The Emmanuel Frimpong Story

July 28, 2010

All football fans, across the planet, love a player in their team who does nothing but terrorise the opposition, literally bully the life out them.

Harass the opponent, chase him down, force a mistake… and if all else fails, smash him to the ground.

In  18-year-old Frimpong, we have a cast iron certainty of a future fans favourite, the kid is 100% assured to be the dominant midfielder in our team for years to come.

Unless Wenger reverts to the now fashionable 4-2-3-1 formation, which deploys two defensive midfielders, I can only see a future for Alex Song at centre back, as this kid is 100% shit hot and will be certain for the first eleven before the new season is out.

If you could computer generate an ideal defensive midfielder, you would want him to be a complete human pit bull, squat, fast, hard as nails, fearless, tough  tackling, endless stamina, never say die attitude, get the ball back for your team or worst case rip the opponents ankle to shreds… well you would in fact be creating Emmanuel Frimpong.

He has been on Arsenal’s books since 2003, joining up at the tender age of 11, born and raised in Ghana, where he spent the first 9 years of his life, then subsequently placed behind enemy lines in North London… Tottenham.

Frimpong went on to captain the England u18s, having played at most youth levels for this country, unfortunately for his adopted country, he decided in early 2010 that he would now not accept any more call ups for England, instead focusing on an international career with his motherland, Ghana.

Fair play, and as the lad says “I respect what this country has done for me and my family, but I am Ghanaian”

Respect to the roots!

The lad also appears to have his head firmly screwed on, work ethic is certainly in those roots..

“Obviously in the last couple of years Alex has showed everyone what he can do. He went on loan to Charlton and came back stronger. Everyone wondered if he would be a good player for Arsenal, whether he would establish himself in the first team, and I think he has proved that. He is playing really well at the moment. That’s what I want to be doing in a few years”

Alex now needs to step it up, otherwise his young African buddy will surpass him.

Maybe the unit of Song and Frimpong bulldozing in front of the back four, with super attacking full-backs overlapping down either flank, might be the way forward?

An impressive pre-season to date, should be capped this coming weekend with some eye-catching displays during the Emirates Cup.

Aside from the defensive side to his impressive game, EP has the innate ability to pick the pass, at the right time, coupled with a raking right foot, that has produced some stunning free kicks and goals for the youths over the past 3 seasons.  A quick tube search will reveal plenty.

He quite simply is the ideal break up and simple pass it away man this team needs, I have nothing against Song, who performs an admirable role in the team, more of a shield to the defence rather than a Sword against the opposition, as Frimpong could be.

I rather hope he gets a real run this weekend, against better opposition than he has been seen against in recent weeks, as I fully expect him to forge on with his good form, and provide Wenger with a real poser for the coming season.

At 18, he is ready, physically for sure, mentally he seems to have all the right attributes which have been built up following a tough time out in Ghana.

I struggle to find any real negatives with him, aside from the obvious lack of experience, but forget that, it really is true, in that… if you are good enough you are certainly old enough.

Off the field he seems to enjoy a strong relationship with  Song and Eboue, both good influences.

A midfield of  Frimpong and Wilshere is surely just around the corner?


74 Responses to “The Emmanuel Frimpong Story”

  1. Myles Palmer said

    Cracking post.

    I too feel Frimpong is on the verge of the first team, his type of player is needed by every type of team.

    Reminds me of Gattuso.

  2. gooner71 said

    shout myles

    a young gattuso is who he also reminds me of

  3. Frimpong said

    im the best already

  4. Chris R said

    I agree, he has enormous potential, and has had for a number of years. Having watched him in pre-season so far, I’m with you, I cannot find any obvious weaknesses in his game. If he gets a good run-out at the weekend against top class opposition, then we can assume he’ll be a genuine contender for a starting position for the upcoming season. I’ve been hugely impressed. Already a much better bet than Denilson. However, let’s not forget his tender years; if he has a couple of dodgy performances I don’t want bloggers to get on his back. After all, he is still a kid!

