Arsenal’s Golden Generation

July 31, 2010

A quick post this morning, yours truly will be off within the hour, heading to the Emirates, to watch his beloved Arsenal take on the Italians from Milan.

The A.C variety of Milan is on the menu today, and the most fascinating weekend of pre-season football EVER to be seen at The Home of Football.

With our World Cup players still not back in training, Arsenal’s “Golden Generation” of young guns get to really stake a claim for first-team squad berths.

The likes of JET, Wilshere, Frimpong, Gibbs, Lansbury, Nordtveit, and Sczenzsy will all get a proper chance to shine against top notch opposition, and judging by previous Emirates Cup weekends, commitment and quality are always on show… with the new season just around the corner, and the real hard graft of Austria out of the way, the players should be finely tuned and almost at peak levels.

Van Persie’s glorious goal againt Inter a few pre-seasons back, and Wilshere’s crunching tackle on Salgado being perfect cases in point!

The so-called Golden Generation are now really at ages when they should be pushing intensively to be at least on the bench for first-team games, as opposed to playing reserve football.

The young polish keepers should each get good pitch time this weekend, many of the faithful at the Emms are yet to really see the quality of Sczenzsy, having seen him play at Griffin Park for Brentford last season, I can assure them they are in for a treat.

As I have mentioned previously, it’s Frimpong who will interest me most, along with Wilshere, as I can see both these being in the squad to travel up to Anfield in a fortnight’s time, with one of them starting.

Enjoy Gooners.


18 Responses to “Arsenal’s Golden Generation”

  1. Arsenal Oldie said

    Hi stringy, going myself, really looking forward to the weekend.

    Lansbury is the player I look forward to seeing, he has the real English grit and determination about him coupled with excellent technique.

    Should be fun, thanks for the post.

  2. gooner71 said

    Same here oldie off to emirates aswell today

    cant wait

  3. Trev the barber said

    wilshere for me

    he is gazza all again

  4. Goonerpower said

    The season for me always starts at the Emirates cup, seeing how our young-guns have grown and how good our new signings are. As you say stringfellow we always have some decent competition with the likes of inter, Ajax ect..

    Here to the Arsenal!! Will be watching at work
    (I work for Sky woooop)

  5. Arsene Wenger said

    Concur with that goonerpower.

    Season starts today for me.

    Be fabbo to see all the young guns we have been hearing so much about for years finally mature enough to get lengthy time against top players.

    very excited, not going but will watch on tv.

  6. Nedu said

    JET! He’ll fly today

  7. Please tell me I am not playing today as I don’t want to risk my move to La Liga 3 giants Cordoba Town…….

  8. ric said

    we seen some fantastic young players comming through but its like you people foget the others real top quality and some of the best there age better than more half playing in the PL in there position even though they are so young let me give you some names and age bartley 19, sunu 19, ozyakup 17, aneake 17, afobe 17, freeman 18, barazite 19, boateng 18/16 botelho 19, galindo 17, Ignasi Miquel 17 sanchez watt 18, thomas cruis 18, hajrovic 17 yennaris 17 james shea 17 henderson 17, meade gavin hoyt still only 19 with lots of expectation randall the same just need a chance rhys murphy the hype rooney had he could have had had he not been so injury prone we and am shore all that dont believe me now will believe me in the nare future

  9. Sols a homo said

    Golden balls,

  10. Champion said

    JET has great potential and I looking forward to see him shine.

  11. Goonerpower said

    Tell you what laurent koscielny looks very very good. Positioning excellent tackling excellent. Things looking very good indeed.

  12. with the squad of the team as it is now not soon arsenal raised again even on the second place

  13. gooner0609 said

    Wilshire & Frimpong matched against a very physical Flamini, Gattuso and Seedorf and they did not look at all intimidated. Some perspective is good but that was an astonishing performance from a couple of kids.

    Exit Gattuso and Young Jack had the freedom of the park.

    There are a lot of parts still in storage but today showed me we have strength in depth for the run of the mill games in the Premiership. Rather impressive.

    Number 6 looked smart and aggressive without the ball and poised with it.

    He will make a couple of howlers this year so lets try not to slaughter him.

    Vela showed some fitness and hustle. He has obviously been told what is expected of him.

    This is a good group, lets get behind them

  14. amso said

    Gud performers guys all the best ageist celtic 2day.

  15. Goonerpower said

    Arsenal 3 – 1 Celtic. Run and put your bets on. Nasri to score first. 🙂

  16. Great day out.

    Frimpong was so so, Wilshere very good, he must start the liverpool game if cesc is not 100% ready… he could easily step up.

    Chamkh is simply class, wonderful movement, never stops working, total opposite to badeybayor…. has great first touch, would have liked to have seen more good crosses into the box for his heading ability to shine.

    Gibbs was my MOTM, easily! What a player, capello must pick him for england immediately, he is already up there with cashley imo… gael is in big trouble.

    Koscienly, brilliant looking player, gets stuck in, reads the game better than vermaelen, has searing pace, and will be a real fave for us gooners by xmas.. i predict he will be ahead of tommy v in the pecking order by 2011, natural defender, his brain is fine tuned to the art of intercepting the play to perfection.

    Not going today, but looking forward to watching jet and co have a chance.

  17. Jay-Jay said


    This is a really great blog, I’ve just stumbled across it having a browse around the Arsenal sites.

    Thought I’d let you know.

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