England get man in World Cup Final

July 6, 2010

FIFA have retained the services of Manchester United employee, Howard Webb, and he now looks very likely to be in charge of the World Cup Final this coming Sunday evening.

Having not been selected to officiate any of the Quarters or Semis, the bentest referee from the English Premiership now has his card stamped to ref the biggest game of them all.

Bacon face from Manc United will no doubt  be sending his man the warmest of congratulations if he does indeed get the final.

Having got the Champions League Final gig in Madrid earlier this year, it would cap a fantastic season for the brown paper envelopes, former copper from Rotherham.

The last time a man from this Island got the green light to referee the World Cup Final was Wolverhampton born Jack Taylor at the 1974 Finals in Germany.

The 1974 Final was between Germany and Holland,  with two penalties awarded inside the first half an hour of play.

Think it’s a tough ask to see those two nations reach the pinnacle of World Football this week.

Holland have a very tough tie against an organised and underrated Uruguayan side this evening… Suarez being banned is not the worst thing in the world for the South Americans, he plays far too selfishly on this stage, if Abreu gets the nod tonight to play up with Forlan and Caveni, I expect the Dutch defence to be under plenty of pressure.

De Jong will be a big miss for the Dutch and Van de Weil being replaced by the woeful Boulahrouz at right-back is another bonus for the Uruguayans.

Very difficult game to call, the betting odds make the dutch odds-on to win, not so sure it will be that straight forward.

It may take extra time and penalties for the Oranje to prevail.

Again, best of luck to Robin and the Dutch.


9 Responses to “England get man in World Cup Final”

  1. Roy said

    How’s that twat got the wcf??!!
    Consistently inconsistent in the league, just goes to show refs are only interested in there own agenda!

  2. lol said

    bacon face 😆

    you funny git stringfellow, spat my coffee out at work after reading that.

  3. Goonerpower said

    I will be rootin for holland with my surname being Dutch as I always do when England get knocked out. They look very dangerous at the moment plus van the man is due some goals. Let hope he don’t get crocked again. Look forward to your next post Mr stringfellow

  4. Davey J said

    smart writing stringfellow, you are fast becoming a blogger to follow and look forward to new posts.

    why don’t you write a blog every day?

    go for it man.

  5. Davey J said

    and yes good luck to the dutch and rvp

    he is due another goal for sure

  6. Johnny said

    Couldn`t agree more about webb`s utd bias, however based on his and his assistants performances at this WC, he fully deserves to referee the final. Its funny how this cunt has not put a foot wrong during this tournament, yet when he officiates manure, he never puts a foot right. Its time our F.A started doing more intense background checks on the people refereeing EPL matches.


    He has actually been the highest rated ref this world cup, and to be fair to him has got all the major decisions right.

    Which does beg the question you pose re: his total fucks ups when utd are involved.

  8. mike said

    yeh stringfellow he does deserve it but u guys are right: how csan he make so many mistakes at epl??

    also, darren caan the linesmen is also very good and has had an excellent WC

  9. arsenal4ever said

    sorry off topic but interesting!!!


    it seems we will get him but for 115k p week? does this mean Fukkregas will 100 % leave? I really hope for it cause we could use the money to buy either ozil, schweinsteiger or gourcuff to replace him!!!

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