Puyol: I hope you break your leg

July 30, 2010

You absolute fucking wankstain of a cunt.

How fucking dare you, who the fuck do you think you are?

I 100% hope you get seriously injured, injured so you cannot kick a ball again!

Why am I angry?

Puyol the fuckwit has today said…

“He is having to stay at a club where he no longer wants to be for another year.

“I wonder how intelligent it is keeping a player who doesn’t want to be there.

“After seven years of great service, I thought Arsenal could have granted him his dream move.”

“He is professional enough still to have a great season and also because he has a lot of respect for the Arsenal fans.

“But anybody who tries to convince themselves he wanted to stay at Arsenal is wrong.”

“We all thought a deal would be done this summer.

“But Arsenal have refused to talk and we are going to have to wait another year to get Cesc home.

“He is far too classy a guy to say it but the truth is he doesn’t want to be at Arsenal this season.

His heart is already in Barcelona, even though we must wait another year for his body to be here.

“We know he is arriving next season. Barcelona have a whole year to sort the deal out.

Go fuck yourself, Mophead.

Excuse the french, but those quotes totally take the biscuit… that was the straw that broke the camels back in my book!

Karma is a wonderful, wonderful thing… unlucky moppy!

Gooners far and wide, wish this total cunt the worst of fates, nobody deserves it more… he will rue the day he fucked with The Arsenal


106 Responses to “Puyol: I hope you break your leg”

  1. ross said

    is he actually stupid. him saying he wants to leave all the times is jst getting the arsenal fans angrier. and now most likely will not cheer him. he is making it worse for his last year.

  2. Trev the barber said

    well in, fucking well in.

    Been waiting for a live and direct gooner blog like this for weeks.



  3. gleeful said


    get in stingy get fucking in son

  4. Let’s face it if you’re a true gooner and football fan and use a bit of logic he’s only stated what we all know already. That being said, I wouldn’t mind at all if Puyol was hit by a bus

  5. gleeful said

    musta man he has not right as stirngy says, who is he to tell arsenal what to do?

    so what if cesc wants to leave he aint

    puyol can go fucking die

  6. PTangYangKipperBang said

    What an absolute fucking CUNT! Karma will fuck them somehow. I feel sorry for Cesc. I feel all this shit sucks and just fucks with Cesc’s head. He really just a kid who wants to play football.

  7. Van heusen jr. said

    Won’t mind if he got shot! Damn!this is too fucking disrespectful.

  8. llaker said

    what a cunt.
    end of story.

  9. Arsha said

    Point is the “fans” who boo Fabregas and deride him are doing exactly what this muppet and his band of twats want.

    They can’t afford or are unwilling to spend much (oh the irony) so they want to disgustingly lower the price and weaken Arsenal’s hand by making the fans turn against Cesc. This should not happen!

  10. gleeful said

    nobody will boo cesc

    he has done nothing wrong

  11. wanker said

    what a disresptful wanker this puol has bee all summer

    really do hope him to get hurt as he is too bad to us

  12. arsene wenger said

    puyol seems to forget 1 thing, barca dont have the money to sign cesc, he needs to pull the weave out of his eyes

  13. New York Gooner said

    Guys i am in disbelief at these quotes

    they are almost unbelievable, he simply cannot be alout to get away with this, this time its WAR

  14. New York Gooner said

    I still cannot get over what a total frigging dick puyol has been all summer.

    He needs a lesson.

  15. RVP10 said

    he fuckin needs hung the cunt

  16. abc said

    good one stringfellow

    i hope him nothing but paaaainnn

  17. abc said

    puyol = mega cunt

  18. LOL said

    omg top top top hawke

    go go go

    get this CUNT

  19. Chris G said

    poohole you Fucking wankwit your fucking club didn’t have the money for him you piece of horse shit. I hope there’s a thug in la liga like Taylor or shawcross to break your fucking leg u gipsy.

  20. kc said

    Agree with the post and every other comment on here. Puyol is a bitch.

  21. puyol said

    I’m just bitter I look like Bryan May’s bastard spanish sibling. Brian’s barnet always had more volume the cunt!

