Oh dear Mr Rooney

September 5, 2010

Great job Fergie.

You are the greatest man manager for sure.


I look forward to more detractors stepping forward today…. I always enjoy that!

I was only 2 months ahead of the curve on this one…


Standards are slipping, I shall strive to do better 😉


23 Responses to “Oh dear Mr Rooney”

  1. billy choo said

    lol smug git

    well in again hawke

  2. absolutely smug to high heaven, and loving it.

    loving laughing at a few joeys… especially a criminal from a shit blog…


  3. dilshan said

    and he has the guts to claim he could have sorted Gaza…worst is the girl goes onto say Rooney is boring….

  4. lol dilshan.. a damning verdict!

  5. Jonathon Guild said

    How do you get all this info SH?

    to have known about this precise story so far in advance is pretty special, are you a tabloid hack in undercover on a blog? lol

  6. TH14 said

    You were ahead of the curve on schwarzer’s medical too… I guess we’ll be signing him next year

  7. JG – certainly not a journo, my business is related to the financial markets… currencies!

    TH14 – think there is a lot more to the schwarzer deal than meets the eye, in the end we were undone for that deal simply owing to the long term injury that stockdale fella got at fulham, not because of given.

    such is life.

  8. i would have loved to have a new keeper, and schwarzer was good enough for me, and arsenal considering the bids made.

    but if i was told at the end of last season that we would sign 2 quality CB’s and a world class striker, whilst bringing jack into the first team on a regular basis, bascially like signing a 20m midfield genius… i would have been more than happy.

    and judging by the start to the season, our fabulous squad, 2nd in the league, playing well… what the F@@K is there to moan about?

    if folk got to moan at times like this… i would just get a length of rope and be done with it!!

  9. Hr said

    Nice One!

  10. dilshan said

    another story that has intrigued me off late is Carlos Quiroz being banned for disturbing an anti doping check and being banned for 8 games or something and Nani having a mysterious injury on the eve of the WC and being sent home

  11. Goonerpower said

    Haha good old Rooney, but I thought he won a gagging order granted by the courts? Did that run out?

  12. yup, they are always for indefinate periods of time

  13. Goonerpower said

    Just finished reading the story. Wow he has totally done it now. Fergie must be soooo proud 🙂 another thing I didn’t know he smoked, surly this would contribute to failings on the pitch as time goes on (England world cup shennanigans)

    You got anymore for us SH?

  14. rohan said

    ahead of the curve liek you said schwarzer was a done deal, your words were ‘its pretty obvious its inevitable’ , i love that

  15. ardentgooner said

    What does Randy(Redlondon) shit have to say now..?

  16. supasam8 said

    fuck, this blog seems boss.

    right in the middle of all things arsenal, level headed and that’s great

    but i can’t believe you knew this 2 months before! you must have a few contacts

    englanders are fine by me. but i only support a group/club i could respect, england are miles off that mark! i couldn’t do it

  17. […] Oh dear Mr Rooney Great job Fergie. You are the greatest man manager for sure. Haaah. I look forward to more detractors stepping forward […] […]

  18. Hahaha oh my goodness!:)

  19. islington gooner said

    SH-Never doubted you mate….Where’s all the doubters today??

    Ive been telling my utd pals that its gonna come out and they been saying B*****s….Well who chatting that now..ha ha

    Keep up the good work,as always.

  20. cesky said

    Well done for getting it right, shes a bit younger than i expected though, given rooneys previous form with old tarts.

    With regard to the other blog, can you please stop sniping and bitching at each other, and the readers comments backing up one blog over the other are truly truly sad and pathetic. Grow up people, we are all arsenal supporters arent we? Like i said to Randy (who i think has listened), concentrate on your own blog and stop sniping about others, it lowers the tone and puts me off reading either blog. Why cant i enjoy reading both? To be fair to him, i dont think he’s bitched about you for a while now (i hope) and i also hope thats the end of this hair pulling handbag fight. I dont like the thought of the Arsenal support appearing more fractured and divided any more than it already is between the AKB’s and the doomers. Do we really all need to be at each others throats?

  21. it’s pantomine, don’t take it too seriously… we are… at the end of the day, mere blogs!

    not newspapers, blogs, general chit chat made by normal fans for normal fans… at no cost.

    you got to take it or leave it, but never take it for real.

  22. Cesky said

    Fair point! I will take it in the pantomime spirit. Boo, hiss and he’s behind you! Keep up the good work!

  23. That’s the spirit.


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