Gloating gooners were moaning only last month

September 24, 2010

Apparently Koscienly was not going to be any good, who was this 3rd rate defender, plucked from relative obscurity to ply his trade in the Premiership?

That bloody Wenger, buying duds all the time, hey..huhh!

Chamakh can’t score goals… came the cry from the moaning morons… a few goals and a month down the line and not a peep, as per the norm.

You see, I could go on and on with this line of thought, all the way back to the days of Alex Song as a 17 year-old at Fulham etc, but I think those moaning, negative gooners, and there were plenty of them in the summer, and even more when all we bought was a striker on a free, a defender who played 2nd division french football 12 months ago and some geriatric french centre back, need the urine extracted out of them.

So that is what I am doing today.

Extract the urine from the fair-weather  “goon fans”, as opposed to the staunch “supporters” of the The Arsenal.

Unfortunately the gooner world has been split, and will remain split, as some fans are just not smart enough to the get the bigger picture, the bigger picture is not….i repeat NOT “we have not won any trophies for 5 years”

The annual accounts were released this morning, and as expected, they clearly show we are growing into the biggest football club on the planet.

When the new financial fair-play rules kick in… we will most certainly be the biggest football club on earth, the natural choice for any world-class football to come and play the game he loves, at a club who know how to play.

The legacy Wenger will leave will never be matched by another, at any club, anywhere, in our lifetimes.

It’s a shame that the small-minded goons have to tongue lash him and his signings all summer… and then have the 2 faced cheek to call him a genius after a month.

Laughable, and I do laugh in the faces of those types,  the blog world has plenty of these type of ignorant fair weather fans.

One minute we are getting relegated and we have the worst manager and the worst players… next minute we have the best of the best.

Problem for these goons is fatal, you see ignorance can be cured through education… the bad news?  Stupid is forever!

So all is well in Goonerdom, still unbeaten, gave the pikeys a good smashing the other night, whilst displaying more of Wenger’s good work in “those 5 years” with the emergence of the world-class wilshere and gibbs.

Aneke and Afobe next year.

Everybody is the greatest gooner alive today, but where were you when we were “apparently” useless?

46 Responses to “Gloating gooners were moaning only last month”

  1. Arsenal Oldie said


    I know just the blog just are taking the piss out of, I too have read that blog post today and I too read the scornful rubbish all summer.

    You are correct, they are just fans, not supporters.

    Big difference.

  2. dan the man said

    spot on, again.

  3. jimbo said

    well said mate. One thing i must argue with though is you mention these guys have dissappeared since last summer. well actually they did dissappear, only to re-appear momentarily when we drew on saturday for a couple of days, only to dissappear again after Tuesday. Mugs!

  4. dan the man said

    so true jimbo

    god i hate them

  5. Cool Eddy said

    the real problem with those fans is not the moaning

    but the racist way they talk about wenger

    some blogs are just sick in the head

  6. Fantastic article. Some goons are a disgrace when they slate the club and the manager.

    What I dont get is if they hate the policy that Wenger has taken up, why dont they just give up their season tickets and go support the spuds down the road cos they seem to be trying to buy anyone and everyone.

    Although I see your point about the new rules over spending making us big, I cant help but think that clubs will find a way around that. The announcement about the rule came some time last season but it didn’t stop Man City paying £200k to yaya toure and bidding ridiculous prices.
    Nice post nevertheless.

  7. dilshan said

    great post SH..again and I know they do make me laugh but then I guess we do need some to laugh at now and then and they do provide the entertainment. What struck me most is how weak is the Chelsea squad, I can understand one arguing their first team is better than us but in squad depth they lack both quality and quantity. Non of the Chav kids, well bar one possibly, will go onto play for Chelsea on regular basis which means the ageing squad having to be replaced from out side and we know they can not go on spending 100 plus million again and most of the replacements will be of Benayoon’s quality, which surely will not be enough to win PL. Then united take Scholes and Giggs out they simply lack creativity. AF has refused to replace them and they are good players. But how selfish is he, when he leaves them to Garry nevile all will leave. What sort of gap that will leave for the new manager to fill. People do not get the point if AW wanted to be selfish and look after himself he could have done that easy and he has sacrificed his glory for the long good of this club….