  5. Frimpong said

    no fear

  6. Myles Palmer said

    Chris – well articulated.

    I think as Stringfellow puts it, the youngster has a very level head, and the work ethic to keep getting better.

    The scary thing is, he is still growing, and i have seen a huge growth spurt in him just over the past year.

    He is going to be some monster by 21.

  7. Arsene Wenger said

    Another one here.

    Big fan, we have badly missed the flamini type for a couple of years.

  8. Arsene Wenger said

    Also, he is very good mates with Essien, and Essien was raving about him on some youtube thing i seen, from ghana tv, telling everybody to watch out for him.

    I think he even said he is going to be better than me, or something like that.

  9. AW – Essien for me, is the best midfielder of his type on the planet, Ghana could have won the world cup this summer had he been fit.

    Chris – I think a number of blogs have been talking him up for a few years now, he has huge support, and being one of our own, should afford him a little more time than maybe a purchased foreign player.

  10. dilshan said

    I agree entirely with your post, the first time I got to see him was against Barnet and memories of Flemini it was for me. I know it is a lower league team etc but that performance and confidence was what made flemini to become one of the best DM for most of that season and it was his mistakes that stopped him from becoming one of the best in the world in that possition, however I sence EF is bit more smart and considering his age the thought of how strong and good he can become sure is an exciting prospect for every Arsenal fan. I for one think one of the biggest faults in our system is that the second CM, the one linking Cesc and song is not defensively good enough and think EF can fill that void fine. I also noticed that he likes to get forward and looks to defend up front, i.e closing down the build up starting and that will mean that if he was to get caught out there will be song behind him to cover as well as EF being close enough to Cesc to get involved in the offensive play. He is not the finished product yet but the CC this season could be just what he needs. Also if I was English management I will go camp outside this kids house till he agrees to play for England..England do not have many such talented DM coming through and with players such as Whilshire, A Johnson, Walcott it is vital to have couple of top draw DM to allow them to play…in some ways he excites me more than Jack…Jack is yet another very good offensive midfield player…but this kid is what we do not have and there are not many exceptional DM is the world who could also play rather than just kick an kick more

  11. Kama said

    I ope wenger has plan 4 da kid so dat teams like bolton can stop harrassing us & also see their ankle broken

  12. Arsene Wenger said

    dilshan i agree with that, he excites me more than wiltshere aswell.

  13. gooner71 said

    loool kama

  14. gooner71 said

    guys, bit ott about him exciting more than jack, but i hear you.

  15. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Frimpong is a beast. That kid has bags of potential and seems destined to be a great product at this stage. Watch out coquelin.

    Question: what exactly is JET position?

    He might be the most versatile player at Arsenal.

  16. England certainly could do with a talent like him coming through.

    Aside from cattermole, can’t think of another coming through at any level??

  17. gooner71 said

    le coq, forgot all about him

    bloody hell and eastmond!!!!

    who said we dont have a squad

  18. dilshan said

    No SH just Cattermole but he has a very bad injury record..and I guess other option for England would be Rodwell, but I think he is more of a CB which is another area England need to rebuild as well and I for one think apart from Cahil none other young English CB who are in PL are good enough at the highest levels…

  19. Aside from nordtveit, really need more CB’s coming through.

    We seem more than well equipped in midfield, espeically with the new 25 man squad rule.

    Aaron – for me JET has to be played at CF, he has the size and skilll to hold up play and bring others into the action, with a good eye for goal.

  20. Arsha said

    Ermm England have Rodwell coming through..hes one heck of a talent.

    But no doubt about it Frimpong will be a great asset to our team in the next few years. He is exactly what we are in need of in the 1st team.

  21. Yes rodwell is a proper talent, they keep saying he will be a rio type CB, but i think he strikes me more as a box-to-box gerrard type.

  22. jd said

    Stringfellow have you heard anything about us being interested in signing Mertesacker and Marchetti?

    A few italian sources are saying we have put in a bid for Marchetti , and that we will have to increase our offer.

  23. Marcehtti rumours are guff, the only keeper AW wants is Schwarzer, he does not want a younger keeper.

    Mertesacker is useless imo, has the turning circle of a truck.

