WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cesc deal done!!

July 26, 2010

The good news for Gooners is a deal has been ratified by all parties concerned, as predicted by yours truly earlier this Summer, for Cesc to join his beloved Barcelona in June 2011.

Fabregras will complete his last season as a player and captain of Arsenal Football Club this forthcoming term.

As predicted, this deal is a carbon copy of the deal that was struck between Manchester United and Real Madrid in the Summer of 2008.

Lets hope Cesc has a trophy laden last season as captain.

More to follow…

NOTE: For all those who ask of my source, wait a day or two before the press report as much.


149 Responses to “WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cesc deal done!!”

  1. PTangYangKipperBang said


  2. Rodale said

    As long as its not Official, am yet to believe!!!

  3. Efosa said

    Seriously? If you’re going to reveal such a sensational headline like that you might aswell give evidence because no-one will believe this website. This isn’t skysports or Goal or the BBC or ESPN or any of the tabloids or the newspapers. Sorry but because your site has basically no reputation for “World Exclusives” so you should put a link or quote.

  4. Baz said

    I HIGHLY doubt this is true.. I can’t imagine Wenger (and arsenal) allowing Cesc to sign a pre-contract with Barca. Didn’t Wenger say in the past when something like this came up before that he would walk out on Arsenal if such thing happened?!

    All spanish b*llocks if you ask me!

  5. Not reported anywhere else, so i do have the exclusive.

  6. eat it said


  7. Armourist said

    How is this good news?

  8. He was either going this summer or next.

    So we have him for another season, so good news in my book.

  9. Baz said

    “Not reported anywhere else, so i do have the exclusive.”

    Afraid not.. had this up sometime last night.

    Sorry to burst your bubble there..

  10. martin said

    liar liar liar

    wenger promised he would never sell a player and keep him for a year, he either sells or keeps a player.

    just because united did it, doesnt mean we’re doing it…wenger said he’d never do similar deal…ever

  11. Brady said

    I don’t understand such a deal. Why not just let him go now :s If this is true then we should take the captaincy off him now and give it to TV5 I think.

    I don’t want to be cheering him on yet knowing at the end of the season regardless of how many trophies we win he goes. Imagine we win all 4 and he our captain led us and carried us to all that glory, but now he is off.

    No thanks, rather he goes now as will his head and heart really be here.

  12. TopGunPires said

    Everyone has been saying this for weeks. It’s the obvious bet. But this will never be confirmed by Arsenal, it’d be ridiculous.

  13. Armourist said

    Plus Wenger is too stubborn to pre agree a deal on a player that is central to his team.

  14. I recall similar posts when i posted up the Liverpool away fixture.

    Not many returned the following day to apologise.

  15. jd said

    How is this good news ??!!

    And how can we agree a deal if Barca don’t want to pay over £40 mil??

  16. joseph said

    This so called news was all over spanish papers ie Cesc had agreed terms with barca.

  17. Efosa said

    I really doubt Fabregas is going to Barca this season. Barca can’t afford him and Arsenal don’t want to sell so I think he’ll be staying. Anyway who cares what says they’ve got it wrong many times before. Who can remember when they said Adebayor had signed for AC Milan?

    By the way Stringfellow were you the one that said that the press where going to leak damaging news about Rooney after the world cup?

  18. joseph – they suggest a deal this summer.

  19. Armourist said

    No it isnt good news in any way shape or form its either he stays and knows he is staying or he goes, this half way business isnt good for any one concerned, I don’t believe Wenger would agree this in a million years. This smells like Marca to me.

  20. Yup Efosa, notw have pics of rooney, he has a super injunction out against printing them to protect his young family.

    They dont last forever, as JT found out.

  21. Gunnerdoc said

    Love you XX

  22. Brady said

    No one should even type into their search bar, let alone actually read their stories.

  23. err, thanks, gunnerdoc.. i think.

  24. wengerwonder said

    I trust this blogger, so that makes it not such a good news to me. Cesc is just a foolish foolish boy. Barcelona is on the way down, Mourinho will ensure it. You’ll see.

  25. Cesc could have been a real pain about it and insisted he be released this summer.

    Fair play to him on that front.

