Arsenal are in BIG trouble!!

August 2, 2010

Just been looking at the long list ( far too long to list here ) of all the new players the two teams who finished above us in the league last season have bought this summer.

Cor blimey.. couple the 100’s millions Manure and Chavski have spent with all those exciting youngsters they have coming through the ranks…

Think we are in dire straits!!

Yeah right, doomers, think again.

United are clearly bustino, Bacon Face is a spend it when you got it manager, always has been, always will be… so why has he not spent 30M on the striker they so desperately need?  Coupled with a new midfield.

Chavski are never shy about spending.. so where is the Ballack replacement?

Have you heard of all those youngsters, in the same league as Wilshere, JET, Frimpong, Gibbs, et al, that are coming through at those clubs?

No, neither have I.

So United are clearly in decline with Grandad Giggs nearly 40, Scholes similar…. Chavski have a team that will average over 30 next season.

Who do we fear then?  Where is our challengers?

City? Maybe, they have the players for sure, lets see what the manager is made of.

Spuds? 😆

Liverpool? Simply, No.

Villa, Everton, and the rest? Please.

So I ask… Who are the challengers to Arsenal?


49 Responses to “Arsenal are in BIG trouble!!”

  1. ali said

    would not get too arrogant there.Man u and chelsea have far far better squads than we have.

  2. elvido said

    Guess we’ll find out by the end of the season eh? Like we have over the last few years…..

  3. BigL said

    Liverpool, Villa, Everton – no
    Man City – no. It will take them time to gel

    Spuds, I think you write them off because they are the enemy. I think you have to give them a bit of credit for the progress they have made

    We are still clearly behind Man United and Chelsea. Not far behind granted, but behind nether the less.

    To say that Man United are in decline, I don’t think so.

    Granted Wilshire, Frimpong etc are looking good, but I don’t think they are ready to be the players we need just yet. We are crying out for experienced players to settle the squad, not more youngsters.

  4. mark reed said

    Hope your right buddy! come on you Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. I stand by what i say about united.

    That team has not even won a single pre-season friendly, they are average.

    Rooney is the be all and end all, and if he is injured they got papa diouf as cover, lol. says its all.

  6. Armourist said

    Be confident not arrogant, we are strong but we could be stronger, we need that last CB, so with Nordveit and Song we have six at the back considering our luck with CB injuries.

    The keeper situation is to me a sign that Wenger is less ruthless in his older age, he ordinarily would have bin bagged Almunia as he has always had a national number one as his goal keeper, barring Almunia, although Fabianski and WS are in line to be the Polish numbers.

    Bottom line it’s criminal that he hasn’t sorted that problem one way or another and going into our final week of prep that position shouldn’t be up for debate.

    But we are well stocked and sorted in every other position on the pitch including DM, so we are close.

  7. SA Goon said

    The challengers to Arsenal: Arsenal.

  8. king gooner said

    old “bacon face”will pull one £30 million one out of the hat-no matter how much debt they’ve got-mark my words the sly old fox always does-they don’t stand for the chavs i’m still expecting roman to cough up at least one stellar signing-us?i’d just be pleased with one top c/half-besides it’s all i can hope for!!

  9. Arsene Wenger said

    Need a keeper and a CB and we are totally ready to dominate for a few seasons.

  10. mikeB said

    Good for you,

    it’s high time we had a few more Arsenal supporters sites, and a few less of these people who knock the club at every opportunity.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. gooner71 said

    well in again, hawke buddy

    come on you mighty mighty arseeeenal.

  12. gooner71 said

    two fingers up at the DOOMERS

  13. Arsenal Oldie said

    Great blog

    100% AGREE

  14. Arsenal Oldie said

    Gooner71 – forget the doomers, they are not worth the effort, mental midgets the lot of them.

  15. gooner71 said

    looooooollllllll oldie

  16. Myles Palmer said

    Hmmm, not sure, not sure at all.

    First month will tell us a huge amount.

  17. Rock said

    You’re right, Arsenal have every right to be positive and we’ve had clearly the best preperation for the new season out of the other top sides. We do have the better youngsters too. Wilshere, Frimpong will make it at Arsenal, not sure about JET, maybe another loan deal would do him good.

