Wellington plays tonight + LIVE Stream

August 3, 2010

Ok people, by now you are well aware our new Brazilian sensation, Wellington Silva, will be in the line-up to play a reserve match tonight against Boreham Wood.

The game is due off circa 730pm,  being played away at  Meadow Lane.

The following players are in the squad:


Use the following link to watch it…. enjoy!!



77 Responses to “Wellington plays tonight + LIVE Stream”

  1. V for Victory said

    nice heads up

    thanks for the link 😉

  2. rodale said

    thanks mate. I have been checking everywhere

  3. Arsenal Oldie said

    Brilliant, was wanting to view this, wtf are ATVO all about?

    they should be showing it

  4. WOOOW said

    u da man u da man blood

  5. Guys, not sure how reliable that link is… only just had it emailed to me in the last half an hour.

    Fingers crossed.

    oh and agreed re:ATVO

  6. Dilshan said

    hopefully it works..a player I, from what I have seen, think will take the PL by storm and I think he will be ready for 1st team when he arrives in Jan and might not need a loan

    what have you made of the new defender link and what do you make of Marquez, free agent can play both CB and DM, experienced and strong

  7. dilshan… marquez has joined th14 in NYC

  8. Dilshan said

    from what I read he is meant to be a player who has the attitude of if I do not stop you playing I will kick you out of the game and not afraid to let the team know when they are not concentrating enough or defending properly and I have heard he was one of the most physical defenders in the French league last season

  9. interesting looking player.. sounds like a typical deal.. approaching 30, and only needed as back up to the main 3.

  10. Joe said

    Watch out for Daniel Boateng he is pure class.

  11. anto said

    is that link workin

  12. SwedishGooner said

    Not working.

    That’s some fake Powerpoint-thingie.

  13. anto said

    doesnt seem 2be hapnin mate

  14. seems to be a strange thing to fake

  15. Franny said

    broken link… damn you!

  16. guys i did say earlier, was not sure how reliable that link would be, it was emailed to me

  17. deisegooner said

    a nobody bosnian that only plays 20% of his club games per season so ive read

  18. Carl said

    Stream doesn’t work.

    Why am I not surprised.

  19. Mannie said

    How do you use that link?? Mine isnt working

  20. 1-0 arse btw

    randall lobbed the keeper from 40 yds

  21. anto said

    ah well
    shit happens

  22. Arsenal Team Szczesny; Nordtveit, Bartley, Miquel, Cruise; Aneke, Randall, Ozyakup; Murphy, Afobe, Miyaichi.

  23. anto said

    makes a change from him missin from 5 yards

  24. Goonerpower said

    Has anybody got that link to work don’t really want to sign up lol

  25. Ohh well… Never mind

  26. ROB FULLER said

    why the hell aint this on ATV online… i paid for it for a month but didn’t think i’d only get text feeding from it!! any other links around?!

  27. i only pay for ATVO to watch back the games in full, and fans phone in.

    but reserve games should be standard.

  28. Dilshan said

    ow well..if the game is not being shown live by anyone there will be no way of streaming it live so I guess not much point on wasting time on that

  29. Goonerpower said


  30. guy said

    dam i wanted to see this match. are you there watching it stringfellow? how you know the score? im surprised the young japanese trialist is starting ahead of wellington

  31. gutted myself, very gutted.

    i am sure silva will get a cameo at some stage.. would love to see it.

  32. some japanese kid, miychi, is playing on trial for us, and is running riot down the wing with pace and trickery.

  33. my brother in law is at the game and he is keeping me up to date via blackberry messenger

  34. GOONER1 said

    how the hell do i watch it? it stream isnt doing anything!

  35. japanese cristano ronaldo apparently 😆

  36. Goonerpower said

    Lol, nice

  37. gizmo_gazette30 said

    dude I dont know if the match has started yet or not…….but the link is not showing any video…..

  38. JK Holland said

    Look at this movie about the japanese trialist Miyaichi..



  39. Franny said

    Woohoo sign up the Jap! Send him to Bolton on loan! 🙂

  40. gooner0609 said

    First S. Nelson, now Wellington.

    All we need is a Cromwell, Montgomery, Harris and a Churchill to shore things up.

    Trouble is we have Frank Spencer in goal.

    Seen a bit of this Wellington cove. Theo, watch your back mate.

  41. munawwar said

    i cant start this link!?? anyone has another link?

  42. no links anywhere

    no tv cameras at boreham wood apparently.

  43. munawwar said

    from where you getting the updates?

  44. silva is on and is a proper show off with his ronaldoesque stepovers

  45. dam dam dam

    missing something special apparently

    silva is putting on a wonder show

  46. nearly scores after wonder dribble

  47. lol, my brother in law is going mental raving about silva, says he will be better than henry 😆

    not sure about that one, only a freindly against boreham wood

  48. Goonerpower said

    I REALLY want to be seeing this, NOOOoooooo

  49. another super fast jinky run, shot wide.

  50. playing a bit selfishly… but crowd going mad with excitement

  51. Goonerpower said

    Heard so much about this kid. Hope your bro is right. Getting excited, we need a player of this caliber.

  52. its up for grabs now said

    yeah i was at the training ground last year and chatting to the staff, they told me that wellington is the real deal and they think he could become another brazilian superstar like pele!

    they said efobe is a great prospect too…

    you heard it here first!
    exciting and from what ‘hawke’ is saying it seems to be real

  53. he has followed arsenal since 73… so seen the likes of brady bergy henry and co

    he is serioujsly raving about this debut

    what a shame we all cant see it

  54. i done an article on him a few months backs with a utube vid of some mad skill he displayed in a game.

    check it out in the archives

  55. Van heusen jr. said

    Can’t believe am fucking missing this game, i need a fucking link!

  56. rodale said

    me too mate!!!

  57. Goonerpower said

    Watched it, looks very sharp scoring one and setting up the other. Let’s hope he can come through quickly. 🙂

  58. wellinton silva said

    mate top blogging, love this place.

    just checked out that wellington article you done before.

    man this kid is seriously amazing

  59. Frank said

    hey hawk. Am new n glad 2 here. Questn: d’u think we’ll sign these japanese guy? i saw a you tube vid of hm n he is impresive..

  60. 3-0 FT

    very impressive from silva by all accounts

  61. no idea about this jap kid, frank

  62. Goonerpower said

    Just read that Wenger is at the game as watching. Hope he is.

  63. Van heusen jr. said

    Any detailed info on both Miyaichi and Szczesny performance? Thanks.

  64. miyachi was as good as silva was in the 2nd half, very tricky, fast, direct.

    dont think sczenzsy had much to do tonight.

  65. Aash said

    Checked out the jap kid. We’ve got to sign him up now! He’s the next big thing am pretty sure.

  66. will get a full detailed view.. shall be conducting a phone interview with my brother in law tommorow am lol

  67. Goonerpower said

    Hey Stringfellow, got to say.. Top notch blogging. Would of struggled to get any idea of the match tonight. So thanks and keep it up, your the most interesting blogger out there. 🙂

  68. Arsene Wenger said

    Would 2nd that, GP

    Hawke you have it, whatever “it” is… you have it for sure.

    Just reading your comments on the game tonight has given me a nice overview.


  69. The Game Plan said

    Japanese trialist RYO MIYAICHI 2010…enjoy!


  70. Isas said

    Hi I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I enjoy your blog. Looking at the number of comments, I see others feel the same way! Congratulations on a very popular site.

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