    He will give his all for us next season, that much i am sure of.

  26. Nh said

    Cheers for the info leggendaire. I believe your spot on. What is the latest in terms of new signings? U must have some idea?

  27. Nh, pretty quiet on the transfer front… i would be very surprised if Scwarzer does not join this summer, the fulham manager appointment is holding that deal up.

  28. Arsha said


    AW said last season that if such a deal where set up he’d quit then and there.

  29. Armourist said

    None of what you have had to say about transfers today is in any way shape or form good news, keep up the good blog work regardless.

  30. Steven said

    You should know that this is never a good news so don’t expect any positive responses to your ‘world exclusive’. Well, as long as the show up with enough money to get him next season, its fair; no stories, they should just pay up what they owe on Hleb and Henry!

  31. Efosa said


    I know you can’t really reveal your sources but what type of people give you all this info? I mean no offence but you’re only a blogger

  32. Efosa, i know a few journos, and i know an agent, though not based in this country.. and i know a person VERY well connected to the club from a supporters group.

    you hear all sorts.

  33. Nh said

    Defender will b 1 out of – hangalaand, mertesacker, Zapata, jagielka, diakhate

  34. ArsenalBoy said

    If this dude (Stringfellow) says so then I beleive it because he seems to have a spy under Wenger’s desk and the FA’s sometimes as he can be so accurate.

    Oh well, 1 more year with Cesc, lets hope Ramsey can be his replacement.

  35. gooner71 said

    hey string fuck these joeys.

    did they come on and apologise when you were the only fucking blogger out there saying joe cole was not joining us?

    and when you posted up the liverpool fixture a day before the premier league released it, all you got was abuse.

    how many came back the next day to say wow, you were bang on?

    you have a nack and as the man above says a spy under wengers desk lol

    keep it up my man

  36. abc said

    It’s easy to guess the situation, Cesc want to leave but AW let him stay one mor year like Ronaldo,I think is not only about business, it’s like a player and coach’s unspoken consensus.

  37. Rock said

    Either way you’re a stupid man. Either because you’re silly enough to post such news prematurely, or because you’re delighted by such a move.

    That is the worst case scenario and will GUARANTEE Arsenal win no silverware this season. You think any of his team mates will respect him on the pitch? Knowing his heart is elsewhere, the fans will get on his back no doubt and the whole season will be fuelled with talk of it being his last year, not to mention Barca players talking about how they cant wait to have him. It would no doubt be a stupendous move on Arsenal’s part, which is why its simply NOT TRUE.

    Just let him leave! Jack’s ready to step up, we need people who will fight for the cause, players who see ARSENAL FC as the future. Not a player who settles for a place at the club because their dream club couldn’t afford him!

  38. wengerwonder said

    Cesc could have been a real pain about it and insisted he be released this summer.

    Fair play to him on that front.

    So what was he on when he signed a new deal?

  39. AW89 said

    if this is true do you know how much we will get for him?

  40. lol gooner 71

    not many come back to tell you when you are right

    kind of the culture of blogs/bloggers

    makes me laugh when i read the vitriol, sad little people with not much to do really. 😆

  41. aw89 – no specifics on contracts etc, there is a deal on the table that keeps cesc an arsenal player till june 2011, that is all i am told.

  42. guy said

    you wanna give us something substantial to bite onto? atm we have nothing, no details just ur speculation. i dont see why wenger would get involved with something like this. he knows fab is only going to get better and more valuable with age

  43. Tom said

    well well, time to look at buying a world class midfielder then, will wenger bid of ozil now? wonder how much cesc is being sold for as well, 50m?

  44. gooner71 said

    oh do fuck off rock

    the guy has been a legend for us, he has always wanted to go home and play for his club, under his idol, guardiola alongside his mates messi pique and co

    to stay another season is as good as it gets.

  45. guy as posted below, that is all i am told.

  46. AW89 said

    Stringfellow do you know if we will be signing a replacement for him this season? so that the new guy can get used to the way we play.

  47. aw89 – we have the replacements… jack and aaron

  48. George Graham said

    why is it good news? the PL needs more quality like cesc to fend off competition from spanish football.