    I can honestly see Wilshere and Frimpong starting at Anfield as the others are way behind with their match fitness. Song would be playing his first game, with Denilson and Diaby only possibly having the Warsaw game under their belts.

    I can see them putting in hungry and winning performances, which means others cant get into the squad, in the same way Flamini edged out a few players when he started the season with us 3 years ago and never looked back that whole season.

    Doubt we’ll sign a keeper either, Almunia is better than Schwarzer I feel and I can’t see Wenger spending too much on a keeper anyway. Doubt Man City would sell Given to us either. Think the priority has to be a centre back and we’ll be alright.

    Rosicky for me is a weak link and is way too indirect to offer anything much going forward, he’s a sideways footballer and is always bundled off the ball. I feel we need better backup for Theo on the right who will definately get his chance in most games this year as Wenger knows its now or never for him. Giovinco is tiny but far stronger and faster than Rosicky. Him or Afellay for me.

    Off to bet on Arsenal winning all 4 trophies.

  18. Dilshan said

    lol….for a second reading the headline thought even you have bought into the media agenda SH…glad that not everyone gets fooled by sky, sun and talk sport…

    I say this with the risk of being laughed at I honestly think we have one of the best if not the nest squad in Europe…let me explain, even though my reasoning is not straight forward to explain…

    forwards- not only do we have world class forwards in RVP and AA23 but we also have options not many teams have..if we need a physically strong forward line up we could play RVP, NB and Chamacak as a forward three, now Chelski only have Drogba (32-33) and UTD shrek. If we need express pace we could throw in Theo, Vela and if we needs tricks to unlock defence then AA23, Nasri, Risiki, RVP could provide that in abundance…

    midfield–yes again its the same if we want physical presence we could go with Diaby and Song or if we need a pressing passing midfield we could deploy players like Nasri, Whilshire, and Risiky ….and add to this the magical Cesc..

    Defence–I know we have had issues but still I believe we have two of the best FB in the world and arguably the best FB paring in PL and TV5 is one of the best CB in the game..Kos looks impressive too..for me our weak area is GK and if we sort that out most of our defensive issues such as the one leading to Milan goal will disappear and we will see how good our defence is…

    of course we have the issue with GK and may be lack of numbers in CB but overall I honestly think this team will not just achieve success but it will achieve excellence

    UTD- depend on one striker, RB is unproven and CM even by the admition of their own fans they lack creativity

    Chelski- well drogba is 32-33 and if he fails everything else will fall apart and their defence is old and lacks pace, and like you mentioned all of them are getting past 30, lampard, drog, anaelka terry carvaliho et al

    citiah- make no mistake they will not click as a team and even if they do by the time they find the best team they will be out

  19. GoonerRaza said

    well said SAgoon… the biggest challengers to Arsenal, are Arsenal.

    We definitely have the quality to win the league this season.

    Come on you gooooners!!

  20. Chris R said

    A tad optimistic, I feel. However, you have made some valid points. Chelsea have released Cole, Ballack and Belletti, and brought in…Benayoun. Good player, but a surprising signing nonetheless. Man U are asking for trouble if they continue to rely on Rooney; Berbatov has already shown that he will not step up to the plate, while young strikers Diouf and Hernandez are far too inexperienced to be relied upon consistently. At least, in our favour, our strikers are all pretty experienced at this level. Man City will most likely need time to gel, I don’t think anyone doubts that, but I would still be very wary of them this season; their squad looks strong now. Spurs and Liverpool, I don’t expect them to improve significantly. That is not to say I don’t recognise the progress Spurs have made, but if you scratch the surface of their first eleven, they are lacking in certain areas. Players like Jenas, Bentley, Huddlestone, etc, are not Champions League quality. If they reach the group stages, I’d be amazed if they progressed. Also, they have made only one addition this summer. All in all, I am quietly, cagily confident; we definitely need a couple more players in the obvious positions, but I was very impressed with the desire shown at the weekend. Granted, we still have defensive problems, but if you look at the pre-season performances of our rivals, then there is much cause for optimism. For those who say that it only pre-season, okay, but I would invite our doomsayers to consider the heavy defeats suffered by Chelsea, City, Spurs, United and Pool before crying for Wenger’s head yet again.

