Joe Cole to Liverpool now odds-on with the bookies

July 5, 2010

Something is definitely afoot here, as the price of Joe Cole to join Liverpool has plunged from 8/1 to 4/5 this morning!

Skybet are usually ahead of the curve with transfers and they were the first of the major bookies to react today.

New Liverpool boss, Roy Hodgson, has stated openly he wants experienced British players to form his new Liverpool team, and at almost 3o years of age, and plenty of Champions League, Premiership and International experience in the locker for Cole, he would seem an ideal fit for Hodgson.

The new man at the helm in Merseyside also likes to play an expansive, pass and move game, which would again suit Cole down to the ground.

I never fancied our chances of landing Cole, and to be honest, I would not be disappointed to miss out on him, he was useless at the World Cup, he gave the ball away 99% of the time he had it.

Chelski are getting rid for a reason, and money is not the reason.  Those injuries have maybe ravaged him of his very best form, the odd flash of brilliance may be the best one can hope from him.

I think he’s finished at the top-level.

The Scousers are free to have him.



40 Responses to “Joe Cole to Liverpool now odds-on with the bookies”

  1. dilshan said

    not too worried if it happens or not, wuld like to have him as an Arsenal player of course but I still feel if we can get Risiky fit he is better..player I would like to see us sign is Anthony Annan, should not cost much and will add the real steal to our midfield making our defensive play much better, along with Song..linked with Eduardo and have to say he is the only keeper who has impressed me in the WC…

  2. Annan impressed on Friday night against the Uruguayans.. he distributes the ball very quickly and efficently.

    Typical wenger type player, think aw bid for him 2 seasons ago.. read a link on it.

  3. Jason K said

    woohooo would hate to have one more ex chav cock at arsenal

    hope liverpool do sign him up

    happy days

  4. never walk alone said

    Would fit in perfectly at Anfield.

    Great coup by woy if this works out.

  5. ibster2187 said

    You think he wants to leave London? And Liverpool aren’t even in the Champions league, which he just stated is important. So I don’t think there’s much substance to this.

  6. islington gooner said

    Cole is a class player.Out of all the English players this guy has been one of my favorites.

    If joe is so s***,Why are all the utd fans gutted there not signing him,why are the chelski fans gutted??

    Joe would be a massive hit at Arsenal and also he said he would be joining a team who plays in the champions league.So i think that’s bullsh**.

    Joe will be a gunner,i am so sure of that.

  7. Not seen him mention Champs League ibster

    can you link that please?

    heard him say he wants to play regular and in his preferred central position.

  8. Richard Seaman said

    not having a dig (well maybe), but since whe have liverpool played an “expansive, pass and move game”?
    and he also said that champions league was important, as an arsenal fan i dont really care either way, but i think hell go to the spurs

  9. chav fans i know are more than happy to see him go, they have not seen the best of cole for 2 seasons.

    approaching 30, and 3 consistent years of injury?

    not a good deal at those ludicrous wages.

  10. Richard pool played that way in the 80’s

    Pass and Move was synonomous with Liverpool.

    Also, it’s the way Hodgson plays, as per his inaugural pool press conference, so does not really matter how they played under previous managers… arsenal being a classic case in point.

    It’s what the current incumbent wishes that is most relevant.

  11. Daniel said

    Isn’t Joe Cole 28 not 30? I would personally like him at Arsenal plus on his Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury he suffered just before returning this season there is absolutely no reason that he won’t stay fit all season. I know this as i suffered the same injury and have not had problems since and that was 3 years ago. You may say that i don’t play at the same level but i also didn’t have the same quality of rehab after the surgery.

  12. joe cole is 30 next year!

  13. Gareth26GOONER said

    hes gone to spurs

  14. arsenal4ever said

    he will be a gunner once wenger will be back from SA!!! If not I dont care!! I would love to have Mueller but Bayern wont sell him!!!