  8. V for Victory said

    You are the only blog i read now hawke

    you just shoot from the hip and i love that.

  9. ArsenalBoy said

    Unfortunately Arsenal FC can’t pick their fans.

    I remember having to defend Koscielny after his transfer… my main point was that exactly a year ago these same fans were saying the same rubbish about TV,I wasnt saying Koscielny was going to be amazing but for christ sakes, is like shooting the messenger before he even tells you the message…

    But most Arsenal fans were saying Wenger was an idiot, that Koscielny was too skinny and weak, blah blah blah… he has been a lot better than I expected, he was the best defender vs Spurs and the MOTM (IMO) vs Sunderland, he won everything.

    I think the main problem with these fans is that they just remember the Invincibles and want this squad to be the same but they forget that many of those players were a once in a lifetime acquisitions, when are we ever going to find another Henry? Vieira? Campbell? Pires? Bergkamp?

    They also forget that as that squad was being replaced a certain Mr Abramovich came along and decided to play Football Manager with Chelsea which forced Man U and Liverpool to invest heavily, therefore making our task of replacing our best ever squad with moving stadium and having limited funds a extremely hard task.

    If you can understand how all this factors have led Arsenal to go 5 years without a trophy then you agree Wenger is the best man for the job, without him we could be a midtable team in a lot of debt that spent stupid fees for players that didnt deliver and playing normal football.

  10. V for Victory said

    cracking posts above, good work gooners.

  11. mo said

    couldn’t agree more thx !

  12. Davi said

    On chamakh – some players just score more goals when they move up a level. Torres was always highly rated but never as prolific a goalscorer at atletico. When he came to england he just couldnt stop scoring for some reason. The reverse is true of kuyt who I think was top scorer in europe one season(?). You can’t always tell who is going to score lots of goals and who isnt. I never thought chamakh would be a massive goalscorer, but I was quite sure he would be a great signing for other reasons. It’s too early to tell whether he will become a 25+ goals a season striker, but it looks pretty likely his tallies will be better at arsenal than they were for bordeaux, despite this league being tougher.

  13. GoonerFred said

    Waaao! What a post.

  14. dilshan said

    or to add what I said before most of these are not arsenal or football fans, they support a team course their friends support, they do not even watch games properly and some time jump on bang wagons and start to having go at managers and players etc and they assume that makes them look like people with great footballing knowledge and think it is cool to slate others, a cultural issue created by big brother et al to some extent. It is always interesting to follow some of these so called fans comments of twitter or match day face book feed on ATVo, they will always drop their guard and say something that gives away the fact they are just cunts with no life

  15. V for Victory said

    lol dilshan you are correct my friend

    they always give it away in the end

  16. Aziz, KL-Malaysia said

    Bookmarked !!!
    (nothing else to comment necessary)

  17. Slugboy said

    Great Blog!

    I used to leave posts on the anti arsene blogs, but I gave up trying to educate the ignorant (plus I was blocked after a while).

    Great team, great manager, great philospohy on the way to play football, great youth system. No trophies in the current climate – who cares? We cannot mortage the future of the club for the sake a trophy or two.

    Keep it going gooners!

  18. jimbo said

    as if in perfect response to this article, the online gooner has just posted some absolkute gibberish about how our financial results mean nothing bvecause we’ve not won a trophy. For christs sake how spoilt are these people?! name me a club who has continually won trophies year after year – you can’t because there isn’t one. yes we’ve gone 5 years, but at least in our “bad patch” we’ve still seen CL football, finals etc…. when Utd were bad they got relegated, when liverpool were bad they finished 7th (last year) and went 20 years and counting without the league trophy, spurs drought lasted 20 years etc….

  19. Arsenal Oldie said

    Jimbo, as hawke says, they just dont get the bigger picture, yes we have won no trophies but what we have won off the pitch with the stadium and youth academy is worth ten times any trophies for the next 100 years of the club.

  20. gooner71 said

    forget the morons

    thank your lucky start folks that you are clever enough to really see what is going on.

    great great post hawke, you are a true blog superstar.

