Arsenal fans enter Utopia

August 13, 2010

Wenger has never been right.. has he? (note to the simpletons: tongue is firmly in my cheek here)

When he helped guide our beloved club to doubles, season’s unbeaten, cups galore… the issue was “too many foreigners” or “Wenger is killing England”… etc (you know the guff, some of you so-called goons even participated in such guff talk)

We now see every successful team in Europe, full to the brim with overseas players, Inter Milan won the treble last year with maybe a pair of Italians in the starting eleven at most, the large majority of the time, they played eleven “foreigners”

Was Mourinho labelled a killer?

The Chavski and Manure sides are full of foreigners now, they are even buying kids from overseas at an exponential rate… was Wenger not the pioneer in this field?  Was he not labelled a wrong un for pinching other clubs academy kids?

So why are Fergie and Co not getting the same treatment?  At least they caught up with the ways of the genius…. they usually do!

This week saw a turning point in the fortunes of Arsenal.. and England, mark these words, they will ring true within the next couple of years.

Domestic success for the young England players with Arsenal, and possibly the first success for the International team for almost half a century.. owing to a nucleus of Gunners.

Gunners produced by the Arsenal, not bought in by the Arsenal.

You see, Wenger knew the likes of Bentley, Pennant, et al, simply did not have the minerals, there aint no flies on the guv’nor you know.

So over the past decade or so, we have seen what the likes of Manure, Pool, Chavski.. and all those other great institutions of football, have produced on the England talent front, and we have seen just how successful and positive the work of the respecitve managers of the aforementioned sides has been for the National side….errr… sorry?  Who killed England???

Maybe the talk in the coming years will centre on Who made England after 50 years of shit!

So Season 2010/2011 is upon us, and this Gooner is feeling very smug and excited.

Excited by the wonderful mix of youth, peak age, and experienced players we have in the composition of this squad.

Oh.. and not to mention those Arsenal built English players… JET, Frimpong, Lansbury, Gibbs, Wilshere, Eastmond.

With Aneke, Afobe, Yennaris et al coming through over the next 18 months.

Then Ansah the starlet at the level down.

Hmmm… seems Arsenal have a conveyor belt of technically gifted young English players coming through… who is to blame I ask?

Surely Wenger has made another cock-up somewhere? (note to the simpletons: tongue firmly in cheek…again!)

Liverpool up first on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning sauna and steam down at David Lloyd’s, read of the sunday papers,  nice Roast for Lunch, settle down with a sumptuous Chilean Merlot, SKY HD on the go….

the greatest football team in the world back in my life for another 9 months.

Life is sweet, life is GOONERTASTIC.

The weekend starts again tonight, ATVO is back… Lofty, Shovell and the gang are on from 7pm, and yours truly may even be on !!


49 Responses to “Arsenal fans enter Utopia”

  1. Steven said

    No comments needed on this, Obama has nothing on you, man! You’ve spoken like the very true GOONER that you are!Let’s go do it!Arsene will have the last laugh, eventually!Can’t wait for that day!

  2. dickie said

    Very well put.

  3. Jonathon Guild said

    Best post on the blog world this month.

    Well played SH.

  4. Davuel said

    You see the laughable thing about Wenger apologists is that they always seem to have to start with history lessons to prove their point.

    All the more so because year after year history becomes ever so more distant.

    Should the Austrians tell themselves that they are in Utopia because they were the World Super Power in WWI?

  5. gooner71 said

    On the money yet again Stringey.

    Wilshere has to play sunday, HAS TO.

  6. rgsmith said

    was just reading your article about silva in the reserve friendly, just wanted to say reserve games did used to be shown on ATVO but it wasn’t financially viable as not enough subscribers and poor viewing figures of those games. I think had ATV still been setanta backed and broadcast on telly (minus grainy feed!) us who are interested would still get to have a gander at the action!.

  7. gooner71 said

    What a spastic Davuel.

    Are Austria building nuclear weapons that are pioneering?

    What have Austria to crow about?

    So how can that analogy compare with Arsenal?

    We have history, and as SH puts it… we now have a future that is clearly defined.

  8. numpty alert said

    davuel what a total dick

    if you had a brain you would be dangerous

  9. Arsenal Oldie said

    Nicely done sh.

    Really up for the season, i also love the make up of the squad, a defender short, and maybe fab or chseny will come good as keepers.

