Cesc purchased new house 3 weeks ago

July 14, 2010

According to the St Albans Review, and following on from a report in last weekend’s Sunday Times, it appears Cesc actually sealed the 2M purchase of his new house almost a month ago.

According to the Review…

“he bought a house in Marshalls Drive, one of the most expensive addresses in the district”



27 Responses to “Cesc purchased new house 3 weeks ago”

  1. dilshan said

    I do feel for him, he is stuck in a position where whatever he says it will not go down well. He does have intention of playing for Barca at some point in his carrier and hence he can not in any way say or do anything that will insult them or offend them and it is the same, I honestly think he has a lot of love and respect for Arsenal FC and fans ..it is Barca and his so called Catalan friends who should understand this and make sure not to put him in such situations…Its kind of taken our attention away from looking ahead to the season which starts this weekend.

    have you any further updates on CB and GK situation

  2. Agreed dilshan.

    The lad loves this club, that much is abundantly clear, and he is of course torn between a rock and a hard place.

    I would be surprised if we don’t complete the Schwarzer deal before the week is out.

  3. Aponapi said

    Who cares anyway!
    Maybe he should also have a courage to buy Arsenal fun some RESPECT!

  4. Goonerpower said

    You are right dilsham but why can’t he just come out and say he is staying for a few years. Wishfull thinking or just say one way or another. Have you seen the spitting incident with Cesc and piqué (not sure if Spelt right) they are not a respectful bunch of players, but he seemed to enjoy it. I thought it was a disgrace and feel Cesc is changing for the worst and being led astray.

  5. Goonerpower said

    If knowbody has seen it, it’s on utube

  6. Goonerpower said

    Hope you didn’t mind me putting that there hawke 🙂

  7. no probs goonerpower

    good find.

  8. dilshan said

    goonerpower..it simply is not possible to make a statement today about future…think of the uncertinity in football and global economy to start off with..let me explain say he says he is leaving us in three years today…imagine the worst case scenario of us falling out of top4 next season…now should such a thing happen then he might want to leave next summer to play CL, so his statement will only hinder his chances and further that Barca would have made other signings which could mean it is impossible for him to sign..another scenario say after three years if Barca find thyself in a financial disarray or made to play in Catalan league due to Catalonio becoming independent, both scenarios are real possibilities, he will not want to or Barca will not be in a position to buy him from us and the statement of him saying he will leave in three years will put him in a position of no return. Also he can not come out and say he never wants to leave us as he wants to play for Barca at some point or other.

    hope that explains to you why Cesc finds himself in a no win situation

  9. EMC Oguzie said

    Gooners all over seem not to appreciate that this Barca distraction is getting sillier by the day. Just a very simple solution: Wenger’s Arsenal is financially more stable than Barca. Let Wenger table a bid for Pique, Iniesta or Xavi, & of course Messi. 3 or 4 @ a time. We need them all to consolidate our team & can afford them without talking any loan facility. More so, Barca can spend the cash on players’ salaries & allowances rather than their current unhealthy borrowing spree.

    Since they like distracting & unsettling players, let’s give then doses of it. This arrogance both of Barca helm & players is unsportsmanlike to say the least.

  10. Kelvin Nketia said

    I think he bought that house just 2 lure us. I feel if Barca increase their monetary value 4 him, he might go bt i would b very glad if he stays.

  11. Goonerpower said

    I totally get what your saying, it was more he says yes I’m staying (not so much how long) rather than not really much at all. The thing he speaks extremely carefully and quite rightly as you say 100% he will go home! It’s just I always thought he would go home when he was 27ish giving him legend status and still plenty in the tank for barca (spit) Who where my Spanish team no longer. They are worse the Madrid for there tactics. There economics are in disarray so let’s just sit back and watch, they have there loan…………for now

  12. […] Cesc purchased new house 3 weeks ago According to the St Albans Review, and following on from a report in last weekend’s Sunday Times, it appears Cesc […] […]

  13. Gunning4Glory said

    i’ve got to say after watching the youtube stuff, Cesc will realise soon if he goes to BuzzOfflona, that all those are bad company… big deal that they won the world cup, thats not what a real sportsman do, they look more like drunken thugs and hooligans on the street.. disgrace..

  14. Goonerpower said

    Kelvin I can’t see Cesc buying a £2mil house just to lure us. That would be total crazy.

  15. Khedira signed by Jose at Real Madrid.

    Good player.

  16. mike said

    yeh good playr and madrid got a good deal


  17. arsenal4ever said

    kedhira rumours are wrong. stuttgart claims there is no contact between them and RM!!!!!

  18. they are not wrong, stuggart trying to up the price.

    khedira is in madrid now, properly tapped up.

    expect it confirmed by the press within the next 24 hours

    source: gab marcotti.

  19. Leon said

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place ? Give me a break ! He allowed this behavior to go on and on and kept quiet about it and the shirt ‘prank’ was the most contrived insult to the club anyone could have done – love the club you say ? He is just like any other foreign mercenary just using Arsenal as a stop gap before the move to a ‘big club’ – having seen it with Hleb, Overmars, Petit and countless others I would prefer that he would just piss of to Barcelona now and spare us the ‘Arsenal forever in my heart’ patronising bullshit that we will no doubt hear – give Wilshere a chance – a true Arsenal youth player……

  20. Shut your mouth Leon, before you catch a fly, pillock.

    The barca shirt was forced on him you sileek hunt.

    The first thing he spoke after concentrating on winning the WC was to say “he had won it for Arsenal”

    I detest feckwits like you, i honestly do!

  21. Leon said

    Stringfellow – firstly there was no need to get personal – if you are blind enough to believe that garbage then more the fool you – why is it that every single Barcelona player has come out and said he wants to join them and he has said nothing to refute it – the silence is deafening and in his most recent statement he referred to playing for arsenal in the past tense – what would you rather have a player continually looking towards Spain or someone truly committed to the club ? But go on and keep convincing yourself if it makes you happy but the time and effort to keep someone who wants away happy could be given to Wilshere who is equally talented and English……

  22. has he not always said he wants to play for barca? nothng wrong with that, he is a barc fanatic, as man and was as boy.

    he is 23, on a 5yr deal, and barca cannot afford the min 50M thats needed to purchase him. so nothing for us to worry about.

    i think he realises as much and will give arsenal his all, as always.

  23. publicityweek said

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  24. ibster2187 said

    String, anything on a new CB like Hangeland or Mertesacker?

  25. Erindwyer said

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