Open letter to Raoul Moat

July 8, 2010

Dr Mr Moat,

It has come to our attention that since you were in prison, 2 England footballer’s were conducting extra-marital affairs with your former partner Miss Stobbart.

The two culprits for your immediate attention are John Terry and Ashley Cole.

Best of British



55 Responses to “Open letter to Raoul Moat”

  1. Davey J said

    LMFAO 😆

  2. funny said

    hahaha nice one hawke

  3. gooner71 said

    omg loooooollooolllooollllololll

  4. CASHLEY said

    not funny

  5. very silly said

    what is funny about this?

    the man is a murderer, grow the fuck up you idiots

  6. gooner71 said

    ffs you nobend silly, its a joke, lighten the fuck up.


  7. cesky said

    You forgot to mention the gang bang she had with Puyol, Xavi, iniesta, pique, Laporta and Rosell 🙂

  8. mike said

    well writing these jokes is going to make nod ifference is it u fucking prat ‘very silly’

    i hate those sort of people……by us making jokes out of it, it wont change anything!!!

  9. gooner71 said

    exactly mike

    cant stand idiots like him, just a serious lack of any sense of humour.

    must lead a hell of a boring life.

  10. mike said

    You forgot to mention the gang bang she had with Puyol, Xavi, iniesta, pique, Laporta and Rosell

    that is brilliant!

  11. dilshan said

    hahahaha…well he might have a big group of guys joining in the hunt for these two, for a change Moat might work with the cops to get em….

    what have you made of the financial situation of Barca and surely Platini must have something to say..and also A interview regarding GK and another CB…could be a much busier transfer window than I anticipated

  12. Dilshan those quotes have been bummed off by are off the mark

  13. but then he did go on to say the following to the official site….

    “We identified Koscielny as a very, very strong centre half,” he told

    “He can be an outstanding addition to our team. But it is not over, we are still open to buy.

    “We are still on the market for another defensive player because we have the need for one more.”

  14. Hangeland is the man identified, i promise you that much.

  15. looneygooner said

    I think it’s great he shot dead a karate expert, can you imagine the scenario ‘Don’t mess with me I am a karate expert’, ‘ Yeah I have a gun you c..t’ good for him I hope he takes a few more out with him, push someone and they push back classic, how much it will be a film in a year or two that’s how twisted society really is, I applaud you Mr Moat especially if you do Cole and Terry

  16. Surely he has taken his own life somwhere and the police will find his dead body soon?

  17. mike said

    nah doubt he would kill himself……dosent strike me as that sort of person from the letters and stuff…..he will be onthe attack

    apparently he knows very complex survival skills and thats why the sas have been asked to find him

  18. craig said

    moat should shoot those two dirty chief of police, the man and woman reading out bollocks, “we will leave no stone unturned” blah blah! this sort of stuf happens all over the world but as soon as happens in this country theirs all this hype, fuckin idiots. did you c the police escorting that guy through that country road its over the top and pathetic, i think i went on a bit their funny jokes those guys! i do feel sorry 4 the people who av bin hurt, but stuff like this happens wen you push a guy like that 2 far.

  19. SAS called in 😆 wtf

  20. Jack said

    You are a disgrace by posting this on a blog.

    you are encouraging a murderer to have a go at someone else.


  21. Goonerpower said

    Moat is a dangerous man and it lke they need the SAS come on boys key get the SOAB

  22. Goonerpower said

    Back to the CB problem there is talk oh Gary Cahill again. I would rather have him to be honest, young and up and coming what you think hawke

  23. Goonerpower said

    Moat is a dangerous man and it looks like they need the SAS. They must know where he is come on boys key get the SOAB. That’s what the last post should of said sorry lol

  24. Dylan said

    Fuck off..Raoul Moat is a total legend..Geordie Rambo!

  25. geordie rambo, nice!

