10 Questions for Myles Palmer

September 14, 2010

Lets keep with the spirit of things in gooner blogdom right now… I ask you proper gooners, to send in 10 questions you would have me ask Myles Palmer, the manchester city/chelsea fan who has been writing about Arsenal since the George Graham days, and made his name by compiling a book about Wenger.

The 10 best question will be posted up here and then passed on to Myles in order he can respond in kind.

No expletives, this is all to be done in good spirit whilst engaging brain!

Get your thinking caps on ladies and gents… either post the questions in the comments section or if you would prefer more privacy, hit them through the contact box via the link at the top of this page.

Should be interesting.


48 Responses to “10 Questions for Myles Palmer”

  1. dilshan said

    how many friends do you have apart from your online MATES

  2. Gooner said

    Why do you have so many spelling mistakes and erroneous facts for a supposed expert and novelist

  3. Myles Palmer said


  4. mjc said

    Myles, what is your personal record distance for having your head up your own arse. Please state in metric and also in imperial for our American visitors.

  5. Bryan Bee said

    How much is your annual subscription to the BNP?

  6. Bryan Bee said

    that is the KKK UK equivalent for our american and worldwide friends :p

  7. lee said

    Whose head is further up their own a@$$, myles or wegner?

  8. Mark said

    Do you have a social life?

    feck, who am i kidding, he’s a sad old man living alone in a shithole, who only comes out to slate Wenger.

  9. rosicknote said

    Ask Myles:

    1) Do you realise that Arsenal’s youth team are currently dominated by English kids, yet you persist on this idea that Wenger only buys French kids?

    Or you do actually realise that, but because of your propaganda against Wenger, you just disregard that fact?

    2) If Henry was English, I think you will idolise him as god. Do you agree?

  10. New York Gooner said

    very funny hawkeman, i am going to enjoy this comments section, some classics already, give me some time.

  11. billy choo said

    😆 hillarious bnp member question, ask that one sh

  12. Arsenal Oldie said

    Myles, why are you such a bitter, twisted, errant man?

  13. mjc said

    Are you aware of the Berti Vogts quote: “If I walked on water, my accusers would say it is because I can’t swim” and can you see the irony of its application to Arsene Wenger?

  14. V for Victory said

    I want to ask him why he is such a racist?

  15. V for Victory said


    Why can he not see what the rest of us intelligent gooners can see?

    surely race is not the only obstacle??!!!

  16. mjc said

    Myles, do you remember who said: “Thierry Henry may turn out to be a £10 million winger, but he is a £500,000 centre forward. Henry is not a David Trezeguet and never will be.”?

  17. shooy said

    1) You behave like a spurned lover. Has it become personal between you and Wenger?

    2) What has gone on between you and Wenger? Has he stopped confiding in you? Why could that be? Is it because he realises you are a ………?

    Oh I could go on and on

  18. V for Victory said

    omg classic hahaha

  19. Ole Gunner said

    For such an arse moron, how did you come to have so high an opinion of yourself?

  20. Bambo said

    Here are my question for Myles and i hope he answer them honestly.

    1. Why does it take you hours or days to comment if arsenal won any game while you always comment quickly when they loose.

    2.Why do you hate African players in arsenal.

    3.Why did you name your site as arsenal news review. How about changing the name as you are fake arsenal supporter.

    4.How much did you earn from your book professor.

    5. Did Arsene Wenger make you famous

    6. If Arsene is Englishman will you be hard on him

    7. Can you run a small family on your own

    8. Last year you said arsenal will finnish outside the top 4, now that is a lie, will you apoligise to arsenal.

    9. Do you love french players

    10. Are you a racist, if no, give proofs

  21. Simon the gunner said

    1. Are you upset that your writing quality is not of a high enough standard to write for tabloid newspapers and have to create self importance and worth by creating a website that shows very little insight?

    2. Do you deliberately name drop writers, such as Jack Kerouac and other ‘beat’ writers in an attempt to elevate your own status, even though anyone with a simple English degree will tell that such writers are ridiculed and derided thus making your effects even more comical?

  22. V for Victory said

    this is qualitu reading, fucking loving this sh hahahahaha

    great questions guys, really entertaining reading.

  23. Gooner said

    Still my favourite Palmer quote – from a few years back now – but fairly typical of the popmpous rubbish he comes out with . .


    “And remember, Thierry Henry is not a striker. He is not a goalscorer.

    He scored only 20 goals in 103 games for Monaco. And he did nothing at Juventus.

    Henry is a right-footed left winger who is quick and skilful. He can also play wide on the right.

    Even Arsene Wenger cannot make Henry into a striker.

    So lets get that straight in our minds before we read any more ignorant tosh in the papers. Got it? Thierry Henry is a winger.”

    The only thing that amazes me about Myles Palmer is that anyone be wrong on quite such a consistent level. He is, in all honesty, an utter waste of space.

  24. Ole Gunner said

    I also have a question for Kevin Davies.

    Do you ever look in the mirror and see anything as an elbow swinging, head bashing, hair tugging thug? If the answer is negative, what psychedelic drugs are you on?