  49. gooner0609 said

    Aaron Ramsey will make you forget Cesc in the not to distant future. A world class player in the making.

    There are too many things to look forward to rather than dwelling on a fine young player who came here from Spain and bridged the gap in eras at this club by giving his all. Good luck to him.

    Oh and while I am at it, the defence will be fine. If you want to beat Arsenal this year you will have to score 3 or 4 goals as that is how many we will be averaging a game. Even the Chavs can’t stop us.

    Bring it on.

  50. cracking post gooner0609

  51. Rock said

    Gooner 71 – you’re clearly lacking any sort of intelligence whatsoever. As good as it gets? wake up you twat, no1’s crying over cesc leaving, everyone knows it was going to happen – that’s not the issue.

    It’s him staying here and destabilising the squad. He’s the f’ing captain of Arsenal football club you absolute PLONKER, if he’s dying to leave – let him leave now, not in a year.

    – You Idiot.

  52. Myles Palmer said

    Really nicely put gooner609

    Good man

  53. Myles Palmer said

    Rock – i cannot fathom cesc is the type to unsettle players, like maybe adebayor was.

    i can only see the young man giving his all for the cause and leaving for his homeland with his head held high following 8 years at arsenal.

  54. Dan said


  55. Dan said

    Ooops, sorry for caps.

  56. rock in his head said

    rock you are the worst type of fan, i honestly detest gooners like you.

    fair play cesc lad.

  57. Tex said

    Not a chance, twat

  58. Not a chance you could string a coherent sentence together?

  59. topgun said

    This news is as good as sh*t!

  60. TC said

    I really wish Cesc would demand a transfer now and leave. He could have said a lot of things to quell rumours, and could have asked the Barca cunts to shut the fuck up, but he didn’t. He let others do the work for him, and he has kept his reputation fairly intact. That’s not right, and not fair.

    But having said that, and if this is true String, then AW has a good year to see a) which player at Club X could replace him, remember Ozil’s contract runs out next year b) if nasri/wilshere are good enough to replace, this is the in-house option

  61. lexy said

    I think this story is true. They may agree in principles that he leaves next year but fee is agreed on. Either way he will leave. Why are we mad on arguing guys?

  62. Ozil is 100% class, would love to see him at Arsenal.

    Down to jack to show he can take over from cesc.

  63. lexy – have not a clue on fees, wages, contract length etc, not even sure that much is ironed out, yet.

    all i am told is a deal is done to keep him here for another season.

  64. gooner0609 said

    I would rather a combination of players stepped up and played as a coherent midfield rather than relying on one man doing it all.

    It’s why Cesc has begun to break down pysically around Jan/Feb of the last two seasons. That and the kickings he gets.

    So for me Arshavin, Ramsey, Song, Wilshire and Peter Storey if he’s Out would be ideal.

  65. lexy said

    Thx Stringfellow hawke. I am one of ur fans. I read ur blog alot and have it added on my favourites. Just keep us posted about transfers IN and OUTS news. Common Arsenal! He is being here for 7yrs or so. Just give him a break plssssssssss.

  66. aj said

    haahaa hawke

    it is funny how they morons only pipe up when they want to

    never read many come back on the joe cole wont be a guuner thread, very funny

    you must have quite a laugh mocking these muppets.

  67. aj said

    Thanks for the news hawke, keep it up, you are so very different to all the other YAWNNN blogs.

    i echo the good news about getting cesc for 1 more season.

    was fearful that was it for him in an arsenal shirt.

  68. aj – i keep them in a little spam box and mock em for sport.

  69. Sorry but until its on I refuse to believe it.

  70. Fredo said

    I recall very clearly wenger saying if he took part in anysuch deal he would quit. I find it strange that he would then go ahead and do it. Then again I remember him saying he expects a lot from eduardo this season so maybe he’s continuing to lead us up the garden path. Personally I’d rather cesc left now, this one extra season business never works out well vieira, henry, adebayor. Cesc’ll always be one of my all time gunner favourites but if he doesn’t want to be there ……

  71. realjaygooner said

    jus like the liverpool news, i trust u on this 1 as well mate.. but any idea how much dosh we getting for him?? similar as Manu got for ronaldo?? it only gonna be good news if we get as much or maybe slightly less, around £60m..