  22. Lady Arse said

    I really think it’s time we let him go. He is obviously set on Barcelona and is our captain for christs sake!!!
    Better to get rid now rather than all of the disruption he is going to cause during the next season and knowing he is going to go anyway!

  23. Matt said

    Go on Carlos nick their best player u fucking genius. Hope you flop this season starting at Anfield.
    Bunch of fucking prawn sandwiches

  24. Rockitt said

    Remember lads don’t Boo Fabregas we must be the class act we are and who knows nothing is inevitable maybe he will stay another year certainly if we boo him he will leave next year but if we show him our support it will make it harder for him to leave and just like everyone else thats left regret it thats what makes us different we don’t employ guns for hire such as Chelsea utd and city we develop and forge career relationships with our players. So no booing lads it may pay of if we show some class oh and fuck puyol barca bastard

  25. Grim said

    yep, puyol is nothin but a diseased wrinkled cunt! cesc is a gunner and nobody, not even a cunt like puyol and any other cunt can change dat.

  26. 1SONG said

    FUCK THAT DOG PUYOL!! Nothing but a fucking dirty dog!! Him and that Xavi always talk talk talk!! FUCKING PISSES ME OFF!! At least Arsenal fucking stand by something and dont just buy the whole world to win something! When Arsenal win something again (which wont be far away) its gonna be so sweet and tasty and im gonna fucking love it and im gonna stick it up all you Barca cunts! COME ON ARSENAL! COME ON ARSENAL!!! COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

  27. marcus said

    I’m not sure if this was part of the same interview but Puyol also had this gem to add:
    “I won’t say he is in a prison, as we know how privileged we are as football players.”
    What a cunt.

  28. Daniyal said

    Haha Puyol is a cave man. He has no brain whatsoever. He did make that prison comment.

    Guys its okay. They are shooting themselves on the foot. They are losing support by the minute. Hell the sun called them shameless. All the Barcelona glitter is wearing off now.

    Cesc will eventually go. We have plenty of players to build the future on. Wenger has to make sure Barcelona pays up. That is all that matters.

  29. Seamonkey_UK said

    Good blog, I couldn’t put it better myself, I hate that fudge packer ugly twat. Why Cesc hasn’t come out and asked them to stop with all this shit talk I don’t know. Didn’t this guy break Cesc’s leg in the champions league. If you have friends like that who needs enemies. Puyol I hope your pathetic excuse of a club go bankrupt soon. I will along with many Arsenal supporters be celebrating. Hate you and your players who have spoke about Cesc and your fucking shitty debt ridden club. Over £330 million in debt and rising, (in every cloud there is a silver lining) can’t wait to see you injured, I will watch the reply over and over again with joy you fuckwit.

  30. sleezyP said

    u r the sickest goon to walk the planet..respect man..fuck puyol, brett the hitman hart looka like fuckin dog..

  31. yanny said

    gooners we must stand up against filth like puyol

    he has pushed us to the limit

    i seriously cannot believe he could be stupid enough to make those comments

    what a total fucking devil

  32. h 2 0 said





  33. pradha said

    Haha… Fabregas is an arsehole and same goes to this mophead. Fabregas has got another 5 years contract, and what Arsenal should do is dont let him go anywhere for the next 5 years and make him sit on the bench for the next 5 years. Teach this fucker a lesson. Bastard.

  34. Jack said

    this puyol fucker should be tied to a pole and shot.

  35. Kipmonster said

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is …….. ArsenalFansHateBarcelonaFC@gmail.com

  36. Chigooner said

    fuck you matt and your comment. and screw you puyol, your nothing but a giant asshole. fabregas stated how much he loves this club and wants to win trophies for us. so all fabregas is thinking about right now is getting fit for the start of arsenals campaign. Arsenal=class. Barca= brilliant geniuses on the field, but ignorant, arrogant donkeys who care nothing but themselves. and get ready liverpool, arsenal is truly ready and up for the challenge this season!!!

  37. pras said

    Hey Barca

    You catalonian twats got in debt stealing our players for years and now want the next one on the cheap eh?

