Rooney to be exposed by the News of the World

July 2, 2010

Seems Mr Rooney has been “allegedly” caught up to his old tricks again!

News of the World have had a story on him that they have held off from publishing due to the World Cup, and Rooney knew full well it was going to be released once the tournament had finished.

Would go some way to explaining his awful performances… apparently he gave the ball away more than any other player at the World Cup, according to OPTA.

With other rumours of Gerrard and the Son of the Devil (JT) being at loggerheads due to issues surrounding the Captaincy of the team, and supposed press blocks put in place by the Liverpool captain to prevent stories being published that could tarnish his image, it seems a long summer of tabloid bashing is upon us.

Best of luck to Robin and the Dutch at the World Cup today.


30 Responses to “Rooney to be exposed by the News of the World”

  1. dilshan said

    time for a fresh start a build for the long term future…my england x1 i work with will be
    Richards Cahil Dawson Gibbs

    Cattermole Rodwell

    Theo Whilshire A Johnson

    C COle

    and let this team grow together and will be ready for the 2014 WC

  2. shakyArsene said

    Do you know what it’s going to be about?

  3. I like that team. Nice balance.

  4. I do shaky, but I rather not say, the clues are there though. 😉

  5. shakyArsene said

    I just checked NOTW couldn’t find it. How do you know this mate?

  6. lol, it’s obviously not released on a thursday by the NOTW.

    I have been reliably informed by somebody in the media that this story has been doing the rounds in most newsrooms for a few weeks.

    Like i said… “up to his old tricks again”

  7. shakyArsene said

    Got ya. Been at it with the little kids again. Thanks.

  8. Anybody ever seen that film “Pretty Woman”?

  9. rellends said

    didnt he leave for barbados within 48 hours of returning with the rest of the golden shower. i look forward to reading news of the screws on sunday.

  10. arsene wenger said

    so your saying that wayne swapped coleen for a pretty woman?

  11. Rain Woozey said

    Well in SH.

    I also knew of this story from a mate at Reuters who heard about him getting pictured with a prossie.

    Also, the gerrrard story will be out soon enough, got a 16 yr old preggers, paid her off to get rid.

    He took out a super injunction, the same terry took to block the perroncelly story, but failed.

    Fun and games to come, what a total shower this mob were.

    Is there any wonder they failed?

    They are council estate gyspies who hit the jackpot and have no idea how to behave with any decency.

    I love it when the get trashed in the media, they fully deserve.

    If you dont like the crime….

  12. waqar said

    so he got caught with another prostitute?

  13. spursman79 said

    how ugly is redknapp?

    how long before he is banged up by the taxman? thief

  14. waqar said

    silly silly boy

    has it all, new baby, money, houses

    he will get away with it like terry did

    they marry doormats

  15. FA have embargoed/banned any coverage until the FA decide on Capellos future.

    But apparently at the same time Terrys personal life was being discussed, and he lost his captaincy; Gerrard also had ‘personal’ (naughty boy) issues but retained his captaincy.

    This caused a friction between Terry and Gerrard, and subsequently split the England team camp causing tensions amongst the ranks.

    You will read more in the Press once the FA have lifted the embargo.

    Suffice to say the tensions affected the ‘team’ ethos and resulted in crap football.

  16. arsene wenger said

    lol not sure the tension caused the crap football, the conquoring lion theo was missed, he changed the english mentality with his one man show, the team never recovered knowing he wasnt about to repeat it on brazil at some point (thats my verdict)

  17. ArsenalBoy said

    Makes me laugh that even if Rooney has been eating his old kebabs again or if Gerrard got a 16 yr old pregnant… the media won’t treat them as shit as they treated Eduardo for his alledge dive vs Celtic.

    Imagine if an Arsenal player got caught doing that (cheating on his Missus)… my god, there would be a campaign to move Arsenal to France or hang Wenger.

    No wonder Wenger doesnt have many English players and the few we do have, Walcott, Gibbs, Wiltshire seem like decent human beings.

    Whenever we have an English player and he starts playing well they develop a “I am god and can do whatever the hell I want” attitude, I don’t know Wenger but I can tell that as soon as he spots that attitude he will get rid of that player.