  72. Rory J M said

    U say a deal has been done to keep cesc until june 2011??? I’m pretty certain that deal was done (and beyond) when he signed a contract extension till 2015!! …u seem to forget we hold all the cards here. Barca and all their players want him(badly), they don’t have the money to pay his true value, we don’t have for financial reasons, and it seems cesc will refuse to push through a transfer as not to upset us fans.

    Regardless of your past ‘inside info’ I find this one hard to belive. As I would with any deal of this type between two top clubs. Sorry!

  73. no idea on any fees, wages etc

    that much won’t be revealed till next summer.

  74. dilshan said

    dont want to believe you SH…im not saying your wrong but I just do not want to believe he could leave us, but hai if he does it will be his loss. He has a lot to loose, no guaranteed starting place or playing out of position and he will never attain the legendary status TH14 achieved neither with us nor with Barca..also one point that has not come up as much is the armband of Spain national team..who is there to take the armband after Iker Casias..Puyol will not be around, neither will be Xavi so from the current team it will be between Cesc, Ramos and I can not see Cesc being names Barca captain, it will be valdes or Pique…so he will come into contention of national team captain without being a club captain which will be a big disadvantage, but should he stay with Arsenal and lead the team through what surely promises to be the golden age of our club he will be the front runner…For me with or without Cesc this arsenal team will achieve immortality and it is up to him if he wants to be part of history

  75. realjaygooner said

    would like a follow up on the comments

  76. H-123 said

    some of you are madmen

    of course he was going to leave this or next year at best

    what the big deal?

    it is good news, one more year of cesc is better than no more years

    get a grip you loonies.

  77. swazigooner said

    I for one dont believe this. U say u have been told there is a deal to keep him another season. A deal with who?? We own this guy. For the next 5 years i might add.your story is not adding up.It is very obvious cesc is leaving next season, we didnt need any blog or newspaper to tell us what we already know. Stop reading

  78. Grover said

    what a collection you have here today SH

    joyful scenes

  79. Steer0 said

    Do you think we have a chance getting Stekelenburg he is the best priced keeper out there!

  80. Rock said

    Myles, I don’t mean disrupt the team with his behaviour. I mean the respect he will command from the younger lads as captain won’t be the same.

    In Jack we have a player who’s hungry to play and fight for the cause. It’s not the same when you know you’re leaving after a season. Arsenal need players who believe in the squad and believe we can go on and win for years ahead.

    Regardless of Cesc’s roots, he would never leave this summer if Arsenal had been winning trophies the last few seasons. At the end of the day he wants to win, he see’s it happening at Barca and wants to join them, hence he believes in them, more than us, fair enough – but leave now, not using Arsenal as a stop gap because the two clubs can’t agree a fee. Cesc want’s to go now, that is clear, so let him go. Good luck to him.

    When Wenger was asked whether Cesc was happy about being forced to stay, in true Weng style he dodged the question. A lot of people here want Cesc to be held captive for a year, and then on the other hand call him a ‘Legend’.

    Oh and ‘Rock in his head’ – congratulations on getting your tantrum out, now count to 10 and try coming back with an actual comment. You can do it.

  81. Forget Stekelenburg, the keeper AW wants is Schwarzer, and i am sure he will get him.

    If Woy has not left for pool, schwarzer would have been in austria with arsenal last week.

    this new manager gig is stalling it.

  82. Steer0 said

    Stringfellow Hawke – how do you know we are not intrested in Stekelenburg?

    Scwarzer is an average keeper

  83. Because AW has HUGE faith in both our young poles, and to buy another youngish keeper will kill them.

    Schwarzer is a stop gap and future coach.

  84. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Mate this sounds out of the blue, but what if we picked up Raul for one season. He’s still got 1 or 2 good years. Gifted like eduardo and a huge name to boost the young players. His wages will be average, but he’s wanting to move to the PL. So why not?

