Enjoy Channel 5, Mr Cole

July 19, 2010

So, all the gooners from the blog world who became overnight “insiders” on the supposed Joe Cole to Arsenal deal being signed before the World Cup, have gone into hiding?

All I can say is Thank Fuck we have not signed the crock, the crock who will be 30 next year.

The crock who is as paceless as a 76 year old granny, carrying the shopping home from ASDA.

We have never had a need for him, we are adequately covered in that tricky little half striker role, and what kind of message to young Jack would it have been?

In  the end it was all about money, not football for Joe Cole, otherwise he would have signed for the Spuds.

We dodged a bullet there, a mercenary is never any good on a football pitch!

All in all a good day… I laugh in the face of the “insiders” who knew it was a done deal.

Sorry, but fair is fair !!


21 Responses to “Enjoy Channel 5, Mr Cole”

  1. dilshan said

    lolll…well most blogs like the newspapers will say anything to get attention and at times even the good ones fall for it…had one yesterday saying should clichy be replaced by Gibbs or traore in the first team yesterday…ow well…agree with you guess he could have brought a bit of experience but nothing more and hopefully a full fit Risky this season will find his best form…I am still waiting for the GK situation to be sorted Arsene saying No1 is up for grabs and not interested in Swarzer is interesting, but then he said may be to J cole

  2. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Harsh mate. Joe Cole is still a quality player and not a fool like most england and former chelski players. Liverpool is not about money. For him, its about being able to play regular football with still one of the leagues most prestigious clubs. Signing for liverpool will help them keep torres and stevie g.

    View on GK? Im hoping frey, since we have been after him for decades now.

  3. Patrick said

    in total agreement
    didn’t need or want him

  4. Ramsey – Would be over the moon if we got Frey, he is certainly my first choice.

  5. Jaygooner said

    I freely admit to have been sucked in by ‘Arrys statement that Joe Cole was a done deal, that he had signed for someone before the World Cup. On the basis of what Twitchy said, it seemed the ONLY Club he had agreed terms with would have been Arsenal.However, things changed and it soon became clear that Cole hadn’t signed for anyone, until today. Glad he has gone to the scouse,though, we do not need him.

  6. Joe said


    I was one of those who thought that we would sign Cole. And I still think he would have represented value but only at the right price.
    We have many young players who have yet to step up and when we came to business end of the season in April were left wanting.

    He obviously thought that liverpool represented a better chance for him to make first team football. That and the fact thats hes getting 90k a week over 4 years. Absolutely Ludicrous.! Y’know the real irony is that Benayoun is actually a better player..!

  7. OLIVER said

    Joining Liverpool could never be about money they havent got any

  8. Agreed Joe

    right now, yossi b is a better player for sure.

  9. OLIVER – they paid no transfer fee, they got no CL footy, and he is moving out of his beloved london…. why?

  10. Goonerpower said

    Your spot on we don’t and never have needed him. Don’t get me wrong on his day he is up there but that’s on his day. Most of the time he would be with the physio trying to get back to “his best” which I think maybe that’s gone. Good luck to him he would of fit better into the spuds but “money money money Joe loves money” (singing the abba song) got the better of him.

  11. goonercen said

    another thing we have learnt this summer is to believe in 2 things only;
    1st, the result after a game,
    2nd; who has signed from the official site,

    everything else is just birdshit!

  12. Mike E said

    shame. good move – for him!

  13. One Aaron Ramsey said

    Strings, views on woljiech scheznafjklnsdjbnasdfjnkasdjny? What formation for 10/11?

    I like the lad a lot. I think he would be a good #2 for the moment. I would loan out fabianski to the budensliga because it’s a credible and rough league.

    I’m curious about phil jagielka though. He’s a great defender, but at that cost. Zapata is a little on the pricey end as well. Considering we haven’t really used much on the transfer window (cause Koz’s fee is up in the air). I would love to get one of those defenders. But I think im afraid we will be a bit rocky at the start of the season. This huge change in players will be a little overwhelming. But as the season goes on, i feel its the best chance we’ve had at winning a title since……. last season.

    But if we stay cost conservative again, Djourou can be a huge player again.

    Im rating our chances at the league (worthless) cup. If we keep wilshere, we have a good team. Its just a confidence booster to win something.

  14. 16M for another 5ft something centre half who spent most of last season injured is plain daft!

    not a AW type signing in a million years.

    i still think the scwarzer deal could be on, which i am not against, as this gives the two poles another season to fight out for the 1 jersey.

    in all honesty i think chesney is going to be something right out of the top draw.. in time.

    i know many don’t.. but i also rate fabinski, he just bigtime lost his bottle last season and towards the end of the previous season.. give him time, he could still be anything.

  15. Kipmonster said

    It’s time us Arsenal fans were not so docile. Once a week we should each bombard UEFA & FIFA with a letter of complaint regarding Barca’s conduct which could cause the 2 bodies an Admin nightmare. Also en masse Arsenal fans should send vitriolic emails to mouthy Barca players such as Puyol & also to the stirrer in chief Balague who takes the money from Sky in this country & then attempts to unsettle the best players in the Premier League to move to Spain. Also we should deluge Arsenal with letters of complaint that the club has failed again to care for their supporter’s interests by not formally reporting a club that has persistently tapped up many of our players.

    Route de Genève 46
    Case postale
    CH-1260 Nyon 2

    Strasse 20,
    P.O. Box 8044



    Arsenal Football Club
    Highbury House
    75 Drayton Park
    London N5 1BU

  16. Kip meet Dilshan

    Dilshan has set up a facebook account with more or less the same intentions.

    Over to you Dilshan……

  17. Goonerpower said

    I’m well up for that, and dilsham what is the Facebook thingy I would like to join if possible

  18. I’m sure Dilshan will be on later to explain more about his action plan.

  19. GoonerFan said

    Totally agree with you Legendaire, I don’t want a Chelski past it pulling on the red & white. I thought I was a lone voice on this, but you summed it up perfectly.

    We need quality english players, not players who are english.

    I reckon Arsenal cooled interest(if there ever was anything than a passing glance) & it wasn’t the other way around.

  20. dilshan said

    KIp check our group on Face book, we have few plans coming together and your help will be more than welcome…need more people like you


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