Schwarzer having medical at Arsenal

August 17, 2010

A prominent Arsenal Group have an insider amongst their ranks, and an email this afternoon suggests Mark Schwarzer is due at Arsenal this Thursday for his medical, prior to completing his protracted, and long overdue, transfer to the the Reds of Norf London.

No news on the transfer fee, but it will be between the 2.5-3M region going on previous reports and interviews surrounding the move, especially the Hill-Wood one with the Daily Star last month.

Bloody good news I’d say.

Btw troops, this is from the same source that gave out the email on the Liverpool fixture, not the Hangeland move.

All being well, our new keeper should be in line to face Blackpool this weekend.

89 Responses to “Schwarzer having medical at Arsenal”

  1. Raj said

    Sounds like bloody good news! At least our defence will have a leader now and we won’t be so suspect at crosses

  2. Mark said

    Source? You mean twitter?

  3. Andy said

    Happy that the deal was almost done….Wenger keep up the recruit of 1 or 2 central defender….We are really short here 🙂

  4. Agreed.

    Prefer MS to Given all day long, we have enough shot stoppers already.

    We need a proper penalty box king!!

  5. dilshan said

    you get most of them right most of the time so I will take your word on this one and I will agree with you that it sure is good/great news ..though I personally would have preferred Given, but that in no way means I do not want Swarzer..what is the situation with CB..for once when Kos got injured at pool it stuck me how desperately we need another CB

  6. to be fair dilshan, i’m not really the one with the contact on this one or the liverpool fixture, i have a pal who is part of said Arsenal group.

    so he gets the email, not me.

  7. i think its going to be song as the 4th choice CB now that frimpong has stepped up to play in the DM roles if needed.

  8. Bryan Bee said

    Is your mate part of the supporters trust ? 😉


  9. Eduardo said

    Why is medical so late in the week (thursday) if deal agreed. Why not today or at latest tomorrow.

  10. ARSENE KNOWS said

    i hope you are right!…. much better than given, we need a big huge goalie who cammonds his area and MS is exactly that, he is huge, come on arsenal get it done

    now we need a big huge CB to go with it, ie a younger cambpell and we will win the league

    60% of the first half at anfield… almunia fucked it for us and reina for them

    arsene knows

  11. Ramer said

    Don’t want him…would rather have Given

  12. no idea eduardo

    i just report what i am led to believe.

  13. Jaygoooner said

    He is definitely due to meet “officials” at Arsenal on Thursday. Whether it is to discuss should Arsenal will meet Mark Hughes madly inflated transfer fee, or for the medical prior to transfer, who knows? But yes, spot on with that. Schwarzer is in talks with Arsenal, in a clean non tap up basis. By the way. speaking of those ignorant Cataslans, although I would have loved Ozil to come to Arsenal, he has gone to Real Madrid. After Pepe Reina’s superb goal on Sunday, karma just keeps going on.

  14. Steven said

    Hawke,hopefully not! We need to allow that kid develop gradually by introducing him in CC games first.It would’ve been easier for him if Arsenal played a 4-2-3-1 so that by playing along with Song as a second DM who does the running around and hunting down while Song cleans up behind him in a more stationary position, it would’ve been better. But no, AW should go get himself an experienced CB and let Song consolidate on that DM position where he excelled last season. And please don’t throw Frimpong in too soon;precocious as JW is, we all know he needs time to grow into that role and assert himself;same applies to EF and we need to allow him go through the learning process one step at a time.

  15. gunner17 said

    how about hangelaand?

  16. Nasri75 said

    Schwarzer is exactly what we need. Given is a good shot stopper, but so is Schwarzer, however he (Schwarzer) is as commanding in his penalty area as Cech and Van Der Sar are so we need him even more than a defender.

  17. Darryll said

    If this is true, good job…..both to you and Arsene. Definitely prefer him to Given.