  85. Where would raul play with RVP, chamakh, bendy and vela in front of him?

  86. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Chamakh up front, RvP on the left, Shava right. Nicky b sub and vela will serve as alternate. Let’s be honest, I’m afraid of RvP for being injury prone. Plus who knows, could well be a good sub even if he doesnt want it.

  87. Steer0 said

    We should not be buying a stop gap keeper .

    We should be buying a top class goalkeer if Cheesney does become great he will become no 1 no matter what?.

    Can you see any other top club in europe doing this?

  88. Johnny said

    I`ve got to say this makes sense and you have got a pretty good record with this type of story. I`ll be happy enough if it is true, we get cesc for another year, while we ease ramsey back in slowly. I`d send little jack back to bolton for another season to toughen him up a bit more, and when he comes back it will feel like a new signing. Rambo and Wilshere will eventually be more than good enough to match fabregas anyway. By the way, to all the muppets who reckon Cesc wont give 100%, do you guys even watch football, its not in the geezers makeup to play like that. He`s done us proud and carried the team for the last 2/3 years, and we will make a nice few quid out of him when he does end up leaving.

  89. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Given. He’s not really a stop gap. Still one of the top in the league, will give time for the young poles to make their mark. Besides, Citeh are having problems with their #1 considering given is out for a bit of the season, Hart will be their new #1

  90. gazzap said

    I do believe Cesc has agreed terms should he join and I believe wenger may have said that he wont stand in cesc’s way should everything be in place. But that would certainly mean Barca meeting Arsenal’s valuation of the player. A gentlemans agreement is nothing if Barca bid something like £10m. Dont forget that Real came back and bid £80m a year later for Ronaldo. It was the money that did the talking.

  91. Grover said

    here here Johny

  92. Myles Palmer said

    I am with Johny on this one.

    Sorry to all those that disagree, cesc is nothing but a positive influence on his fellow team-mates.

  93. CanGunn444 said

    Legendaire… You have been right about some things recently(liverpool, joe cole) and I’m sure you’ve been wrong about stuff in the past…

    Saying Cesc has agreed a deal to leave next June and then backing it up with the fee and salary, etc. will all be confirmed next summer is just amazingly vague…

    Most people know that at some point Cesc will go home, unless of course Barca go tits up or don’t want him anymore…

    That’s kind of like saying, World Exclusive- Robin van Persie will get injured sometime in the next year- no details until the injury happens though…

    Not doubting your source or credibility, just pointing out that with wide brush horoscope type predictions you open yourself up to criticism…

  94. Canguun – i can only write about what i am told, sorry but no fee etc was mentioned to me, simply…

    deal in place to allow cesc to sign for barca next june.

    i am sure there will be caveats to the deal.. transfer fee etc.. but i have no knowledge of them.

  95. gooner0609 said

    Don’t wish to Grandstand your excellent site Stringfellow old chap but Wikirumours have just threatened to publish a Medical Report that confirms that Cesc got his Barcelona DNA from a Toilet Seat.

    Looks like the deal could be off like a Prom Dress.

    Peter Hill-….I mean Anon.

  96. CanGunn444 said

    Mr. Hawke, like I said, not questioning you or your sources, just pointing out that that kind of statement opens you up to criticism. Which you seem to take fairly honestly and openly.
    So… Keep up the good work…

  97. Mulcs32 said

    I think Cesc should go now.There is no doubt he wants to go home.How can he remain Captain of our club when his head and his heart are not going to be in it.Take the 35mill. and let him and his DNA go and play “hunt the soap” in the post match bath with Xavi,Iniesta and all the other little fags at the Nou.No one is irreplaceable ,the past has shown us that.The world will still turn,Arsenal will still be a top club and Barcelona.f.c will remain a bunch of classless C*NTS !!!!!

  98. RH said

    If this is the case I’ll be amazed, I wouldn’t have expected anything to have been agreed before Cesc had returned & at least had one face to face with AW.
    I accept the whole thing does feel like the Ronaldo saga, player wants to go, club doesn’t want to sell best player, player won’t commit to club all summer. The key with that deal is that in the end Madrid put up 80m. The Cesc sale might not reach that height but Barca would still have to stump up the cash & it won’t be 29m which, if I’m correct, is all they have officialy bid so far.