  24. jd said

    But we are definately interested in Mertesacker , right?

  25. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Marchetti is 27. That’s reasonable for a GK in my opinion. I still dream of frey.

    Thoughts on phil jag?

  26. wengerwonder said

    Excellent post, but to disagree with you on one point, I don’t think Frimpong should displace Song. I think Denilson rather should fear for his place in the first team.

    In our tough matches, imagine a midfield combination of Song, Fabs, Frimpong with Arshavi, Nasri and RVP upfront and Chamack to come in as sub?

    Maybe, just maybe, we could win somehing that team.

  27. Do we really need another sub 6ft CB?

    who has been injured for most of last season?

    bullshine story.

  28. gooner0609 said

    I like the way this thread is going people. We are talking about looking forward to watching Homegrown Arsenal talent and not some mercenary twats being pimped around by 30 per centers.

    Lets make sure he gets a standing Ovation every time he puts a Craig Bellamy or an Ashley Cole into touch.

    There are more of them still to come. Loving it.

  29. not that i have heard of jd, we may well be, but i would have serious doubts about him in the EPL.

  30. wengerknows said

    im looking forward to see him play this weekend,,,,,hopefully twice


    cesc song

    i hope that will be our midfield at anfield 🙂

  31. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Eboue should partner cesc in the middle

  32. Jack said

    He definitely has the potential to be an excellent DM, altough he needs to work on his positioning

  33. wow that’s a bit leftfield aaron

    with nasri, jack, rosicky, frimpong, song, diaby, denilson all looking for those 2 spots alongside Cesc in the middle of the park… might be tough for eboue.

  34. Geezypeas said

    Frimpong is a very good ‘young’ player…let’s not overhype. I think he’ll be fantastic in time but to suggest that Song should be worried about his place is madness. These pre-season friendlys are exactly that and obviously miles off the pace of the prem & even the CL.

    Song has become an outstading holding player in the face of a lack of belief from the home crowd (including mine although never vocal – although, I actually suggested to my old man at a game before the Charlton loan, that he was the worst player I’d seen in the flesh for Arsenal).

    Now I take it all back. He’s 22 years old, incredibly strong, entirely comfortable with the ball, understands and uses the space around him very well, appreciates movement of other players and has an eye for a killer pass too.

  35. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Eboue is the ultimate confidence booster. Song billong is a guaranteed at the DM. He’s pretty talented but will get the team going. May not start but should remain a constant sub.

    Stringfellow, you are becoming the gunners most popular blog. keep up the posts mate. I love watching the youth team, maybe a few more articles on that this season?

  36. gooner0609 said

    Did anyone else notice Young Jack telling Arshavin in no uncertain terms to get an effing move on first half at Barnet.

    A pleasant surprise that bodes well for the future.

    I have only ever had one problem with this squad in the last two years. They all seem to be very nice chaps. Your Mum could have them round to tea and they would probably do the dishes.

    However we look like getting a few home grown ones who pee on the flower beds. Nasty little oiks.

    Maybe next time we go to Stoke we won’t be standing around with our heads in hands unless it’s a Stoke head.

    Nasri is the leader of this new gen. Knew it the moment he tripped ASBO Barton a couple of years ago. Raised on the streets of Marseille to be intimidated by who?

  37. Geezypeas – Fair post mate

    Aaron – Cheers pal, but i would defo put holic and arseblog at the very top of the pile for blogs.

  38. wengerwonder said

    Jack, massive bundle of talent that he is, to me can’t play alongside Cesc, he’s got to be Cesc’s replacement. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  39. gooner71 said

    nasri has a very nasty streak about him

    aaron, eboue has done well when he has played at cm in the past, i think he could do a job there but as hakwe says, too much ahead of him.

  40. gooner71 said

    and agreed with that, jack is the replacement for cesc, playing them together would not work.

  41. i third that, jack and cesc hmmmmm, not sure.

  42. jack defo has the nasty streak aswell

    was quality when he gave aa23 a rollocking, brilliant!

