Szczesny played a blinder!

September 27, 2010

Well done young Mr Szczesny, you may have just fast-tracked you’re way into the Arsenal first team with that little outburst last week.

I am firmly in the camp that rates our 20 year-old Polish keeper as a future legend at the club.

Having seen him play live for Brentford, I have witnessed just what an awesome keeper he already is and what an incredible talent he is blessed with.

A talent that will ultimately bless The Arsenal with the best keeper on the planet… in my humble opinion!

I don’t for one moment belive Almunia is injured enough to be left out of the squad, it’s game over for him, he was given one more chance to prove himself and blew it.

We went for Schwarzer in the summer, and had Fulham found another keeper to replace him, he would have been our number 1 for the next 2 seasons…. but that did not happen, and as we now know, Manuel faltered, again.

So it now leaves us with a wonderful opportunity to view a straight pistols duel between our pair of talented young poles.

Controversially enough, as much as I rate Szczesny, I also rate Fabianski very highly… his reflexes are incredible, his confidence is shockingly low.. net result right now = piss poor keeper.

Though I do not give up on Fabianski, and I believe a wonder show is definately in his locker sometime soon, maybe at the Bridge next weekend, maybe over in Serbia tommorow night…. but it’s there, believe me, when this guy gets back up to his right level, not much will land in his net.

Both Poles come form the famous goalkeeping school run by former Polish keeper, Krzysztof Dowhan, who was once offered the goalkeepers coaching job at Arsenal by Wenger… but turned it down to stay in Poland.

The likes of Artur Boruc, Jerzy Dudek and Thomas Kuszczcak have all graduated from his notorious goalkeeping academy.

The country is famed for it’s goalies, ever since Brian Clough famously called one a “Clown” following the famous Polish victory in a deciding World Cup qualifier at Wembley in 1973.

Poland finished 3rd at the 1974 World Cup and were unlucky not to make the final… England failed to qualify after the “Clown” made some inspired saves all night to keep the English attack at bay and take his country to the finals in Germany.

Dowham was very disappointed on losing “his great find” Szczesny at only 16… there is history with the Szczesny’s, as he coached the father Maciej when he was a player at Legia.

Of Fabianski, there seems to be a deeper rooted feeling, maybe as he worked with him longer.

Apparently Fabianksi is the best decision making goalie he has coached, and the one with the best reflexes he has ever seen!

Whoever wins the battle of the Big Poles, Arsenal will crown a new number one soon enough, I don’t see a January signing on the horizon, no matter how much speculation you read about Reina et al between now and February.

Believe me, Wenger rates this pair, and will have them as 1 & 2, fighting it out.

I’m excited about this, and I am sure both will bring the best out of each other… get behind them both gooners, lift them, don’t knock them lower.

Come in Manuel Almunia…. your time is up!


40 Responses to “Szczesny played a blinder!”

  1. Arsenal Oldie said

    Another cracking post, Hawke.

    Great bit of background information on the polish coach, never knew all that.

    Let’s hope they get it right, as it’s long overdue.

    well done mate.

  2. Arsegoalie said

    interesting post

    can fab really be the better one?

  3. H-123 said

    hey man that is some good blogging

    nice to read some stuff you don’t know about

    so how good is szeny?

  4. stupidly said

    chesney is the better one for my money

    Like you sh i hope for the pair to bring the best out of each other

    good post.

    more like this please :p

  5. geoff reid said

    good post

  6. I think Szczesny may be the better EPL keeper, he is a very big, confident lad who comes out for every cross and cannot be bullied.

    But when on form, Fab is the better shot stopper.. but that may be not enough long term.

    who knows, but it will be a fun battle to watch.

  7. kilo said

    High quality blogging, hawke

    more more more

  8. Almunia said

    That is just depressing and fills me with no confidence whatsoever – let’s review our choices here 1. Stick with Almunia and suffer disaster after disaster until his confidence is destroyed 2. Play Fabianski who flaps at every thing directed his way and also has no confidence or 3. Play an unproven youngster who will make mistakes due to his inexperience and end up like the other two before him. I see no choice but to buy a new keeper and allow Szczesny to develop – Wenger goes the cheap route and yet again we will win precisely fuck all….

  9. Frimpong said

    Oh man, not more flappyski…please god no

  10. Omar said

    what about vito??

