Wenger tells Barca to get lost on live French TV

July 11, 2010

Get in Arsene!!

Speaking on TF1, the national French Television Station, Wenger told viewers he has spoken to the Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell, and told him in no uncertain terms that Cesc is not for sale.

Wenger was speaking as a match summariser following the World Cup Final, won by an Iniesta goal set up to perfection by the Arsenal Captain.

This news follows the report in this morning’s Sunday Times, which detailed news of a 2 Million pound property that has just been purchased by Cesc in the leafy Hertfordshire town of St Albans.

About time the Arsenal knockers came out and apologised, they were pretty quick to come forward ( as per the norm ) when the rumours of the Barca bid were flying around, canning all and sundry at the club for not putting up a defence.

My feelings before the World Cup were that we would see Cesc in an Arsenal shirt for another season, my feelings after the World Cup are exactly the same… but with a lot more conviction.

Congratulations, Cesc Fabregras… Arsenal Captain, European Champion… now World Champion.


86 Responses to “Wenger tells Barca to get lost on live French TV”

  1. Jh said

    Viva espana viva cesc!! Woooooo!!!!

  2. lettherebelite said

    great news buddy

  3. mike said

    cheers for the update mate….yeh think fab will stay

  4. arsenal4ever said

    hopefully he assured cesc brillant additions to be title contenders next season!! congrats cesc!!

  5. Jason K said

    fucking brilliant blogging Stringy

    fucking icing on the cake


  6. dilshan said

    great news …I blame it on the English tabloids…One of of our own in a red top went on to write saying Cesc should leave to win things and have left a lasting bitter taste on my mouth about the legend..I some time feel our past players who work with the media are a bit jealous about the current crop of players and had the same feeling about TH14 as he was nearing the goal scoring record etc…and another is the guy from mirror we bring on arsenal TV….I do not think he should be on it again some of his articles are worse…when some one like Colymore writes shit I laugh and let him off as he has his agenda against us and we all know that but when some one who claims to be an Arsenal fan etc looks to back stab I can not bring my self to forgive them…

    Lot of people underestimate AW, he is single minded enough to have created great teams and he has in the past told Barca to to exactly where there belong..make no mistake he will sell cesc and others when he feels the time is right and it usually is towards the end of their carrier..I do feel for RVP…doing a thank-less next to Robben who will never simply pass the ball even when he has no other options, great player he might be but surely he needs to know when to pass and when to try to go solo…

    I have to confess I had a grin on my face when Torres got injured, as we have to play Pool soon…or did you hear Hensen and co saying how Holland were dirty..of course they were..just like when Blackburn et al play us but when its Arsenal we are told its part of the game…I am not in any way saying that kicking players is the way to play football but rather find the hypocrisy funny, wanted a hotline to them to remind them what they say when Arsenal get kicked about

  7. messi said

    class post, just got tweeted this by my cousin over in france

    well in on the scoop mr hawke

    no flies on you for sure 😉

  8. Jason K said

    great post dillshan and so so true.

  9. ADZ said


  10. Groan said

    unless they splash 80m he is ours.

    and guess what?

    they have not even 40m.

    he stays for arsenal.

  11. gooner71 said

    Nicely played Cesc, Wenger, Hawke and Mr Dilshan.

  12. Vivb said

    Did you see Pique and Puyol working on him as he picked up his medal.

    I think if he stays it will be because this is Wenger’s last year on his current contract. If we don’t win something this season the pressure for Wenger to go will be intense.

  13. gooner71 said

    haha vivb i saw that

    puyol was showing him the medal almost saying come to barca and win a load more of these with us.

  14. PTangYangKipperBang said

    Ah Positivity!

  15. Jonathon Guild said

    Great news for us.

    and yes lads i also saw that shameless tapping up by puyol and pique, and we are not being paranoid, they know he is a match winner at the highest level, as shown tonight with his assist for the goal.

    winning is addictive, they know cesc is the future as xavi will start to decline soon enough.

