Time to shut Fat Sam up

August 28, 2010

Have not got much time to say a lot this morning, which will please most, off on a weekend trip to the beautiful Fistral Beach… for those who have never been… GO!

Along with 2 friends, we purchased a holiday property overlooking the beach about a decade ago, and it has easily proved to be the best investment we have ever made, not just financially speaking, but being able to jump in the car and spend less than 4 hours driving to a place that you would never guess was on this island, is bliss… it’s a little piece of paradise!

Anyway, the doom and gloomers can shut their cakeholes now, many naysayers predicted we would be short defensively this season, well we now have 5 centre backs, and of the highest quality, with 2 extremely promising youngsters coming through the ranks in Nordtveit and Ignasi.

Blackburn Bruisers are up next in the Super League… err sorry, Premier League, and am I concerned about them and their great home record?

NO, they are simply not in our league.

Believe it, or don’t believe it doomers, but AW has built a marvellous squad, a proper squad, a proper mix of youth and experience with plenty of young guns being blooded.

This is going to be some season, and the way we despactch fatty arbuckles lot this afternoon will go some way to proving just that.

We have one hell of a class squad, we could field two entirely different teams today, that would both butcher those nothern monkeys of Blackburn.

Bring em on, deal with them, pillage, rape… bring home the loot.

End of story.

Almunia, Sagna, Kos, Verm, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Rosicky, Walcott, Chamakh, Arshavin is the eleven I would go with, let Robin and Cesc build up, we have that good a squad, that we can cope well enough without them, only bring them on if needed.

Enjoy Gooners.


14 Responses to “Time to shut Fat Sam up”

  1. Arsenal Oldie said

    Love Newquay, great place, have a lovely time Hawke, very jealous.

    Agree, wenger has finally done it, built a squad that is deep and strong enough.

    Really looking forward to the season ahead with much anticiaption.

    Come on you mighty REDS.

  2. gooner71 said

    Almunia worries me, sorry but he does.

    This will not be easy.

  3. Arsenal Oldie said

    Hey 71,

    We are a different team to the one that got bullied their last season, vermalen did not play that day and i am sure koscenly will show today he is not to be messed with.

  4. gooner71 said

    hmmm, 6ft 6 samba against 6ft kos, no contest.

  5. aj said

    3-0 arsenal chamakh hat trick

  6. NDS said

    I cant stand fat sam…think he is gona be surprised to see we can dish it out too…Agree with the squad except for walcott – think eboue should start as we are gona at times have to get stuck in, aswell as balckburn being so negative they aint gona be high up the pitch for theo to run into… If we get a early goal, then theo in the 2nd half will kill um..

  7. dan the man said

    hoping it monnia not flappy

  8. dan the man said

    whoever said above about koscnly, i agree

    i think he has a nasty side to him that may come today for us to see

  9. NDS said

    as long as kos and song stay tight on samba in the box from set pieces, they will kepp him under wraps!

  10. Knightvision said

    We have a great back 4, sagna, kos, tv5 and clichy. Almunia is better than havin no keeper at all, so why is my heart in my mouth everytime the ball is in the box??

    Is it the defensive organisation or what? I can’t put my finger on it?

  11. Goonerpower said

    Fucking get in there, what a result!!! Looks like Walcott coming into his own now, hopefully he will keep fit and bring us some real class down the right.

    I’m buzzing, we normally lose these games……but no more we looked sharp, strong and well up for it.

  12. dilshan said

    what a result….I have always said this team is looking special and today it highlights it…Alumunia did very well too, credit when due…Next game UTD away Everton, Chelski away West Ham and us home Bolton, early season I know but could yet prove a vital wkend

  13. dilshan said

    SH,,whos the 3rd England international with the injunction

  14. crouch & rooney are definates and one more i dont know about.. probably A HOLE.

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