Cesc gets semi-final start!

July 7, 2010

The Spanish press are heavily reporting a start for our Captain in tonight’s mouth watering clash against the Germans.

Fernando Torres will finally be dropped to the bench and Cesc will start playing in the same position he takes up for Arsenal, the free role behind the striker.

There were fears our man may not even make the bench due to injury, but thankfully he has been given the all clear and is now ready to step up and show the World what a perfect number 10 he has grown into… courtesy of Arsenal Football Club.

Spanish boss Del Bosque allayed any fears

“He has trained well. We were quite worried on Monday because he took a hit in the same place as his injury but he is available to play.”

Spain will cruise to a victory tonight, they have been getting through playing with 10 men in recent weeks, now the news of Torres’s dropping and Cesc’s starting berth are public knowledge, it does not take too much thinking to come to this conclusion.

The Germans have done astoundingly well, and to be fair the Spanish defence does look shaky at times, but I just cannot fathom the Spanish losing with a midfield of  Xavi, Alonso, Iniesta and Fabregras.

David Villa, starting in the centre forward role for the first time this World Cup, will have a field day against the cumbersome Mertesecker.

I hope we get a close game, maybe some excitement dragged into the extra time period, followed by the tension of penalties, but I cannot see it.

Germany’s youngsters will get a wake up call tonight against the European Champions.

Experience will finally be the killer blow for the wonderfully spirited German side, who have played the best football in the tournament, but the best side does not always win the thing.

Holland could easily win the World Cup this weekend, but they bore me to death… I support them out of loyalty to Robin, but in all honesty they are a Mourinho style team that employs 2 thugs in centre midfield to bust up the opposition.

Not total football, and I’m sure Johan will make some noises about this should the Dutch win the Cup or not.

We have to be careful that football does not go back to the dark ages with both Inter and Holland winning the biggest trophies in 2010 via a deployment of defensive football, looking to hit on the break.

For this reason, I will root for Spain to win the World Cup, or the Germans if they somehow make it through tonight.

Attacking, open, expansive football is to be praised as the best entertainment known to man.

It should be heralded as such, praised to the high heavens when a winning team plays pure football, not rope-a-dope football.


18 Responses to “Cesc gets semi-final start!”

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  2. JamaicanGunner said

    I believe that your are under estimating the Germans. I think they have proven it over again and sometime the best nations are the ones that need the wake up calls.

    Im really looking forward to this match, hope it will live up to the hype of being an end to end action games, as the previous big clashes did not live up to the hype

  3. lordgunner said

    germany to win 3-1.They are better than spain who without Villa would have been out two round before.Spain midfield without Senna is missing a very important ingredient.

  4. arsenal4ever said

    spain will loose anyway and I hope fukkregas leaves for 50-60 mill!!!

  5. The one thing England and Argentina failed in doing against the Germans was to control the play and keep possesion.

    Can you honestly see this spanish side doing as much?

    They are the best possession side in the world and without the unfit torress but with the masterful cesc playing tonight, i forsee a 3-1 victory for them.

  6. dilshan said

    Kuyt bight be a good footballer, but every time he gets the ball he will come inside and make a side way pass or pass backwards, never progressive enough to be one o fthe offensive three in the attack,,, do not get why they can not play Elia , they have 2 dm to do the covering job and graft

  7. agreed dilshan

    every time elia comes on he causes havoc for the opposition, every single time he has come on.

    last night he should have scored with his first touch.

    affellay is another one.

    van maarkwik ( who btw was the coach of psv when he fell out with rvp before he joined us ) is the antithesis of total football.

    i have watched all 6 dutch games, in the vein hope they might start to play proper football, to no avail.

    still, fair play for reaching the final, you dont do that by default, you have to be a very good side.

  8. Wrighty7 said

    Hi SH!

    I’ve gotta back the Germans! After all, I did at the start of the World Cup and got 14/1!

    What do you reckon of this Koscielny fella then?