  16. dilshan said

    ViVa b and gooner71 ..cesc is far to intelligent nd will know barca will not be winning anything for few more years…With mad Jose madrid will be far too strong for them, and they will be selling some of their squad players to bring cash in and promote youth players which will make it harder for them …I for one think Barca have bigger priorities to replace Puyol and even a left winger and need LB so they will do all the talk to keep the fans happy to sell season tickets but they will not really want to spend 50 mill on a player they do not need for few more seasons

  17. Jonathon Guild said

    not sure dilshan

    they have villa now instead of the donkey ibrahimovich so should be stronger next year.

  18. Vivb said

    Spanish football is as competitive as the SPL if you play for Barca or Real you have a 50/50 chance of winning the title.

    International football sucks Spain look so good because they are basically the Barca team. Inter showed how Barca can be neutralised and beaten

  19. Jonathon Guild said

    yes and the dutch almost done a inter on spain (80% barca)

    felt a little sorry for the dutch in the end

  20. gooner71 said

    cesc would be smart to stay here for 2 or 3 seasons and then join barca when they will truly need him.

    right now, he may end up playing second fiddle as he does for spain.

    not worth it, he must play all the time as he is not 17 anymore, almost 24.

  21. aj said

    great post, buzzed from this news.


  22. Karen said

    Yeah now when it turns out to be that he stays after all i also want to congratulate him. Well done, Cesc! I supported Holland, though). So my condolences to Van the Man…

  23. Lissome said

    Whaooooo w….what a good news this’s i’m very proud of the prof.i’m really confident that this season is ours see RVP&CECSY carrying medals @the world cup it’ll continue here at arsenal

  24. AJSafado said

    It’s not up to Wenger. Cesc has a buy out clause in his contract for L$29M. If Cesc wants to leave, Cesc will leave. Good luck keeping after today.

  25. dilshan said

    Geee AJSafado, what you doing hear with all the exact info you seem to know about player contracts you should join BBc team of hensen and co…woww your intelligence and insight amazes me

  26. thenry said

    he cannot buyout his conract as he is under 26. if he takes the legal route Arsenal can block it and go to court cesc cannot play football untill the case is settled that can take up to 2 years. do get ur facts right.

  27. Cesc Fabregas said

    Errr, sorry guys but fuckin want to leave and win trophys, going to Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Viva Pep Guardiola!!!

  28. Arsene Wenger said

    yes to see this on tf1 tonite.

    he was angry to barcelona

    cesc is arsenal player

  29. gooner71 said

    get lost fake cesc

    why bother posting that on here?

    sad git

  30. gooner71 said

    well in thenry

  31. dubz said

    Contract buy outs can only happen within 15 days of the end of the domestic season. so no go there.

    Also Cesc’s revised contract terms (ie more £££) which he accepted this year, mean he has to serve a further 3 yeas before he can exercise a buy out. So no go there either.

  32. dilshan said

    John Cross is at it again ..written another article about how Cesc apparent;y handed in a Transfer request..if he makes any of of Arsenal TV shows next year they are not getting my money

  33. Jason K said

    he works for a red top gutter press paper

    he is paid to write guff

    total 2 faced hack who purports to be a true gooner but sticks the knife in when he wants and when duty calls.

  34. Dingleberry said

    Spain, the crying, bellyaching, mommyboys. Iniesta, Xavi, Pedro and David Silva had a few spectacular dives that deserved an Oscar academy award. And Stargazer, starstruck Howard the coward handed out the whole card-deck to Holland when the Spanish mommyboys told him to.

  35. PTangYangKipperBang said

    Sadly, as Mr Cross’ star has risen in the media, he has increasingly spouted negative crap about our club. I have come to the conclusion that he is a pratt. I would not want to see him on Arsenal TV next season, no way.

  36. Snir Geuli said

    @dilshan – Where did you see John Cross saying Cesc handing a transfer request ?

    Do you mean this ?

    Here it just says Cesc asked AW to leave for Barca in that “one on one conversation” they had, it’s something that has been said for over a month, not something new…

    Or maybe you’re talking about something else ?

  37. PTangYangKipperBang said

    It is a sad feeling when “one of your own” seems to disrespect Arsenal. As the much hyped trophylesss years increase, more and more of our legends now have said unpleasant things about us. Over the last year; Dixon, Wright, Groves, Merson, and to a lesser extent Adams and Keown, have trashed Arsenal in the media in some way (that might be too strong for the last 2). It is no coincedence that these people have carved out careers in the media. On balance though, alot haven’t including, Winterburn, Parlour, Robson, Seaman, Charlie Nicholas, George, and others.

