Eduardo passes medical

July 20, 2010

Eduardo is hours from being named a Shakhtar Donestk player, a transfer fee of £6.2 million was agreed over the weekend, all that was remaining to be completed was the all important medical.

Shakhtar sent over a team of 4 medics to run the rule over the Crozillian, he passed!

To be fair this is a good move for him and for Arsenal, since we changed shape to 4-3-3, he has not been able to reproduce the form from 07/08.

The fella needs a team that will play him in a more favoured 4-4-2 alongside a hold up striker that feeds him.

Good luck, Eduardo…you were and remain so, a truly classy player.


41 Responses to “Eduardo passes medical”

  1. GoonerRaza said

    He is a quality player and has so much class about him. I wish him all the best in the future

  2. dilshan said

    ahhh sad news …one player I will keep even if hes not making much of a contribution, exemplary footballer, surely will be missed, hope we play Shaktar soon to give dudu a proper fair well…good luck to him, his confidence needs restoring and hopefully he will not have to deal with the witch hunt of a national media again

  3. shakyArsene said

    So sad. So so sad.

  4. dilshan you were requested on the comments section of the last post

    re: the barca tapping up affair.

  5. dilshan said

    should add we should give them Alumunia for free…the only player i will not mind moving on….they do have a good GK Shaktar

  6. dilshan said

    Sh thanks for that, got it I have posted the link for KIP hopefully hed check

  7. no problem, happy to help a worthwhile cause.

    the latest comments from puyol really do rankle!!

  8. Jaygooner said

    Heartbreaking IF it is true, until that THUG Taylor committed GBH on Dudu, he was the “fox in the box” that Wenger promised us. Eddy MUST play one of the freindlys before he goes, even as a guest player in the Emirates Cup.

  9. Paul17890 said

    its true alright, been reported all over croatian news for the last few hours.

    he is bigtime out there.

  10. shakyArsene said

    We will always remember you as the one that got away, Love you mate.

  11. j-rock said

    I am gona miss this man..honestly i love the man, very humble and gifted player. Good luck dudu

  12. Clive said

    so sad .. but thats the best move for him and arsenal hope he will bring back his form i really want him to and if i can watch the games in ukraine online i will follow him too and see how hes doing … hes so unlucky :/ i really hope he will have a new beggining for his career !! Thanks for everything Dudu 😀

  13. gutted gooner said

    gutted to the max

    i echo the views above, i love this guy so much as an arsenal player, he had some next level skills as a striker

    really dont want to see him go, but he needs to play for croatia to get to the euros in 2012.

    will be supporting shaktar and croatia when he plays

    we love you dudu

    you will always be loved by the arsenal.

  14. croatia said

    yes he go to ukrane.

    we now her in news.

  15. Roy said

    Making room for Ozil? 😉
    Goodluck Eduardo, shame that arsehole Taylor ruined your career the scumbag!
    All the best for the future!

  16. CNN gbhj said

    maybe vela will get more playing time now if not sell him it’s a waste to just have him on a bench

  17. croatia said

    taylor is big asehole yes

    he kiled croatia to.

  18. NWGoon said

    We don’t need any more crocks than we already have!
    Let’s buy someone capable of playing a full match.

  19. rudygooner said

    Dudu will soon gone and who is going to use his shirt number? maybe bendtner can have it though…
    And do you know the update news regarding almunia? cause I really want him to leave..
    Anyway, cause we just bought koscielny for 7 mil and we will soon get 6.2 mil from dudu, it means we have yet to use our transfer budget and still can buy at least 1 defender and/ or 1 goalkeeper…

  20. Zyn said

    Pity, but he never was the same after the injury, hopefully this will open up a spot for Wilshere…God, I hope Wilshere has no “Barca DNA”…

  21. gazgooner said

    I doubt there is a gooner who would not wish Dudu anything but the very best for his move. This is a man who exemplifies all that this good about the Arsenal and it is nothing but a crying shame that that animal Taylor ruined what could have been a sparkling career.

    My genuine and sincere thanks to you Dudu…good luck and let’s hope we have the chance to farewell you properly sometime – sad day for us all…..

  22. Lando.008 said

    he is really gonna be missed by all gunners fans!honestly i didnt want him to leave Arsenal..all the best Eddy!!!

  23. Leon said

    I like Eduardo who is a true professional – never aired his dirty laundry in public and never made any demands – I wish him all the best if the story is true – does this open up a move for the lad from ipswich ? Personally I would prefer Suarez who we can get on a discount from debt ridden Ajax…..

  24. cin said

    Eduardo, All the best.
    He has so much talent.

  25. yash said

    guys, is this true??Plz NO!!!!I love this guy.. never complains, always say the right thing!!!He should be given at more 1 year to prove he is not finished because trust me guys, he isnt! Wenger himself said that he will be sharper next season and that the previous one was just the recovery process for dudu!!!!Shame if he goes!


  26. Johnny said

    You could see it in his game that he didn’t want to try any tricks any more for fear that the English thugs from Stoke, Bolton, Blackburn, etc. would do him again. Corrupt or biased refs show Arsenal no protection and Eduardo will be better suited playing in a league and for a team that subject to fair and consistent refereeing that puts player safety first.

  27. Tommo said

    I haven’t been this sad about a player leaving since Paul merson! He’s got so much more to give. And I haven’t seen anyone with a finish quite like his. Good luck dudu! And thankyou

  28. amso said

    Gud luck dudu we wil remember u guy.Iam very very so sad he luved arsenal so much.

  29. amso said

    Thanx dudu hope u wil be gud 4ur new team.

  30. Problem is, modern football, with the modern tactics does not really make room for such a brilliant little goal poacher like eduardo.

    He is not the strong, hold up target man in a 4-3-3

    and he is not really a wide forward either.

    He is an old fashioned striker ready-made for a 4-4-2 system.

    Would a michael owen be any good in today’s game?

    It seems the drogba/torres tpye is the archetypal striker in 2010.

  31. Johnny said

    Re hawke. Your spot on, the change in our formation has really affected eddy. He`s a player who has to play off a big physical type in a 4-4-2. He was never the most athletic and after the injury lost that bit of pace over the first few yards. I reckon we have done well getting 6 plus million back for him, however, i wish him all the best in the future. As someone else pointed out he never caused any trouble and he never moaned or whinged about not being in the team. Maybe he can recapture some of his old form in a less physical league. Good luck to him.

  32. dilshan said

    are we expecting the arrival of a new no9..or do you expect some one like AA or even Whilshire to take that shirt

  33. All the numbers for the forthcoming season have been handed out now.

    So the no 9 shirt will remain vacant until…. maybe Wellington Silva will be given it in January…. actually…that would make a lot of sense!

  34. Duane said

    Really wish this aint true. Really love this guy. he is a great player.

  35. ibster2187 said

    What about Remy String? Perhaps we could be that mystery club 🙂 We do have a habit of doing last minute bids.

  36. pretty sure remy will end up at west ham.

  37. sameusngma said

    I wish him all the best in the future

  38. arsenal4ever said

    remy wont end at west ham. anyway it is said as soon dudu left us we are going for honda. if it is true or not I dont know but would love this move.

  39. kafer said

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  40. Goonerpower said

    It’s a shame really, but he does need playing time at 27. We will miss u Dudu. Why can’t we sell bentner instead I’m sorry but he is useless. Am I the only one who feels this way

  41. -[E]xplore[R]- said

    Its true alright, been reported all over croatian news for the last few hours.

    he is bigtime out there.

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