Squillaci confirms Arsenal move

August 24, 2010

Wenger has finally landed the French centre back, who has been speaking about his move to us…

“If a French player receives an offer from Arsène Wenger, it’s practically impossible to turn down”

“It was a sensational offer for me and I was happy Sevilla let me go. It was a difficult situation but I knew I had to take this chance. I knew if I played against Braga then I would not have been able to play for Arsenal in the Champions League.”

“Arsenal were always the team I watched out for”

“For any spectator like me, you had to watch a squad with [Thierry] Henry, [Robert] Pirès, [Patrick] Vieira and [William] Gallas.

Now, I’m happy to have my name in the history books.

For me, this is a great new challenge and I’ve gone there purely to be part of that.

“I don’t think my age is a problem. My experience in football is great and players of my age tend to be at the peak of their playing career.”

So who is he?  What do we know about him?

Well, he has pedigree for sure, having helped Monaco reach the Final of the Champions League back in 2004, at the the tender age of 23.

He was under the guidance of Claude Puel, Wenger’s captain during his Moanco days, and was instrumental in helping to overcome both Real Madrid ( he scored a vital goal ) and the Chavs in the semi-final.

From Monaco he moved to Lyon, and it was the partnership he formed with Cris that first brought him to my attention.

Cris was the more elegant defender, whereas Seb-Squil was the brutish beast who bullied and terrorised the opponents in his box, almost like a wild animal protecting its cubs.

For those gooners who have not seen him play… think Steve Bould!

He is not as slow as some reports have had him out to be, but he is not as fast as say Koscienly is proving to be.

His aerial dominance and no nonesense approach to defending will have gooners making him our 21st Century Grimandi.

Seb-Squil looks likely to play second fiddle to TV5 and Kos, but make no mistake, as Grimandi did back in the late 90s, when called upon he will step in and do a job, a job that gooners will find pleasing.

He was just the player we needed a couple of seasons back, and the Summer of 2008, when he joined Sevilla, I was very surprised Wenger did not go for him… le boss knows everything about every Ligue 1 player.

Seb-Squil must have been high on his radar, but I never recall seeing him linked to us until last week, which is surprising, as his overriding qualities, are exactly what ever single fan of the club have been calling for in a Arsenal centre back.

His attitude and willingness to “get stuck in” will have the Emms faithful right behind him from the get go, you know I could easily see him edging Kos out early doors.

I like Kos a lot, he is very sound in his reading of the game, but you can certainly see him struggling against big strikers, the aerial presence Seb-Squil will afford us will be massive.

Bascially, he is good, very solid, and will take to the EPL like a duck to water, this league is made for him.

Bottom line?  Drogba would have no chance against our new Beast!


57 Responses to “Squillaci confirms Arsenal move”

  1. forza forza said

    yo,what’s going on with schwartzer

  2. same as it ever was.

    he did not fail a medical, not had it yet, as no fee agreed.

    arsenal were sure a bid would be accepted last week and booked the medical for thursday at colney

    alas… fulham rejected the offer.

    we wait!

  3. clako said

    I love you

  4. Ramer said

    Didn’t this blog tell us that MS was having his medical last Thursday

  5. yes, and as i just said, it was scheduled as the club believed the offer would be accepted.

    can you read? or are you simple?

  6. shut up said

    i like his attitude, he’s a scrapper. drogba’s finished now.

  7. Davey J said

    you don’t half attract all the cocksuckers hawke

    belittle them, its funny lol

  8. New York Gooner said

    hey hawke he is the shit for sure

    mega cool singing

  9. pete said

    hey great news!!!!
    just wondering, judging but what u know, how sure are you that we will get schwarzer?! Im about 80%
    Also, when do u think a transfer will be done, end of this week?


  10. peter said

    I’m really worked up by this schwarzer delay. we really need that dude in goal against the bully boys this weekend. i cant withstand the sight of almunia in btw the sticks any more…….plzzzz, le proff, sign schwarzer asap….good update

  11. New York Gooner said

    haha yeah you get some real crazies on here hawke

    its a blog guys, not a newspaper

    some real lowlifers around

  12. unless something extraodinary happens, schwarzer will be signed before deadline day.

    we need him BAD

  13. lol NYC

    it’s all good fun, the nutters that come on here allow me to rip the living piss out of them

    so i enjoy greatly 😆

  14. New York Gooner said


  15. dilshan said

    love this guy…..for stoke, chelski et al..might be a bit too soon for sams bully boys…add a keeper and as long as we have no bad luck the PL will be ours and CL within 2 seasons

  16. pete said


    Your amazing.

  17. with seb and schwarzer we are totally ready to dominate again for the next decade.

    just look at whats coming through every year now from the academy.

    jack has defo made it, so has gibbs, aneke will make it in the next 12-18.

    and…. our brazilian wonderkid comes in jan

    what a life being a gooner 🙂

  18. Jaygooner said

    If Squillaci has been bought for two games in particular, Chelsea home and away, and he pulps Drogba in both games? Money well spent lol.

  19. hey chill pete, its just a blog.

    go check out some porn.

  20. hey pete you have the same ip addy as that prick randy? you lovers?

  21. New York Gooner said

    that dick of red london?

    man that kid is ill in the head.

    anybody heard the matuidi rumours?

  22. he is my internet stalker

    would not mind if it was a 17yrd old girl

    but its a spotty 17 yr old dweeb.

  23. New York Gooner said

    he runs a shit blog period!

  24. New York Gooner said

    i am ashamed he is a fellow countryman

    we are not all like him for sure bud

  25. Don’t worry about it, got plenty of real top notch yank gooners coming on here

    you guys know your stuff.

