Fabianski gets the nod today

August 15, 2010

Straight duel between Almunia and Fabianski for the goalie starting position in our opening Premiership game at Liverpool this afternoon.

I would be flabbergasted if the Polish youngster does not get the nod, actually, scrap that, there is no point debating it… he clearly starts today.

Almunia has been sent to Coventry!

What may be of even more interest is who the backup keeper is on the bench, maybe the two Poles get the nod.

I envision the following starting eleven…

Fabianski, Sagna, Kos, Verminator, Clichy, Denilson, Fabregras, Nasri, Theo, Chamakh, AA23.

The trio in midfield are the three that takes some guessing to be frank, there is not really any clear indication of who is fit, who is maybe fit, etc.

First game of the season, away at Anfield, Wenger may take the safe route of Denilson… if he really wants to put trust in his young guns, and go on pre-season form, that trio should clearly be Frimpong, Wilshere and Nasri, and that is exactly the trio I would love to see line-up today.

What a statement that would be.

Far too early in the season for predictions, who knows what kind of form the 22 players are in, fitness levels are not peak levels as of yet for many.

Could be a scrappy tight game, battled out in the centre of the park, which is why I would love to see the spikey Frimpong and Wilshere do battle for the Arsenal.

Can’t wait, whoever lines up for us, simply can’t wait!

Come on you Mighty ARSENAL!


45 Responses to “Fabianski gets the nod today”

  1. Spike Media said

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  2. billy choo said

    nooooo not flappppy

  3. aj said

    I thought Frimpong would be a definate starter.

  4. Spike, got the mail.


  5. Greg Fyans said

    Almunia will start today, no question.

  6. Arsenal Oldie said

    1-1 for me.

    Chamakh to break his epl duck.

    Wilshere to start and star.

    Happy viewing gooners.

  7. Greg, can’t see it.

    Fabianski has certainly been the main man in pre-season for AW.

    He also has the experience of playing well at Anfield.

    So not really being thrown in.

    Playing Almunia now, after sending him to cov all pre-season would be nuts.

  8. Gunner D said

    I think Almunia will get the nod today – due to appearances in pre-season and being captain for a couple of those. I think Flappyhandski blew it in Warsaw. Also Wenger has stressed importance of experience for this match. I hope I am completely wrong and Wenger gives Sneezy his big chance.

    Strange that Vito seems to be forgotten – anyone remember his performance against Fulham? The guy was the dogs.

    I also think Cesc and RVP will be on the bench and Walnut will start.

  9. Sczesnzy seems to be a year out, did not really get much time in pre-season, i would think he may get another loan season, maybe to the Championship, hopefully a lower epl club.

    Hang on…. take Schwarzer off Fulham.. and give them sczers on loan for the season 😆

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by diane lancaster, Stringfellow Hawke. Stringfellow Hawke said: Fabianski gets the nod today: http://wp.me/pqXki-nj […]

  11. Gunner D said

    I know it would be a massive gamble with Szchesney and Wenger would get massive stick if it went wrong but he cant be worse than Manuel and Flappy. The boy has tons of confidence (a la Bendy) and a commands the box with real authority – something none of the others do. I know this is just pure fantasy but just imagine if it worked out – what a treat.

  12. Greg Fyans said

    I’m reading between the lines here a little bit, but when he talks about experience I can’t imagine he’s talking about anyone other than Manuel…


    Nothing would surprise me though.

  13. Mike E said


    but i think you are spot-on with the ‘keepers.

  14. Goonerpower said

    I really hope fabianski is not in goal. I have completely have no faith in him, and will be nervous throughout the game. Hawk I really really hope your wrong pleeeeeeeease. It has to be almunia, I think he can still on his day do a better job than fabs, only till he regains his confidence.

  15. shava said

    That may just work Stringfellow. Give em Sneezy for a season long loan as part of the deal for Shwarzer. I want to see flappy start too just to see his face under pressure, he looks like he’s been told there’s a Chinesse firing squad waiting for him in the dressing room! I read somewhere that horses are afraid of heights so much that they can’t mate,they are given a roll of bhang and it works wonders,they lose their fear. Maybe we could try the same with Flappy……

  16. Gunner D said

    I’d rather have Eboue in goal than Flappy!


  17. Full-Blooded American Goon said

    I’ve been saying the same thing: start Wilshire and Frimpong and Chesney dammit. Trial by fire, those boys can handle it. and they are SO MUCH HUNGRIER than Denilson, Almunia… Be Not Afraid… either we believe in our Young Guns or we don’t. Fuck Anfield.

  18. You can pick both Almunia and fabs and put them both in goal it wont make a difference, they will probly trip each other over in the box while a corner cums in….

    As a top four club we have a young keeper ike snez and he is our best keeper, that how u no if we dont sign a keeper were in trouble again. Why do we take so long to sign a player, i thought we had money to spend???? If we think that are 3 centre backs are good enuff and we aint yet signed another one, omg wat is going on? i hate watching beautiful football with no end product….

