Time for Gibbs to start ahead of Clichy

September 19, 2010

I heard an important point raised on the Arsenal Fan Forum show last Friday night.

Gael Clichy has not got the technical ability to do anything worthwhile with the ball in the final third of the pitch, he is wonderful at getting into the correct areas when we are on the front foot, but due to his inability to reach his own man with the ball… we lose possession many more time than not.

This then causes the opposition to hit us on the counter with both full backs caught in the wrong third of the pitch, does Clichy think he is better than he actually is?

Has he actually progressed well enough since he burst onto the scene in 2004/5?

That is almost 7 season ago, he is more than experienced enough, has plenty of miles on the clock.. so is this the best version of Gael Clichy? Is this his limit?

If it is, get Gibbs in, now!

I believe Gibbs to be a far better player in the final third, therefore we will concede possession less, and maybe help create more goalscoring chances with a better pass/cross in that area of the pitch.

Defensively?  Gael has always been, and will always be prone to lapses in concentration, he is not inexperienced or a teenager anymore, this is him, this is his ability level.

I see so much more potential and scope with Gibbs, personally… I think if he got a dozen games, Clichy would easily be left back number 2.

Crying shame KG got injured last season, whilst Clichy was out for so long, as he would have made the number 3 shirt his own.

Arsenal and England!


22 Responses to “Time for Gibbs to start ahead of Clichy”

  1. dilshan said

    I do see Gibbs being our first choice but my only concern in is he ready yet and will he need another season..I would like to see him play most of our home games like we did with Eboue last season and build his confidence and ease him into the first team

  2. New York Gooner said

    Totally agree SH

    clichy has certainly had long enough to show us what he has, and has not got.

    time for gibbs to show us now.

  3. V for Victory said

    clichy makes so many mistakes, for some reason he just doesn not get pulled up on them like almunia or song does by the fans.

    you are correct, he has not improved as much as he should have or as much as we thought he would.

    but too early for gibbs.

  4. arsenal4ever said

    your best post ever! Totally agree with u. Gibbsy needs a run now. Clichy needs time to think about his bullsh.. performances!!

  5. Joe said

    Gibbs will be good in home games but against the more physical teams id like to see vermaelen there nd Kos and Squil in centre.

  6. gooner0609 said

    Both full backs have been guilty of poor delivery in the final third but they are still outstanding defenders.

    Eboue (who I hope is Captain on Tuesday for the entertainment value) is the best crosser of the ball on the run that there is on the team.

    Well with half the team injured and playing with 10 men against 12 I thought we were brilliant today.

    It is frustrating in the worst possible way because all the new boys and I mean new to the Premier League were fucking amazing this afternoon.

    Kos, Chamakh and Squil’ just dominant.

    Before pointing fingers at Rosicky have a word at Arshavin who missed two gilt edge chances early 2nd.

    It fucks everybody off to drop two points, lose your captian to an injury, have your best holding midfielder sent off for fuck all and have a ref play till the other team covered his bet but FUCK it.

    The back four has some grit again. We will be all right.

  7. arsene wenger said

    clichy is the new senderos, not a bad player but very unlucky every mistake is costly, everytime he fluffs his lines the ball ends up in our net, now his confidence is going and he is starting to slowly wear down like senderos andlook a worse player than he is, sadly tome to start blooding gibbs over clichy(not sadly for gibbs,just sad that clichy the 100 percenter has come unstuck)

  8. arsene wenger said

    rosicky had miss written all over his face, nasri is no bobby pires that ‘i got fouled i cant take it’ bollox was made up by greats not to be continued by twats, if you dont want responsibility when your names on the list then get in the reserves for a month, twats

  9. jimoh mutiu said

    hi gonners. can’t Arsene dropp Arshavin to the bench and play Vela , he would have burry those chances the fucking Arshavin is missing in games he featured in, he always play as if nothing is at stake.

  10. rohan said

    Shutup legendiare u donkey fuck

  11. gunnerman said

    Rohan. There’s no need for those kind of comments. Totally agree, in fact I thought Gibbs should have had the nod ahead of Clichy for a while now. Shame he hasn’t been given a chance earlier.

  12. Goonerpower said

    No need for that rohan? The post pretty much says what all blogs think, including where you regularly post 😉

  13. kirk said

    people have been saying that because gibbs is young and sometimes positionally suspect, but people need to remember when Ashley Cole first started to play he was always out of position, but as he got PLAYING TIME he improved and even though he’s not at arsenal now, he’s arguably the best left back world football or one of the best left backs

  14. Arsenalsupporter said

    Clichy, a senior 1st team player, an international and world cupper,.. you would expect something better from him but yet prone to mistakes. Not the first time, nor will it be his last tho.

  15. Gooner said

    Finally someone agrees with me 🙂

  16. Peter said

    On the other hand, Wenger seems to be too tolerant of meddiocrity.

  17. RGG said

    You summed up Clichy’s most frustrating trait. He has untold ability when it comes to counter attacking & gets into dangerous areas with ease but is totally unable to provide any sort of quality once he is there. Each new season he shows no sign of improvement.
    Defensivly he costs us more points every season than Fawlty does. It’s just people remember GK mistakes more which is why he gets less stick.
    Gibbs will get his chance this season and barring injury will end up our 1st choice leftback.

  18. jacob said

    Clichy is new whipping boy I see. Gibbs is supposedly better because???? I’m sorry but this is the usual Arsenal crap… any English player gets bigged up. Eboue and Diaby got it in the neck when they made mistakes and Walcott got a chant! If Gibbs is the better player he will have to prove it to the coaching staff and then he’ll play just like Jack is playing. Clichy may not be perfect but he is still one of the best LBs in the premiership and if Wenger benches him you can be sure that the guy will be on his way. Gibbs has looked very positionally suspect to say the least…the idea that we’d definitely win more games with him in the side is delusional IMHO. Clichy has the experience and he is a very good LB even if he isn’t perfect. So…. Get off the guy’s back!

    In any event its a long season and Gibbs will definitely get his chance. Lets see what he does then and what the know- it- all blogs will have to say then…

  19. naijasoccer said

    Arsenal fans are at it again I see. Always picking on players. Unfortunately clichy is the next guy in line to face the firing squad. U think clichy is bad ? Wait till you see a gibbs who is efficient going forward but mediocre as a defender. His positioning and awareness are all non existent. He doesn’t play as a leftback but as a winger. The last time I check, a defender’s main priority is to defend first and gibbs unfortunately isn’t ready for that. He ‘ll come good for sure, just not for another year or two.

  20. Have you not just picked on Gibbs?

    btw – opinion is good, its all banter, nothing to get too serious about.

  21. […] Time for Gibbs to start ahead of Clichy I heard an important point raised on the Arsenal Fan Forum show last Friday night. Gael Clichy has not got the […] […]

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