Schwarzer = Premiership Champions

August 16, 2010

Right, first thing’s first… How bleeding good is Kosceinly?

Verminator and Kossy are going to be a fine central defensive partnership over the course of this season, we know all about TV5, and I can certainly see elements of pure class in Kossy.

His reading of the game, coupled with searing pace make him a truly wonderful addition to our first eleven.

Was a shame he got sent off at the end, was a clear case of ball to hand, but c’est la vie.

Wenger got it wrong today, he sparingly used Almunia over pre-season, favouring Fabianski for the greater part, but decided the Legia result was enough to put the pressure back on Fab and so he started the utterly useless Almunia.

To make matters worse, he even got the captain’s armband!

I’m not worried at all, as it’s becoming increasingly likely that a deal to bring in a safe pair of hands in Schwarzer is days away.

The deal that will give us a proper team, from back to front.

The Liverpool game told me, Jack is going to be ready this season, he was at fault for their goal, but these things happen, and he will learn from that, that is a part of learning about the sharp end of first team football.

He showed some magical touches and vision in the first half, but was taken off at around the right time.

Actually, for once, Wenger did get his subs right, although Arshavin was having a mare, he was kept on because you just never know with his genius when that magic will appear.

All in all, a pleasing result, courtesy of Mr Butter Fingers himself, karma is a beast that will always get you in the end Mr Reina, and it got you almost instantly.

Diaby did ok in the first half considering no pre-season games, Eboue is getting better and better, Chamakh was a little too unselfish at times, and needs to make more runs off the shoulder of the last defender instead of dropping deep all the time.

He has a tendency to always lay off the simple back pass, but for a first game, and considering he caused the Own Goal, he done fine, but will get a lot better as the season unfolds.

Nasri was superb in the first half, but weakened out of it when dropped deeper in the 2nd half… his role is in the final third, he has no business in our half.

People… it was the first game of the season, minus our 2 best players, carrying a passenger in Arshavin, and away at  possibly the toughest away day in the Premiership, to a team buyoed by a new manager.

1-1 was good enough, and we move forward to Blackpool… hopefully with a new goalie and a renewed, sharper vigour.


21 Responses to “Schwarzer = Premiership Champions”

  1. sid the yid said

    fuck off

    not even top 7


  2. Heard that one before, Sid.

  3. New York Gooner said

    Almunia was indeed useless, but Fabianski would have been as useless imho.

    Schwarzer can not get here fast enough.

    Liverpool away was always going to be a tough game and proved so.

    Playing 10 men is never ever an advantage for us, have you noticed that?

  4. colin said

    sad yid CUNTS looking at gooner blogs…please fuck off you CUNT!

  5. sid the yid said

    sad is you goons thinking to win the league aaaaahhhhahahahaha

    spurs have much betta side now

    we know

  6. sid the yid said

    we will finish above you in the leage and champion league.

  7. Get back in that cage Sid.

  8. Hand d cap said

    SIDS right they are a better side,is big mark going to chelsea then?.wenger out

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  10. Hand d cap said

    These yids are loven this right now yes we are in a mess but we WILL be back,wenger out,we were shite and so were Liverpool,kos looks good but not great I think some gooners are bogong him up because there is all going for us.what other epl team would be happy with are signings,west spam,foolham,stoke,wigan,Blackburn. Not happy and we have given out a new deal to wenger 😦

  11. arsenal fan said

    schwarzer gonna come surey then we have a balanced team if kos and verm perform ike that having almunia at goal then we have a chance cos mark is better than almunia we all know dat and chamakh addition is great if we had no chamakh the cross for goal would have been for walcot wid him reina would have had no problem but watever u say reina got scared by chamakh he didnt expect this serves reina right lol

  12. islington gooner said

    Snid the yid,theres more chance of shitty winning the league than you lot finishing above us.

    Rumours are growing strong about given,maybe just maybe..wenger gonna do the right thing.

  13. aj said

    Good result 1-1

    Smash Blckpool saturday.

    and then see what happens, nothing to worry about.

    some gooners are just plain mental.

  14. Full-Blooded American Goon said

    The Spuds to have a good side, on evidence of their game against Citeh. If Almunia or Flappy were in goal for Citeh it would have been 3-0 before halftime. Will they finish above us, no. but if we don’t get a new GK, they could do a job against us.

    Kos was a positive for me also. I fear we’re bigging him up a bit because people had such low expectations beforehand; but he was good in the air, strong, and showed pace. i’m happy. praying AW still buys 2 CBs as cover though, Djourou won’t do 15 games for us this season.

    Another good blog Hawke. You’re becoming a regular read for me.

  15. Full-Blooded American Goon said

    sorry, “The Spuds *do* have a good side…”

  16. Arsenal Oldie said

    American Goon – salient points.

    Spuds do have a decent side, but over 38 games, and now they got to play more games with the CL group stages, they will be severely tested and get far more injuries.

    Life at the top is tough, new for them, old hat for us.

    Nice one Hawke.

  17. Arsenal Oldie said

    Oh and Hawke, are you going this Saturday?

    Got a spare, if you want in?

    Upper clock end, right behind the goal.

    send me an email at


  18. Cheers American Goon, nice to have you on board.

    Oldie, I am already going this weekend, but I know a friend who will have that ticket… sent you an email but it bounced.

    Send me a message on the contact me thingy at the top of the home page.

  19. Johnny said

    I do rate this blog, its good to know some of our fans know their football. We got a well deserved point yesterday despite missing some key players, there wont be many teams that get much at anfield this season. I expect them to finish above the stinking yids and citeh. We also couldn`t have played them at a worse time, 1st game, new manager, new signings fired up to impress the home crowd. People can continue to knock us, we weren`t at our best but we kept going and scored yet another late goal. Thats not luck, its desire. I was well pleased with the two centre halfs, I reckon they might form a decent partnership in time, if we can bring in another one before the deadline and sign up schwarzer, we`ll be challenging this year. One thing I do disagree with you about is Jack Wilshere, I`d put my balls on the fact he is going to be a superstar, I just think we would have been better off loaning him to bolton for 1 more year, he improved ten fold with them last year and I reckon next season he`d be basically a guaranteed starter. But with some of the shit we have supporting us at the moment every little mistake will be jumped on and it might just knock his confidence a bit. I reckon we should keep him out the firing line while he learns his trade, one thing is for sure, we have a hell of a player on our hands there. He reminds me of Chippy.

  20. wagert said

    Great post.

    Really feeling positive about the performance, and whilst I’d probably stop short of calling Koscielny’s display as ‘bleeding good’ he did enough to suggest he’ll be a good signing. Chamakh impressed me, even more so when Walcott and Van Persie were upfront with him.

    Nasri was my MoM – but Rosicky looked excellent for his half hour. We’re only going to get better, and we’ve got a decent run of games now for the players to get to know each other again properly. Come on you Gunners!

  21. Genius Gooner said

    Top site, top blog, top comments from the gooners above me.

    Could I have finally stumbled upon a reasonable gooner debating blog?

    You must never be over the top in positivity and never be too gloomy.

    Having read your last few posts, you seem to be smashing the balance on the head to perfection.

    Will never agree with all you say, that would be boring, but its nice to see some sense on here.

    I am very happy with that point, to steal it in that fashion late on is just tremendous as a tonic for the players.

    To leave with nothing against 10 men would have been a real low start to the season, in the end, we started well, they played better organised footy in the 2nd half, but we nicked the point at the death.


    Quite brilliant.

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