So who do Arsenal draw in Champions League today?

August 26, 2010

I love the live draw for the Champions League, more so the knockout rounds, yet the group stage still heralds an air of magic about it.

There is no doubting the glamour and mysticism of this great competition, the annual world cup for club teams.

London get 3 representatives this season, and with the final at Wembley next May…. hmmm !!

Ok this is how it works, Arsenal are at the big boys table, all has to do with coefficients etc, bottom line, we are rated due to our constant appearance in the tournie every year, and reaching finals and semis on a consistent basis helps too.

Along with us, Manure, Chavski, Barcstards, Inter, Bayern, Milan and Lyon will sit in Pot 1.

So basically, eight groups of 4 teams will be headed by each of the above listed teams.

Then we go to Pot 2, which includes decent teams with some pedigree… Real Madrid and Jose find themselves in this pot, and that means, they can be drawn against Arsenal.

Pot 2: Bremen, Real M, Roma, Shaktar, Benfica, Valencia, Marseille, Panathanikos.

Teams from the same country are not allowed to be drawn against each other in either the group stages or the first knockout stage, therefore, Barcstards could not draw Real in the groups, nor Valencia.  Inter or AC could not draw Roma in the groups etc.

Next we move down to the shite teams, the wastrels of the Champions League, the vermin, the cheeky gits who scrap in by the skin of their teeth, the teams that are not much cop, will probably never find themselves in the tournie again, kind of like those pony teams that make the 3rd round of the FA Cup from non-league footy… they aint gonna win jack, it’s all about a day out for them.

Spuds are in said pot, enough said.

Pot 3: Spuds, Rangers, Ajax, Schalke, Basel, Braga, Copenhagen, Spartak.

Pot 4: Hapoel, Twente, Rubin K, Auxerre, Cluj, P Belgrade, Zilina, Buraspor.

Basically pot 3&4 give you cannon fodder to play, home and away… but you would not really want to be travelling to Turkey to play Buraspor, before a weekend game against Chavski… even, Mourinho back at Inter.

So what’s the best case scenario for Arsenal?

I would say, you want a glamour tie, you want to pull the best team from Pot 2, to set up 2 mouth-watering ties… as the top 2 go through, it matters not what the results are as the other 2 teams from the shit pots should be smashed up anyway.

Also, you don’t want the long distance travelling.

Putting all those variants into the play, gives us 2 types of prospective groups for Arsenal, Best case and Worst case.

Best Case:

Arsenal, Real Madrid, Basel, Twente

Worst Case:

Arsenal, Panathanikos, Spartak, Buraspor

Then you always get the stories, the headlines, the reunions of the Champs League, Mourinho back at Chavski? or Ronaldo back at Old Trafford?

Pretty obvious, that the main attraction of this first group stage draw is who Real/Jose will get paired up with from Pot 1, and because of the way the whole system works with teams from same countries not playing each other, and there being plenty of Italian & Spanish teams in both top pots, the mathematicians amongst you will have worked out the very high probability of The Special One coming to a ground near you this Autumn.

Draw is live, on plenty of TV stations in Europe, widely available to you guys worldwide with free streams and will kick-off at 5pm London time today.



17 Responses to “So who do Arsenal draw in Champions League today?”

  1. dilshan said

    we need a good run and to be honest am not worried am about whom we draw as long as we win all 3 home games and a draw away will be more than enough to get us into last 16. Be interesting group with AC/bayern, Real, Spuds and Auxie , seem the scums finish 4th in the group and not make the Europa cup

    on a separate note do you feel the we need to work on our PR a bit more. At times I feel the club tends to leave the fans in Limbo and kind of send out wrong messages, regarding signings as well as how they deal with the English media…find UTD and Chelski take a much firmer stance then we do ( as clear from AF still refusing to talk to BBC), this is the only area in club management am not entirely happy about

  2. dilshan said

    and on my point of PR now we have to find out through 3rd party that we have signed Squalachi…make no mistake it does not bother me much but I still feel club should always put the existing fan base ahead and at times I feel the rush to attract new fans kind of leads them to ignore the existing one slightly. or am I being paranoid

  3. Ketch said

    dont cant pot 3 out of going through, theres some good sides there

  4. don said

    Best case for me is :


    Short trips, average teams, squad players like Jack, Gibbs, Vela, etc., allowed to play.

    Do NOT want Mourinho giving it large at this stage. Let’s smash him at a knockout stage in March when we’re in full-flow.

  5. Arnold said

    Seriously who cares how long it takes or doesn’t take to make announcements about signings?

    I suppose the sheer volume of comments we see on the net making these complaints might suggest that people do but I really don’t get it myself..

  6. Dilshan – it is bizzare how we never reveal proper transfer fees either… but it’s just the way the club do business.

    Very classy, very discreet, no going OTT.. unlike other more pikey, 2nd rate, classless clubs!

    AW confirmed Squillaci has signed, and gave a strong hint of one more before the deadline next wednesday.


  7. dilshan said

    hope so..add a GK and I think we could be in for another double this season just as we were when Blackpool were in top division last time, first FA cup and Championship then this time CL and PL may be…I am starting to get a very good vibe about this season…or have you noticed DUDU is back to goal scoring form

  8. Goonerpower said

    Haha cannon fodder, like the terminology.
    Really looking forward to seeing the spuds get slapped silly with the likes of barca ect.., although would be a hard match to call as I hate both teams.
    5:00pm can’t come soon enough!

  9. dan the man said

    nice write up sh

    i long for a meet with moaninho again

    realyl hope it is us who get them from pot 2
    bound to be utd though.

  10. Arsenal Oldie said

    We think alike hawke

    love the big glamour tie nights at the grove, so hoping we pull real and also hoping no long russian turkish trips!

    Dilshan i too have that special feeling about this season, the youth, the 21/22 somethings, it all seems to be coming nicely together.

    We have the squad that will get better and better all season, chelsea are the opposite.

  11. Goonerpower said

    I’m well happy with that draw 🙂

  12. Play the youngsters, honestly.. that group is pathetically weak, we need to keep the big guns fresh for the EPL and play the next lot down in the league cup and CL.. great experience for them aswell.

  13. dilshan said

    Shaktar away could be a bit tricky but even with that it should be a straight forward one..chelski seem to have got an interesting group…UEFA cup for the spuds

  14. eduardo makes his emms comeback very early!

  15. lordgunner said

    the 3 away match will be very hard.Braga rarely loose at home the last 2 year,and we travel not very well in eastern country.
    And guess who s got away match after nearly all champ match…us 5 match from 6
    braga(h) to sunderland (a)
    partizan (a) to chav(a)
    donesk(h) to M city (a)
    donesk(a) newcastle (h)
    braga(a) to villa (a)
    partizan (h) to MU (a)

    lovely is it not 😀

  16. Jessa said

    nice blog and thank you for the share

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