if it were so straightforward how could westbrom get a result at the ems…2 seasons ago we dominated the top 4 and lost against the lesser sides… forward a season later,some terrible results in a year against the top 4 and gooners now believe tbey are cannon fodder…wtf…did united not lose the top 4 battles when they last won the title?were they considered cannon fodder?the media is a powerful tool…win or lose,up the gunners….we can let the misery wait till we lose

  26. moron said

    Well Mourinho was proven right – again

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