1000 Premiership Goals for Wenger

September 11, 2010

Carlos Vela buried the beauty with a swish of his left peg sending the ball cooly just inside the post, the finish followed 26 consecutive passes, the assist was a deft lofted pass from the man himself, captain cesc.

For those who have not seen our 4th goal today… wheeew, you are in for a treat when you do!

What a way to bring up the 1000 for Wenger’s Arsenal, simply fabulous football.

I laugh in the face of the naysayers.

We don’t have a team to challenge, because we have a World-Class squad to challenge.

Bolton were no mugs, they were undefeated before they stepped into the lions den this afternoon, they tried the usual northern monkey tactics of deploying thuggish behaviour on a football pitch, and then got royally thumped by the glorious gunners in full flow.

What a season of joy we have in front of us, we can challenge for the lot with this squad, the absolute lot.

We still have JET, Aneke and Afobe to unleash on the naysayers this season, this squad will just get better and better and better.

Defensively we looked better with Seb-Squil, he will score at least 4 goals this season from set pieces, Kos on the other hand was at fault for their goal, he will learn and get better.. back him, don’t boo him like you did Song all those years ago.

Talking about Song, he also scored a peach of a goal today, a dinked finish Messi, Villa, Pato et al would have been proud of.

Great afternoon.


11 Responses to “1000 Premiership Goals for Wenger”

  1. dilshan said

    was expecting Vela to score a good one, he will be a different player now with the confidence he will get, this is just what he needed..ow before any negative fans start we will always concede some silly goals but hai when we play like this and score 4 I will take an odd silly mistake and a big performance by Cesc for all those who questions his commitment. How did Robinson and Davies did not get SO and hopefully after watching Zamora break his leag refs will start to act as he is an English player..Karl henry should have got SO in last game against New castle and that Ref failure has cost Zamoroa rest of the season and a loss to England too

  2. That Karl Henry thing is atrocious, he is a thug, nothing more , nothing less.

    When players start getting sued for ending other players careers, then we shall see a change.

    At the moment, fools like mcarthy send out players to harm the opposition, he is just a culpable as henry in the zamora incident.

  3. Bala said

    Songs’s goal was the 1000th not vela.I think its fitting that song gave wenger that landmark bcos it was Arsene who beleived him the most when our own fans were booing him!

  4. the commentary i was listening to said it was vela’s goal that was the 1000th

  5. Bala said

    I m sure it was Song’s.You can clear your doubt by looking at others blogs.But I would have prefered Vela’s goal too because its an example of the way Arsene wants to play football(24 Passes)

  6. Hartwick89 said

    Twas Song’s goal. And how fitting… It was cheeky, sensational, and Wenger’s hand picked!

  7. dilshan said

    SH..Denilson is a legend now onwards after his live samba on twitter…turns out to he is as crazy as eboue

  8. Hartwick89 said


    Was he not instrumental in the last quarter hour. I for one agree with you he was a “samba”. The one player who changed this game around almost immediately with his performance. It was as though he calibrated an uplift at the playground. Hmm? What? He sent this game home by playing like a man would against babies at the playground. FN awesome! BTW to all; Almunia should be MOTM on Arsenal.com to spite the Venom that is called catastrophists or D&G’s.

  9. dilshan said

    Hartwick no what i meant to say is he is playing live samba music on twitter web cam

  10. lol yup saw that earlier, nice to see.

    at least he aint out banging prossies.

  11. lordgunner said

    YES SONG goal WAS THE 1000 one so now its 1001.And Arshavin really piss me off.What a waste of pace .He don’t have the stamina to play 60 mn let alonre 90 in the EPL.Everything look like going to fast for him,He is talented ,don’t get me wrong,but he cannot play in the english league and sustains his level for 90mn                     

    so the chav its world-class start of the season against piss poor team but us we are poor in the back ,our player have no brain ,that’s what the final say of bbc muppet show MOTD for the season so far…. laughable really.Nice too see M City with all this million spend cannot beat an average team at home

    R green have done everything possible to give the chav the win,Van der sar was average today and MU need to buy a World Class GK and 2 World Class Cb as show today…..imagine if the same happen to us it would have  been  warfare tomorrow on arsenal blog around the net

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