Diaby injury: No news = Good news

September 13, 2010

I am very surprised we have not heard more on how his scans/x-rays etc have gone.

As I am sure most of you have seen already via all the pics and vids up on other gooner blogs, surrounding the diabolical challenge by the northern monkey from Bolton, it aint pretty.

If the news from AW during the champs league press conference tommorw afternoon is out for 4-6 weeks, it won’t surprise me.

The challenge was very bad, and Abou certainly has previous with his ankles.

Can we hope for good injury news?

We can in my honest opinion, as I feel the negative results would have been released sooner, possibily some time today, so as the headline reads, no news = good news.

I hope.

We need him fit, at or near his peak, there is not another midfielder like him in World football today, he is the complete link man between DM and AM (song and cesc)

Denilson would be more a DM than a AM link man, Jack is not box-to-box, all action, but has certainly got more vision in the final third.

Ramsey is the only real player at the club who could do what Diaby does in midfield.

On a real gooner high at the moment, all is rosey in the garden, bring on Braga.

Keep those fingers crossed on the Diaby injury news!


13 Responses to “Diaby injury: No news = Good news”

  1. dilshan said

    I think some one twitted saying he drove home after the game so hopefully he is ok if not for midweek for Sunderland away another team full of thugs and seem to have got hold of a very good striker in Gyan

  2. eirik said

    Song is more important than cesc now. He needs to be fit all season

  3. Pato said

    I will be happy if he misses only 1 month.The good thing when it happened was that Diaby wasnt moving (or was barely moving) and the speed robinson was coming in with wasnt the fastest so the impact wasnt as bad as it could have been so I dont think there was any break.I have become a big diaby fan in the last 15 months.He is now 24 and we see he is becoming a bloody brilliant player.This is the golden age for a midfielder and he is improving all the time.If he misses something like 5 months I simply cant take it.


    Song is not more important than cesc eirik. Just because he scored on saturday and played well means nothing. He has to produce that in every game home and away. Cesc is not at his best at the moment but he was still very influental in our goals.
    Cesc is our gerrard, our xavi, our scholes. He can create something out of nothing, has amazing vision and can pass inch perfect. There is only a handful of players with these abilities and we are lucky we have one.

  5. Kenny said

    It is well

  6. osi said

    I have a feeling that it was only bruising and he’ll be back for Sunderland game. You’re right to say that he’s best at his role for Arsenal and couldn’t do without him a long period. We can do without him for the next few games until Chelsea, there we’ll definitely need him.

  7. gooner0609 said

    This was the same Bolton puss sore that tried to cut Cescy Boy in half last season or the season before that. It’s all a blur this thuggery.

    Now here in the good ol’ US of A, late or dangerous hits in Football and sometimes Hockey are retrospectively punished by the league with lengthy suspensions, double for repeat offenders. Why not the EPL.

    Oh I know, it would require vision, recognition of a cancer in the game and action. What the fuck was I thinking of.

  8. T_arsenal said

    If song gets injure who is gonna replace him? but if fabrigas gets injure there are players can replace him not as good as him but good players

  9. tobi ayolade said

    i just hope we can cope without him.i wish we could have a near complete team for 2 months at least.

  10. Anon said

    Actually no news is VERY bad news, two very recent examples are Bendtner and RVP. Took ages to announce their injuries. Bendtner was well over a month from when his dad said he will be out for a while, along with the Danish team doctor. RVP it took over a week from the Blackburn game to say he was out for a while.

  11. Arsene Wenger received some good news today when it was revealed Abou Diaby will only miss two games.

    Diaby was forced out of the 4-1 win over Bolton at the weekend with an ankle injury after a high tackle from Trotters defender Paul Robinson. It was feared the midfielder could be set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

    But the big Frenchman will sit out Wednesday’s Champions League visit of Braga and Saturday’s trip to face Sunderland.

    He should be back in contention for next week’s Carling Cup clash with fierce rivals Tottenham.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1311912/Abou-Diaby-sidelined-games–relief-Arsenal-boss-Arsene-Wenger.html#ixzz0zVRe3RSU

  12. […] Diaby injury: No news = Good news I am very surprised we have not heard more on how his scans/x-rays etc have gone. As I am sure most of you have seen […] […]

  13. Benito III said

    Fabulous post! Loved reading your great post, I always can tag it

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