Gibbs will help avenge Capello

August 9, 2010

So Cashley blanked Fabio at Wembley yesterday? haa

Regardless of that, Capello will see, what us Gooners have seen and known about for some time, Kieron Gibbs is the best left back at Arsenal right now, sorry Gael, but he is.

Cole seems to be coming to the end of his playing curve, off the field problems continue to blight the little bugger, young Gibbs will never have a better chance than this to grasp the England Number 3 shirt… and keep it.

Attack wise, he is already there, he has a sweet left boot, as seen in Poland in recent days, and is never frightened to shoot when the opportunity is on.

His crossing is infinitely better than Clichy’s.

Defensively he will continue to improve, his pace helps him get out of situations, but he does need to continue to improve that area of his game.

When I compare Cashley, Clichy and Gibbs.. all aged 20 odd… Gibbs is the clear winner for me.

If Fabio continues with the dated 442, Kieron may even be suited to the left-wing spot, he was originally seen as a left winger for our youths, and played a blinder against Inter Milan in said position a few years back in the Emirates Cup thingy.

Really looking forward to this Hungary friendly, with Jack also on board, surely the Italian must play both young guns to see what they can give.

The Arsenal Golden Generation is beginning to pay Club and Country.

JET must break through now he has been finally given a position to master, centre forward big man, Heskey with skill.

We know how much Fabio likes Emile, surely a matter of months before JET is seen as the natural replacement… who else do England have coming through in that role?

Arsenal and Wenger are nicely in shape to help England over the next decade.

These youngsters are in the mould of Arsenal/Wenger,  technique is king.  Nobody cares about a player who can run all day and get stuck in any longer.

Players who are comfortable on the ball, in all areas of the pitch will rule the next decade… it is highly concievable that the starting eleven in the 2014 World Cup team will consist of 5 Arsenal players.

The Germans showed the World this summer what it takes to get a young international team to play well.

Wenger has been bashed in recent years for not helping the national team, the coming years will see many change their tunes.

A familiar tale.

13 Responses to “Gibbs will help avenge Capello”

  1. Eduardo da silva said

    Slightly to optimistic concerning JET, he’s had even less time in the arsenal 1st time than Gibbs and whilshire and I don’t think he’ll break through anytime in the coming months tbh great player though; can’t wait to see English players in the arsenal 11 fighting for the club because they no what it means to the fans, unlike are Gk who just don’t care that there letting the team down I.e almunia “I feel I have nothing to prove”.fabianski; “comments don’t bother me I have built up a resiliance agaisnt them” what twats

  2. American Made said

    Good post, I too am very excited about Gibbs. 5 Arsenal players? Its hard to predict which ones will break through for the national team, other than the likely Big 3 of Gibbs, Wilshire, and Walcott. JET? Lansbury? Afobe? Aneke?

  3. Johnie Njamio said

    Gibbs is far much better than Gael or Cole he has physical attributes that if he works hard in gym he will confront any bulk of a striker and win the battle. He has speed can shoot and ooh yes can cross unlike Gael as for defensive work needs to work on it.

  4. Arsene Wenger said

    Cracking post Hawke, good to see you back.

  5. Arsene Wenger said

    Gibbs is still slightly below clichy for me, but the battle this season will be good if they both stay fit.

  6. Goonerpower said

    I hate cashly Cole, I can’t wait for the game too let the youngs show, prove and keep there place! Great to get rid of some arrogant dead wood, they need a reality check BIG TIME!
    Good to see you back hawk.

  7. Joe said


  8. Jonathon Guild said

    Totally agreed.

    Think Gibbs is the bees-knees and will force Clichy out over the coming season.

  9. Champion said

    I like this article, though hate the title, No Arsenal player should help keep Cappello in his job.

    Cappello was the right man for the last world cup, with the group of players he had at his disposal.

    He is not the right man for the job as the next group of players come through, he does not have skill or flexibility to manage the future group of talented players who will be comfortable playing attacking football and holding on to it for long periods.

    If anything he will be a real hinderance, he should of taken the Milan job.

  10. I agree, Champion.

    The title was a bit tongue in cheek, poking fun at the cashley blanking of capello.

    He is not a international manager, and has clearly lost the respect of the senior players who appear to be blaiming him for the dysmal WC performances… his tactics were appalling.

    Not really sure who could step in right now and manage the England team.

  11. Davi said

    Bit early to say that gibbs is conclusively better than clichy. He made tonnes of mistakes in his first season, well the tail end of it, although these were largely because he was far too weak at the time, and since that season (08/09) he can’t have played 5 competitive matches for us..
    I sort of hope wenger tries him in the centre of midfield this season. Clichy is more than good enough at LB really, and kieran looks to have some similar qualities to flamini, which have been sorely missed. Plus he has a bit of extra pace and technical skill. Would definitely be an improvement on last season’s denilson at any rate (we know he will work harder at least), and could help tighten up our defense a bit imo.

  12. Jaygooner said

    I cannot find the qoute (should have saved it) but Wenger alluded in 2004 that the Academy would produce, and continue to produce, technically gifted ENGLISH players, but it would take patience. I am genuinely concerned though that Gibbs and Jack will suffer from the “hoof it and boot it” out dated 4-4-2, two banks of four, pass to the stars(lampard and Gerrard haha) attitude that permeates the thinking of the conservative England team. However. give it two more years and watch the kids shove the ageing chavs and mancs out of the team. Then you might see a team that will embarass Spain and dare I say it the Germans. Afobe and Aneke? very exciting prospects.

  13. Biscuit said

    I am excited looking at the youngsters coming through – especially Wilshere, Frimpong, Gibbs and Nordvedt – the quality of the youngsters is the main reason why Wenger won’t spend heavily in the transfer market – he doesn’t want to stiffle their development which is good – what annoys me most is that the ones who criticised Arsenal and their player development policy will be the ones who will benefit when the likes of Gibbs and Wilshere make an impact…..

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