  18. Glenn Helder said

    A good signing would have preferred Given but Wenger fucked that up two seasons ago.Anything has got to be better than Almunia and Flappy.Hope Wenger gets rid of those two clowns now,and promotes Chesney as MS understudy

  19. Andy Taylor said

    I would much prefer Given. Does anyone remember our game against Fulham last season? Schwarzer was awful!
    Given would save us 10 points a season.

  20. 80sailor said

    A buddy who does work with Arsenal just emailed me and said HE IS THERE IN THE FLESH doing his runs, jogs, one leg and stuff

    plus he met Bob Wilson and they were just taking pot shots at him

    he also said ALMUNIA LOOKS PISSED OFF!!!!!!!

  21. Reading between the lines, it would seem likely that the fees etc have all been tied up with fulham, and the medical is scheduled in for thursday.

    Can’t see him failing it.

  22. jesus casanova said

    i really hope this doesn’t happen especially now that mancini has told shay given that he can leave the club. i’ve never rated mark schwarzer and at 37 he’s way past his mediocre best. given should signed straight away no hesitation.

  23. JL said

    Fantastic news! Any word on if we’re still trying to get another CB in before the end of the transfer window?

  24. That redlondon joey is a 17 yrd old american kid trying his best.


  25. Jack said

    More commanding? lol you lot are still high off your tuesday afternoon tea. Almunia is a far better keeper than Schwarzer who is error prone, loves to ship goals past him, injured, 38 years old..this has to be a wind up as Schwarzer has been used as a smokescreen for a different keeper just as barry was for alonso a few years ago.

    You could make a DVD on his gaffes which don’t get magnified as much as Almunia’s, simply because the spaniard is at a top club. Remember Arshavins goal? Half of Australia’s goals conceded at the WC were all down to him too. He came walk about again for a cross against Germany and got no way near it.

    No chance would Wenger go for Schwarzer when he knows he already has so much better. Schwarzer will give the defence no confidence whatsoever and we will be more suspectable next year at the back as a consequence.

    Schwarzer to Arsenal will never ever happen. He’s not fit to clean Almunia’s gloves.

  26. dilshan said

    the red london has started a blog post to refute your its I said before you seem to get them right more than most so it is very unwise of them but guess it might generate more views to their page

  27. Darryll said

    Very well then Jack, you can keep Almunia in your fantasy league. I believe schwarzer will be a perfect addition to the squad.

  28. red london is a hillarious blog.

    he is a 17 yr old who wants a career in sports journalism, apparently 😆

    major egg on his face with this one 😉

    i love rattling these people.

  29. Bryan Bee said

    You have him in your pocket.

    I like his blog, but just now I advised him that he had this wrong as I am in on the email also.

    He deleted my comments.

    Very sad.

  30. loool just reading those comments now.

    he is a strange little kid, has a thing for me i think.

    he is my internet stalker !!!!

  31. Jack said

    Daryll, not saying we dont need a keeper – we do asap, but not Schwarzer, he’s not better than what we have, simple.

    The bullshit about given not being able to command his box is exactly that – bullshite. He’s got the whole package and when called upon in big games, he’s the one who’ll instill confidence in our defence. You hardly see Given flapping at crosses like you do the others.

    Poeple are thinking Schwarzer can command his area due to his height, Given isn’t exactly short at 6 foot 1 and what about world cup winner Casillas at 5’11.

    Given all day long. Schwarzer to Arsenal is a wind up.

  32. Jaygoooner said

    Young Boys score!!!!!!! This karma thing is unstoppable. After all the disgusting paedophile chants Young Boys score against the yids. Keep that karma coming

  33. Nasri75 said

    Dilshan you seem to be lost, you say Alnunia is better that Mark? oh great good thing you are not the manager.

  34. David said

    If its based on the sad attention seeking sad no life weirdos on twitter,then its 100% bullshit. Utter idiots for believing the crap.