  21. Gooner Jay said

    Lol very good – now why don’t you post a blog explaining how many games against teams in the top 6 we won last season.

    Villa, Spurs and Liverpool at home.

    9 points from 36.

    But hey, lets use the fact that with 28 days of the transfer window left other teams have yet to buy their Summer targets.

    Be proud to be a gooner – don’t be a c**ky sod who leaves himself open to ridicule.

  22. huh? said

    so we’ve won the epl already?!

    yay! 😐

  23. sam said

    And here I was all ready to argue with you.

    So I’ll join you. Sitting on the toilet this morning I had a revelation – this season may well be like Adebayor’s first season: Strikers who score, a midfield that creates a lot of chances, quite a bit of bottle when it comes to the final 10 minutes and good performances in the big matches (against those tired over-30 sides!), but…but…still not enough aggression and bloody mindedness to win the league and not enough world-class quality to go further than the first or second knock-out phase of the Champion’s League.

  24. gooner 52 said

    look at the defense of arsenal and look at it properly…..then answer do we have the strongest defense?????? we need to be 3 goals up before 70 min to win a match…even if we are 2 goals up we still lose the match……look at united and the way they win 1-0 that will tell a lot about arsenal’s defense

  25. kc said

    I love your optimism here! I hope we can really compete for silver this term. But I feel a knock to Vermealen, Koscielny, or the injury proned Djourou would stifle those plans real quick. We need at least 1 more quality CB to at worst provide cover. But to really have a chance to win I think that signing needs to be a top class starter to pair with TV. Arsene being stingy with our money doesn’t bother me all that much. But being stubborn and ignoring glaring weaknesses that could make the difference between winning the title and just taking 3rd place again dumbfounds me.

  26. Myles Palmer said

    lol at some of the comments posted

  27. Johnny said

    big fan of this site, but I cant agree with this article. Technically we are different class to our rivals, but we wont be winning anything major(EPL/ECL)until we sign players who enjoy defending. As soon as we come under any type of pressure, we fold, where has the pride gone in keeping a clean sheet. Its fuckin frustrating when you see a team like Manure finish above you, simply because of a stronger mentality, they were garbage last season but kept digging out results. I really hope Arsene treats the F.A cup a bit more serious next season, as I think we could win that, given a good draw. All this is not to say,that it is all doom and gloom, we are very close to being a very successful side and I am not one of these halfwits who wants Wenger out. I think he is the best thing to happen to our club and I hope he is still our manager 10 years from now. Anyway love the blog, keep up the good work.

  28. Qmatic said

    Am Man u and we are killing you motherfuckers…gunners u lust team.

  29. I think the 2 cups represent a truly wonderful opportunity for us to win a trophy this season as the understudy players are now good enough for the first eleven, so essentially, the cup teams won’t be that much weaker.

    The likes of nasri, vela, walcott, and other young star who have been first team, will have developed over the summer and will be a lot tighter for the title challenge, whilst the young guns in wilshere et al have progressed well enough to compete at a top level.. ultimately in the cups.

    As you say, given decent draws, we should go a long way in both.. i think a final in one of the cups is inevitable this coming season.

    Chavski aside, most of the top 4 or 5 teams play slightly weakened teams in the cups, and i think our overall squad is better than many believe.

    As MP said above… first 4 weeks will tell us a lot.

  30. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Almost every club in the top half of the PL have to buy their talent. Some do it illegally and can pay off the punishment. Not stating any names *cough* Chelski scum. I still think man u have a reasonable youth squad. Players like welbeck, cleverley, evans, and gibson are almost with us. Let’s not push frimpong and JET like we did for past english players. (Pennant, Muamba, gilbert, and sidwell).Because i think these guys are golden. Wilshere is a dead cert for the new Gascoigne.

    Mate good post. Question: What policy, on youth development, do you think our new manager would do after Monsieur Arsene?

  31. V for Victory said

    Top blog.

    You are an arrogant sod, mr hawke.. but i really like what you write.