  25. shooy said

    But the entertainment value of Myles is huge, if you don’t take him seriously. I’d miss his nonsense, I really would. It’s like watching a train wreck happen in front of your eyes every week.

  26. sig said

    I came across Myles’ website by chance when searching for Arsenal Newt Review… a rare species indigenous to the N5 region but not once has Palmer mentioned newts…

    Newts have the ability to regenerate limbs, eyes, spinal cords, hearts & intestines…

    can you do that Mr. Palmer?

  27. Greg said

    Ooh! Ooh! Blog handbags! Or is it pitchfork-waving, I can never tell.

    Myles is the Eeyore of the Goonerverse. He’s happy in his miserablism, let him be.

  28. Sorry people held up in moderation you will be released asap.

    and oh my gosh, those emails, lol…

    gooners certainly have the very best sense of humour, i will put some of them up here later as they are not that bad expletive wise.

    cracking stuff.

  29. Eduardo said

    First question is Myles was it the sacking of your inside information man, david dein, that made your blog so worthless and devoid of any news relevant to arsenal, and showed you up as a bitter hack who can only get hits on your blog by being racist and anti everything arsenal. Second question would be who do you actually support, are you afraid to admit who is your club, you admit it aint arsenal, so which team is it that you are too ashamed to own up to supporting. Third question is do you not feel guilty calling your blog arsenal news review.

  30. Cool Eddy said

    spurned loved NAP

  31. Cool Eddy said

    from loving wenger, writing a book gushing all over him, to outright francophilic racism…hmm.

  32. Cool Eddy said

    btw, he is openly not a arsenal fan, so why get so personal?

    surely you only get that personal for a deeper reason?

    there are things we will never know, but palmer has been hurt, and left broken.

  33. Spike Media said

    Why do you hate Wenger?

  34. islington gooner said

    I would ask myles,if he could change a lightbulb?? 🙂

  35. aj_ind_gooner said

    Where can i get that stuff you smoke when you writes?
    might be the best shit ever.

  36. v said

    Stringfellow Hawke!! Genius!

    TO MP;

    why only display the negative comment on your site?
    Are you a transexual?
    Why do you support ManUre?
    What happened to you as a chile to make you so racist?
    Why do you care so much about G.Graham?

    You know what i say!!! Boycott the c*nt!!!! maybe this is a media spin to get more hits on his site?!

  37. mjc said

    Myles, do you sport “a smelly perm” (anag.)

  38. aj_ind_gooner said

    Are you eric cartman’s father?

  39. islington gooner said

    I would also ask….”Are you Cashley in disguise”??

  40. Goonerpower said

    I’m gutted I don’t and never have read his “blog” so I can’t join In………and I ain’t going to read it only to give him another click. I kinda get what sort of mug he is short, fat, spotty old fart scratching his arse to rid the clingons 🙂

    He might just be a typical spud fan 😉

  41. Siva said

    Did you see the arsenal presence in your beloved English team and how wenger is building Gibbs, Walcott and wilshere? And S.Pearce actually dropped Jack for no reason. Tell me who supports English football more?

    What is the crap you said that arsene must spend 70% of the sales of Ade and Kolo. Who misguided you?

  42. king gooner said

    why,when you dislike “arsenal” so clearly do you persist in calling it anr-surely your love for all things MANURE, who you constantly refer to in anr ,should force you to man up & admit you are a paid up MANC!!!

  43. lordgunner said

    dear Pyle Farmer.Why have you swap your support for a scum of a club like chav who are up your standard in every way you look ( bunch of tosser of fan and player, classless,buy trophy at your liking) and move writing daily rubbish about a classy club like ours you suppose to support now

  44. Javi said

    Myles, would you be humble enough to pull out the comments you made about Alex Song and Ebue two season’s ago?
    I have asked you cnsistently but you neither publish the questions nor the answers; are you such a racist?

    BTW: Does anybody have myles’ palmers photo? I’d love to know what that …………. looks like!
    Thanks for this site and topic; I’ve always wanted a site like this where Myles’ articles are critiqued, but again wondered if it was worth the effort!

  45. perrygrovesworld said

    The ultimate question is……

    Why won’t you allow a comments section and instead print letters from people who disagree with that you then patronise?

    Perhaps the truth is hurting and you don’t want to reveal the comments would get if you printed them……

    Ps he is probably Sinbad from Arsenal Action’s dad 🙂

  46. JackyBoyWilshereIsTheNuts said

    Dear Myles

    1. I’ve just ‘transferred’ Sebastien Squillacci to Arsenal on Fifa10 but Martin Tyler calls him Sebastien Englehardt. Why?

    2. It’s 1:28am and I’m watching Babestation whilst typing and there is a right old Moo on there right now. Who would actually pay £1:50 per minute to talk to a pug like that?

    3. In the 1964 Jean-Luc Godard movie ‘Le Petit Soldat’ what was the name of Anna Karina’s character?

    many thanks

  47. lee said

    JackyBoyWilshereIsTheNuts – that is fucking funny!

  48. Fred said

    Hi Myles! Why don’t you allow comments under your articles?????????

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