  99. dilshan said

    SH, what i forgot to mention earlier was that published this last night

    however, their source Catalan daily sport for me was not credible enough,

  100. Leon said

    Another total a complete disaster for Arsenal – as I have known for years Arsenal have no ambition whatsoever – roll over and sell your best players every season – don’t buy in quality players (sorry but I am completely and utterly underwhelmed by Arsenals transfers dealings – the bottom of the barrel that no one else wanted) – and no goalkeeper – Jesus why even fucking bother ? Is this the “experience” we were supposed to be investing in? The tight fisted, unambitious Wenger – never ever wrong – always right in the eyes of the “wenger knows best” brigade of functional retards who live five years in the past – stick your fork in because Arsenal are done – no wonder Fabregas wants to leave – no world class player would want to associate himself with such a group of hopeless losers….sorry this is just frustration at Wenger and the myopic supporters who actually believe we have any hope this season – we have no hope….

  101. Goonerpower said

    Wish it wasn’t true but stringfellow your rarely wrong. We have to get on with it. I believe Cesc will give his all for Arsenal we should all wish him well. I know we have ready replacements but, ozil is a must!! But I doubt that happen

    Do you think this could be the end for Wenger stringfellow?? He won’t like this. I really hope not like -In Wenger Trust-

  102. Mike E said

    what i’v been saying for weeks —- one last season for us.

  103. Goonerpower said

    Leon will lend you my razor if you like 🙂

  104. mike said

    leon you epitomize the stupid, pig ignorant and simpleton view of lots of the moronic irrational arsenal fans.

    i suggest you read stringfellows ‘why’ and ‘about’ page

  105. Van Gooner said

    Firstly, I just love how the most reliable and trustworthy Arsenal blog on the internet is all dressed in pink. 🙂 This is not a sarcasm, I just think that it’s a detail that you just can’t forget… it’s cool. 🙂 Regarding the article I have to admit that I’m one happy Gooner… Those who think that Fabregas won’t be at his best because his mind will be already focused on Barca, you people are a joke. Stringfellow Hawke has a point when he says that this is a good news indeed. Not only we gonna have the player for another promising season, but Wenger will have the needed time to fix the problem caused by his departure. I rate Wilshere and Ramsey just like most Gooners do but I think that the Professor is already lining up Nasri as the real replacement of Fabregas. Think about it, Samir is even more technically gifted that Fabregas but he still lacks Fabre’s vision when we are talking about passing. But if you used the analytical part of your brain when you watched the last games of the previous season and the new pre-season friendlies it won’t be hard to conclude how Nasri is overtaking the central role in our team, thus adjusting to the new environment that he’s going to run when Fabregas leaves. You should now that this is good news because we have always been better at buying wingers than central players like Fabregas or whatever… I’d take Nasri over Gourcuff, Ozil or whoever annoyingly appears every day on Arsene is a cunning fox and you should not forget that so, Arsenal will loose but Cesc’s departure but there will be a lot to gain too… so chillax… This is my first post here and I want to show support to this blog because it provides useful info (I loved how I was first to know about the opener with Liverpool, just because I have this site bookmarked) and it deserves some constructive opinions in the comments section. Cheers!

  106. Jaygooner said

    @realjaygooner Gunner change my name to TheMightyJayGooner lol
    @Stringfellow lots of mileage in your post, a possibility, but with one flaw. The Mighty Arsenal have no intention in dealing DIRECTLY with barca EVER agan. He may go, for sure, but Cesc will be placed on the open market and if any club has the money to buy him, they may then sell him on to barca. barca are skint and will be even skinter (is that a word?) next summer.

  107. Gunner38 said

    Why don’t you just buy a Barca season ticket?

  108. stephen said

    world exclusive Raul is coming to arsenal.

  109. Goonerpower said

    In-Wenger-We-Trust. …….. The least I could do is get it right. Lol.

  110. Leon said

    Arsenal don’t deserve the fine support they get – they let other clubs tread over them and tap their players up with no response – some call it dignified I call it a spineless disrespect to the loyal supporters – it’s disgusting how Barcelona have acted but the way our board have done nothing is worse still – gutless greedy bastards are not acting this way to keep the player it’s just a means to get more money that will disappear into the same void as all our money goes – paying off debts and lining the pockets of the board – arsenal are a business all right it’s just a shame that it’s not football…..

