A new low for Adebayor

August 31, 2010

What the hell has he done that for?

Greedy so and so aint the worst of it…. surely Manchester City pay more than Channel 4?

Maybe not, as he has entered the Ultimate Big Brother house!

What a clown, I shall be voting him out!


20 Responses to “A new low for Adebayor”

  1. Arse&Nose© said


  2. dan the man said


  3. New York Gooner said

    Yeah man, real racist… i mean they are both black and look alike… real racist… uhmmm



  4. Jaygooner said

    the point of good comedy is to test the boundaries. The post is neither rascist nor sexist. It is, however, Adebuywhore-ist and for that reason, I find this post objectionable in the extreme. I will be voting to keep him in for the duration of Ultimate Big Brother. Well, he aint going to missed by City is he?

  5. New York Gooner said

    Well we aint getting no big bro out here with Adey in it, any links? 🙂

  6. V for Victory said

    shhhesssh where do you attract all these fools from SH?

    it’s just a joke, and ffs they look like twins? lol

  7. don draper said

    noticed the similarites myself, but makosi has far better tits


  8. New York Gooner said

    mad man 😉

  9. billy choo said

    looool, very funny hawke

  10. oh i attract all the nutters for sure, my spam box is the source of much amusement!

    sad people exist in their droves in blog world

  11. RGG said

    Anyone who thinks that is funny is one sad cunt.

  12. Champion said

    She is quite quite pretty – even if she is a nutter! I don’t get the joke unless it that they both are black & african? Is that funny?

  13. JackyBoyWilshereIsTheNuts said

    OK, not the funniest gag in the world, but anything at the expense of that NumberOneCunt is fine by me.

    12 mins to go before we announce the signing of Sebastien Frey!!!


  14. dilshan said

    loll SH…easy form of attack is often is to use the race card….lol….some need to relax a bit more dnt you think..lol….bit disappointing final day of transfers..was hoping for a GK and a surprise signing ..ow well

  15. nutters everywhere dilshan!

    gutted about the schwarzer deal, arsenal tried there best, in the end, that stockdale injury done us… they could not get a backup in time.

    will we still need him in the jan window? that is the question, the stress is off almunia now, who knows how he will play now… got a massive point to prove.

  16. dilshan said

    I am bit surprised we didnt try to give them Ceseny on loan for a season, January am not so sure there is the Asian Cup and he will be off for it if fit so I do not think it is a viability in January. We need to get Cesney involved more and find out what he is made of or sign a top level keeper…I think there were many options in GK fronts and it was strange AW did not look further..Pool will not make top 4 and next season I want us to go all out and get Raina, do not think they can turn down a bit around 15 million and which will be money worth spent and a top Spanish player to company Cesc in to defending out PL and CL double

  17. Goonerpower said

    Lol, always get the fool with the ‘racist’ card, give your self a clap mate…..

    Gutted about no keeper, truly pissed me off.
    I really hope wenger knows what he is doing? That’s the first time I’m really apprehensive. Time for Almunia to pull his head out his arse and show why Wenger didn’t push harder. Gonna have to back the one we have…….sigh

  18. Sean said

    Just because its ‘funny’, doesn’t mean it isn’t racist. It is. They look absolutely nothing like each other. Other than the fact that they are black, although Adebayor has much darker skin. Yes, i agree that he is a Knut, but he does not look like Makosi, no disrespect to Makosi. Does Diaby look like Serena Williams? No.

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