Wenger has a new weapon against dreaded injuries!

September 9, 2010

Exaggerate them, make them seem worse than they are, really stretch out the time it will take for the player to come back.


Is it not obvious?

This new Walcott injury and the manager’s comments on the official website seem not quite fitting to me, on one hand the injury is not as bad as expected as the scan is clear, but then he says it will be up to 6 weeks till we see him again in an Arsenal shirt.

Hmmm, come on gaffer, nudge nudge, wink wink!

I think he is trying to build up morale in the squad when the player miraculously turns back in full training well ahead of schedule.

Rvp and Theo are the litmus tests to this theory of mine.

Both were first diagnosed as being out for a couple of weeks, then suddenly the prognosis changed and extended timelines for their returns have been handed out on the official site.

I do believe we have some kind of injury hex over us, but we are not alone, the pikeys down the road will be missing Defoe for almost 2 months aswell following a knock on international duty.

Let’s just think positive and not make this injury thing a big thing, life has a way of giving you exactly what you think of, not necessarily what you actually want.

Gooners in every corner of the planet are moaning about injuries right now, and probably thinking… “who is next”?

well forget it, don’t worry about it, all part and parcel of the wonderful game we love…right?


17 Responses to “Wenger has a new weapon against dreaded injuries!”

  1. Goonerpower said

    “Pikeys down the road” 🙂 I hope your right though. The reason for my ‘here we go again’ attitude is purly last years saga, I don’t want this to hamper our season before it’s even started.

  2. Sobin the gooner said

    Yah,that’s right we have to cope with it.come on mighty gunners

  3. Bala said

    Exactly Right

  4. steve said

    I though Arsene was exagerating their injury times so he could say “having Walcott/persie back is like having a new signing!” blah blah blah

  5. desigunner said

    I just learnt a new word “Pikey” 😀 Suits them right.

    We can surely cope but given our recent history it’s disconcerting for many like me. At the same time, I’d love to see how the pikeys fare without Defoe and Dawson with the whole of next month having fixtures every 3-4 days including CL games.

  6. nick said

    the gaffer has managed 2pull it with nasri,hope he does the same with rvp and tw…tho i suspect by the time rvp recovers,he will find it hard 2take over from chamakh..this guy’s work rate is just phenomenol!he’s been involved in half of our goals this season and he just played his 3rd game!

  7. chika said

    can anyone tell me what’s up with this six weeks?

  8. dilshan said

    guess its more play time for Vela and Rosicky and JET might get involved a bit too, time for Vela to show what he is made of ..and we have a forward coming in January so I guess it could be worse

  9. Johnny said

    Hope this new theory of yours is right, these fucking injuries are getting me down now. Its not so much the amount of them that is winding me up, its the players that are affected thats the problem, its always the man in form. You could have put your balls on the fact that Walcott would be the next hit, its unbelievable.

  10. Graeme said

    Don’t forget Nasri’s back ahead of schedule

  11. i think we should relax on rushing him back, bolton at home should not be a problem

    give carlos a full 90, maybe rest up arshavin, and play jet in his possie, chamakh must lead the line… jack must start in midfield with song and diaby.

    give him the complete free role, let the other 2 do the donkey work

    rest up cesc, long trip from argentina, aa23 on the bench if needed…. nasri and thomas also on the bench.

    what a cracking little squad we have, just love the mix.

    we have so many possibilites now.

  12. shut up said

    carlos vela needs to step up and start frikking scoring, that’s what’s up.

  13. Aziz, KL-Malaysia said

    Vela’s form wasn’t too bad, if this time he can’t take his chance he should stop moaning on his website.
    Yes agree, some injuries should be over faster than predicted now, we have had enough “Rosicky” cases in the past 😦

  14. I hope you are right but deep down I feel that it could be even worse 🙂

  15. […] Wenger has a new weapon against dreaded injuries! Exaggerate them, make them seem worse than they are, really stretch out the time it will take for the player to come […] […]

  16. munawwar said

    i remembered this article when i saw this today :


    i am sure he wont play internationals…. wenger has to take some precaution now.. .. and its the sun.. so dont know how accurate this is going to be…

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