  15. mike said

    people, wenger is back from SA

    its joe cole who is on holiday

  16. arsenal4ever said

    ha mike you got my email? did you see mertesacker playing? he was pretty damn good!!! wouldnt mind him at all!!

  17. mike said

    hi mate

    replied just now

  18. arsenal4ever said

    cheers mike :-)!!

    hopefully the tasci rumors are true. REally quality defender if not injured would have played alongside mertesacker in WC!!!!

  19. mike said

    yeh germany are absolutely brilliant in the wc atm, incredible!!!

    did not expect a 4-0 over argentina or 4-1 over us

    u have a well organised team with a perfect ratio of youth and expereince.

  20. TEAM being the operative word

    aside from Ozil, there are no superstars, they are all mega unselfish and totally play for one another.

    spain germany could be an all time classic world cup game.

    really looking forward to it.

  21. Cole in Liverpool negotiating a deal with Roy H.

    120k p/week mooted.

  22. mike said

    hi stringfellow…i thought cole was on holiday??/

    and if he does sign for scousers, he willl have gone against his principles (not that they mean much to footballers these days) but he said he wanted to play champions league??

  23. mike said

    ohh and totally agree that german players play for each other

  24. no idea mate, just posting what has been suggested is true on SSN.

    sky know something alright, first the betting side cut from 8’s to odds on and now SSN are all over it.

  25. mike said

    oohhhh….didnt check SSN will take a look.

    im goona look like a right mug if he goes there.

  26. gaz said

    Cahill transfer will happen within 10 days after Wenger’s No.1 choice Subotic has been priced at £25m.

  27. ibster2187 said

    Hm couldn’t find the Champions League comment, so I take that back. You see this though:

    It says here Liverpool will only offer 80,000 which sounds more realistic considering their dire financial position. What do you think? 80,000 or 120,000?

  28. arsenal4ever said

    mueller and schweinsteiger world class, too. anyway lets go cole to liverfool. never mind. he would have been a bench warmer at emirates. hopefully wenger is going for honda instead!!!! and yes mike this guy at le grove is pretty sure we have bid for gerrard and schweinsteiger alongside a record transfer fee in british football for a certain position.

  29. […] Joe Cole to Liverpool now odds-on with the bookies Something is definitely afoot here, as the price of Joe Cole to join Liverpool has plunged from 8/1 to 4/5 this […] […]

  30. mike said

    kolisceny signs and gets number 6 shirt

    and schwazer also has signed

    should be announced this week or early next

  31. arsenal4ever said

    mike do you believe these rumors at le grove blog we have bid for gerrard and schweinsteiger?

  32. mike said

    hi mate

    no…no way….far too much money involved

    i would love schweinsteiger of course, but there is no way it could be true

  33. bid for gerrard? 😆


    wenger always has had a penchant for bidding silly money for 30 yeard olds.. right?

  34. arsenal4ever said

    they all say it is relyable but I am sure both would cost to much for Wengers view!!

  35. if gerrard was available for around the 10-15m mark, it would be a reasonable price for one his age.

    but to pay 25m + for him… that would only take the stupidity of real or city.

  36. km said

    What do u think are the chances of us signing an attacking player if Cesc leaves? Wenger has been drooling over Honda but then we have got Nasri who can play in the AM position but is he ready to take over? There’s a lot of if’s and buts at the moment.

    Bendtner is injured as well and will miss the early part of the season. Which leaves us with RvP, Chamakh as the CF’s

    I think Wenger wants Chamakh to rotate between CF & RF. Playing RF will mean that Walcott has serious competition because Chamakh is a seriously committed player with a brain which Walcott seems to lack most of the time

  37. from what i have seen of chamakh, he likes to play very much like TH14 used to… dropping off to the left flank.

    so i think chamakh may be played as the left attacker of the front three.

  38. nice info bro, n nice to know you, visit me back

  39. Wanchope said

    Looks like Cole is now 8-11 to join us and 2-1 for Pool and Spurs………

    still think Sky know something ?

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