    Come on Arsenal!!!!!!!

  10. Full-Blooded American Goon said

    Damn Straight

  11. Arsenal Oldie said

    Chavs and Uts do not look anything special to me this year.

    We have a mighty chance for sure.

    Only a major injury list will prevent us from securing another title in our grand history.

  12. Davuel said

    And what nuclear weapon is Arsenal building?

    You mean the endless bricks with your name on it..or the labels on your seat or a fancy clock in the rest rooms are nuclear weapons?

  13. Arsenal Oldie said

    Dauvel if you cannot see how this squad and the young players are coming through, with quality already with vermalen, song, cesc, rvp, arshavin, chamakh.

    Then you are lost i’m afraid.

  14. Yardie Gooner said

    Blood this is real blogging from a real goonster
    respect total respect

    n5 gangster

  15. Davuel said


    We had vermalen, song, cesc, rvp, arshavin, last season. Are you telling me that Chamakh is the difference maker?

  16. Arsenal Oldie said


    I am saying cesc was out for 4 months last season, rvp 6 months, arshavin 2 months, song ACN 6 weeks.

    and yet we did actually challenge for the title, do you recall that?

    chamakh is a brilliant signing, you will see starting sunday.

    Keep them fit, we stroll it.

    Not rocket science.

  17. Davuel said

    Cesc was out for final 6 games. Not for 4 months…that was the season before last.

    The injury excuse is as old as the Wenger failing years…

    What also didnt have a fit striker for the second half of the season and did Arsene do anything about it?

  18. Arsenal Oldie said

    Davuel i recall Bendtner, who is a striker, scoring 12 goals in 13 games from Feb onwards.

    Lol, injuries are an excuse?

    I wonder how chels would do withouth terry, lamp, drogba and mikel for most of the season.

    injuries are huge.

  19. rockofgilberto said

    I think what he’s saying Davuel, is that we have a fine team that is getting better by the year. However, glory hunters such as yourself who apparently latched onto the Invincibles and have been pissing and moaning ever since, can’t see anything positive without something nice and shiny like a big name signing or shiny trophy to tell you that something good happened.

    We had those players last season in spurts, and all missed major parts of the campaign. Of course you were probably too busy slagging off Wenger from your mum’s basement to see it. Do us a favour and go follow the chavs with the rest of the plastics.

  20. Arsenal Oldie said

    Top bombing, rockofgilberto

  21. Jonathon Guild said

    Less blind negative fools like davule

    More positive sensible gooners like oldie and rock


  22. gooner71 said

    lovely to see some proper gooners on

    and not the usual davuel type newbie glory hunters who as rock rightly put started following the team in the winning years.

    wankers the lot of you pisspots.

    go support chelsea or city

  23. Jonathon Guild said

    😆 gooner71

  24. Davuel said


    Chelsea didnt have drogba for 3 months plus the ACN.

    THey didnt play with Essien the whole season.

    Bendy scored 9 in 11 not 12 in 13.

    And 3 of them were in 1 match.

    The facts are we needed a striker and when the chips were down Arsene refused to act instead employing a 1/3 fit inexperienced Bendtner to see us to the tittle?

  25. Jonathon Guild said

    dav if you said the defence was at fault, wigan?, i would have taken you seriously

    but to put the downer on a player who scored 9 in 11, and put that as blame

    tells me a lot about your state of mind.

    grow up.

  26. rockofgilberto said

    I say keep Wenger, sack the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal “fans.” Davuel, we’re going to have to let you go. No hard feelings of course, and best of luck in your future endeavors with another club.

  27. Arsenal Oldie said

    Think you are on a wind up davuel old china.

    That or you are a very limited human being.


  28. Davuel said


    The defence is another issue…but when we were struggling to score against the likes of Hull city, Birmingham, wolves, Tottnham…should i go on?

    You can hardly blame the defence for our lack of goals?

    Speaking of defence…how long will Wenger continue to say its a problem and then demonstrate his inablility to fix it?

  29. Frimpong said

    hey davuel nick was awesome scoring goals

    you crazy?

    the defence was shit was why we lost you nut

  30. Jonathon Guild said

    We scored and created goals in all those games you mentioned.. what’s the issue?

    Had we not have conceded at the other end… i’m sure that would equate to 3 points, right?

