Joe Cole 6/1 to Join Arsenal!

July 11, 2010

Massive drift from at one stage being odds-on to now large odds against joining the Arsenal.

Liverpool in contrast are now heavy odds-on faves at 4/11, with the Spuds next in line at 13/8.

Some cheap blogs were this morning, again, reporting bollocks about him being favourite to join us.

Seems a straight duel between Woy and Arry.



18 Responses to “Joe Cole 6/1 to Join Arsenal!”

  1. Joe said

    I bet your wrong about Cole Strings.
    I also think your wide of the mark about Hangeland.

    I think we’ve done our business for Centre Halves. Kos will be first choice beside Vermy next season with JD/Nordveit/Bartley/Song and possibly Sol as back up options. Wenger doesn’t spent big on CB’s so theres absolutely no way were going to spend 20-25m on 2 centre halves.

  2. AW said this the day KOS signed….

    “Koscielny can be an outstanding addition to our team, but it is not over, we are still open to buy,” Wenger told

    “We are still on the market for another defensive player because we have the need for one more.”

  3. arsenal4ever said

    who cares the odds???

  4. Bookies are rarely wrong!

  5. arsenal4ever said

    he wont join liverfool imo. but i dont care he wouldnt even have a warranty for first place at emirates!!

  6. Johnny hoy said

    Please God we’re out of it with Joe Cole. What does Joe actually do? He’s the most skillful English player of his generation – no doubt. However, I ask again – what does he do?

  7. 100% agreed, Johny hoy

    He was beyond bad when he came on as a sub for England at the WC.

    Gave it away 99% of the time.

    He is finished at top level.

  8. Joe said


    Wenger has reneged on many things in the past. What he says is in the moment. Rem the striker we were supposed to sign in the Jan window? Thats not to say that I dont think he’s a man of his word. For example – I think he intended to sign Chamahk in Jan – but it didn’t happen and as such he waited to get him on the free in the summer.

    Something similar with Cole – I don’t think AW intended to sign a winger at the start of the window – but Cole became available on a free. That option was too good to turn down which is why we’ve made an offer. Given that Cole is an Islington boy with a young family – Logic would seem to say its either us or the spuds. And if he’s half a brain he’ll know whats best for him.

    The defensive player he could be referring to could either be a goalkeeper or a defensive midfielder. We obviously need a keeper and Im sure if he got value on someone like Melo or Annan he’d look closely at it. But there will always be a variety of factors to consider outside of availability such as competition, wages, injuries…….which is why Wenger will always have options.

  9. Adebayo from nigeria said

    I want 2 see joe cole in arsenal shirt next season up gunners

  10. Leon said

    Do we need Cole is the question – I would rather we made a concerted effort to bring in another centre back and a top class keeper than pay silly money buying a player of the same ability and physical size as Fabregas/Nasri/Arshavin and Rosicky – besides the far younger and equally talented Assulin (spelling) is also available on a free.

  11. Leon said

    Actually I do not think Cole has the same ability as our own squad players – too injury prone and was dreadful at the world cup….

  12. Bazza said

    “Bookies are rarely wrong” and “Massive drift from at one stage being odds-on to now large odds against joining the Arsenal.”.

    Make your mind up mate!

  13. A said

    How can the bookies barely be wrong?!

    Yesterday we were 1/2, Spurs 4/1, and Liverpool higher than that!

    This morning Liverpool were 1/2, Spurs 2/1, and us 10/1!

    The bookies can’t be wrong this time, provided he goes to one of us, Liverpool, and Spurs, because each of us has been massive odds on favourites, not just at some time over the last few weeks, but the last three days!

  14. […] Joe Cole 6/1 to Join Arsenal! Massive drift from at one stage being odds-on to now large odds against joining the Arsenal. […]

  15. ClockEndGooner said

    You cannot judge Joe Cole on his performance at the world cup alone sorry.. He got the odd 15 minutes wasn’t given a chance.. Wayne Rooney played every game and did NOTHING.. He must be finished at the top level as well then ay? Do me a favour you aint got a clue

  16. Errr Wayne Rooney is 24, and rarely injured, has his peak years to come in front of him.

    Joe Cole is 29 coming on 30, 3 seasons injured out of the last 4… peak years behind him, chavski want him out ( what do they know?)

    you make me laugh to be fair, thanks for the joke comparision with a yet to peak rooney 😆

    you know your onions llooll

  17. Wanchope said

    Hmmm, bookies are rarely wrong you say… check the odds now on skybet…

    Cole is 28 not 29 but 29 soon. If he’s free I don’t see the harm

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