Welcome back Arsenal

July 17, 2010

Great to be looking forward to an Arsenal game again, even if it is the annual game on the second weekend of July, against Barnet.

Really looking forward to seeing 4 players in particular.

The new boys Kos and Chamakh, plus Djourou and Nordtveit.

If the expected, and very much-needed, 2nd defensive signing of the Summer does not materialise within the next few weeks, we are left to rely on one or both of the aforementioned young centre backs being highly used this coming season.

There is not a chance in hell of Vermy and Kos lasting the season without injury or suspension.

Djourou has been planted in to play right-back today by some bloggers… I see no value in this.

He must get his 45 minutes at the heart of the defence.

I rate him and believe he can become an important player, who knows, Kos may need some time to settle in and we could see Vermy and Johan start against Liverpool next month.

Nordtveit played for Nurnberg last season in a holding midfield role, we have Song and Eastmond in the squad for that role, so again it will be good to see the lad given 45 minutes at centre back.

I love the composition of the current squad, the likes of JET, Wilshere and Eastmond will have come on bundles over the last season, surely Jack will bust through in a big way this year?

Great to have proper football back… World Cup?

Pfffffttt !!


18 Responses to “Welcome back Arsenal”

  1. Paul17890 said


    looking forward to watching chamkh play.

  2. Siddharth said

    Perhaps Eastmond will start at right back. He has played most of his youth career in that position, and I don’t see any other viable option.

  3. Goonerpower said

    I have a good feeling about this season. We can’t poss have as many injuries as last season so let’s hope that really was the difference.

    In wenger we trust!!!

  4. Nj said

    Any transfer news? Melo or hangaland?

  5. Leon said

    Nice to see the pre season friendlies get underway after what was a pretty dire world cup. See that the usual talk about transfer is doing it’s rounds don’t honestly care whether fabregas stays or goes – no one is bigger than the club – hope more established players come in because to be honest the two we have are not exactly the experienced players we need…..

  6. Fab will stay for one more season…. at least.

  7. Leon said

    Arsenal will prosper with or without Fabregas – good player he may be there are players who can fill in just as well. People asked what would happen to Arsenal when Wright retired then along came Anelka and then Henry – clubs like Arsenal are not carried by one player and we can attract the players we need besides now that Barcelona have lost their £850 million TV deal with MediaPro and are taking out loans to cover their wages I don’t think they can afford him…..

  8. dilshan said

    Frimpong Looked impressive, bit of a Flemini few seasons ago, what is your take on him SH..you think he can break in to the team this season and provide more options in DM and also is it me or did we seem to cross more balls into the box, especially in the first half

  9. Missed most of the first half, from what i hear Frimpong was very impressive with his workrate… he seems to have really filled out. Like him, defo for the carling cup, but behing song and eastmond for the first team.

    Thought theo looked menacing when he came on at HT, although he was up against weak, slow defenders.

    Chamakh looks VERY VERY unselfish, he plays as a total link man, not a greedy CF looking to just score goals, can see what AW likes in him.

    He will be a tremendous asset.

    Looking forward to the Emirates tournie which i shall be attending, to get a closer look.

    All in all, defender and goalie short… but the squad is looking good.

    City really will be a massive force this season, cannot see them being beaten much, the squad they now have is very impressive.

    Would be the greatest achievement for Arsenal to beat off the moneybags arabs and russians and take the premiership.

  10. wenger “gallas and silvestre will be signing for new teams, campbell is still in no mans land”

    good news.

  11. Leon said

    Gallas has gone and that is good news – a self centered greedy troublemaker who, by all accounts was the reason why Nasri was dropped from the French squad after he criticised him – Silvestre was next to useless but at least he was professional and offered his experience – I wish him well…….

  12. dilshan said

    im still in two minds about new signings….part of me says may be we should give nordveit a chance, specially heaving seen him today…GK AW dismissed Shwarzer, be interesting if he changes the GK situation and whom he brings in if he does

  13. arsenal4ever said

    so cole signed for liverfool. what a greedy wanker!!! it was said he will play champ. league + staying in london. at last I am glad we are not getting him. he earns way to much for offering less!!! hope now for honda or ozil!!!

  14. Yup, was funny every single person on every blog was coming on the comments section saying they were in the know, and he signed for us before the world cup.

    We never needed him.

    I am overjoyed.

  15. arsenal4ever said

    yes stringfellow you were right. some block from le-grove said we are still in the market for top stars. hope he is right. Also what do you think 18 mill for Jagielka? Is he that good? Only followed mostly Arsenal games last season so cant judge the dude at all!!! But if Wenger really wants him I am ok with it. But pls dont let Koz and Vermy together our 1. choice CB pairing!!! Hope also Sol stays and a great GK will come in, too!!!

  16. arsenal4ever said

    bloke I ve meant of course 🙂

  17. 100% do not believe the rumours about jageilka.

  18. amso said

    Cole opts for Liverpool Liverpool have signed England international midfielder Joe Cole on a four- year contract

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