How brilliant is to follow this Arsenal side?

September 15, 2010

It’s only Braga in the ECL Matchday 1 tonight, not Real or Barca, but I am just so god damn excited about watching this Arsenal team right now.

Cesc and Tomas are really orchestrating a beautiful symphony that gets played out on the Emirates pitch, with Chamakh leading the line to perfection and bringing others into play with his 100% unselfish play, it’s just a pure piece of heaven when we see our beloved team play.

How many other fans of teams can say that? Did you see that cack from the Manure lot last night?  Woeful, they are shot to bits!

No more money Bacon Face, no more success.

There is… and there has only ever been one manager who can build a World-Class squad on buttons, and thankfully that man leads the mighty reds of north london.

God bless him.

Right my prediction is a show from our midfield tonight, with Arshavin bagging at least one goal en route to a comfortable 3-0 win.

ITV HD @ 19.45 for all those in the UK.

13 Responses to “How brilliant is to follow this Arsenal side?”

  1. dilshan said

    I wonder if aa23 could do with a break, looks a bit tired and feel the exploits with Russia and the fact he is under pressure as they have been loosing has been heavy on his shoulders…plus might give the chance for nasri to regain sharpness from pre-season

  2. Bala said

    Ya I m having the same feeling,infact i don’t even read some Arsenal blogs who criticise Arsene and Arsenal.I always feel positive about arsenal even if we win the tittle or not and the only day i will worry for Arsenal is the day Arsenal lose ARSENE.Just have a look what this guy has to say abt Arsene.I wish he gets f**ked by some team in CL and they knocked out of it quickly.

  3. Shuaibu busari said

    I think aa23 should start fm the bench, he need”s a little rest

  4. American Goon said

    My sentiments exactly. This team looks hungry.

  5. lol said

    tired after 4 games? what about after 40 games when things are won and lost?

  6. clarence said

    well, it is easier to buy a trophy den to BUILT a winning them from scratch… has he ever realise he never stays in a club long enuf to reach the status of “Legend”.. reason? Most of the club he left will be sooo deep in debt he have to leave before he need to clean up the mess left.

  7. jaygooner said

    Mourinho always slags off Wenger at every opportunity. The “Special needs” One can only buy success and achieve that successs on the back of total anti-football. I cannot knock him, George Graham employed similiar tactics.In the history of Arsenal, we have been lucky enough to have two revolutionary managers. Herbert Chapman and Wenger. Mourinho’s legacy will be ” Oh yeah, he managed our team once and bought some throphies”. There will be no bronze busts, and no Stand named after him. That is what haunts Mourinho. The ego maniac cannot understand why the footballing world doesn’t love him as much as he loves himself.

  8. kc said

    A rest for Arsh and some pitch time for Vela is what I’d like to see.

  9. shut up said

    great post!

    it IS exciting to watch this arsenal side.

    it has been exciting for the whole of wenger’s reign.

    i’ve only seen a couple seasons under wenger where the team has been poor and inconsistent. but for the past couple of years, and now, the team has been solid.

    the trophies haven’t come for a while, but you can tell they are on their way.

  10. Knightvision said

    SH, was your prediction a half time prediction??

  11. Well that was fun wasn’t it?

    This is shaping up to be a right season and a half, we have a squad… i keep saying that… but we have

    we missed our best defender, our best striker and our best winger tonight… in vermalen, rvp and theo… yet we still had super subs of quality to bring on.

    i do.. and will continue to laugh in faces of the arsenal doom and gloomers.

    their goose is cooked.

  12. Katie said

    Up the arse!!!

  13. Simon said

    Some Arsenal fans make me laugh, you go on how brilliant you are, how brilliant wenger is, thinking it’s nothing to do with money, fact is money has a lot to do with where you are today….. You have the most expensive tickets on average in world football, you have a higher wage bill than ANYONE bar four or five teams in world football, you all think there is one way of playing.. There is nothing wrong with spending money to buy success if that is what teams want to do…..

    I hate the high and mighty fans of Arsenel who thinks Wenger is the best manager ever and that Arsenal are gods gift to football, as he is not and Arsenal are not…..

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