  26. mike said

    jack fuck off… if he is going to go on the internet and start surfing at arsenal forums with the whole of the fucking country’s police force after him

    have a day off mate !

  27. Zulu Gooner said

    Brilliant … and very silly is indeed very silly (stupid)

  28. gunner17 said

    what kind of name is rahoul moat anyway?

  29. Webb got the final….

    English referee Howard Webb is to take charge of the World Cup final between Holland and Spain in Johannesburg on Sunday, Fifa has announced

    The 38-year-old Rotherham ref has been chosen for the final by Fifa’s referees committee.

    It is the first time an Englishman has taken the reins of a World Cup final in almost 40 years.

    Jack Taylor was the last Briton to take charge, in 1974.

    Webb will be joined in the final by his assistants Darren Cann and Michael Mullarkey.

    Webb has refereed three matches in this World Cup so far, starting off with Spain’s shock defeat by Switzerland.

    Webb’s team were praised after the Italy v Slovakia match where Cann was spot on with a tight call to rule out a Fabio Quagliarella equaliser.

    In the first knock-out round match between Brazil and Chile, Mullarkey was praised for his decision to allow Luis Fabiano’s goal while Chile defenders were claiming offside.

  30. Goonerpower said

    Well I suppose it’s good luck to him. Let’s not hope he is biased to Spain or Netherlands (manure) and do us proud. Hope Holland win!!!!

  31. bonkersbabe said

    Sam also had a threesome with David Cameron and Michael Winner

  32. G Bovs said

    143,000 coppers sitting on the wall…………..ha ha ha

    Good shooting moat

    love it

    not many to go…….

  33. hannah said

    absoloute quality………142,999 coppers left..sitting on a wall………… practice to the max, i think he shud b hired as a hit man the guys doing a better job

  34. Kev said

    @ looneygooner July 8th at 15.29

    you’re a prick mate.

    I got no probs with the article as it’s intended as a bit of light humour but your comments are that of a right proper twat!

  35. Kev said

    In all fairness though String, i said to my mates the other day that the whole thing reminds me of Rambo in first blood.

    I reckon there’s no doubt that he’s probably already killed & ate a wild boar for his dinner and is hiding out in some cave right now.

    But it ain’t the SAS that they need to send in…… somebody needs to get on the damn blower and get Colonel Trautman’s arse down there lol  

  36. Paulie said

    Apparently Premiership relagation front runners Newcastle utd are close to signing Raoul Moat as he is the only geordie to have 3 shots on target and been wanted all over europe for quite some time…..

  37. mike said

    lol at paulie 04.09

  38. G Bovs said

    The only PROPER twat here is Kev

    He lives in fantasy land

    He thinks the that this is NOT a police state

    He also does not realise that all coppers are barstards…..

    Only 142.998 to go……

    Get a machine gun moat and take loads out in one go dont fuck about with a shotgun

    Look how many guns tanks planes snipers and bulletproof cars are out after one COP KILLER NOW if it was just a member of the publice do you think you would see this NO

    Remember now we need LOTS more of these cop killers so sign up asap

  39. G Bovs said

    Kev NoMates lives in fantasy land SLAGS of others then makes a joke himself about the VERY item he slags off.




    No nuts huh

  40. mike said

    nah mte we dont need cop killers …thats going a bit too far mate

  41. G Bovs said

    You are probably right mike but never EVER trust a copper

  42. hannah said

    lol n e killers is going to far… but… i like the thought of copper 1 day bacon the next, end of day…….. half them damn well deserve it and dnt u lot bother denying it, the cops r more bent than any of the gayest gays u will ever meet!!!!

  43. G Bovs said

    Police Officers are not healthy

    They need mineral and vitamins

    In fact they need lots of lead

    At high volocity

    All of them need treatment

  44. hannah said

    coppers =








  45. Kev said

    Haha G Bovs, you sound like a real man’s man!

