July 3, 2010

Having a scan this morning, suspected broken arm.

Is there no injury let up for the Boy Wonder?

Would be no chance of him making the Semi-Final against Uruguay if the scan reveals a fracture.

EDIT: @ 16.55

Robin given all clear!!!

39 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: RvP Broken Arm”

  1. mike said

    cannot believe it mate

  2. arsenal said

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo This must be a joke. Is he cursed or made out of glass? Beef up boy. Start eating your vegetables.

  3. Would be a killer blow for Robin is he were to miss a World Cup Semi-Final… and potentially a World Cup Final.

    Bloody hell!!

  4. waqar said

    Where you hear this?

  5. arsenal4ever said

    this means we will sell him!!!1 to injury prone!!! sorry I love him but this is to much!!! lets get honda instead!!!

  6. ianwrightywright said

    just mentioned on talk shit radio

    x-ray being done dutch doctor confident he has broken radius

  7. arsene wenger said

    cant doubt the mans talent but this guy is not reliable, injurys are unfortunate but this guy adds another level to the word prone

  8. rvp glass man said



  9. Dutchman said

    Not true, he merely damaged a tendon.

  10. rvp glass man said

    can we send him to that horse shit woman again? 😦

  11. Dutchman – just been confirmed on Five Live and Sky Sports News here in the UK that he will have a scan on a suspected broken arm.

    Are they lying? Are you privy to inside information from the dutch medical camp? scan done? results known?

  12. arsene wenger said

    feel sorry for robbin how is he gonna pull his socks up after taking them wild freekicks for the next six months?

  13. X RAYMOND said

    hopefully just tissue damage but the bones in the arm are not very strong

    was it during the game?

    what incident?

  14. rvp glass man – LOL

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  16. x-raymond not trained since the game so must have been one of those scrapes he was having throughout the game at set pieces.

  17. X RAYMOND said


  18. Dutchman said

    Bert van Marwijk said on his press conference today he’s very positive about Robin’s injury. He thinks otherwise about Mathijsen’s injury but I don’t think people on here mind that =)

  19. Mike E said

    oh dear.

    will miss the start of the season if it is confirmed.

    well at least he won’t be sold now as not even the special one (who is vefry special – probably thebest manager bar none ) will want to pay good money for him!

  20. Lovely, hope Bert is right, Dutchman.

    Thank you for the update… keep us posted from the Dutch prespective.

  21. X RAYMOND said

    thank you for that dutchman

    as dh says keep us posted please

  22. X RAYMOND said

    sorry sh i meant


  23. Dutchman said

    Will post as soon as we know more.

  24. Cheers, Dutchman. 😉

  25. Goonerpower said

    I can’t believe it if correct. Hope he can shake this bad run of injuries, we need him to be ready for the fight. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as it sounds

  26. Sean said

    I blame society

  27. Osk said

    Scan all clear according to BBC and he will play against Uruguay on Tuesday

  28. ibster2187 said

    Stringfellow, could you please update the title? BBC just reported Van Persie is fine.

  29. Dutchman said

    Yep, he’s been given the green light to play against Uruguay.

  30. looneygooner said

    It was a knock and as usual little babies start to cry what a waste of an article, get your facts right before you scare the little Arsenal babies

  31. Goonerpower said

    Looney gooner it did say “suspected” so the facts was right.

  32. X RAYMOND said

    good news

    you foolish man loonygooner

    please read and digest carefully the information goonerpower have given you.

  33. […] BREAKING NEWS: RvP Broken Arm Having a scan this morning, suspected broken arm. Is there no injury let up for the Boy Wonder? Would be no chance of […] […]

  34. fabregas said

    this always happens i swear im im getting frustrated with RVP there isnt a season he doesnt get injured he is such a injury probe player he is to weak he is not strong and can get injured easily i dunno what to think anymore we never going to win a trophy this year with RVP been a pussy and getting injured i might b over reacting but thats how i feel….

  35. Dylan said

    Geeez… this guy cant go 3 weeks without picking up an injury. I think he needs to find the key to the weight room.

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