  21. gooner71 said

    and correct oldie

    what we have with the stadium and youth is bliss for a long long time

    thank you mr wenger

  22. valero said

    if somebody said to you…

    work for 5 years, live in a one bedroom flat, live on the bascis range from asda

    but after that 5 years… you will be living in a mansion and not having to ever work again, live the life of luxury for the rest of your days…

    would you bemoan those 5 poor years?

    surely only the truly ignorant in society would.

  23. Frimpong said

    yes valero only the true ignorant people

    the goons sh talks of.

  24. Frimpong said

    have i finally found a true gooner blog full of proper gooners with brains to discuss all things intelligent and proper about the club?

  25. nightmook said

    I think Song was 19 at the time of that Fulham game but your point is just as valid. The fans had turned on a teenage player & one who was only playing as badly as the rest of the team that day …but just happened to be playing in place of Fabregas. I remember wondering how well Gilberto, who is 10yrs his senior & who really only matured into the defensive midfield role in his mid-20s, would have fared around a decade earlier in his own career…

  26. nnaemeka said

    nice articul keep the flag flying and also the gooners no football

  27. Davey J said

    stonking post

    top notch blogging stringy

  28. futbal said

    excellent.this is what true gooners want to read especially on a friday.It cant be rosy all the time but the fact is pundits like paul merson who slug of AW dont know what they talk about most of the time.I have stopped watching MOTD because it is the most anti arsenal show in the world.Even lee dixon is beginning to sound like the rest of them when i believe he was no better than sagna at rb. Eveyone forgets 11 years ago we use to loose at the den(southampton) with our famous back five.

  29. 9jagun said

    when i read the statics of this guy koscielny some people wanted to kill me especially when i told them that he had the best tackles in french league. But now they are singing his name. They wanted wenger to buy a house hold name like puyol, metersacker, and the other norway defender from fulham what his name again just to name a few. Well thats no football it is better you make him than he feel already made cos he will be too full (fool) of him self like the ex Gallas. Any name for these type of fans please let me know.

  30. Gurkhaligunner said

    Where r u Arsen Wenger haters now ????

  31. Davey J said

    gooners, paste this article everywhere you can

    get the word out there

    the true gooners are fighting the doomers head on.

  32. Bryan Bee said

    So much agree with the sentiment of this blog and the comments.

    This is what i truly feel also.

  33. maulid mohamed said

    i feel home ryt here gunners..see ya @ emirates!!

  34. NJR said

    Spot-on mate. Great blog post.

  35. oneil said

    great post SH…i just want to say that when Arsenal plays now i only look out for 2 players on the field…it used to be Cesc and Song but not anymore..their very names being mentioned makes me shiver with guesed it..Chamakh and #6 Kosceilny…
    Looking forward to 2 goals from #29 tomorrow…oh i can’t wait.
    keep the faith…

  36. Zulu Gooner said

    Great Blog, one of only 4 true arsenal supporter Blogs worth reading

  37. Ketch said

    good post, but Fergie has made a legacy at Man U, i wouldnt want to decide who has made the biggest between them.

  38. ianwrightywright said

    terrific blogging mate

    please write more blogs like this

    the blog world need proper gooners like you shooting bullets by the bucketload

    top man

  39. lee said

    Just a question – how come Legendaire doesn’t appear on Newsnow?

  40. ianwrightywright said


    i got here via newsnow?

    go to arsenal newsnow and you will find the link to legendaire

  41. Arsene said

    Wenger is simply great but the only issue I dispute with him is why Fabianski still not relegated to our Arsenal No.3 or 4….possibly even loan him out to gain experience and confidence….Other worry would be who to replace him if that dreadful day of Wenger step down from manager job….Scary

  42. Great comments today gooners, really good stuff.

    that was today’s newsnow link for the chap below who asked for it.

    we appear on all the major newsfeeds, as listed down the side of the home page.

    Bring on WBA, will hope to get a preview in before i head off to the emms tommorow lunchtime.

  43. Tom brown said

    I’ve heard a lot about aneke and afobe but I have never seen them:( can you upload a decent video of them. They’re rubbish on YouTube

  44. Tom – you won’t learn anything about how good they are until you see them play for 90 mins, youtube vids are not the way forward.

    Hopefully we get a shit team at home in the next round of the Carling Cup and you will see at least one of them line up.

  45. weight said

    yeah my dad will like this

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