    Let’s hope this can unsettle Man Utd and Liverpool for the start of the season (thats their main 2 players).

  18. Kev said

    @ dilshan 02 July, 01.25

    That team doesn’t look bad dilshan but i still believe Wilshire is still too young to throw straight into the England team. The same also goes for Jack Rodwell, although both great players and the future of the England team.

    In my opinion they definately need to be in the squad but to be bought on into games gradually when we might be winning 3-0 or brought on when two goals up with something like 20 minutes to go etc when the pressure is not as great. Afterall if they were to be thrown straight into the team and we fail to even make the euros this could potentially break a young player which isn’t what we want and they would also miss out of valuable tournament experience.

    I think Capello will look to switch to a 4-5-1 and the team I would go for would be…..

    GK – Hart (without doubt)

    LB – Richards/Johnson (depending on the opposition)

    CD – Cahill/Jagielka (with Dawson & Steven Taylor of Newcastle as back up)

    RB – Ashley Cole (sorry but he’s still a quality LB who will offer a lot in a good team) and Gibbs as back up.

    RM – Lennon/Walcott (both brilliant when on form)

    LM – Adam Johnson/Ashley Young (mixing it up)

    CM – Cattermole (right of centre)
    J Cole (centre & blood Whilshire into that postion)
    Phil Neville (left of centre with Rodwell long term)

    CF – Rooney (sorry but still has to be for me unless of course his form doesn’t pick up) with Agbonlahor/C.Cole & Daniel Sturridge waiting in the wings.

    This team would have a good mix of youth and experience and gives the chance for the even younger members of the squad to be bloodied into the team at their own pace.

    Ps. I know people will probably laugh at the decision to include Phil Neville but (love him or hate him) you got to admit he does a fantastic job for Everton and always gives 100%. I think he would be awsome as a (short term) defensive midfielder for England alongside Cattermole before Jack Rodwell is ready to take his place.

    Also this team (and with the players in the squad) could easily be shifted to a more attacking 4-3-3 if required.

  19. Leon said

    Is Shrek banging grannies again ? It would not be a shock lol

  20. Queen of Suburbia said

    Now yesterday said on twitter that the Gerrard stuff were malicious lies and there is no superinjunction in place.

  21. JFK said

    I’ve just been informed Stevie G got his wifes sister pregnant not a 16 year old and should hit the papers in 14 days according to a friend of mine, how true this is not to sure

  22. Griffo said

    I heard it ain’t a 16 year old gerrards been doing naughtys with but infact terry neil (Liverpool coach)s daughter and got her up the duff! Ain’t he’s missus been gettin her leg over with kris commons aswel?

  23. Mike E said

    Silly little boys….. why dont they read Tolstoy and Dostoevsky like the rest of us.

    Sadly Walcott needs to find some form, a large dash of confidence, stay fit and develop his football brain pdq if he is to be a regular with us let alone England.

    Long odds bet that he moves on this summer – especially if we sign Joe Cole and keep Cesc. We are over-run with little ‘uns.

  24. commercial locks said

    Gerrad has been boning his wifes lil’ sister while she was underage allegedly. The nasty money laundering XXXX

  25. The gerrard and his wife’s sister rumours are rubbish…. she does not have a sister.

  26. cesky said

    Hmm ‘old tricks’ eh, the clue really is in the wording. Im starting to get a mental picture and its putting me off my food 😦

  27. Goonerpower said

    Is she 65-70 lol??????

  28. Goonerpower said

    I mean Rooneys old tricks

  29. markey gooner said

    Most of the ‘Ingerland’ clique are just a bunch of effing chavs, what does everyone expect?

    Once these twats get too old or crap to play international football, maybe the real skilful players will come to the fore (& behave too off the pitch), play a different style and who knows, maybe we can win something again.

    Yeah right, & maybe Andy Murray might get to a Wimbledon final!

  30. […] Rooney to be exposed by the News of the World Seems Mr Rooney has been “allegedly” caught up to his old tricks again! News of the World have had a story […] […]

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