    When you watch arsenal play every other game looks avarge, it the best football to watch but we need a trophy at the end of the day thats whats it about.

  19. Damn_Gallas said


    Almunia will get the nod today. Fabianski is a huge disappointment esp during the last preseason game.

    In midfield, Diaby and Denilson will start alongside Nasri. Fabregas will be one the bench.

    Chamakh will start upfront flanked by 14 AND 23. No.10 will be on the bench.

  20. j said

    oh no!!! shocking! u heard wenger stating that whoever starts this game is our number 1 this season!!! so if this is true and i think your right as flapianski has played loads in pre season (wenger said he has seen alot in pre season regarding the gk) the only guy who played loads was flappy!!! 😦

  21. clarence said

    i prefer fimpong to start with nasir as the 2 deep midfielder, and fab play higher up. BUT~ Fab might not be playing tonight. if that the case, i think fimpong and diaby should play as the deep mid, and nasir take fab’s position.

  22. LAW said

    Doomsday is dawning. Fabianski is a cr*p. Why doesn’t Wenger trust the other Pole. He’s much better than our No.2

  23. Sorry again chaps left in moderation, after your first post is released, you are free to post without any moderation.

  24. stellios said

    Jack wilshere is starting cesc not even in the squad

  25. josh phelan said

    the only reason szczesny aint playing is his age and lack of experience, but aint that what arsenal is all about. szczesny is clearly our best keeper it’s not hard to see, so wenger must see it too. don’y be surprised if szczesny is in goal. wenger has been very secretive with keepers this year and if his number 1 is almunia y keep it quite.

  26. josh phelan said

    the only reason szczesny aint playing is his age and lack of experience, but aint that what arsenal is all about. szczesny is clearly our best keeper it’s not hard to see, so wenger must see it too. don’y be surprised if szczesny is in goal. wenger has been very secretive with keepers this year and if his number 1 is almunia y keep it quite.

  27. Roy said

    I was feeling apprehensive regarding today’s game, but now if your correct about Flappycrapski (AFCs worst ever keeper) getting the starting berth, I have no faith in us getting a result at all!
    cmon arsene sign a fucking keeper!

  28. Wrong!!

    Almunia recalled from Cov…. Starts!!!

    Wilshere starts

    no cesc on bench, illness.

    rvp, theo benched.

  29. eboue, diaby, wilshere midfield trio

    diaby DM

  30. ngog is the pool striker with jovanovic playing off him

    cole kuty gerrard mascherano midfield.

  31. almunnia sagna verm kos clichy eboue diaby wilshere nasri chamakh aa23

  32. a clean sheet and the winning goal from Chamakh would be the ideal scenario.

    this is going to be a very tough game, a draw would not be the worst result.

  33. Almunia looks human again.. he looked a zombie all last season

    with massive dark black circles under his eyes

    let’s see how he plays……

  34. Goonerpower said


  35. and that is why fabianski should have started

    almunia is proper finished.

  36. Goonerpower said

    The only thing there is the last game he played in (Poland) he let 3 in and infact the game before that he did the same, so that’s 6 in 2. Worrying if we don’t get mark.

  37. Goonerpower said

    Flip flap get in there. Jesus that was the first game and I’m already stressed. Got to say that was not a deliberate handball. Not a complete disaster, but we def need a new goal keeper that much we know

  38. pffft what a finish… report will be up to discuss later tonight.

    nice feeling to nick that point, plenty to improve on.

    but reina 😆

    thanks, you cunt, meddling in the cesc affair in the summer, JUSTICE.

  39. Goonerpower said

    Hahaha was shouting simlar lol, Instanst karma hahaha

  40. Arsenal Oldie said

    haha SH

    Reina well done son.

    You were indeed correct, Fabianski should have got the nod, Almunia was awful, even that save at the end was way over the top.

    He cannot play again for us, to give him the captains armband, with Vermalen on the pitch is a disgrace, upset at the gaffer for that.

    Overall, plenty of pluses, but also a few negs.

    Happy to steal that point, especially like that.

    You star Reina.

  41. gutted gooner said

    almunia diabolical

    diaby same

    arshavin same

  42. lordgunner said

    i really dont why everyone have a go on Almunia. It was not his faault but our midfield fault ( JW i think) who loose the ball and done nothing to stop loserpool getting a shot.Well i suppose everytime somebody gone score against us it s always the GK fault.Amazing blind supporter we ve got

  43. Goonerpower said

    Well what you doing reading it, Piss off back to le grove Randy Osae

  44. Got to laught at them Goonerpower.

    It’s all good fun in blog world… some take it a little seriously though… especially the 17yr old kids in their bedroom…

    Right randy? 😆

  45. Vandal Dome Camera said

    Hey guys, this good wook!

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