  35. Twitter? lol


  36. 2-0 down after 12 😆

  37. Jaygoooner said

    Two nil Young Boys HAHAHAHAHA enjoy your awayday yids

  38. they need to keep a clean sheet though

  39. Red712004 said

    Personally, I think that Given is more than just a shot stopper and has been impressive since his move to City. That said, I’m more than happy if Schwarzer signs. People can point to his mistake against us last year but if you read the Fulham blogs after that game there were a few comments about how this was the first mistake they had seen him make. As for the WC, there weren’t many keepers that came out of it looking good. He might be old, but we need someone who can do the job for 2 seasons and he should last that long! In many ways this reminds me of Villa’s signing of Friedel a few years ago – he took his opportunity at a late stage in his career to step up and was very successful for them.

  40. alexy said

    Stringfellow: I trust your blog but this news seems to me not true considering Given and Steklenburg could be available to leave. Why Schwarzer considering his age. He may be prone to injuries ….

  41. PAP PERSIE said

    just forget given. he will never allowed to go to city arrival. that’s the fact. city will be the most idiot & stupid club if they sell given to their rival like arsenal.

    why some of you cannot realised this simple fact.

    for me schwazer a little bit better than almunia. almunia dont have any confident anymore as people keep put pressure on him so schwazer coming to arsenal is good for short term solution.

    gunner 4eva

  42. alexy said

    oops. sorry!

  43. Darryll said


    I guess we have different opinions which is nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to Arsenal Fans. However, we do both agree on the need for a Keeper ASAP. It’s just that, somehow i don’t see Shay Given as a possibilty in the eyes of Wenger. I have nothing against Given and would be as happy with Schwarzer. Schwarzer also played a huge part in fulham’s run to the Finals.
    The transfer of Given on the other hand just seems too complicated with his wages having to be cut down, and Mancini not wanting to sell to a proper title challenger.
    But, oh well, as long as we get a decent keeper and another CB, I’m good 🙂

  44. alexy said

    City can not stop Given for signing for whoever he wants. Arsenal sold Adebayor and Toure to them… So selling to Arsenal will not be a problem.

  45. 30000000000000000000000000000000000000000


  46. PAP PERSIE said

    think before you say something my fellow gunners.

    keep your rationality. use your intelligent mind to analyze from every aspects.

    don’t just said something that will make you look like someone who know nothing about football.

    gunner 4eva

  47. Jack said

    hear you loud n clear Darryll, but you never know Given might take a cut on his wages, how many more chances is he going to get to join a club which has a genuine chance for the title or champions league.

    I think Given could push a deal through if he really wanted it, and we really wanted him, whether we do or not remains to be seen. btw – – – – – 3-000000000000 AHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH

  48. John said

    3-0 hahaha stupid spuds.

  49. PAP PERSIE said

    just wanna hear official news about schwazer in a few hour from now….

    let’s countdown together my fellow gunner…

    gunner 4eva

  50. Chief Gooner said

    spurs have been talking so much crap in the last 6 months and look at them tonight. typical spurs. they always bottle it. even if they rescue this i cant wait to see the embarrassment they’ll suffer in the group stage

  51. Killian said

    How reliable is this source?
    What other stories has he leaked other than the one about the Liverpool match?
    Please God this is true 🙂

  52. Aristote said

    That bullshit, if you know surely the sky sport news would know it too!!

  53. lordgunner said

    you know i m not excited about him that much.Dont see why some are .STill i give him the chance like every new player who come to the club.

    hopefully we will find a club to both our polish GK to loan.I fed up to see their talent wasted on the bench and when call they fall apart because they never play so they are lost and get stone to death by the so call supporter

  54. Goonerpower said

    If your right Hawke problem solved, come on the prem league!! This is the position most needed 🙂

  55. Jonesy said

    You are correct.

    There was an email today, Schwarzer was at Arsenal today, as confirmed by many people at the club.

    And he will have a medical this week.

    Top marks, think there are a few blogs out there who you have made to look quite silly, Sir.

  56. Jonesy said

    Sorry, I know this, as I am on that email list.