  43. Myles Palmer said

    I think the pair could work, but jack would need to really be disciplined in his positioning, as cesc will always join the attack.

    Could leav eus a bit bare at the back.

    I really do like the look of Song and Frimpong sitting behind Cesc this season.

    He would have complete freedom to roam and be fully protected.

  44. Myles – Diaby is a player i rate, just hope he has another summer of proper development and really kicks on this season, if not, he could be superseded, at 23/24, injuries well behind him, he has to now deliver.

    Song Cesc Diaby will be the first choice trio again to begin with… with the likes of Denilson Frimpon and Jack really chomping to get a look in if one falls below level.

  45. Myles Palmer said

    Cesc song diaby is the main three for sure.

    I am not diaby’s biggest fan to be honest, always strikes me as very lazy.

  46. @One Aaron Ramsey

    i know someone has answer you but from what i have seen of JET he seems to play upfront or as a CB, maybe that is why Wenger hasnt signed anybody because he feels that JET or Song can go and play CB if they need to

  47. tony montana said

    excellent posting

    nice one sh.

  48. Davi said

    I think you are VASTLY underrating Song’s contribution so far. HE is on the verge of greatness. Imo hes has the ability to be better than essien in a few years.

    “Harass the opponent, chase him down, force a mistake… and if all else fails, smash him to the ground.”

    AND song has shown more skill and passing range than Ive seen from frimpong, although he is very young. Im all for getting behind the kids, but I think its a bit early to be talking about EF in this way after a few friendlies. I urge you to appreciate the player we already have. If song had a decent midfield partner, as diaby was starting to become towards the end of the season, you’d see the difference in the side. As it is, song is a tireless worker who often plays through injury and does a great job for the side. It pains me to see him not getting the credit he deserves.

  49. Davi – I like song, i do rate him. As suggested in the article, he is more of a defensive shield as opposed to the sword.

    Cannot agree, when you say he is the type that chases down players, as flamini used to, i actually very rarely see song dive in for tackles… he is very adept in his positioning, his reading of the game is very good, defensively, so he does not need to fly in to tackles.

    Song cannot really by described as a bully either.

    When he played at CB last season, he was always impressive… just think if we cannot get another CB in…and eastmond/frimpong really step it up in the coming year.. you just never know.

  50. Ben said

    OK here it is this has got to be the song for the frim

    Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong iddle I po

    Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong iddle I po

    Frimpong iddle I po iddle I po

    Dont make sense then look up the goons! its all so horribly makes sense.


  51. burpee said

    i like this 😀

  52. Kelvin Nketia said

    U ar such a good writer. I expect Emma Frimpong 2 b in Ghana’s u20 next year.

  53. a great article indeed!! Future looks bright with this kid Frimpong,lets see what he will do..

  54. burpee mee said

    This has got to be the song for the Frim

    Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong iddle I do

    Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong iddle I do

    Iddle I do Iddle I do…..

    dont make sense then look up the goons! Freaky or wot

  55. only came to see eboue said

    Good post i agree with most of it … however i do disagree with you guys on one thing, i hope Frimpong doesnt become a dirty “ankle destroyer” like those cunts at stoke. By all means i hope he harrases, bullies and completely dominates opposing players; hell i’d even want him to bring them pain but never to purposely go into a game looking to be reckless and injure them even in a worst case scenario. That would be stooping to the level of stoke or to the level of that fat walrus cunt over at blackburn. Never forget what happened to Ramsey.

  56. Tres Bien said

    Seriously well written article. Well done.

    Think the youngster has a bright future for sure, but he needs time.

  57. Davi said

    @Stringfellow Hawke – Song gives away a lot of “tactical” fouls (which aren’t always very tactical actually) and is a bit of a bully-type imo. He’s not quite like flamini, granted, but very few players have that kind of stamina, and I doubt frimpong does either. Song is more powerful than flamini but does get stuck in in a similar manner.
    Personally Id love for us to get matthieu back. I dont care that he left in the slightest. It was just his decision and I dont really have anything against him for it. He was our best player in the 07/08 season, and him and song together in midfield would absolutely murder any other team. Even chelsea’s midfield with essien (who is still the man when fit) couldn’t handle a trio of song, flamini and fabregas.