    Manuel Aluminium is from Spain and he thinks catalonian shit dont stank either. You can have him for 100 pesos. Deal?

  38. timstuna said

    this is serious you dont see other teams push you to sell your players thats just plian stupid of him to think he has the right to tell the gunners that they need to give him to them…..what a stupid guy(puyol)

  39. timstuna said

    the gunners will not take such crap from barca

  40. Pat said

    Break a leg, break his neck, get hit by a train. I don’t fucking care, as long as this overrated cunt shuts up

  41. Lagos-gooner said

    There is this hypocritical thing that happens when it comes to arsenal! When we break 3 legs in 3 seasons no one bothers changing the rules or acknowledging that people take a “hurt them” approach to playing us, instead they say its fair play. If it was Man U that broke 3 legs in 3-4 seasons there would have been an FA enquiry!!

    When other teams go to the press about a player and even sporting directors and coaches and go as far as to unsettle his next season, whether its his last or one of many to come, because its arsenal UEFA and FIFA keep quiet, if this was another tea enquiry!!! I’ve had it with these slimy spaniards not respecting themselves and next time they com near the Emirates they better not leave the bus!!

  42. hers said

    Fabrigas is the one that is alowing this tipe of peblicity. He dont have the qualities as a captian.
    He must respect Arsenal even when the barcelona shirt was pulled over him and he didnt realy show any resistance.
    Fabrigas must grow up and respect his contract.
    To be a captian is not just given to anybody, it is a privelage and a gift to get that honour.

  43. GOONER81 said


  44. The Professor said

    Well…just sell fab to Real Madrid…


  45. Umar jos said

    Puyol is the worst cunt ever to exist under the sun. May he end up in alqaeda’s wanted list. Who cares

  46. ROB FULLER said

    Great honest blog post ! and i’m loving the honesty pouring out in the comments but let’s all remember we’re classy Gooners and we have a classy club.we must not lower ourselves to Barca’s level. These players such Poo-yol say these things to wind us up, to wind up Wenger and they don’t realise they are actually hurting Cesc in the process too. Any Gooner who boos Cesc will be playing into these muggy cunts hands.So we must rise above it and let our players alongside Cesc, do the talking on the pitch. I sincerely hope we get barca in the Champs league again this year and fucking kick their arses 4-0 or something with Cesc scoring a penalty given away by Poo-yol! that would be the seetest revenge! Gooners check out my web-blog (complete ranter)if you like these kinds of honest arsenal related rants (among others)!! i’d be honoured to have some of your comments sprading the word on my blog too!! top notch Gooners and Goonerettes!! love ya!

  47. swazigooner said

    What a disgrace..i wouldn’t condone fans booing cesc but i cant blame them either. He should have come out ages ago to tell these barca assholes to SHUT THE FUCK UP and that he is a gunner at least one more season!!

  48. blaze gooner said


  49. Sed_it said

    4 once I’ll b supporting Real Madrid to fuck ths fucks up. I hope Morinho makes me proud n stuffs th P***k into them agen,ths tym in both th C.L. and la liga.

  50. Goonerpower said

    I honestly would slap this jumped up little cock mouthed cunty fuck. The thing is, it’s now time for Cesc to come out and state what he’s going to do, ie staying. If these are true from puyol shitty dick suck mouth then Cesc also speak to his “friends” to shut the fuck up!!!!

  51. Vetle Faag said

    Barcelona will get Fabregas for free in 2015. Not a year earlier.

  52. Vetle Faag said

    Barcelona will pay for this shit. Barca have done all the wrong things in this case. We can sell Fabregas to Real Madrid for 500 billions in 2014.