    Defence, goalies were the reasons, i have no issues with the strikers, certainly not now we have chamakh on board.

    Still want to see schwarzer… any news on that SH?

  31. sam said

    Hawke, you not going to the game?

  32. Vic said

    Great blog!!! Go Arsenal go!

  33. Vic said

    Great blog!!! Go Arsenal go! Win us a trophy not the emirates cup or third place trophy, a real trophy even if its d F.A cup again.

  34. Jonathon Guild said

    FA Cup would do me.

  35. Jonathon Guild said

    Day out at Wembley, lovely 🙂

  36. HighburyHorace said

    What a pile of bollocks.
    All this club cars about is making money.
    Wengers had all summer to address the goalkeeping and CB situation and on the eve of the season,still nothing.
    AW treats the domestic cup competitions with disdain.
    If doesnt buy a CB ad a GK he should be sacked for gross incompetence.
    And by the way ive going since 1971,so you cant stick your not a true gooner,bandwagon jumper blah blah statements up your Arse!
    Theres some proper people out there that care!

  37. TrophyHunta said

    Frimpong – B52 was not awesome!! He mostly looked lazy, disinterested and made Ade’s chances to goals ratio look impressive! But Wenger has addressed that side of things by bringing in a far better player, Chamkh.

    ‘The defense was shit that’s why we lost’

    And what has your Messiah done about that side of things…. Best scenario – Swartzer & Spahic – is that really the class of player we need to fix ‘our shit defense’. We lose untold experience with Kos replacing Gallas & we have Djourou who, sorry, he is just a joke. He cannot remain fit for a fortnight!

    As for GK’s – our Lord & Master is quoted today as saying – ‘we have goalkeepers who have quality & class’.

  38. ZiiNC said

    Barca went six years without winning anything, Man U went the first five years of SAFs reign with nada, ziltch. Unlike them they didnt have the MASSIVE complication of moving grounds and the financial constraints that entailed. We need to hold our nerve, there’s light at the end of the tunnel as this excellent blog state, When we do start to achieve (as surly we will) we can all be the prouder as we’ve done it the Arsenal way.

    Good article.

  39. Arsenal Oldie said

    I care Horace.. but i can also see we are now a mega club… were we mega in the 70s? or 80s? or just another big club?

    You have to feel pain… to see gain.

    We have a wonderful new stadium, a wonderful youth academy prodcuing for club and country.

    We are always in the Champions league, we challenged for the title 11 times in 15 years under wenger, winning it 3 times, coming 2nd 4 times.

    and you ask “where has our arsenal gone”

    you mean the on in the 70s that was always mid table?

    hahaha takes all sorts.

  40. Trev the barber said

    You are a proper star, Oldie

    you are a wanker, not a gooner, Horace

    Hope this helps.

  41. rockofgilberto said

    Good, let’s all join these morons in holding Arsenal hostage just like the moronic ManUre fans have done, that will certainly ensure success.

    And I don’t care how long you’ve been going, if you spend all your time slagging off the club instead of supporting it (and the greatest manager we’ve ever had, I might add), you’re not a true gooner.

  42. rockofgilberto said

    TrophyHunta… your name says it all, doesn’t it? Go back to Le Grove where your own kind can wallow in misery and impotent rage. Or just sod off to sp*rs with the rest of the sad sacks. They buy and buy, it’ll be right up ur alley.

  43. HighburyHorace said

    Arsenal Oldie – i understand time doesnt stand still,but lets not forget we have always been a big club since Chapman in the 30’s,only Scousers and Mancs have won more trophies and the majority of them in recent times.
    Im all for the youth academy developing our own talent,but,our stadium although improving is a bit souless,a large number of the fans are tourists,the atmosphere is generally poor,theres a lack of camaraderie,the last 5 years we havent improved,and faltered in the last few months of those seasons,why ?because injuries and lack of back up talent have caused our demise.All is not wrong but,we are a profitable organisation,and with a bit more investment this club,could take the extra step and win trophies on a more regular basis than they are now.We pay the highest ticket prices in Europe to watch our team and yet we spend like we are Hull or Bolton-look at the transfer figures over the last ten years.Two or three players could make all the difference but yet again it seems our blinkered manager/board either wont /cant or refuse to put this club at the top,where it should be.Lets win thinkgs not just be happy with qualifying for the CL.Its been Groundhog Day for the last few years.We were sold a dream about competeting with the cream of Europe and yet everytime we played the cream of Europe we’ve failed.
    Id have been happy to stay at Highbury and enjoy the odd cup run with like minded people,notsome of the tyoe of fans we have now,you really dont care but they have the cash.

