Radio 5 Live rant about Wenger – Radio Comedy Gold

September 25, 2010

Right gooners, making my preparations to head off to the Emms for the WBA game… got a feeling we may draw the same team in the Carling Cup at lunchtime today aswell(?)

3-0 should do it today and there is a real possibility of JET getting a game today, which is not the worst idea ahead of Belgrade and West London.

Before I leave, I just had to post up a link from last nights fabulous Radio 5 Live weekly World Football phone-in.

The show hosts regular pundits Tim Vickery and Andy Brassel taking calls from the worldwide public, live on air, in the wee small hours of every Saturday morning, and last night’s show was basically taken over by one hilarious, and I mean hilarious caller!

Apparently that man in London is not for England, he is for France…. lol… click the link below, and fast forward to around the 2:11.30 ish mark and sit back and enjoy!

It is simply pure radio gold!

Radio 5 Live World Football Phone-in – Wenger Rant

7 Responses to “Radio 5 Live rant about Wenger – Radio Comedy Gold”

  1. hr said

    that guys too funny

  2. billy choo said


  3. Frimpong said

    cracking link sh, soooo funny, definately drunk.

  4. ArsenalBoy said

    umm, I think if I came across that caller down the pub I’ll be downing my pint and going home, dont find him funny just stupid.

  5. Spike Media said

    LOL now that is funny

    breakdown live on air?

  6. H-123 said

    racist if you ask me, but he sounds foriegn too?

    just plain weird

  7. Posters, i’m off on my journey to the hallowed land now, so any comments held up in moderation will be released on my return.


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