  111. Goonerpower said

    The problem is Leon we don’t know what arsenal have done behind closed doors about “it” look dude there is nothing much can be done, all the players who leave want to. We have handled ourselfs with dignity and class. Begger off with your negativity and go listen to some smiths or sommat.

  112. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Leon. Pick one player in that Arsene has sold that has done a brilliant job at their new club. Tell me.

  113. Hey goonerpower – is that you on ANR today?

  114. Hey Van Gooner

    lol, pink is the new white 🙂

  115. Goonerpower said

    Sorry stringfellow I don’t understand what ANR is??

  116. Leon said

    Mike – I love reading posts from people like you – always optimistic but never possessing the intelligence to form a coherent argument to back it up – what grounds do you have for optmism ? Let me put my point across – we need experience – everyone knows that – so what does wenger do ? He gets rid of our experience and brings in someone with NO EXPERIENCE – not even good enough to play international football for Poland and we should be optimistic ? You are the ignorant one here you short sighted donkey – read all the reports you want regarding our finances and future – the “why” and “about” that you refer to mean less than nothing because the real talking is done on the pitch and Arsenal just don’t have a team that will compete – arsenal won’t compete for anything…..

  117. sam said

    @ Stringfellow Hawke. I will hold you to the Schwarzer prediction then, after all, you are so very well informed.

  118. Sam – you must do whatever brings a smile to your face in this life.

  119. Goonerpower said

    I wish it was. That’s completely bang on. Been using this name forever lol. Wenger has set us up for years and all these Wenger bashers are prob all kids who know diddly shit about our beloved Arsenal. They seem to forget what we had before he came……….not much. We where 1st-2nd for 10 years when he joined. Not forgetting champs league every season.

  120. goonerr said

    And you were so sure of joe cole bollocks…

  121. mike said

    nah sunshine i am the rational person here

    im not saying we are going to win the league and win the quadruple etc but you are dismissing wenger completely and the fact that we are skint hence cant compete with big clubs due to debt. However, we are improving our status due to more money coming in and experienced players have joined i.e chamakh and also schwazer will be joining and he s experienced. Remember, without spending like 200 million each year, we havve got to an fa cup semi final, champ league final and semi final, carling cup semi and final and also have made a profit which will help us if not this year then def in the next season or two. Wenger is the best manager we will ever have and is a complete legend for transforming our club. You cant measure the success of a club just with trophies….only simpletons do that….you have to measure it with trophies of course but also profit, brand image, fanbase

    mate the reports say we have profit however that cant just go to transfers mate…..we are still suffering due to the new stadium but remember we are still competing…we just need the final push and we will win a trophy

  122. gooner2 said

    Don’t dis beleive this story and it probarbly is true.

    shame we are talking about out goings instead of in comings

  123. Johnny said

    Re. Mike, fuckin top comments mate, halfwits like leon will never see the big picture, its only the here and now that counts for supporters like him. I`ve been going to the Arsenal since 83, and I maintain the last 5 years have been successful considering the upheavel of moving and the debt repayments. Your bang on, success is not just about the trophies you win, its also about the longterm development of your club. I hope wenger is still the manager when we become a financial superpower, but in the future we will look back at these times and be forever grateful to Arsene Wenger. To the other fans who feel like leon, just enjoy the ride. The trophies will come, but whether they do or not, just be thankful you support such a great club.

  124. desie said

    Schwarzer not world class? Have any of you even watched Fulham over the past two years, silly mistake with his feet in a meaningless game at our place notwithstanding. Plus 18 clean sheets in his last 29 internationals. Massive improvement on what we have, one of the best keepers in the League, fingers crossed that it happens.

  125. […] WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cesc deal done!! The good news for Gooners is a deal has been ratified by all parties concerned, as predicted by yours truly earlier […] […]

  126. lordgunner said

    if its done deal let make Vermalaen Cpt.I really don’t want to start the season with a Cpt who will be leaving next season.I hope we are getting over 50 M or i will be furious capital F .Anything like 30 M and that will show to the world we are giving away our player on cheap and we may as well showing a sign in front the Emirate “Summer sale bargain player to sell”

  127. Leon said

    I apologise for the negative outburst – you guys know just how frustrating Wenger and Arsenal can be sometimes…….

