Walcott injury latest

September 7, 2010


It clearly does not look good 😦

Fingers crossed on the X-Ray.

What a bloody nightmare, will somebody please do something about this injury hex?  any specialists out there?

Check back here, I shall update any latest news when and if it comes through!


52 Responses to “Walcott injury latest”

  1. hope its not to bad we need him :(((((((((

  2. it’s gut wrenching guttedness to the MAXIMUM

    what a nightmare, it looks bad, it looks at least 6-8 weeks on the sidelines… just when he had his confidence… argghhhhh

  3. dilshan said

    it sure does not look good SH and add RVP is out for much longer then we thought…Nasri still out and we only will have Vela, Jack, Rosiky and Arshavin as wide options and only Chamck playing through the middle may be JET will get more games and this kind of means we play the kids away to spuds..do you think it is time we plan now without RVP and whatever games he plays take them as bonus…This wkend Cesc will come back from a trip to Argentina and Russia lost at home…so could be a tricky game lucky it is at least a home game

  4. i am just hoping all his strength and conditioning work over the summer made those ligaments/bones etc strong, and it’s just a bad sprain, pictures can sometimes make things look a lot worse…. this really is just too much.

  5. joe said

    yeah looks terrible tbh. i’m not watching the game live so not sure what the contact was like really. hopefully, the impact is worse than the lasting damage though although it doesn’t look great. could be ligaments (if he’s lucky) by the look of the pic

  6. dilshan said

    SH..have you known another sport team so unlucky with injuries I mean I follow few sports and never known a team that has had so many unlucky and unexplainable injuries

  7. earthgooner said

    times like this is when i wish we still had EDUARDO…

  8. Chet said

    Devasted,gutted. Why Why. Why.

  9. eirik said

    Its probably broken. My quess is five months

  10. rellends said

    just heard on mike ingham say on 5live that it’s a sprained ankle.

  11. AnotherFrigginInjury said

    We suffer these injuries because our players are not trained to tackle or ride tackles. Its a consequence of the coaching.

  12. eve said

    sombody up there hates our club, you think things cant get any worse then this happens,

  13. Kraxo said

    You sure? I hope it’s only a couple weeks, I get clattered like that all the time and it’s never been anything more than a few days, but I could just be lucky.

  14. Mark said


  15. kraxo – plenty of conflicting reports flying around at the moment, ranging from a few days out to maybe out for 3 months… think we are going to have to wait a day or 2 for the x-rays.

  16. spain being whipped by argentina 3-0… still 10 mins of 1st half to go!!!!

  17. Goonerpower said

    It’s a flipping jinx, it didn’t look good at all, the kid looked in alot of pain. We will prob find out later tomorrow. Ffs

  18. Goonerpower said

    Can’t help but smile at the Spain score…..sorry 🙂 it must be my Arsenal DNA 🙂

  19. JF said

    International friendlies are so pointless. RVP last year and now Theo. Dunno how long hes gonna be out for, but it just had to happen to him with his confidence pretty damn high. Typical. bloody international friendlies!!!!!

  20. Goonerpower said

    This was no friendly JF, it was Euro 2012 qualifiers

  21. JF said

    oh dear, i have no idea why i thought it was a friendly, feel a wee bit silly now…

  22. Kraxo said

    Yeah, it could be nothing.. Most sources are saying a sprain at the moment, which is good news.

  23. Andy said

    news coming in regarding Walcott’s injury is that on first inspection, it’s a sprained ankle
    Source: espn soccernet 53′

    Max: 1~2 weeks if confirmed sprained ankle

  24. Hartwick89 said

    Looks like a bad sprain….. What is wrong with these boys? I never got injured when I played. Broke me nose 8x, concussed a bunch, a thigh strain every now and then, Dead leg a bunch, broken toes, but never out more than a match over 4 yrs

  25. Hartwick89 said

    sprain=18mos. until truly healed. Two weeks for ingrown toe-nail.

  26. Am said

    I think we should make all our players retire from international football.


  27. Andy said

    To better understand your recovery time you will need to understand the grades of sprain.

    Grade 1 usually only requires a week or 2 of recovery time. It is also associated with minor swelling and pain.

    Grade 2 sprains are the most common and have various healing times. The damage to the ligament is not severe but still can cause problems. Most generally Grade 2 sprains take 4-6 weeks to heal.

    Grade 3 is the most serious of the grades, and can take the longest to heal. This sprain can take 8-12 weeks to fully heal if you don’t use the right techniques.