  53. padda said


  54. Mike E said


  55. salu said

    damn we had a great chance to end his career in the champ league last season diaby could have killed him
    i hope diaby gets another chance to kill him this season

  56. nhlanhla said

    Yes Puyol and the whole of Barcalona are disrespectful,but in truth we have created this problem of consistently selling our best players and they probebly feel that if we are pushed we will yield to the temptation of cashing in,not to mention the fact that as a team have we shown an ambition to win the title.How many of us really believe that we will go to united,chelsea and city and come back with something but mirecles do happen and that is probebly our best chance if the club came out and said look we dont have money due to this or that we wuold have to acept and trust that when the stadium is payed up we will compete again,but we are told we will add and nothing ever happens

  57. Paul said

    Puyol is absolutely right, cesc doesn’t want to be at Arsenal anymore and why should, Barcelona are a far better team than Arsenal so why stay at a team he doesn’t want to be at, once Cesc has gone arsenal won’t even be a one man team anymore lol, go for it Cesc follow ur dream and fk the Arsenal

  58. goonerRoj said

    If i see any of those tossers they’re getting it right between the eyes. I’m sick of this, if cesc wants to go then he can…..if barca can afford the £60m. They clearly cannot – but because blatter and platini are selective in their condemnation of clubs barca are getting away with this behaviour. As for reina – i’m thinking you cunt what the fuck are you getting involved in shirtgate for? wonder what barca would say if someone forced a real madrid shirt on iniesta…..will always hate them now.

    No player is bigger than Arsenal..no one…

  59. the biz said

    puyol u mutha fuckin horse lookalike,mophead twat!

  60. Brian said

    He is 100% correct, let the ungrateful bugger go! I don’t want him as our captain anymore!

  61. Mike Irish gooner said

    This fuckn Spanish waiter should shut his fuckn mouth sick of this inbreed cunt mouthing off.someone should cut the breaks in his car but that would be too good for the cunt.let’s hope the team bus crashes and they all go up on fire.it was Puyol who’s hair started it cunt cunt cunt.u will never break the mighty arsenal.

  62. Rascal Crowe said

    Barca = debt ridden. Puyol’s mother forgot to teach him that beggars can’t choose. Fuck off caveman!

  63. moan said

    haha..u guys are so funny..puyol has won everything in football and u call him stupid..haha,come on mate..look at yourself..u guys are just a supporters with no match with even a week of puyol salary..and here u r cursing him..haha,funny looolll…and let me remind u,if cesc really want to staty with arsenal,he would have said earlier that he want to stay with arsenal next season..but no…we all really know that he himself want to go back to barca..to win something..wake up mate!! =P

  64. GuessWho said

    Someone please kill this catalan terrorist cunt!!!!

    Girlie haired piece of daigo shit!!!

  65. GuessWho said

    Kipmonster, just register with FIFA and keep e-mailing them.
    When they were showing the stort of Iniesta saying Fabregas wants to join Barcelona a load of us sent e-mails to FIFA and a few hours later the page was no longer available. Seems to me they knew it was wrong what Barstardlona and their cuntbag players were doing so if they get bombarded with e-mails they may just find a spine to deal with the dirty catalan arse wipes!!

  66. RH said

    Shameful piece mate – hopefully when you’ve calmed down you’ll realise that. Wishing an Eduardo or a Ramsey on someone…..
    Yeah Barca, their President, right down to the playing staff have behaved appallingly, why lower yourself to their level?

  67. I don’t blame this chap of a mother-fuck-up.Still in your mother fucking lane; who are you to determine where Fab should be. Didn’t you and your stupid Barca know that he was good a player when you offloaded him to arsenal? Wish you had a bullet in you head freak…..

  68. Goonerpower said

    RH get off your high horse with your moral high ground shit. Fuck them all!!!

  69. slugboy said

    you want the best, you pay the money. £35m is an insulting bid for fabregas. If you want to get him out of jail, you’ll need a more expensive jailbreaker. how much did Real pay for Ronaldo???? Show me the money!

  70. anonymous said

    puyol just said the truth; and we all know the truth hurts.
    Cesc said that he’s a barça fan and that if he had to leave arsenal, he’d want to go to barcelona.

    and plz dont speak about stealing players, when arsene wenger all he’s doin is to steal young players from other clubs ( he did it twice from barça) and we’ll know all the french clubs hate arsenal and arsene wenger.