  58. Davi – Frimpong has MORE stamina than Flamini, trust me!!

    Watch closely this weekend.

    Also.. Flamini was indeed a great player in 07/08, but he like many others, was a mercenary.. and i would absolutely never have him back.

    He is not needed, nor wanted, in my book.

  59. Arthur said

    I was saying to my wife that I hope Frimpong will play for Ghana as I know he has played for England at the youth levels. I am so happy he has bucked the trend and opted to respect his roots.

    How good is Frimpong? Very good I say, probably so good he has forced Coqelin into the RB postion. Coqelijn is also a DF sword, I thought he was the only one that could effectively replace Flamini until I realised how good Frimpong was.

    I do not know what it is these Ghanaians are eating but I noticed in the world cup that they seemed to have an extra bit of energy compared to the other African sides at least, Nigeria being the worst example of lack of effort.

  60. lordgunner said

    let not over-hype him.We have see hundred of young player we get excited about and next they are sold to lower league and we never see them back near the premiership.Now he has shown some good stuff in Friendly it will get more difficult with expectation going through the roof top.And coquelin and Eastmond are in front of him in the young DM place (Eastmond is injured i think and Le Coq is away both were the main DM in the double winner 99 youth team not Frimpong)>

    Coquelin was only RB this year because we were short AT RB so Wenger and Bould have try him there (not very great success).

    But nice to have 3 different sort of DM at the club and show why wenger doesnt want buy another one
    Frimpong the new essien for powerful DM
    Coquelin the new Flamini for Tireless DM
    Eastmond the new Gilberto for clever DM
    …..maybe none of them really,dam i hype them 😀

  61. the 09 double winning youth team actually did have frimpong at the heart of it, lord.

    remember he got injured in the anfield leg? think le coq came on for him.

  62. […] The Emmanuel Frimpong Story All football fans, across the planet, love a player in their team who does nothing but terrorise the opposition, […] […]

  63. eastmond was right back in that 09 team, le coq and frimpong were the 2 DM’s of the side throughout the tournament.. until frimpong got injured in the first leg of the final.

  64. Delio Nicola said

    good post keep it up, more please..

  65. ytgunner said

    I think one reason why he has done really well for the youths and reserves is because of his build, at that age, that is a tremendous build to have, and he might find it more difficult in the PL, so I wouldn’t be that optimistic yet. Would like to see him in the Emirates Cup though.

  66. chris66 said

    With all these midfielders coming through we mustn’t forget Aaron Ramsey, who will be a huge star. Also I have to say I liked the look of Henri Lansbury when he came on at the end of last season. How does he stack up against Frimpong, Coquelin, etc?

  67. stephen said

    the only player we have got who is capable of replacing Cesc is Aaron Ramsey .

  68. gunner17 said

    i think eastmond will have to be shifted back to right back…

    coquelin and frimpong look like they are the business, and song isn’t exactly getting on in years either…

    denilson’s just keeping a space warm for whichever out of frimpong and coquelin will be ready first.

  69. gunner17 said

    whoever plays wherever, it looks like we’ve got the defensive central midfield position sorted for the next decade…no big money transfers required!

    This is a massive achievement for the youth system, in the days of essiens and flaminis and diarras being traded at £20m a time. really well done.

  70. SwedishGooner said

    Future midfield-three of Ramsey-Frimpong-Wilshere?

  71. SeanyBoy said

    Song is a great player. I really don’t rate Diaby. I don’t know anything about the youngsters but we could do with someone to play in Denilson’s role and sell him while we still have time.

  72. mwaro said

    I sup. Aw for not bringing likes of melo and dev frimpong and co we are exp fireworks this season any comend

  73. Whiz-kid said

    Frimpong is a very good player and he deserve to be in the 1st team since he has the abilities of being a mid fielda.wish him all the best.

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