  11. Frimpong said

    chesney yes please stick him in

  12. Frimpong said

    vito needs to cut off wengers wifes horses head

    or pipe up like chesny

  13. meghan said

    Ha! hahahaha If our defence had been anywhere near ‘solid’, Almunia wouldn’t have had so many problems. He saved that penalty no problem. Why? No defenders in the way to botch it all up. How many times will Kolscielny and Squillaci kick the ball towards the goal/other team/themselves before Wenger realises they’re not doing much to help Almunia, or anyone else we may have in goal? Wenger himself refused to place any blame on Almunia, rather he placed blame on the poor defence and poor performance of the entire team. Why Wilshere was left on the bench is still bothering me. Even if all he does is dribble and pass, he can get the whole team to step up the pace just being lightning quick on his own.

  14. irish gooner said

    sorry but fabianski is shite,chesney on goal 2morrow hopefully,it was less than a week agos wookas left in a crap shot from robbie keane,he like almunia have had their chances and its time to get rid of both

  15. Kanonier said

    Great post and you’re 100% right about Fabianski. He is very good keeper with amazing reflex. He just lacks self-confidence. I watched him every week when he played in Legia Warsaw and he was brilliant. He needs more playing time and he will prove that he is a great goalkeeper.

    Sorry for my terrible English. I’m working on it 🙂

  16. Roy said

    Flappycrapski due a blinder?
    Been drinking…

  17. Jonathon Guild said

    One of the best posts ever, SH

    If only all blogs could post as informatively and intelligently.

  18. Jonathon Guild said

    Have strong views, no problem with that, SH has strong views all the time, but do it with nous.

    You are schooling them 😉

  19. Junaid said

    Fabianski needs to build up his confidence etc before going in net for us again. He is a decent keeper but is not suited to the epl.

  20. Oxongooner said

    Good post. Once tne stopper is sorted its then the DM.
    Diaby should go to wherever Almunia is going and never play again for the club.

  21. gunner cian said

    great blog..lots of info,fab could do with all our support..he has huge potential but he scared shitless to make a mistake,how are young keepers to improve if they slated for any errors………….

  22. aman said

    PPL keep saying that Wenger refuse to criticise Almunia. there are hardly any top flight manager who say about a bad performance by an individual.
    But if you can remember Wenger did the same thing with Lehmann when he was making blunder, suddenly he got injured and never retained his place in the team and Almunia was doing just fine when he was given the chance, but the problem now for Wenger is his 2nd choice GK is even worse than his first choice so he cannot sit Almunia for a long period.

  23. Ken said

    I dunno mate, I’ve seen enough of Fabianski to say he will never become a great keeper. Mentally he can’t cope like alumumia he is fundamentally flawed.

  24. Johnny said

    You can always tell from the posts how long fans have been following the club. You my friend are a gooner from a completely different era. However, you are being incredibly optimistic if you think that the rabble we have following the club at the moment will get behind the players. Unfortunately this new breed of supporter will pounce on any mistake thats made and will crucify the keeper. This is the reason I dont think Fabianski will ever make it at The Arsenal, the geezer has loads of ability and will one day come back to bite us, when he makes it at another club. It is also the reason why I would not throw Chesney in right now, he`s just a kid, but a couple of clangers will bring out the wankers and maybe we will see another top prospect`s career ruined. Anyway I always look out for your articles, whether I agree with you or not, it`s always good to read the thoughts of proper supporters.

  25. donovan said

    Wenger’s gotta keep Chesney sweet though because he will pack up & leave.

  26. Dutchgunner said

    I think fabianski needs to go on loan where he can get alot of games and get his confidence back. players need to be both skilled and MENTALLY STRONG. Fabianski may have all the skill in the world but his personality and his mental fragility will never allow him to be a good keeper, any mistake, and you can see it makes him twice as nervous when on the pitch, when he concedes a goal he just gets worse and usually lets another one in, or starts making desperate flaps. In training he may be brilliant but you just have to look at how he handled samba last season when he let in that goal from the corner. Samba just stood on his line and fabianski looked like a scared kid and when the cross came he was backed into his net and had no chance of saving it, thats down to his attitude and mental strength. Unfortunatly goalkeepers are always in the spotlight for any mistakes they make, especially at arsenal, we need a keeper with mental strength to back up his skills.

  27. John said

    Very brave post, finally someone who stands op for Fabianski. I really hope he comes good, but am a bit afraid it might not be at Arsenal. Who’d want to be a goalkeeper at Arsenal with the treatment they get from the supporters and the vermin in the gutter press.

  28. Frank said

    I totally agree that flappy needs to go out on loan to build his confidence. We should be looking for a decent GK this winter, who can also help Manone and Chesney improve.

    Almunia needs to go. How long can anyone last being booed by some of the fans around the stadium.