  28. Hartwick89 said


    Ever sprained your ankle? It’s either sprained or not. When it is you are our like you said but not over it for a long while….

  29. dilshan said

    fabio is quoted as saying its a minor issue so as long as we have him back for Mid wk CL or even Sunderland Away we should be ok

  30. Hartwick89 said


    My friend. Fabio & Pierce should have been included in your match fixn piece. One screws w/ the head while the other abuses the body..

  31. dilshan said

    Hartwick I should ve but could ve found the Italian Mafia outside my door..lol…and if I managed to escape them would have got hunted down by the a mad man so It was good I did not I think

  32. Hartwick89 said


    I must tell you on Untold I am Arsene Apprentice….

  33. abi said

    Talking about not showing up for internationals….
    How come Lampard, Terry, Essien will suddenly be fit come this weekend? Just curious. It seems all the Chelsea players have decided the EPL is priority.

  34. […] Walcott injury latest FFS! It clearly does not look good Fingers crossed on the X-Ray. What a bloody nightmare, will somebody please do […] […]

  35. chandler Cruit said

    Sorry but after reading your papers I SAY THIS..You dumb English Phucks. You all know it but will not say it…You are mentally, skillfully, and without the use of proper nouns you are English (found wanting in all categories). I am sure this will start a some kind of racial crap but the cold hard truth is. You had nothing but tears through history WWII, The Gulf, YOU ARE ALL SELF CENTERED AND BLIND. ARSENALU< CHELSEA. Nothing without support from the world. Drop your FA drop your Nazi tendencies and stand up and be counted. You have no soul; you can not give credit when due you are weak and callow when called on. You have the very best players in the world minus a chubby Spaniard and a short Argentine. PS Shawcross really not the problem THE ENGLAND ASSOCIATION OF THAT’S OUR GAME” Good luck see where that will get ya, but you will not the problem was no winter break, players were tired, crap, crap, crap. God I Love being an American and not some pussy English geez.. France has taken your place and you theres. We saved you once we will again. English Breakfast causes aids. Fuck your media, the queen, Jose…………………………I am out CHANDLER CRUIT ( U phucking pathetic pussie) Love USA

  36. lukychmz said

    Players dropping like flies…check
    Shit goalie and backup……..check

    Am I wrong in asking is it 2009?

  37. Goonerpower said

    Well I have to reply to your American ignorance. For a start the fuck are you on about???? Our Nazi tendencies???? You really are a typical American, and no racist from me I like Americans, not total fucking morons like you. What did you come on to say???? Please fuck off to your so called “football” (which by the way we named first, and you use your HANDS for most of it) god dam wanna say loooooads more but have to chill,……….prick

    Sorry SH, that really pissed me off!!!

  38. Goonerpower said

    May I add about the Nazi insult. It’s a disgrace that you would say such rubbish, it’s also an insult to the people who died at the hands of the Nazi regime English, American Jews ect… You have really got my back up. You must a young ignorant little boy to come out with such statement.

  39. Hartwick89 said

    Chandler Crap,
    Bud a bamp bamp bamp bamp ba! “Hey boy pull down dem der pants and squeel like a pig”

    What part of America you from? Is it civilized? Do you have running water? If you are going to claim to be American at least get it right…

  40. Delio Nicola said

    John Terry did not play for England because he will be retiring from international football. Remember I said it…John Terry will announce his retirement from international football.

  41. Good!

    Lumpy can quit aswell.

  42. dilshan said

    Sh..I have taken my first tentative step into the blog world..I have just completed writing my first article feel free to read it and give me your feedback on it..


  43. Very nice blogging, Dilshan.

    Do you have a unique link to all your posts?

    If, and when, so… send it over and i shall link it up on the sidebar 😉

  44. dilshan said


    that is my profile SH and all my articles appear on their..plan to keep it to one a wk …thank you

  45. ok we need some kind of button to link you up on the sidebar… see what i can do!

  46. dilshan said

    thank you SH.. appreciate that

  47. ok it’s up, check the sidebar!

  48. dilshan said

    yep thank you

  49. Andy said

    Fabio Capello’s declaration immediately after England’s win seems to cover up for the backlash of the Arsene Wenger & Arsenal supporters….Fuck Capello…Scans have revealed ankle ligament damage, meaning that Walcott, along with Van Persie, will most probably miss five Premier League games, including next month’s trip to Chelsea, and Arsenal’s first three Champions League fixtures….Await for Wenger official announcement

  50. Goonerpower said

    4-6 weeks for Walcott noooooo, even my wife mentioned how injury prone our team is, what does that tell you.

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