Arshavin needs the chop – Vela needs to start

August 21, 2010

Can you recall the last time Arshavin actually played well?

I think he may of had a decent half in the fateful game up at the Brittania last season, aside from that, are we going back to Anfield away and Blackburn at home?

If he is not fully fit, rest him, and play the lively Vela down our left attacking flank.

Carlos deserves the chance to impress, with his darting pace and wonderous left boot, he could provide the missing link down that side of the pitch.

At the moment, Arshavin is not it, and has not been it for a long time.

Maybe he should forget his website musings, and start to concentrate again on his fitness levels and overall gameplay.

Ian Wright aside, I cannot recall a more selfish player at the Arsenal, Wrighty had every right to be selfish though, he made that selfishness count with all his goals.

Wrighty was a striker, our only striker, and his job was to be selfish and play to plant the ball in the back of the onion bag.

Arshavin is not a striker, he role is to provide an outlet than can create and chip in with the odd goal, he has had a tough time doing either.

I am finding more and more emails coming through that cite Arshavin as “a waste of space”, “big headed glory hunter” etc

Nobody can doubt the underlying talent, but it’s no good to this club if it is only unveiled 4 or 5 times a season!

It’s time for the Russian to shape up or ship out, in just a few of months time he would have been at the club for 2 bloody years, that is ample time to show us what he can do on a consistent basis… or not, as the case may be.

Vela on the other hand really tries to take his chances on the pitch, he always seems eager, hungry, humble, and above all, very good at association football.

Give him a shot this afternoon, Mr Wenger.

The Mexican is ready to rumble the Russian.


25 Responses to “Arshavin needs the chop – Vela needs to start”

  1. Folks, sorry if you get caught up in moderation, off on my travels to the promised land, The Emirates, in around 20 minutes time.

    any that stuck after that will be released at some point today.


  2. Turtle said

    Totally agree with you…Vela deserves a chance

  3. Booker said

    Me 3.

  4. VanDaManPersie said

    Arshavin needs a rocket up his arse, otherwise Vela needs to be given a chance.

  5. billy choo said

    i too agree

    i actually do not like aa23 very much

    his attidude is so poor

  6. Grover said

    wenger wont ever drop him

    such a shame as it would do him good to be dropped

  7. Goonerpower said

    I have/had high expectations for our little Russian. I agree we shouldn’t really write him
    off…….not just yet anyway. He needs a reality check, and bench just might be the answer.
    Let’s give vela a chance, he ran his heart out against England, he’s looking slightly bigger as well. Maybe he will have his day, surly Wenger can see Arshavin lacks fitness!

  8. Goonerpower said

    Ps lucky you hawk, I’m stuck at work 😦

    Come on you gooners

  9. dan said

    Told you Gallas would join the spuds in an email 3 weeks ago.

    Arshavin needs to be dropped so he realises that there’s consequences to playing like that.

    RVP and Chamakh are both starting today, 100%.

  10. Zulu Gooner said

    Here Here!

  11. gooner71 said

    Good shout hawke.

    Dropping him would be a great decision, he needs that kick up the backside to alert him to the situation as he feels he is untouchable and strolls around the ptich.


  12. gooner71 said

    serious both rvp and chamakh?

    like the sound of that

  13. matt said

    lets not forget that the little russian played out of posistion for a lot of last season, and did quite well as a lone centre forward in a lot of games. I agree he didn’t play that well last week, just give him time to gel with cesc and RVP in the coming weeks

  14. chika said

    vela to start ahead of lazy arshavin. seriously why do we keep on signing players that are good enough but always lack consistency.

  15. dilshan said

    don’t say that..he is in my fantasy team with cesc ..lolll

  16. Bryan Bee said

    You were indeed correct Mr Strinfellow.

    Schwarzer was at colney this week, as confirmed again to me just now by an employee who saw him at the club.

    I see your rooney exposed story is now looking bright aswell, fairly obvious from the mail’s article today about the superstar footballer with a young family who has taken out a super injunction.

    where do you get all this info?

    Keep it up and forget the knockers, envy is grand, and i see you are very highly rated in website hits over the long term.

    You get more hits than your mate Myles Palmer.

  17. lol said

    So how’s the schwarzer medical going?

  18. Goonerpower said

    Piles Farmer hahahaha what a blah Blum blee face lol

  19. lordgunner said

    matt,maybe he have not play well last week but he has not play most of last season too.He dont have the stamina to play in the EPL as he pass his time without the ball walking around looking the game around him.When he loose the ball he doesn’t track back leaving Clichy on his own.Alright against small(ish) team but when you play the big match it s not good enough.

  20. […] He needs a reality check, and bench just might be the answer. Let’s give vela a chance, he ran his heart out against England, he’s looking slightly bigger as well. Maybe he will have his day, surly Wenger can see Arshavin lacks fitness! Read more […]

  21. Cool Eddy said

    you were right stringfellow, its rooney the fat chav

  22. DeiseGooner said

    AA23 played alright today – playing himself back into some form

  23. Andy said

    Arshavin was carrying injury to his first EPL game and his creative nature makes Wenger difficult to drop him from the team sheet….Schwarzer is not on board yet and Wenger was not so confident the deal was done….Simply the idiotic Mark Hughes don’t seems to bulge on the second Weneger bid of £2.7m and that was extra £700,00 which he lie to the press and Wenger retorted to ask Hughes to shut his mouth and do his deal quietly…Guys go read or listen to his talk after BlackPool game…..I am the optimistic and Schwarzer deal may well go right down to the wire on deadline day…..the deal with Sebastian Squillaci is progressing well with only a few issues to iron out before next week when it is hopeful he will fly over to London for final negotiations such as finalising his personal terms and if all goes well, a medical at Colney{Now this is not 100% fact, don’t take it as such. The thing with transfers is that it takes one issue to collapse the whole house of cards and kill a deal}….Arsene is looking at different defenders channel {some you heard Sebastian Squillaci,Phil Jagielka, Emir Spahic (surprising) and they have also been keeping an eye on Tasci and Gary Cahill I’m told. There is also interest in Neven Subotic but as you probably know, there is not a chance in hell of us shelling out for a player with his price tag}….so Squillaci is the most likely deal

  24. V for Victory said

    shit you were right sh

    rooney is the one with the superinjuntion and has not travelled with utd for the fulham game

    mate you are doing it lol anymore tittle tattle for us?

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