  29. lewis said

    A very enjoyable read. Just a little comment to make @ Jonny said earlier.
    Completely agree with you mate, there are so many ‘plastic’ fans, we have such a wide fanbase yet have so much as you put it ‘rabble’ following us. People can have a dislike to someone for how they played or just there ability but when these ‘fans’ are name calling the players Flappyhandski, etc we’ve have read them all, is that really going to boost any morale. that though process moves onto the next ‘fan’ and so on. We need MORE SUPPORTERS AND LESS FANS.
    All these people with WS is world class and that he’s easily the best in the club whihc cannot be proved at all, then if he messes up be sure all these fans will shit down his throat and call for wenger to sign another keeper.
    keep up the good work legendaire

  30. Roy said

    Why is it when a players shit and a fan mentions it they’re labelled “fair weather” or “plastic”?
    Fuck off you condescending twats!
    Almunia has been average at best his entire career, Fabianski has been at best a joke.
    When Foster (who AF said was a future England number 1) threw a number of clangers in he was sold. Cudicini was the best keeper in the premiership but they replaced him with Cech.
    Managers who wish to be successful have a ruthless steak, something ours doesn’t have.
    Next time you decide to belittle the supporters remember some of us go games home and away, both in the league and Europe, and don’t just see selective clips on motd.
    Get over yourselves. Everyones entitled an opinion this isn’t Nazi Germany!

  31. Johnny said

    Re. Roy. I am not saying your not a fan, I just think you are a different type of fan. The new breed are a lot more unforgiving than my generation(I`ve been a season ticket holder since 83). I clearly remember when big Tone first broke into the team, he dropped some right bollocks but the fans then were willing to forget them because they could see he was a trier. My fear is, that with the type of fan we have now, someone like Adams would immediately be labelled the next steponov`s or cygan. Confidence is a massive thing in football and fans booing their own players will rarely, if ever make them play better.

  32. gunnerfishing said

    I have to sit on the fence. On one hand Almunia and Fabianski have had in my humble opinion had enough chances. But against Barca Almunia was man of the match until he made a mistake. All keepers make mistakes but our mistakes are being well scrutinised by the gutter press. I am thinking it could be a time for a new keeper.

    I would love nothing better than to see our keepers come good but I’m worried it will be too late. I will support my club whoever is playing. Lets get behind our team as what we have is what we’ve got until January 2011. Almunia or Fabianski have a lot better chance of getting confidence if we get behind them, for better OR I hope not worse.

    Thank you for this write up, I enjoyed it.

  33. Roy said

    With that we are agreed.

  34. James said

    This isn’t specific to your rant Hawke, more to toward us Arsenal fans in general. We shouldn’t really be pointing the finger at Almunia, but rather at Wenger. Simply put, Almunia isn’t good enough for Arsenal. His mistakes have cost us dearly however it’s Wenger’s decision to keep playing him. Thereby any mistake committed by Almunia is ultimatly Wenger’s fault.

    It should also be noted that Almunia has acted like the upmost professional during his tenure for which he should be credited

  35. 7masters said

    The problem is no one is supporting the team any more and collective moaning when player make mistake is unnerving to watch. Guys common sense no goalie can be bought until January in the meantime give them support or leave them alone to build confidence.

    Lack of communications between players on field is bad news and they need to speak, shout and scream to get message across. I just they don’t resort to bottling when things get bad like last seasons. I hope some of our called supporters who are moaning all the time to take their support to Chelsea or others it becoming silly really to keep complaining all the time. It affecting the players on field now and has to to stop once for all.

  36. spanner said

    I am all for a young keeper being given a chance,but with a solid defence in front of him.No point at all in destroying his confidence before he starts and it at least makes him feel like the others know what their job is.Also why can’t we blood our new,young keepers when we are 5-0 up with 15 minutes on the clock.That happens often enough and we send on plenty of outfield teenagers so …
    All the same IMO LF needs a break,VM and WS to be the keepers but after the Chelsea game

  37. JK said

    Fab is shit end of story. Get rid of faulty manuel and flappy the seal and promote chesney and vito. Now

  38. […] Szczesny played a blinder! Well done young Mr Szczesny, you may have just fast-tracked you’re way into the Arsenal first team with that […] […]

  39. lordgunner said

    good performance by fabianski tonight.Very happy for him.

     And people who shot thec9 or mannone to be promoted n1 and n2 would be the same who will shot them down at first strike.Mannone is not that good anyway,everyone have been blind by his only great performance against fulham.
    I watch him at youth level and he is nothing special.decent but we have already decent gk in almunia and fabianski.Szczesny look like he has talent

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