  57. We need this guy is a great player pls. Do sumting arsenal board to have this guy 1 defense midfil and central back?

  58. Goonerpower said

    Just read that little prick Randy red fuck arse article hahaha. Hawk you got the little squeaky twat riled, love it 🙂

  59. Rich said

    Schwarzer is too error-prone and was useless at the WC and past it now. Maartten Stekelenburg was ace at the WC and Ajax need to sell now to balance the books so we should buy him. Given 2nd choice, i would choose him over MS too…

  60. […] Schwarzer having medical at Arsenal A prominent Arsenal Group have an insider amongst their ranks, and an email this afternoon suggests Mark Schwarzer is […] […]

  61. MikeMike said

    Yh Boii Almina is crap

  62. Grizthegooner said

    I know for 100% fact that shay given was at London colney on Monday! That’s from kevin Budd (ex man city player and best mates with arsenals goal keeper coach) please do this deal mr wenger it would restore all are faith in you!

  63. GBG gunner said

    We are saying we are going for PL glory, and still we are letting the negotiation of a well needed new 1st choice stopper drag on, leaving us with a goalie that knows he is considered 2nd rate. I have said it before, we can not buy back lost PL points for the pesetas we save on bargaining till the last minute.

    This behaviour from our side is not going hand-in-hand with our ambitions.

  64. […] night the rumour mill was filled with speculation that Mark Schwarzer is due at Arsenal this Thursday for his medical. Let me point out that this is all unconfirmed information coming from third parties and not […]

  65. Mohammed said

    Well in terms of experience and exposure,i think Schwarzer is a little bit better than Given,so lets just give him a chance like a season contract.

  66. islington gooner said

    Grizthegooner,how do you know for a fact??

  67. Remi said

    I read about the Liverpool fixture first on this blog and hearing this now. . .i have read virtually all the comments added and I must say that I hope the deal is done.Any keeper that would help their club to the final of the Europa league is better than a consistently confused Almunia.

  68. Coby Jones said

    Nice work Mr Wenger alist we now have a good stopper..we need another CB and DM then we can be in the race for the EPL this season…shuld wenger keep Mannone….?

  69. anto said

    all of yous tinkin scwart is better then given…
    as an irishman i can tell u given is in top 5 keepers in the world he saved city at least 10 points last season alone.its a no brainer.given evry day of the week

  70. Aziz, KL-Malaysia said

    Don’t befooled, these “news” have no foundation.
    Besides, we are still selling 100 squid shares to fund any new player purchase … 😉 😉 😉

  71. Happy that the deal was almost done….Wenger keep up the recruit of 1 or 2 central defender….

  72. I enjoy a lot of the comments, especially the one’s in the spam bin!!

    They usually come from a select few saddos with similar IP addys, lol.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort chaps, always appreciated 😆

  73. arsenal4ever said

    as you stated medical tomorrow we will see if you talked bullsh.. Hangeland was never coming but you were right about Joe Cole!! The CB we are looking at is Squillaci from Sevilla!!

  74. lordgunner said

    so according to report they want money + vela for a 38 year old gk.Haahahahaha, they smoke too much drug on this part of london lol.Vela is woth between 5-10M sharzy 1-3 M.
    hmmmmmm Mark Hughes really dont like us

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  76. Booker said

    He was at the ground earlier this week, not sure about yesterday, deal is close, be sure of that.

  77. I know he was, many know he was.

    Fulham, and typically Hughes, are being very funny about this deal, but once they close the deal for Given, they will let Schwarzer come across town.

    Matter of time.

  78. Andy said

    Machini will ever sell to EPL rivals….Shay Given was not prepared to cross over Fulham buy perhaps Celtic and I am sure Machini will give him the blessings…..Fulham boss Mark Hughes has gone in for Stoke keeper Asmir Begovic – as an emergency replacement for Mark Schwarzer but faces competition from Chelsea and Celtic in a goalkeeper merry-go-round……Mark Hughes is plainly a moron & petty guy

  79. @andy why you mention mark huges ? hmmm

  80. tabela said

    thanks very good site

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