    I honestly look forward to reading your latest rant, lol.

    Keep blogging the way you do, as you are way different and unique to all the other arse blogs.

    Never agree with all you say, including today, but you have a certain flair.

    Do you blog elsewhere? or write elsewhere?

  32. GunnerX said

    We’ve lost 4 CB’s, one of which was arguably our best in that position, if we fail to sign at least one more centre back and a top class keeper, I can see us struggling to make the top 4, never mind actually winning it.

  33. DeiseGooner said

    Devensively – personell wise we are weaker than last season. Yes le boss says hes to buy another defender (or 2) but unless we strenghten in this area and the keeper position, and play as a proper unit at the back we will still lose points we shouldnt. So while i share your enthusiasm at the start of a new season i have tempered it until i see the defensive signings and signs of weaknesses worked on so badly needed

  34. V, thanks for the kind words.

    Nope, don’t write elsewhere… but shall be appearing on a radio show near you soon!!!

    Watch this space.

  35. Kipmonster said

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    Please see ….
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is ……..

  36. […] Arsenal are in BIG trouble!! Just been looking at the long list ( far too long to list here ) of all the new players the two teams who finished […] […]

  37. TC said

    Arsenal are the biggest challengers to Arsenal. On our day we can beat anyone but also on our day we can lose to anyone! With our fragile defence and dependence on a couple of key players it’s hard to be optimistic

  38. goonergerry said

    Chelsea are spending 17m on Ramires of Brazil. A current international- our players are at best promising and a few years off before they are playing at that level.
    We have spent 8m on Kosielny and lost a further 4 centre backs- with no transfers planned. Does speaking the truth make me a gloomer?

  39. Have chavski spent the money yet?

    or is this just specualtion?

    very soon that chavski team will need another 200m being spent to make it a force again… i cannot see that happening for the 2nd time.

    roman had hoped by now, 7 years down the road, and almost a billion bucks spent they would have become the dominant force in both epl and cl football.

    2011 was the fabled year they were to become solvent, and not require his funding to source new players… they still make MASSIVE losses annually, without the roman cash, they are bankrupt stock.

    Take pride in the club you support, as it stands head and shoulders above any other in this world.

  40. gooner0609 said

    Debt is one aspect of the lack of signings this year but the #1 reason is UK taxes on footballers income. Johnny foreigner will always look elsewhere if 60% of his wages go to the welfare state. It is the beginning of the end for what is an overrated league to begin with ouside the top 4.

    So how do you overcome that. Find the ambitious never heard of before player who is off the radar or make your own babies.

    Cue Mr. Wenger and his inate skills. I’m not certain we will win the Championship this year but we are as talented and motivated as the nearest competition. What I am more confidant of is winning 6 of the next 10.

  41. cootas said

    The title is obviously there for the taking if only we’de SPEND SOME BLOODY MONEY!!!!!

  42. irish gooner said

    a misleading title of this piece,i was ready to lay into you but after reading al is forgivin,,a good tactic to get people reading 🙂

  43. an even better tactic when one is extracting the urine out of the doomers 😉

  44. irony is also something they say only yanks do!!

  45. realjaygooner said

    i hear spahic moving to the arsenal?? what do you have on that hawke?? any idea on the player?? and if the rumour is any bit accurate?

  46. no nothing about it jay

    but as i said to dilshan, sounds a much more likely deal than the silly jageilka rumours.

  47. Burnhard said

    you cock, man utd don’t need new players, i think we proved that last year sunshine. you just keep buying the average crap you are buying, and leave winning the league to us, you ‘pleased to be 3rd/4th’ tosspot

  48. Burnhard said

    chamakh, don’t make me laugh! a season’s best 15 goals in a shite league! i bet everyother teams bricking it! that centre half geezer from Lorient that ends in a ‘ny’ don’t know his name so he can’t be that good also in a team that finished mid-table in ‘ a shite league’
    good luck…. you’ll need it!


    we have the squad to win the league hopefully this year. the thing that i have notice, sometimes our young lads are scared of the big guys out on the pitch. they need to get that fear out of their head. and i’m sure we can beat chelsea or man u or any team out there. all the best gunner fans.

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