  128. F.A.C.E.S said

    i can’t believe it

  129. quaye said

    i believe this, but not because this sight says so. I reckon this deal was done a long time ago. This is what i said wud happen just after spain won the world cup.

  130. Myles Palmer said

    Mr Stringfellow,

    Is your contact within the supporters group a rather “portly” fellow by chance?

  131. vineetbantu said

    goood one bravo…………

  132. martin said

    Mundo Deportivo reported a “secret agreement” has been reached but barca spokesman Toni Freixa denied this but confirmed they still want to sign cesc this summer.

    he says “Arsenal do not want to sit down and negotiate with us,” “There is no lack of will on the behalf of Barca or Cesc. Arsenal just don’t want to negotiate.”

    the story was from mundo deportivo and has been denied….i told you wenger would rather sell now than agree to sell next year…he previously said he would rather resign than agree on such a deal


  133. Neal said

    Ok, I’ve waited a day and the news is Barca are saying that Arsenal are still refusing to talk.

  134. SeanyBoy said

    Wenger is great at his job. He isn’t given targets at the start of the season to win the title. The board just request champions league football to secure revenue. As long as we play good football the stadium will be filled every week. The board care about money first and foremost and they are the guys with the real power. Stop being deluded. That’s why I support fulham now, al fayed is a ledge.

  135. Kipmonster said

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is ……..

  136. arsene wenger said

    if this was true i would stop supporting football altogether, striking deals to keep a player for one more season when he has a five year contract, either sell him or dont,wouldnt suprise me if its true

  137. Thanks for all the emails, both positive and negative.

    Nice to feel the love 😆

  138. wengerwonder said

    Just a thought SH, Wouldn’t it be a better idea to get Ian Hart (or Given), depending on who gets benched at City, on loan at Arsenal for the coming season?

    I think this is a better proposition than having Schwarzer, who in mho is not much different than Almunia, in goal.

    I really can’t see any of Given or Hart being happy on the bench, so a loan to Arsenal of either, strikes me as a doable deal.

  139. lordgunner said

    Sell Cesc get Ozil free next summer i would be very happy but if i see Cesc leaving and Ozil leave for free to Barca next year i m going to get banana 😦

  140. Jam said

    If they want Cesc…they have to pay alot! £50m+

  141. adz said


  142. Hartwick89 said


    As you know I value your opinion very much. That said I will hold you to your findings as well the source where you get your info. My conclusions of this info is simple; As you cite CR7 as a matter of analogy I see Wenger making the same sort of profit from this deal and anything less would lessen my opinion of this deal altogether. If, however this deal does not take place I would be very disappointed in you as a secure and valid source. No matter how you slice this news it is tremendous. It is tremendous for Wenger, Cesc, and for you as a credible source for me. Lastly, I will be disappointed no matter what the outcome is. If Cesc goes to Barca I will be disappointed because I have disliked Barca with this whole matter. If Cesc goes undervalue I will be disappointed with Wenger because it has compromised the club. Finally, if Cesc does not go I will be disappointed with you as a credible source feeding into the anti-Arsenal propoganda. I await this news you report. Finally, if you do prevail and we do make the profit as I suggest one greater than the CR7 than I will be disappointed that the news has leaked. Wenger needs to assess who is involved with high level decision making.

  143. true gunner said

    Let him go and stop causing a NEGATIVE INFLUENCE in the dressing room. just like Reyes, cry baby, i think spanish players seem to have the same traits…. I rather he is offloaded as soon as possible!!!!!!

  144. Go Home Fartegas said

    I dont want a player especially a captain who doesnt want to be at the club, if he wants to go he should go now. I think this will have serious consequences for this season if cesc stays. We should buy Ozil and a good keeper with the cash or would wenger just keep the cash again and buy a kid or some unproven no name. Bollox to you wenger if you fuck us up the arsenal this season.

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