  9. Hey Wrighty,

    Blimey, well in on the germans, would never have backed them due to the whole age/experience factor.

    Not seen anything but those youtube’s on laurent k, seems to be a no nonesense type of defender who will pick up plenty of yellow cards…. so good news, we have been crying out for a dirty bastard in the back four for some time.

    Tommy V was an astounding purchase, but he had the form in the book at ajax… this new fella is totally out of left field… even for AW.

    Going to be another fun season following the Arsenal, with the usual ups and downs… many knock the downs… but that buzz of total elation one week to total defaltion the next is what keeps us hooked like crackheads.

    Nothing compares with following Arsenal.

  10. Wrighty7 said

    I make you right mate!

    Following Arsenal is an illness! Ha ha

    I’m gonna reserve any judgement on this fella until at least six months to a season. Gotta let him bed in.

    The thing is we need someone who is ready now.

    That’s why I reckon Djourou will start as TV’s partner.

    Unless we sign someone else there!

  11. The Hangeland transfer is not dead.

    Not that i rate him highly, has the touches of cygan/stepanovs about his turning circle!!

    Johan can challenge Laurent, he has to get it together this season… always rated his chances to make it at the top level.

    Was a monster at the bridge couple of seasons back, kept drogba in check.. although he did score that OG 😦

  12. Davey J said

    Lads I am with you on YOOHAN making it, has the height, strength and pace to do it.

  13. mike said

    guys this did3e seems certain we will be signing ozil if a fee can be agreed

    i dont think so but have a look

    http://bit.ly/dfYc4w ozil signs for arsenal…….i wont believe it until i see its offiicail but this dude seems sure

  14. dilshan said

    I agre with Elia or Affeley, may be I am wrong but my feel is that Kuyt hinders RVP..I feel RVP is at his best when the wide players run in behind him not cut inside and come into his space, when both Kuyt and Robben does that there is little movement behind the defence and makes it easier to stop RVP, also had robben scored that goal RVp will be having an amazing WC, just small margins I guess.

    With the new defender am happy, I rather him then Smalling we tried to sign in Jan. Every game I watch smalling makes a mistake or two or scores own goals, and cost much more. Funny some fans were complaining when we did not get him and now they are saying this guy is not proven and not experienced, from my reckoning he is more experienced and proven than smalling

  15. and at a perfect age, 24/25, right into the next 5 peak years.

  16. Confident gambler stands to earn €454,000 profit if Jogi Loew’s side emerge victorious tonight..

    A confident German fan has staked a whopping €500,000 on Jogi Loew’s side to beat Spain tonight at odds of 1.91 (10/11). The monster sum was placed over the telephone with a well known British bookmaker and is reported to be one of the largest bets ever to be placed on a single World Cup fixture.

    The punter stands to pocket €454,000 in profit if Germany can beat the hotly tipped Furia Roja over 90 minutes. Germany have been a profitable bet throghout the World Cup with bookmakers underestimating them to beat England and Argentina only to thump them 4-1 and 4-0 respectively.

    Odds expert David Mole said the bookies won’t be too happy if Germany maintain their winning run.

    “One major UK bookmaker has taken a massive bet on Germany to go through at the expense of Spain. They must be confident that Spain will be too much for them, or have built up a large liability of Spain to be willing to absorb the risk from such a large bet. The way this German team has demolished England and then Argentina, there will be some sullen faced bookmakers if the demolition continues!”

    One glimmer of hope for the bookies is that the now-infamous Paul the Octopus has already backed Spain and has a 100% success rate in the tournament so far even calling Serbia’s defeat of Germany.

  17. Torres dropped to bench but Pedro, not Cesc, will start in his place.

  18. km said

    feel r.bad for Germany

    i wanted them to win

    they played like fearless lions in this tournie

    But i think the Spanish were too experienced for them and they kept possession r.well. #better luck nxt time but imo they have been the best attacking side in this world cup

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