Accept the defeat Gooners…then move on!

September 26, 2010

Dissect the West Brom game as much as you want, but it won’t make any difference to the result.

I sat through the whole game in the Clock End Upper (love saying that as opposed to the South Stand), right smack behind the goal, so had a wonderful vantage point over the course of the miserable afternoon.

It was just a one-off, the whole team bar Nasri, just had a bizarre off day… relax, and start worrying if this festers on for the next month.

The game away to Partizan Belgrade on Tuesday evening now becomes massive, simply huge, ahead of the encounter with the chavs next weekend.

We simply must win out there, and that is no easy task for any team in world football.

Belgrade is hell on earth for away travelling football fans, they are not called “Partizan” for no reason I hasten to add!

To get back on the rails, to really, truly belive this team have turned the corner from previous seasons, the Belgrade game will answer us.

Over the past few seasons, one bad result has turned into a succession of 4 or 5 bad results before we sort the mental problem out, I want to know what this team has by the way of mental strength.

Can the likes of Squillaci, Koscienly and Chamakh bring about a change in attitude following a defeat?

This is the key question over the next 48-72 hours gooners… a key period in our season.

A defeat away would be devastating to take, and leave us with a gaping wide wound ready to be stretched and further explored by the ruthless chavski.

I am not going to bother attacking and singular players from yesterday, as the majority were shockingly poor, second to every tackle, WBA won the fight… very easily.

If it was a boxing match, they smashed us over the first 10 rounds, then tired and held on to win a unanimous decision following a late onslaught over the last 2 rounds by us.

There were no excuses, they clearly were the better side, we got taught a harsh lesson.

In Belgrade, this coming Tuesday evening, we shall get a clearer picture of just how much this Arsenal team has developed.

Massive, massive game.


26 Responses to “Accept the defeat Gooners…then move on!”

  1. dilshan said

    Need to win midwk, a draw would not have been a bad result under normal circumstances but guess it all changes now

  2. lee said

    Wasn’t sitting too far from you – block 121.

    Just want to say that Clichy is a real liability now. Completely at fault for the penalty with his patented ‘win-the-ball-early’ fail to do so and leave a massive hole behind him trick. His passing, non-tackling and positioning really does stink sometimes and he has been at fault for a lot of the crucila goals against us in the last 3 years.

    Gibbs has to come in when fit. The way he bossed a fresh Lennon at the Lane means this kid is ready now. Clichy would’ve been turned inside out.

    The moment Almunia saved the penalty I said that it would only be a good save if he doesn’t gift one to them later …. oh well

  3. arsenal4ever said

    wenker out

  4. 10000% agreed on the Clichy/Gibbs front, lee

    Clichy has been a liabilty since brum 2008… he has regressed badly imo.

  5. gooner christy said

    First time poster but long term reader.

    Hawke, you are getting better and better as a blogger, really love your work.

    Love it when a link for legend pops up on newsnow.

    haha used to feel like that 5 years ago when anr used to, how things change.

    You are so right, belgrade is so big to us, we must not lose or we are in trouble next weekend.

  6. Arsenal Oldie said

    Same old story with almunia though sh?

    why oh why did we just not buy a keeper, drives me insane with rage.

  7. Groan said

    i wont accept the defeat until wenger is sacked

    thank you.

  8. Groan said

    same old wenger mistakes

    every wanker on earth can see we need a keeper

    apart from the biggest of the lot

  9. bal said

    i love the way almunia pushes tame balls into hs own net

  10. lee said

    Groan mate – you need to go back to the Lane ‘cos your disguise is as convincing as a fake moustache & sunglasses, you mug.

    Its Bolton 2-2 at the mo which should make me feel better but actually makes it worse – the Bent equaliser and yesterday is the 5 pts which would have us top going to the Bridge.

    For Chelsea, what do you think of Gibbs (if fit) playing left with Arshavin going right, String? Wenger will stay loyal to Clichy but Gibbs has to play.

  11. I would certainly chuck gibbs is for the chavski game if he is fit.. he is just such a better player already.

    Nobody could be worse than clichy defensively, so he will not lose marks there.. but in the system we play, the full backs are our width in the final third,

    so need to be good at final ball delivery, and on that front gibbs is way, way ahead of clichy.

  12. Widdas said

    Good to read a sensible blog. A run in Europe would be great. It’s a crazy world when you look at City spending 126 million, the premiership is rotten and mismanaged by an inept organisation. The problems at Arsenal are small and I used to watch George Eastham god help me. Patience and respect are important, and your compliments to West Brom are good. I only hope that Wenger is kicked out for some overpaid Italian, so we can buy lots of players and launder illegal money for the new owners. I must stay positive.