  38. SammyNelsonsPants said

    Yeah hanson was funny

    Lets see if he’s singing the same tune as the northern monkeys kick our guys next season (again)

  39. I wish there was a knob on the TV so you could turn up the intelligence. They got one marked “brightness” but it don’t work, does it? ~Leo Anthony Gallaghe

  40. ktexs said

    viva ces fabregas adn roben van persi arsenales 4 life
    good game
    cesf. not 4 sell gracias

  41. Rk96 said

    Charlie Nicholas is a dickhead racist!! He says lots crap about the Arsenal. Forever going on about,wenger needing an English spine, well where did that English spine get us(England)? U charlie!! Gunner4life!

  42. jsp said

    Piss off back to Sapin you daigo shite!!! Hate Fabregas, he should have the captaincy taken away from him and give it to Vermalen!!

  43. mike said

    cesc has asked to leave …..not a transfer request

    get ur facts right sunny jim

    he will go if they can agree a fee, regardless of what arsenal and wenger say however as barca wont pay that much, cesc will be at arsenal for another year and i have no problem with that.

    and arsenal fans are in denial if they think fabregas hasnt asked to leave……he has and only will if they can agree a fee

    but they wont so he will remain a gooenr

  44. Cesc Fabregas said

    I told you all I’m off. I hate Arsene, he keeps touching me in the shower

  45. mike said

    ‘cesc fabregas’ (the fake guy, not the actual fabregas)—> fuck off u prat

  46. firethegun said

    Great job Arsene! I dont care anything about jose mourinho/real madrid but i really hope they will beat the shit out of barca this season…and top it off with arsenal beating them too shud we meet them! Why not?!!

  47. Damian said

    Get it right Cesc has no say he does what Arsenal say to 2013 wake up fool men with 200M etc.don,t let the players run the show

  48. fresh2858 said

    Continue to work something useful for others, so that you are respected by others. May God always give you clues to the right path

  49. why wenger looks angry all the time.
    he’s good guy without angry faces 🙂

  50. gunner man said

    when arsenal won the lge on last day of season at anfield who was in the defence for liv, ALAN HANSEN, he probably still has nightmares

  51. dilshan said

    in an interview after the game Cesc says this win is for all the Arsenal players, fans and the great club and all I can say is am proud to be an Arsenal player… apparently this is him being coy on his future, …for me he could not have been clear any more in his desire to stay with us……he has been clever in making sure he does not say anything that will disrespect the barca mugs in the Spain team that could create animosity amongst players and hinder his chances of playing for the national team further…some times the media has to stop taking us fans for mugs and we should stop playing to their tune and making us look like foolish mugs

  52. DAVE said


  53. Paul17890 said

    Top blogging sir – Keep up the really good work, i read every post, rarely comment.

    Prefer blogs to newspapers these days, you guys don’t work for a wage so can report the truth without reprisal.

    Do you write elsewhere Stringfellow Hawke?


  54. Goonerpower said

    Dilsham I said the exact same thing!!! Ur bang on the mark. If that’s coy what will he say when he stayin lol up the arsenal!!!!!!!!!

  55. SharkeySure said

    Good work String!!

    I’ve been pretty relaxed all along that Fab was going nowhere. Barca’s footbaling need for him is actually minimal, so even if they weren’t broke, a big money transfer was never going to make any sense.

  56. ay98182 said

    Given Barca’s financial situation (they just had to take out a £150m loan to pay wages), and the length of time left on Cesc’s contract, I’m fairly certain that he’s not going anywhere this season. I don’t really see it as the triumph some of you guys are claiming however. Cesc clearly wants to leave and go home to Barcelona – to play with the supremely talented players he learned his football with and with whom he’s just triumphed in the World Cup (as opposed to having to lift average players like Song, Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner et al). The bottom line is that he wants to play on a daily basis with this generation of Spanish players (7 of the Spain team were from Barca) and win trophies. He feels he can’t do either of those things at Arsenal. Cesc leaving is as inevitable as Henry’s departure was, except he’s going in his early/mid twenties, as opposed to when he’s past his peak.

    Whatever happens, Cesc is going home within 2 years. And given the talent and understanding (and childhood bonds) at Barcelona, who can blame him?