  71. kayonga said

    Puyol simply fuck off

  72. Gooner in Oz said

    Why would cesc want to join a club that’s halfway to being a catalonian leeds? Arsenal are far stronger financially than barca. Maybe we’ll buy Messi.

  73. king gooner said

    hey paul you wank rag-still jerking yourself off over the “stratford spuds”getting fourth spot lol!p.s when’s the dvd coming out celebrating ’61 & 50years of mediocrity ..c**t…

  74. Face The Music said

    At the end of the day it comes down to making money now to buy players who REALLY want to play at Arsenal or trying to keep hold of a captain who has one foot out the door! Surely the money is the better option. Take 40m, buy Ozil from under the Mancs. Buy Ramires from under Chelski and pocket 5-10m. Simple numbers!

  75. Naija Dude said

    Puyol is a cunt and may all the barca players die an untimely death! I will be rooting for Real madrid to dislodge this folls from their high horse. Hahahaha!!!!

  76. GOONER1 said

    these barcelona faggots don’t stop do they? and all these fans of others teams saying us gooners should relax and just let him go, id like to see what man u fans would say if everton came back for rooney or west ham came knocking at chelsea’s door for lampard, i doubt they would be thrilled about it.
    Barcelona are cheats, deceitful and scum after they “assured” us eariler this year they wouldn’t bid for cesc. We’ve finally grown some balls but i think its time we step it up and tell them spanish fucks to piss right off

  77. ArsenalJason said

    I really dont get is why barce is so desperate for cese. They have like 50 midfielders already, and if anyone has watched the world cup they might certainly have notice that fabregas isnt really the best fitting for the style of play they have. i really cannot see how xavi and messi can be a good combination with cese.
    the worst thing is barce is actually cheeky enough to bid only 30 euros for cese???? fucking milner from aston villa is getting more then cese. That is just disrespectful to Arsenal. They have already stabbed all arsenal’s fans in the heart when they took henry from us.
    If I was wenger, I would-
    1) Make a counter offer for their best player ( messi) for the same cheap price that they are offering
    2) or burn them by selling cese to Real madrid, ohh that would kill them, and probably Real madrid would pay tons of money to arsenal.

  78. RG YID said

    what has puyol done wrong? i’m pritty sure he knows your ‘fabulous’ captain and what he wants to do a lot better than you lot – y the fuck would fabregas wana stay with you when he can win things with the best club in the world?? when was the last time you won anything? wait the history channel is on let me quickly check!!!!

  79. jorma said

    kill the fucking mophead

  80. gunner17 said

    i really really want to see us beat barca over the next couple of years and help jose mourinho and their poor finances send them into a well dererved barren spell. what a classless bunch of cunts.

  81. kots said

    Puyol Will definately break a leg. he is a big fool and idiot. i thought he was a professional but am wrong. a debt ridden club. shegiya.

  82. Gunner38 said

    Puyol is a fucking bell-end. He looks like a 70s gaylord. Let’s hope that Taylor, Shawcross and any other headless cock meets him in a friendly and rips his hamstring out of his leg. He is a liberty taking wanker along with Chavi, Iniesta et al. Cunt!

  83. quaye said

    iv booked 8 tickets to Barcelona, i know the owner of the airline and he says he wont check our bags. Just ordered 8 Kalashnikov’s and enough explosives to take out your upper-class spanish villa. Any1 up for? Got 7 tickets free.

  84. RG YID said

    Cesc i will drive you to the airport my son

  85. Devers said

    What a cunty cuntason cunt!!!!!! I hate him and hope the wold barca te die. In a crash cos they can’t afford a decent plane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Latin Gunner said

    Why is everyone saying mophead is a cunt? Just to clarify Cunts are useful, mophead isn’t.
    I hope the fucking caveman tears cruciate ligaments and takes one up the arsenal!

  87. Goonerpower said

    YID, why don’t you fuck off you silly little boy. Knowbody gives a fuck what you have to say. Fuck dick

  88. RJP said

    I hope he breaks his skull, the ugly horse faced cunt deserves it!

  89. Gra said

    RG YID-Why dont you take your face for a shit on a ‘spuds’ site?

