Not a good World Cup – Roll on the Premiership

July 11, 2010

Average to below average in my honest opinion.

Italia 90 had a lot of close, drama packed knockout games, France 98 was a lot of fun, Germany 2006 was decent, alas Africa 2010 was not much cop on the pitch.

Vastly devoid of many exciting topsy-turvy games in the closing stages of the tournament, one team took control of the game and generally saw the game out.

Where were all the exciting matches with extra-time and penalty drama?

The Jabulani ball certainly had an effect, it made good goalkeepers look average, they had no chance at times.

Aside from the South African games, were there any full to capacity stadiums?  I saw large swathes of empty space in many games, and not just in the group stages!!

England were crap, France were a disgrace, Germany magnificent, Spain smooth, Argentina mobile, Holland very dull, Uruguay refreshing, Ghana jinxed… and much like the World Cup itself, Brazil boring.

What are my hopes for the final tonight?  2-2 after 90, with a last-minute equalizer from either team to take the game to extra-time drama, maybe penalties.

What do I expect? A dire game that Spain will nick 1 or 2 nil with the Dutch sitting back allowing the Spanish to keep the ball for large periods of the game, in the hope they can kill them on the break.

Germany tried that in the semi, and got nowhere.

Spain are the worst side to play these rope a dope tactics against, they WILL eventually kill you.

Essentially you are lying down playing dead from the get-go, hoping to fool the predator at some stage; this does not work against Spain unless you fluke it like the Swiss did.

Holland need to have a rumble with Spain, they have the offensive players to get into the Spaniards weak defence and in particular, Busquets, who is the weak link.

David Villa takes on Wesley Sneijder for the Golden boot, they are level on 5 goals a piece, Forlan and Muller also have 5, but expect Villa to make it 6 tonight.

We deserve a good final, but expect boredom for 75 minutes.

Enjoy, I shall be hosting a World Cup final Barbeque Party at Chez Stringfellow, for a few close friends and family members… and there will certainly be more entertainment in my back garden than on the telly!

EDIT: If you fancy a punt on the final, just wait for whatever Piles Palmer and his degenerate gambling greengrocer suggest.. and do the opposite… quids in !!!


19 Responses to “Not a good World Cup – Roll on the Premiership”

  1. gooner71 said

    Mate, you have a skill in the way you write, i read a lot of arsenal blogs but they are just churned out daily for hits, same old boring run of the mill stuff day in day out.

    To be honest, i dont mind myles palmer, he is a lot like you in that he does not post every single day, only when he has something to talk about.

    Keep it up pal, you are genuinely always a good read.

  2. H-123 said

    Spain 1 Holland 4


  3. gooner71 said

    oh right my prediction is spain 2- 1.

    they will have too much in the end.

  4. How very dare you.

  5. gooner71 said


    is that really you miles?


  6. gooner71 said

    hey miles if that is you, you are a fascist bastard, but you are fun to read mate.

  7. “welcome Myles, you are free to blog” 😆 😆

  8. Goonerpower said

    I honestly believe Holland will nick it tonight, maybe that’s my heart talking but I don’t think they’ve been dull. They haven’t been amazing but they have got the job done. The rest of the teams though I totally agree. My best world cup was italia 90 that was awesome drama. Let’s hope next one in Brasil can top.

  9. Goonerpower

    Agreed they have got the job done, which is hte primary concern for any football team.. win matches.. in that respect they get 10/10 for winning 6/6 in this WC.

    but they will be foolish to sit back and look to counter punch this spanish side.

    against 95% of international teams that tactic would work perfectly for this dutch side.

    germany tried it against spain in the semi, when what they should have done is go toe to toe from the get go.

    germany only started to play their natural game when they went a goal behind, silly!

    the dutch may be better at the tactic, but they will still be asking for trouble.

  10. Goonerpower said

    Valid point, you can’t sit back against this Spanish team they will pick the lock! But I feel Holland can hurt them just the same as long as you say they just wait for the counter. Robben, Wesley and van the man are hungry men!! If they hit the spanish and rattle them we should be in for a treat. Get the cans and the HD ready!!!

  11. Afrika said

    ya its boring WC either cos its in Afrika or bcos ur team was crap!ask spanish or holland fans if its a boring WC! racist! *#@¤!

  12. brainless fool.

    has nothing to do with where the finals are played you pillock.

    more to do with something called “football matches”

  13. andy p said

    I think you watched a different world cup to the one I watched!

  14. why? how many games from the knockout stages where topsy turvy?

    how many were so close they went to extra time?

    what percentage from the 8 round 2, 4 quarters and 2 semis?

  15. Jason K said

    how easy is it to always play the blind racism card? you will never move on till you get rid of that card mr arfrika, you will keep yourself pegged back.

    world cup for me was ok, nothing amazing but certainly not as poor as say usa 94.

    hoping the best team win tonight, spain.

  16. Ex arsenal boy Gio Van B may get raped by speedy gonzalez Pedro tonight… actually, may?


    Van Bronckhurst will certainly start at left back, he is the captain of the dutch… so del bosque will defo start pedro and ask him to attack gio at will.

  17. Afrika said

    so y did he say ‘africa 2010’ instead of ‘SA 2010’?oh i 4got SA is in africa n who cares about little africa details?maybe FIFA should xtend matches to 120 mins to make them xciting..

  18. because it is billed as the first WC in africa as opposed to the first one in SA.

    do you not feel SA is part of Africa?

  19. Afrika said

    alright u win, i withdraw the racism card, (:

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