Schwarzer Update & Gooner Wonderland

August 22, 2010

The player has been reported, by various sources including a few emails I have recieved from readers, to have been at London Colney last week.

The deal is inevitable, as many gooners have already worked out.

The stumbling block is as reported by the wider press, the transfer valuation of the keeper, a week remains to meet in the middle before the window closes.

Fulham are not stupid, to get anything close to £3M for a player nearing 40 is stupendous money for a club of their size, they are resigned to losing him, and know he won’t be their player much longer.

It’s a game of cat and mouse, but just relax gooners, let Gazidis do his job!

On to the game yesterday, wow, what a day at the Emms, possibily the best afternoon I have ever spent there.

Not because we were simply awesome, but because the atmosphere and general good feeling around the place was so vivid and real.

The Emirates really is home now, this will be the 5th Season we start life at The Home of Football, and the long awaited return of the correct stand names is the best bit of Arsenalisation that could have possibily be put in place.

What a feeling being able to say “I was in the North Bank” again.

Not going to write much about the game, it’s all already been spoken and written… the real tests will come against the big boys.

Easily the most one-sided game of live football I have seen in my entire life. 100% no doubt about that.

Chamakh is a joy to behold.. he works like crazy, is far too unselfish, totally plays for his fellow players and has that special knack of being in the right place at the right time.. the best skill a striker can have.

He will score at least 20 goals for us in all comps this season.

Jack is doing exactly what Cesc was doing at the same age.. can I award a greater compliment?

Song and TV5 were solid, Sagna wonderful, Clichy good.

Diaby hit and miss, sloppy and slow one minute… a monster that rivals paddy the next.  A real enigma.

Arshavin had a very good game, but tired, taken off at the right time… get his fitness right and he can be lethal.

Theo?  The best game of football he has played, for club or country, shades of a young thierry, bursting away from defenders, dropping in with pace from the flanks, causing and then leaving chaos in his wake.

He needs to keep this confidence up, if he does, he will be Arsenal Player of the Season and the first name on Capello’s teamsheet for the rest of his reign of terror.

All in all a great day, a fitting game for the return of the Clock.

Blackburn up next weekend, they should take a good pasting aswell.
EDIT: and yes people, I did notice those reports about the England footballer with one child in a long term relationship who has been granted an extension to his superinjunction to keep a nasty story out of the papers… for now!


46 Responses to “Schwarzer Update & Gooner Wonderland”

  1. forza forza said

    why was there a rumour saying he was having a medical then surly that is tapping up

  2. It was believed that Fulham would accept the bid last week, a medical was pencilled in for Thursday.

  3. V for Victory said

    rooooney rooooney hahahaha

  4. Michael Leachman said

    Stringfellow, I love you.

  5. Aj said

    PLEASE explain d edit???

  6. Aj – read the archives 😉

  7. Asian Gunner said

    So, you wouldnt chop arshavin after this game right?

  8. I would chop him if he plays like a lazy cunt and struts around doing nothing but falling over.

    If he apply himself and earns his wages, like yesterday, all is good

    straight forward really… do you get it?

  9. peter said

    so you are sure that the schwarzer deal is still on?

  10. peter – it is still VERY on, think fulham are doing their best to get given.

  11. islington gooner said

    It was a great day yesterday and it may have been blackpool,but you can only beat,whats infront of you.

    The way,we despatched them was great….I’m one of those,that has stuck behind theo all the way,
    and i still think,he will make it at Arsenal.

  12. IG – he was untouchable yesterday, the buzz he gave the crowd when he got the ball was something from the th14 days.

    brilliant day out.

  13. peter said

    thanks very much….we really need him for this weekends game against blackburn…they are really good at negative football and long balls….i love ur blog shaa, good job….keep it gunnerish

  14. islington gooner said

    We are improving all the time and i think Arsene’s,
    methods will shine through this season.

  15. agreed peter, just hope we get it sorted before the deadline day… i hate these stretched out deals.

    a player like him would be invaluable against those thugs.

    they done a job and a half of assaulting fabinski last season from corners.