    Why have someone in your team whose heart isn’t in it? Not that he’s the kind of player who would consciously play badly, but looking towards Catalonia will affect his game and ambition for Arsenal. If we can get good money for him, I think the best thing is to sell him now and start rebuilding sooner rather than later.

    Unless we take Xavi or Iniesta in exchange ;), clearly there isn’t a like-for-like player to replace Cesc. So why not try Stephen Ireland (who has submitted a transfer request at City), or Marek Hamsik?

  57. SharkeySure said

    Ay9812 – dismissing Song as average really weakens your arguments.

    You then go on to rehash the ‘don’t keep an unhappy player’ bit, whilst expressing that Fabs a true pro who you’d still expect a good season from.

  58. Wanchope said

    I thought this site wasn’t reporting it?

    Cole is 15/8 to come compared to the 6-1 yesterday

  59. still decent odds on to liverpool according to skybet


  60. Wanchope said

    I think the point is he was 1-4 on yesterday and 6-1 third favourites behind Arsenal..

    Maybe loads of people bet on the 6-1 odds hence the reduction

  61. paul – only write on here, although will be doing some radio work on the arsenal shortly… watch this space!!

  62. wanchope – its all pure speculation to be honest.

    lets just wait and see what happens, but i maintain, as i have done since day one this story broke 6 weeks ago.. i cannot see him joining us.

  63. Wanchope said

    I think things will come out in the wash this week

  64. mike said

    niklas bendter is to become a dad

  65. Cracking news mike, will settle him down a little and make him concentrate on footy more, having kids was a massive postivie influence on rvp.

    Must be that posh older bird he has been seeing?

  66. gunner17 said

    I’m sad for RvP.

    Holland’s players are a disgrace for not playing for him more. Sneider and Robben are particularly guilty. RvP works his socks off to give chances and assists to teammates at every opportunity but no one gives him anything to work with.

    RvP deserves success, and hopefully he’ll get it at Arsenal. The dutch will see what happens when you make RvP the center of your attack.

  67. mike said

    yeh i think its the posh chick

    yeh will defo change him..RvP changed massively

  68. gunner17 said

    she’s some kind of princess is she not?

    of all the arsenal players, who’d have thunk bendtner was the one giving it to a princess?

    i always imagined princess sex to be phenomenal.

    go on B52!

  69. arsenal4ever said

    mike sorry but you arent right about the cole thing!! hopefully it is just tactics from le boss!!


  70. gunner17 said

    i suppose it comes from watching all those disney movies as a kid…that little mermaid would get it.

  71. mike said

    that was a reply to getting gourcuff…….maybe h said that as he knows cole id done already??

  72. gunner17 said

    Is Cesc the first ever sitting Arsenal captain to win the World Cup?

    I know Vieira won it 98 but he wasn’t our captian back then.

  73. gunner17 said

    i don’t think for one minute that wenger was actually considering letting cesc go this summer, but it’s clear that cesc has been put in two minds about going.

    i hope that, rather than encouraging his desire to move, winning the world cup gives him a perspective-shift and lets him see that arsenal has been and continues to be good for him.

    i hope that having a world cup winner’s medal around his neck gives him a bit more patience, and that he becomes more relaxed about when he should go home.

  74. global2858 said

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  75. arsenal4ever said

    oh yes could be this mike you are hopefully right!!!

  76. huh. didn’t see this in the Sun this morning. Am guessing that they might actually want to see Cesc go. Perhaps because the don’t have shares in AFC?

  77. […] Wenger tells Barca to get lost on live French TV Get in Arsene!! Speaking on TF1, the national French Television Station, Wenger told viewers he has spoken to the […] […]

  78. AJSafado said

    Ha Ha, Cesc partied last night wearing a Barca Kit. He’s just getting started.

  79. mike said

    that was harmless fun with cesc etc although wenger and co will not be happy

    no need to have a go at cesc

  80. Soccer PTS said

    Barcelona slow, passing ball bores me. So does Spain’s soccer type….

  81. soccer predictions said

    nice post keep them coming

  82. ejg06 said

    I think it was a great article

  83. This is really unbelivable. I cannot believe in this article.

  84. This is the biggest bullshit I have ever read.

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