    COYS= Carry on yearning success

  90. Justin said

    Yid you stupid twat, who are ya! You fucking shadow dweller. Spurs are just green eyed wannabes! Mug! You’ll never win anything other than the muppett cup ya player hating cunt! Matt and paul etc, liverpool are shit and cant spell championship winner’s! 🙂 just wish you would all fuck off to your own forums, sad cunts! Lol! You’d love to be in the arsenal! Delusional retard’s!

  91. They can’t afford or are unwilling to spend much (oh the irony) so they want to disgustingly lower the price and weaken Arsenal’s hand by making the fans turn against Cesc. This should not happen

  92. Sols a homo said

    You ballbags can’t fight like your south London HIV carrying fans,I am loving the state your in right now,cesc going,wenger on the way,no centre halfs,3 shite keepers,players legs hanging off,and your team are heartless french basards.wengers a pedo 🙂

  93. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Barcelona, class since 1899. Grow up peter pan, Barca are crying that they can’t fuck with us and get Cesc for one season. They are guaranteed to get him. We are going to sell him. So Puyol should worry more about his hair than anything else. I mean his hair looks just as bad in a footy game as it does normally. Unbelievable. That’s exactly how he scores headers, who wants to touch that peasent?


    This story gotten old the first time Cesc said he loved Barca. Which was 3 years ago. Why would Cesc join a team where he will be on the bench, or have to let Busquet, Keita, Bojan, Ibrahimovic, Pedro not do anything. Come on son, get the fuck out of here with that bull shit.

    Otherwise cheers on the post mate

  94. Matt said

    Arsenal over the mighty LFC hahahaha you wish we will definetly 100% win the league before you prawn lovers, go suck on some Yiddish cock wannabe big boy

  95. Goonerpower said

    Matt you stupid cock mouth, you ain’t even won the prem league yet so what makes you think you will win it before us……….who have won it. Go play with yourself and find out what it does, you might like it!!!!!

  96. Goonerpower said

    Don’t give me that shut about champs league, I couldn’t give too fucks monkey boy

  97. Goonerpower said


  98. Gooner64 said

    Puyol you cock sucking syphilitic whores cunt. You fucking scum.

  99. Dec said

    Total cunt. No Class.

    Best thing we can do is give Cesc total support, show him where his home is, make it harder for him to leave, and above all SHOW OUR CLASS.

  100. U.S GOONER said

    All of your angst is directed in the wrong place. FIFA thats the villian. Here if a player under contract remarks about moving,his team fines him,then sits him.. and he is looked at as an unprofessional spoiled twat.That player loses playing time,which costs him insentive bonuses.Other teams admins. wont mention other players under contract because the fines and penaltys for that are so huge they could lose the right to bring to the club anymore young talent.the moral of the story is,until fifa stops clubs and players from tampering with contracted players this is all worthless spat….One more thing ,this idea of a player having a right to play for his home dream club is fucked,your under contract for millons do your fucking job and shutup while doing it.and when your contract is up go where you want.Just remember to thank the club that just gave you the life that most of us would give a nut for!!

  101. […] Puyol: I hope you break your leg You absolute fucking wankstain of a cunt. How fucking dare you, who the fuck do you think you are? I 100% hope you get […] […]

  102. lukychmz said

    break his leg? I hope he breaks his fucking neck the perm wearing little bitch. Hopefully they will go bankrupt and collapse as a football club

  103. Mr Dollar said

    Hehe What A Silly Post It Is realy Funny Ha Ha Ha..

  104. Zulu Gooner said

    Matt – take your medications sonny or you`ll be sectioned.

    Great Blog

  105. […] Stringfellow Hawke пишет: These players such Poo-yol say these things to wind us up, to wind up Wenger and they don’t realise they are actually hurting Cesc in the process too. Any Gooner who boos Cesc will be playing into these muggy cunts hands.So we must rise above it and let ….. Just remember to thank the club that just gave you the life that most of us would give a nut for!! lukychmz July 31, 2010 at 01:44 #. break his leg? I hope he breaks his fucking neck the perm wearing little bitch. … […]

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