  13. Neville d said

    Afternoon every one I too was sat at the clock end upper. Best spot in the house, song was the worst player for me include almunia in that always out of position and for a team like arsenal who play a high line we need someone with recovery pace, he is a weak link

  14. afrogoon said

    hello SF…first of all i must say i really love your blog and wish you would post more often as i find solace in your words as with other excellent gooner blogs such as this in my deepest moment of despair when arsene’s red army come to a halt….yesterdays result though has seems to have left me far more distraught than i have felt in a long tome…i was once an ‘AKB’ brigade senior member…i have resigned my post however with immediate effect.i am sick and tired of the same crap happening over and over again.i am sick and tired of these so called pros…has this not happened to this same team before?did hull,wigan,etc..not do this to us a couple of seasons ago?were lessons not learnt then?i have never claimed and can never claim to be a better manager than AW but i am a keen football follower.15mins into the game and i told my mates if AW did not change that midfield trio of song,diaby,eboue we would struggle to win the game..half time comes and goes and we are lucky to still be in it nil,nil and presto,like always,the same crap trots out….same old AW…..we go two down i think before he makes any change….too little too late…when was the lastime the chavs or the mancs looked so out of depth and disinterested at home till they went two down to newly promoted side.. how many chances or mistakes do you repeat before you are considered inept @ your job…..i am beggining to think just maybe,this is the actual level of a lot of these boys..they will never be champions…its just a dream that we deluded gooners have…sometimes the excuses have to stop..reality is a bitch…you can polish a turd but it still remains a turd.Nothing shows this team will win anything.yes they have not lost the league yet but what evidence is there to suggest this complacency or ineptitude will not creep in again?Past experiences have convinced we will repeat this performance again and probably term it as a ‘bad day @ the office’or make another ostrich like excuse..fool me once,twice but thrice??? tired of blind faith…us fans have given these boys and AW too much of that when the evidence is to the contrary…it’s time for these people to start showing us the ‘miracles’ or forever remain the false prophets their records suggest they are.

    I know some fans will still keep believing and i do understand and appreciate that stance because i have been there before and can only wish them the best because they are going to need it…i hope your hope pays am done believing…the time for miracles is now or resigned to my fate…we will be heart broken again come the end of the season… heart hopes am wrong but my heart tells me am doing the right…..keep soldiering on bro… am done…just not good for my psychological and physical health

  15. Groan – i am not going to censor your posts.. however i will say this much.. A half-wit gave you a piece of his mind, and you held on to it.

  16. Widdas – thank you for the kind words, pleasure to have such an old skool gooner reading my ramblings.

  17. Neville – Song and Diaby both looked very lazy and not sharp at all.

    Sometimes, having a rest, is not a godo thing, and playing 3 games in a week keeps the joints nicely oiled and in perfect motion.

  18. Afrogoon – Stick in there, we really need to give the team at least until xmas to truly understand them and where they are headed.

    The Belgrade is the first really huge test of them following the defeat.

    It’s ok when on a good run to keep the momentum up, but lets see the battle in them this tuesaday.

    What a game, and what a destination to prove you have true grit.

    Ideally set up!

  19. Roberto said

    If we had a decent number 2 keeper he would walk into the side but we havent he is worse than Clown number 1.So we are stuck with Clown number 1.What a shocking state of affairs.Wasnt 3 months long enough for you to sign a keeper Wenger?
    As soon as Gibbs is fit he must take over from the poor clichy,who has never really recovered from Birmingham 2008
    Song has to be told he is a DM not an attacker
    We must never go into a game with more than one of Diaby Eboue and Denilson starting

  20. Neville d said

    When is bentner and rvp back . We a going to work chamack to hard, I’m willing to bet we start febuary with same 1-2 keepers

  21. ian said

    It does my head in when i hear Gooners say yesterday was a one off.Yeah it was a one off since the last one off v Blackburn last season and Wigan before that.Wenger is too soft on some of our non triers.If he wont blame Almunia i will and i will blame you too Wenger for once again letting a transfer window go without signing a quality keeper.If you have a shit keeper in goal you concede shit goals.Its simple.£6m a year for that well done Wenger

  22. Teddy said

    Mikel does not bump forward but 4 me he is always the best performer 4 d chavs. What has come over song. His job is to protect the back four but he is always up there contesting headers from crosses in d opponents 18 yard box. Quite agree clichy is our weakest link among the back four and its time gibbs becomes the no 1 in dat position. Lets keep our fingers crossed and see wat happens in belgrade. Nice post!

  23. Ian – i understand the frustration with the keepers, i was very excited about schwarzer coming in, as he has what we need.

    Got a post lined up on the keeper front…

  24. Teddy – yup song has played in a more box to box role this term, and i too dont like it.

    He needs to be told to show more positional discipline and not let the defence be exposed as much, that is his number one role, protect the back 4.. we have enough talent up the other end to score the goals.. so dont bother!

  25. GoFutebol said

    Arsenal play a good football. Sometimes the boys are over confident.

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