  44. Wyn Mills said

    This blog reminds me of a scientology sermon by Tom Cruise. What a bunch of deluded twats. Keep licking Wenger’s backside while the rest of us gooners ‘indulge’ ourselves in trying to understand why, despite paying the highest ticket prices in the country, our manager has failed to address an obvious defensive weakness.

  45. HighburyHorace said


    The people who are responsible for that website are ‘diehard’ fans whose love of Arsenal is not in question.
    Feel free to discuss and put your views or opinions on the site or go to
    Have a pleasant evening.

  46. Johnny said

    My god, you`ve attracted a couple of clowns on here today hawke. I have always been of the opinion that most of these Wenger bashers were just spoilt young kids, but we have a geezer on here called horace who claims to have been going to The Arsenal since 71. If this is true he must surely remember the relegtion battles in the middle of that decade or the 18 years without a league title, or the midtable mediocrity of most of the 80`s, or the shambles of the mid 90`s. The truth is, during this period we would have given our right bollock for a manager and a team like the one we have today. I cant believe how lucky I am to see my team playing the cream of europe every year and challenging for trophies and league titles, when I first started going I honestly never thought I`d get to see The Arsenal play in the European Cup, we were that bad. So horace, if you have such happy memories of the pre-Wenger days, imagine how good your memories will be of this particular era. It might take you a bit of time mate, but when Wenger does leave you will come to realize just how lucky we have been to live through these golden times. Anyway hawke my oldson, another top top post.

  47. Paul17890 said

    Hi gents, has to be said great post hawke, really loving your positive glow, its so refreshing in these negative doom and gloom filled timed.

    Also, thumbs up to the a few of you, especially the last poster, Jonny, for a wonderful posting.

    It’s fans/gooners of our club like you, that make me feel happy.

    Unfortunately, far too many on the www are just interested in ripping holes in our club.

    Despicable behaviour…

    Supporter – One who “SUPPORTS” their team

    There are some on here like horace who do a grand job pretending to be a true supporter of Arsenal.

    A true supporter would be deliriously happy with how the club is shaping up on and off the field.

    I have followed since the 60s, and this is quite easily the most golden period in my lifetime.

    We have had league titles, cups, european cup finals/semis, double doubles, unbeaten seasons, new stadium, world class players, and all in what? a 10-12 year period?

    Under the tutelage of one man

    Hawke, really good pieces on your archive.

    Keep it up, i shall post when i can.

  48. HighburyHorace said

    Anyone would think,we were a tinpot club from the provinces before Wenger came along.
    He has been without doubt the best manager weve ever had but…
    in 8 years G Graham Littlewoods cup 2 league titles,and he won us a trophy in Europe,which Wenger hasnt signed Seaman and see other managers can do a good job…

    And what have we had in the last 5 years,whilst paying top dollar for a seat…its not just the success,its the lies we are fed..and you lot lap it up…
    No GK only 2 fit CB’s and 3 months to do something about it..when he said he wanted all his signing sorted before the World Cup.£8.5 million on a totally unproven CB and we wouldnt give Pires or Gilberto another year on their contracts,supposedly only offered 4 million for Given whose proven or 2million for Schwarzer also proven..
    Gives contracts to donkeys like Silvestre but yet fucks off Flamini..

    I hope im proved wrong but we’ve had the same situation for the last 5 years and no questions the managers decisions??

    I support my club,i turn up and cheer them on home and away,but it seems your not allowed to criticise the management because were in the top four of the CL regularly? Would your opinions be the same if there was only 1 or 2 teams that qualified for Europe each season??
    Ahh its ok, we dont care about the FA Cup or Carling Cup as long as we play Barcelona every year and get stuffed in the Semi’s or Qtrs and its ok if we finish top 4 and lose on regular basis to our main rivals in the big games….cos Arsene knows..take your fucking arsene tinted glases off..

  49. Zulu Gooner said

    Great Blog. Great Club. Great season ahead – great footie and maybe even a trophy. but a trophy is not everything – chavs love to boast about blingie things – Arsenal is pure class and the way we play footie is more important than silverware. Go Arsene

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