  26. New York Gooner said

    man we love the arsenal out here in nyc

    going to send you a mail soon about a little supporters thing i am organising here

    you could help to some degree, hopefully

  27. fsdfsdfsd said

    Where did you get this from please?

  28. anytime NYC.

    seb-squil quotes are from the french press…also picked up by some of the early brit papers.

  29. New York Gooner said

    thanks hawke

  30. peter said

    the quotes are right. i also saw them in the guardian, daily mirror and the sun newspapers of today

  31. H-123 said

    You have to be a very bored, sad, lonely person to go on to a blog and leave abuse.

    It says a lot about the person.

    SH, how sure you on MS, i would be gutted if we dont get him.

    Great post btw, learnt something about the new man.

  32. Rock said

    Squillaci reminds me a bit of carvalho in his defending style, and in stature too. Don’t think we need any more defenders now personally, well stocked.

    As for schwarzer I hope somehow we can pull the rabbit out the hat and sign Given, as difficult as it’d be, rather than an injured 38 year old keeper who’s only valuable asset over almunia is his vocal nature.

  33. dilshan said

    I will like to read some of these anti arsenal arsenal blogs in two years time…the difference between us and any other club is we will have a group of players coming through every season which means we can keep the squad, young, fresh and hungry and all of them will have a great understanding ….the reward of what AW has cultivated will be un paralleled

  34. Jaygooner said

    Top man Dilshan you can see it, The Glory is only round the corner OOOH TO BE A GOONER.

  35. dan the man said

    SH are you a salesman by any chance? LOOOL

    You have a way of making every player we are after or sign sound ideal.

    Not knocking it pal, love the way you write about arsenal, love the way you deeply support the club through thick and thin.

    The world is a better place with positive gooners like you in the blog world.

    Keep going with the excellent blogging.

    Sod the morons, they are everywhere in life.

  36. AaronFC said

    Squillaci is a better player than Verm and Kos.

  37. nick said

    check this link: http://www.AnthonyAsemota.com, see his ratings

  38. Full-Blooded American Goon said

    Wow, high praise for the new boy, Hawke. Here’s hoping he’s everything you say. All the papers presume Squillaci will be partner TV5 in the starting 11. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  39. Paul N said

    Hawke, how’s things? havent seen you on aclf for a minute.

    Great news! things are coming together quite nicely!

    Arsenal will dominate for years and years to come!!!

  40. odie said

    squlci will be use sparringly with kos..depends on the opponents…strikers such as drog,roo,carew,crouch…squilci is d answer..n strikers such as defoe,torres,tevez etc…kos is d answer…goalkeeper plz…n we r done..bout d defensive mid department,kos or squilci can be use there sparringly if song is injured…prediction : win d league!

  41. lordgunner said

    Aaron fc he is not better than vermalaen but i saw him play i really like him,more an old style CB(tony adams style),rarely put a foot wrong.
    i hope he can adapt to our football as he is not the fastest ( don’t worry not a new cygan) and our cb need to be quick (pace or brain) as most of the time they are left alone to defend by the rest of the team who are too busy to attack

  42. jesus casanova said

    why does everyone want wenger to sign schwarzer? he’s slower than almunia and he’s really not much of an improvement. buy steklenberg, yes i know he’s cup-tied but he wont be after the group stages, which we’ve never had any problems with before. great signing by the way.

  43. Kobby Ray Don Pedro said

    This dude is a beast that We always dream of, he can give any top notch striker tough time, he is very robust, he is a man marker,very good in e air n can adapt to e Epl easily n i see him as verminator’s natural partner. Zokora even said it all that we have got e real gem, Gunners till e end of time!

  44. Goonerpower said

    I can’t wait to see him play. Heard a fair bit about this guy, all the pretty much say the same thing….a beast.

    SH, do you know what he is like with injurys, as you can imagine we don’t need another of those, we have our fair share already lol.
    All we need now is for Hughes to sort his little tantrum out and sell us mark then………….. goooooooners for a title.

  45. Goonerpower – touch wood, he seems to be the solid type of alpha male who does not suffer from niggling injuries.

  46. Hey Paul N – not been blogging much at all buddy, been quite busy with work etc.

  47. American Goon – i think it will be a straight duel between kos and seb as to who settles the fastest.

    Le boss has gone and gotten us 2 fabulous new CB’s imo.

  48. Goonerpower said

    Cheers SH,

    In-Wenger-We-Trust. Is there a better saying!! He shows us once again why he us the best man for the job.

  49. lee said

    got a hunch – albeit a small hunch – that Lord Wenger will experiment in some games with 3 at the back using Eboue & Gibbs as wing-backs (the only decent crossers we have). Expect that formation in the FA Cup in Jan.

  50. gooner0609 said

    Great buy, me thinks he might be better value than Lescott. No reaaaaallllly.

    Speaking of which Lescott better hope the other left backs at Menstrual City get fit and/or he gets an STD of epic proportions by the time we arrive in a few weeks. Otherwise young Theo is going to light him up like a Christmas tree.

    Dont’ know what the fuss is about City. As they passed the ball around last night I was saying to myself, he has never won anything, neither has he etc, etc. Big and strong but slow and ponderous. We will find them out.

  51. LIDO said

    arsenal is the best

  52. LIDO said

    We really need a two good center back for the job against great team,and i think that Squilacci is a good signing ,i don’t think that we must have a new goalkeeper,we have almunia and fabianski.So what i hope live this season with arsenal is a big and great season.

  53. […] Squillaci confirms Arsenal move Wenger has finally landed the French centre back, who has been speaking about his move to us… “If a French […] […]

  54. Paul N said

    here you bro,its good to catch up with you.

    Here to hoping we will have much to celebrate at seasons end.


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  56. AnTiViRuS said

    keep it real, iight

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