  16. what we now have, IG, is a proper proper squad.

    we have more or less 2 maybe 3 players for every postion.

    chavs have a very strong eleven.. but where is there back up?

    think it will be a straight ruck between norf london and west chavland.

  17. Bryan Bee said

    Guys ms will be arsenal keeper soon.

    Its true.

  18. islington gooner said

    SH-I agree…With two more signing’s we could be on top tree,come the end of the season.

    A new keeper and cb..and i feel Arsenal have done some great business.

  19. Yup, and i love the 2 prime targets, they are ideal.

    Schwarzer is the keeper before the awesome Chesney steps up for the longer term and Squillaci is just the type of tall, great in the air, hard bastard CB we need.

    Real throwback Bouldie tpye of CB.

  20. Gooner in Belfast said

    Checked archives to may!
    Would this person be a captain of a club that we have already played? or could be the ugliset player going….but no such thing as ugly millionaires.
    1 or 2..please

  21. islington gooner said

    Ive only seen bit’s of Squillaci and fail to remember anything about him…But i have heard good things about him…Even ousting koscielny to the bench???

    Blackburn will be a tough test thou.

  22. not sure about ousting koscienly who i really like

    he is such a clever player with a wonderful reading of the game, his skill is interception.

  23. islington gooner said

    Has Rooney been exposed now then??

    I remember that article.

  24. read the end of the comments from yesterdays blog, someone has put up links.

  25. peter said

    yea agreed author, we are good squad wise. but we need a good defender of which i’m sure we will sign the sevilla guy….then the keeper is a must also….teams now know that they should simply go in front of our keepers during set piece and by so doing, they are sure to get a goal…i wonder why fabianski and almunia cant just concentrate on the ball and will be more interested in pushing players in the front..i wonder if they are really aware that the 6 yard box is their territory. we have had enough of that shit and dropped/lost stupid points for that..i think their time is up now. its high time we replaced them with schwarzer

  26. forza forza said

    koscielny is far from a good player,next week will see him get majorly exposed.

  27. islington gooner said

    SH-That is classic,keep it up mate.

    That’s going,to be great when that comes out.

  28. he aint playing today… apparently his mum has written fergie a note about a tummy upset 😆

    explains a lot about him blowing his top at the WC and playing like a twat.

  29. Davey J said

    😆 SH

  30. dilshan said

    loll..its funny that red nose claim to be big on discipline etc etc, yet he has one of the worst behaving team on and off the field…he always claims he could have sorted Gaza and him turning down was the biggest mistake…how arrogant and foolish is he…even the manager seem to buy into his own hype so no wonder players do

  31. dilshan said

    ps..he had to add ‘not scored in football’… didn’t he

  32. I don’t know anything about this, but it could be the case.

  33. Roy said

    Are we sure he didn’t fail a fitness test (again) for today’s game? Stockdale played Fulhams first game too remember.

  34. DeiseGooner said

    seems that page about Schwarzer has been taken down hmmm ?

  35. dilshan said

    SH..why does Henson hate arsenal and is it time theo stopped talking to BBC..I mean he was brute and very very very unfair

  36. Dilshan,

    Hansen is a known JINX, last season he predicted Liverpool would win the league and that Arsenal would be out of the Top 4 😆

    He famously said kids won’t win you anything, when fergie blooded the nevilles, beckam, scholes etc in the 90s… they done ok.

    Expect Theo to be the PFA Player of the Year now.

  37. dilshan said

    SH more news..Squaliachi will have medical tommorow according to Sevila…he is either in London already or on his way….this is the most exciting signing for me this summer…he is a monster of of a CB ….This could yet prove to be one of AW best signings

  38. i concur fully, dilshan

    as i said to you over email, i rated this fella highly a few seasons back when he played for lyon, not seen much of him recently.

    he is a solid as you like, won’t be beaten in the air, and the type of brutish hard nut CB we have been crying out for since bouldie.

  39. i have a piece lined up on him, don’t worry 😉

  40. Full-Blooded American Goon said

    Great post again SH. And truly hoping Squillaci is a hard as you guys say.

  41. […] Schwarzer Update & Gooner Wonderland The player has been reported, by various sources including a few emails I have recieved from readers, to have been at […] […]

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