    If you read my first comment properly you stupid plank you would have realised that the humour i get (hence my second comment) but the dumb arse comments about how the guy is a legend and that he need’s to kill more people coz that’s what you get when you push someone too far…….. Please, spare me that one you prat!

    Now go out and get yourself a job as you’ve obviously got issues and very little going for you in life!

  46. Kev said

    Ps. Your boy Rouat is doing you proud right now.

    What happened with the “taking out as many coppers as i can” and the “going out in a blaze of glory” chat???

    From what i see he’s huddled up in the middle of a field somewhere right now with his own held to his own neck!

    Haha lmao what an absoloute legend!!!

  47. jon said

    Mind there are some scum bag low lifes posting here.

    Well your ‘geordie rambo’ hero has taken the cowards way out and killed himself.

    So your ‘hero’ killed one innocent man who wasnt a copper, because he was angry and couldn’t articulate himself.

    Oh, then he failed to kill a copper, robbed a chippy and hid in a drain for a week, crying.

    What a true man, not !

  48. lol Gazza knew him… talking on the radio last night, pissed as a fart…. 100% LOL material

    “i’ve got a dressing gown and some chicken for him” 😆

  49. G Bovs said

    Yes he did kill himself
    Yes he did go out the cowards way
    Yes he did all that

    My posting had fk all to do with moat more to do with kill all the fkn coppers cause they are the scum of the earth

    Takes a special kind of dog to become one (mongrel)

    As for you Kev you are sad

    KevNoMates Huh

  50. Kev said

    Haha G Bovs, you numpty!!

    Sounds to me like there’s still 143,000 coppers sitting on a wall but one less scum bag 😉

    Like Jon says, he failed to kill even one copper but did manage to do over a chippy which goes to show the courage of the man!

    Even a bank robber has more bottle than the boy Rouat!

    Hahahahaha gotta love G Bovs heroes in life! Not whether it’s the killing an innocent man, robbing a chippy, living in a drain or the talking a load of bollocks b4 killing yourself which makes you think he’s fab!!!

    But no you are right, i do in fact have no mates! Hahaha lovely put down, haha no honestly it was really good! No honestly it was………

    G Bovs you legend you stitch me up 🙂

  51. G Bovs said


    You really are dull and depressed

    get a life

    get some experience in life then you can slag people off properly because you WILL know what you are talking about.

    Bye Bye

  52. G Bovs said


    By the way he was never MY hero but he was someones.

    He was a human being as well

    Coppers dont fall into that class

    Nor do you by the sound of it

    Bye Bye dummy

  53. craig said

    i agree with you g bovs, coppers are scum its only now and again you get a good 1, and they are few and far between. I popped out with my mate, only at the end of my street and these little idiots where starting trouble wiv me an my m8, the police came although it was all resolved an all on cctv, the copper ran up behind me hit me in the side of the head an took me dwn, whilst on the floor he punched fuck out of my face whilst another was holding my legs, then he gets up looks around and hits me twice in the face with his steel asp, it split through my lip givin me 15 stitches and knocked 7 of my teeth out, 4 of them by the roots. although it proved on cctv that i didnt do nuffin the courts found me guilty, so fuck em these dirty cunts deserve whats commin to em, im from barry south wales 9 miles from cardiff, but there all the same bar a select few so fuck em, i went on a bit there didnt i its just the injustice of it all, nice1 guys

  54. jon said

    just out of jail
    with a silly hair style
    he hid in a hole,
    and he cried all the while

    he said he was hard
    but was soft just like lard
    a cowardly, ridiculous fool of a bloke,
    indeed a classical media joke

    Ill shoot coppers dead,
    thats what he said
    what happened next ?
    he slipped, missed, blew off his own head

    ‘Im going to kill cops’
    he wrote in a long letter
    but the police wrote at the botton
    ‘could have done better’

    we are all so glad your now dead
    your brains spread about
    rot in a hole in hell forever
    you scumbag low life lout.


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